Meet 3 Year Old Riley Elle & Her Awesome Hair Tutorial

by Yesha Callahan


Three year old Riley Elle isn’t a new comer to these internet streets. You’ve probably seen her photos while browsing Tumblr or Facebook. Riley is the daughter of  Houston-based photographer Christin of ChristinShootsPeople and founder of Mocha Kid Magazine. The magazine is described as an “up-and-coming interactive magazine that is geared towards empowering, unleashing, and glorifying the many physical shades of African American children. Our sole purpose is to equip parents with the necessary tools and insights that will nurture the needs and fashion of their little ones.”

So peep the video below of Riley as she explains how she achieves her awesome twist out! After watching the video below, your ovaries will quiver. Have an awesome weekend!


  • ChaCha

    Cuteness…just a bunch of cuteness. The part where she gave herself a hug in the mirror was especially funny.

  • London

    A mother teaching self love and acceptance to her daughter at a very early age. LOVE IT! Riley kissing her reflection in the mirror reminds me of how I have my one year old kiss pictures of herself.

    Remember ladies. We, mothers, are our children’s FIRST teachers. We have to change our language when we talk to them about their skin and their hair. I am convinced (between the natural movement and discussions about colorism in our community) that we can raise a new generation of confident, black children, who love themselves.

    And yes, Riley is SUPER CUTE!!!

  • Rosie

    Awww. :)

  • Digg82

    Adorable is an understatement. She’s beautiful, and funny and smart and I love her mommy for posting this! And her twists out was too cute. I can’t wait to have a little fluffy-haired mama!

  • AJW

    Little fashionista.

  • Mademoiselle

    A. DOR. A. BLE!!! I loved it. Kids are so awesome!

  • binks

    This is way to adorable for words!!! Big ups to her parents because Riley’s confidences and self love is shining brightly.

  • Dalili

    Fantastically cute!!! My cheeks hurt from smiling so much! So wonderful to see!

  • V

    Omg the cutest thing ever! I’ve seen her on tumblr, she’s adorable!

  • MommieDearest


    Cuteness overload!

    I just want to squeeze her little cheeks, put her in my pocket and take her home with me!

  • RaiseTheBar

    I love Riley and I love Riley’s Hair!

    Are those “camera” earrings (as in: her mommy’s a Photographer) Ms. Riley is sportin’ ?

  • LemonNLime

    SO CUTE! My ovaries are going to explode after watching this!

  • mEE

    omG!! I think my ovaries just exploded from the cuteness. sooo adorable!

  • mbm1ame

    “my mommy picked my woots” she’s adorable

  • Deb


  • bossladi

    This little girl melts my heart! Lovely video!

  • Robbie

    Such a cutie. I enjoyed her video and hope to see more. Mom is doing a great job in teaching her self-love and it shows. Once again it Is up to parents to be present in their children’s’ lives and give them the necessary tools and love they need to succeed because this world can shred them into pieces.

  • HTown

    The cuteness is almost unbearable! :)

  • lola289

    Indeed!!!! :-)

  • Lava

    Too cute! My ovaries really just melted.

  • Pat

    Oh my goodness! Riley just stole my heart. She is perfect!

    Aww… teaching a child self-love. What is better?! I Love it! And MUCH success to Mocha Kid Magazine. I will support.

  • Cali

    LOOOOOOVE IT!!!! :D She’s adorable! & her hair is super cute – good job, mom! :)

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