A meme featuring a plus size model in a bikini is making the rounds on the internet, alongside offensive captions created by anonymous users. The image in question shows a beautiful smiling plus-size model in a stylish tangerine one-piece suit but some of the accompanying words are filled with anger, prejudice and hate.

Here is a sampling of some of the offensive memes via BuzzFeed:





Since memes are traditionally meant to be funny, it’s easy to assume that the internet trolls who created these graphics wrote their captions in jest. Still, it’s no excuse to spew vitriol about a stranger’s body simply because she’s not a size 2. And the sexism (sex in exchange for pizza?) and objectification of her body is offensive to all women.

There’s been talk about taking back this meme with empowering and uplifting captions about full-figured women. Do you think the plus size community and supporters should take that approach? Do you find the above captions disrespectful? Discuss, Clutchettes.

  • Anthony

    Why lose sleep over it? As someone who is heavy, I know you cannot lose it over every smart remark or meme.

  • A

    Still, these actions don’t give people the right to make those dumb ass “smart remarks or memes” Have some damn sense, people

  • soulfullyreal

    There are meme’s that clown slim women too, as well as racist, sexist, ageist, and every other “ist.” It’s meant to be tounge in cheek and awkward humor. I’m a size 16 so I get why some women will take offense, and I’m not saying it’s ok, but it’s not a case of plus size women being picked on.

  • JS

    I think its a bit ironic as even though the meme is supposed to apply to the masses, the masses don’t look like these plus sized models. If every plus sized woman was stacked like this model or Christina Hendricks there wouldn’t be so many stigma’s attached and this meme wouldn’t exist.

  • talaktochoba

    I’m sorry, you mean you put a skimpy clingy swimsuit on your obviously overweight body so you WOULDN’T be objectified?

    what, you mean you were applying for a Rhodes Scholarship?

    then, when it’s clearly established that you have no hope to compete against the women those swimsuits were designed for, that you actually look ridiculous as Chris Brown in a Stop Violence Against Women ad for the trying–and don’t try tell me you’re not competing with ALL other women–somehow we’re all wrong and derogatory and so forth?


  • Ads

    Fortunately/unfortunately people do have the right to be as heinously ignorant, even hateful, as they can manage (or beyond). We live in a world thats fullof every cruelty imaginable. We need to empower ourselves, create the communities, and push our society to be places we want to live in. But that (at least in the nominally ‘free’ US should not include messing with the true right to free, ignorant speech

  • Anthony

    That is indeed ironic! I bet more than a few men (or women) who laugh at these memes would be pretty happy to have a partner that attractive.

  • Anthony

    People don’t have a right to personally harass people, but all people, jackasses included, have the right to free speech.

  • Kara Zor-El


    Well we know you’re no Rhodes scholar after that comment.
    Aw what’s the matter, chief, your braille computer on the frtiz? Anyone who’s not legally blind can see that there’s nothing skimpy about at that model’s swimsuit. Oh and BTW, that swimsuit was designed for her, stupid. Death at you insinuating that the model wants to be objectified because she put on a bathing suit and took a picture. That photo was most likely snatched from a WOMAN’s clothing site/catalog and misappropriated for the meme, you moron. She isn’t trying to self-objectify, “compete” or titillate idiots like you who like to talk shit on women’s blogs. She’s selling swimwear to other women. You fail at life. Do better.

  • Wow

    I love how men, and sometimes women, feel it to be their right to comment on women’s bodies. Granted she took the picture, but I’d love to see the slobs trying to be funny. Don’t be insecure (and bash others) because she’s not.
    While I’m not a plus sized woman, I love the fact that my husband claims Jill Scott as his ibw (ideal black woman); to him beauty comes in all sizes, hair textures, and shades, and that’s why I love him, even when I’m not at my best weight, I don’t have to question his love; which is unlike past boyfriends. And on that note, I’d love to see the women who date these meme-jerks, if there are any.

  • Nic

    Yes, very true. Men do feel the right to police and comment on women’s bodies. I have never in my life walked up to a stranger and told him what I thought about his appearance, grooming, or how he could improve. Whether it’s a compliment or an insult, it’s intrusive. A lot of people need to work on respecting boundaries.

    Men feel very comfortable doing that. And even the comments that want to say who should feel good about themselves and who shouldn’t. I would HOPE that most people like themselves. It certainly am in no position to somehow police who should have confidence and who shouldn’t, and it is interesting how many people (esp. men) think they should have a say in who does.
    I can’t prove it, but I think a LOT of the men who critique women on the internet like this are not anyone’s ideal themselves (and frequently project their own anger or sense of entitlement on women).

    Unless the man in question has already started something, you aren’t going to get loads of women jumping in on pictures of men tearing their appearance apart, even if they look a hot mess. But throw the wrong picture of a woman up, and you’ll get half the men in town saying what is wrong with her appearance (and I’ve seen plenty of black men insulting Jill Scott’s body).

  • http://gravatar.com/mstwixx mstwixx

    The funny thing is, it’s usually the sloppy, unattractive trolls doing this for attention because mommy or daddy didn’t hug them enough or they have nothing better to do. Insecurity comes in many shades and forms of ugly…

  • http://newgirlatlarge.blogspot.com/ TheNewGirl

    “I bet more than a few men (or women) who laugh at these memes would be pretty happy to have a partner that attractive.” Funny, I had the same thought!

    Seriously, in my years (yeah, I’m getting UP there in years), I’ve been married for decades, then divorced (amicably), then recently remarried, seen a lot of friends and contemporaries go up and down in life, had good times and bad myself, been fat and been thin, etc, etc… and two things I have noticed is that what a bunch of shallow, body fascist, porn addicted idiots think has had very little bearing on my life, and hasn’t helped them in the course of theirs.

    I’ve seen people brag about their figures, or brag about their girlfriend’s, make fun of other peoples’ figures (and hair and skin and clothes), and generally engage in all sorts of fascist body mediation tactics, but I have also noticed that these people rarely got anywhere happy in life – I’m serious; I don’t know one person who talked all that smack who ended up in a happy, loving situation in life. And I think that is because they spent more time cultivating the wrong sort of values and found themselves on the losing end of life; bereft.

    At the end of the day if you place importance on shallow crap, that’s exactly what you’re going to get in life and you’ll look up one day and find yourself incredibly unhappy. If I’m being honest, I’ve been ‘pretty’ my whole life, and as far as I am concerned, ‘pretty’ doesn’t count for shit. ‘Pretty’ hasn’t made me a loving daughter, sister, wife or friend, nor has ‘pretty’ actually allowed me to keep amazing people in my life. ‘Pretty’ hasn’t made me a better writer, hasn’t made me a better visual artist, and sure isn’t helping me work on the dissertation for my MA. I’m inclined to think that the people who have created those memes above, and the people who value those sort of memes are young people who have no idea what sort of curve balls life is going to throw at them, but I can tell you that they’re going to find themselves to be bitterly disappointed if they continue to waste precious time trying to rank, rate, and bring down other people based upon physical appearance. I guarantee it. You just get to a place where all that shit becomes irrelevant in life.

  • J

    Why not bitch about how it gets hot in the Summer while you’re at it? The internet is a mean, dirty place where anyone can say anything without repercussions. We’ve all known this for quite some time now, but welcome to the fold I guess.

  • Ryan

    I think the model in the image is hotttt.
    The jokes don’t make sense on the pic if you ask me.

  • phillip gates

    She’s hot

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