South African Town Wants To Preserve Its Whiteness & Segregation

Kleinfontein is a town of 1,000 residents outside of Pretoria, South Africa. All 1000 of these residents are white, and if they have it their way, it’s going to stay that way. Kleinfontein has been in existence since 1992, and is heavily guarded by their own security people and a fence surrounds its almost 2,000 acres.  The people in this community take “pride” in the fact that they are upholding their culture and refuse to assimilate, no matter how racist others seem to think it is.

“We feel that our culture is being threatened and we want to protect it and we want to nurture it,” said Marisa Haasbroek, a writer and mother who serves as voluntary spokeswoman for a gated community called Kleinfontein.

There are also residents who feel threatened by the mere existence of black people and their ability to ruin a country.

Johan Foley, a former bank manager, did not mince his words about why he moved to Kleinfontein about 20 years ago.

“We are worrying about black people,” said Foley, 76.

“Every time they get their hands on something, it is going bankrupt, there are troubles,” he said. “White people gave them clothes, an education.”

Gave. “them”. Clothes.

“Since 1994, since black people are taking over this country, everything has gone wrong,” Foley said.

It’s times like this where I would just say fuck it. Let the racist ingrates have their little town. Why would anyone want to be 10 feet near them anyways?

But there are people in South Africa that strongly oppose Kleinfontein and their little enclave of hate.

NBC News reports that in May, a black man was blocked from buying a house there. Demonstrators protested outside its gates and local officials launched an investigation of the community, saying discrimination on the basis of language, race and color is illegal.

“The fact that there are children growing up there and being indoctrinated with hateful ideology that paints all black people as criminals, that really concerns me,” said Czerina Patel, a South African journalist who is the executive director of Yenza, a charity that works with disadvantaged young people.

“The bottom line is [if a non-white] Afrikaans-speaking person wanted to live there they couldn’t,” she added.


Should this town be allowed to preserve its “whiteness” & segregation?


  • Nicky

    Says the white South African living on the African continent. I’m sure the indigenous cultures in Southern Africa wanted to do the same before yall came along.

  • Malik Hemmans

    my dislike for white people keeps growing and growing……and white people should be the last one talking about every time black people get their hands on something it goes “wrong”………

  • Kacey

    I was under the impression that most (meaning all) white South Africans live in gated, exclusive communities. These people are just bold enough to state what is already being practiced in similar white enclaves throughout South Africa.

  • Tonton Michel

    “White people gave them clothes, an education.”

    Well damn! That’s old time racism right there. The unmitigated gall to come out your mouth in a predominantly black nation with that mess? Your lucky the Africans didn’t try to run you out the country. I do wonder what real action can be taken against them and why would you want to live with them.

  • geenababe

    I saw this a few days ago and I couldn’t believe it. The nerve of these people and others like them to be racist on a continent that is mostly black people. The arrogance with some of these people. Forgive my igornace but I’ve always wonder how stuff like this and apartheid happens when whites are in the minority in Africa.

  • Fulanigrl (@Fulanigrl)

    “Since 1994 when black people were taking over this country…” OMG. Are you kidding me? It’s AFRICA black people were there BEFORE you. Everything in the world does not belong to you!

  • Shay

    White people in africa want an all white town. HA! How absurd does that sound. and you thought america had immigration problems lol

  • L

    We have plenty of small towns in America that think exactly like this.

  • ETC

    I have a great idea for them. How about they go back from whence they came. Isn’t that the standard cliched response said?

  • Liz Lemón

    “White people gave them clothes, an education.”

    I’ll trade you clothes and education for Stephen Biko and the 27 years year Mandela spent in prison. Return the diamonds while you’re at it.

    This is unreal. UNREAL!

  • ScriptTease

    Something about this story just ain’t setting right with me. Africa…. first thing comes to mind is Black People.

  • ScriptTease

    The older I get the less tolerable I have become with White folks, and just thinking like that leaves a bitter taste in my mouth, but it is what it is.

  • AJ

    How about they do like Robert Mugabe (don’t share is politics) did the whites in Zimbabwe…Get the Hell out.
    That was our land before you came and started meddling. Blah, Blah, Blah you were born here, leave Africa period…ugh

    I’m real sick about this!

  • TrulyPC

    OMG. This is why I will crush the soul of any white person that says ANYTHING to me that is racist. It is why no Black should EVER tolerate any level of racist behavior. Only white people can live on a continent that is predominately populated with REAL Africans (yes I went there) that are not them and still believe that they are entitled to have segregated spaces.

  • AJ

    But of course…
    Since all the wealth is controlled by 10% of the population, if they left that would be a bit of a problem.

  • Blue

    “Since 1994, since black people are taking over this country, everything has gone wrong,” Foley said.

    Oh really. They’ve been there waaay longer than 1994. You got it backyards. YOUUUUU have taken over THEIR country. Go back to Europe & find a seat.

    So sad

  • Treece

    My entire head just turned read and popped off my shoulders in steam like a Looney Tunes character from reading this…..I’m speechless. Except this one little tidbit: You White asswipes need to take your pastey behinds back to YOUR motherland (Europe) if you want to “preserve your whiteness”. It’s just that simple, bunch of racist idiots….

  • Treece

    “Everything in the world does not belong to you”

    This is what a lot of White ppl have a hard time understanding and it burns me! No matter the nationality, they think everything/everywhere is up for the taking or that thier privilege follows them everywhere they go. From the neighborhood to other peoples countries. Pisses me off…..

  • dippedingodiva

    I find it funny how they invade Africa and want Black people to leave. SMH How about you go back to where you came from.

  • Tay

    they do know that there were black people all over africa doing just dandy BEFORE white people showed up right? like, we existed before they stepped foot on african soil, depleted the resources, killed, raped and enslaved the people.

  • Eyes Wide Shut

    Not surprised at this at all. If you read up on the history of South Africa, white families/communities like this are actually the NORM…….

    But I will say this though, every empire comes to an end and every now and then, there’s a shift in the power structure even with power structures that have been held in place for generations, even centuries.

    Where I am going with this?

    One day the white South Africans will lose there 99.9% power hold (albeit not willingly and not quietly). Who will be the ones in power? I wish I can say it would finally be the black South Africans, but China sure is changing up the colonial old guard’s game. America and Europe are sweating bullets with regards to how aggressive China is moving into Africa. The key for success for all of black Africa is not to see the next superpower as a savior from all their problems (if China can treat it’s own people like crap, only God knows what they will do to blacks. If how many Chinese treat blacks in the U.S. is any indicator, may God help Africa!)

    As for some people who feel that white South Africans will willingly do business with China……LOL. White South Africans are HARD CORE – OLD SCHOOL racists! You think Paula Deen is bad? HA! I believe that white South Africans would quicker nuke the whole country than share their resources with the Chinese!

    As for Kleinfontein – go ahead and enjoy your extremely warped sense of “African pride that’s really Nazism/European fascism” in disguise. Everything must come to an end.

    Eyes Wide Shut

  • Ellis

    Not surprised. Such arrogance from White Afrikaners who fervently believe that a BLACK CONTINENT inhabited by BLACKS belongs to them. Like everyone else has said, why on earth don’t they leave us alone and go to the Whitest part of Holland/England or wherever else they come from????? Always this arrogance and coldness towards the original habitants of lands such as the Americas, Australia, New Zealand when they had done NOTHING to the Europeans but simply exist!

    Learning about slavery, Jim Crow, Colonialism, Apartheid, current discrimination against Blacks. I always wonder, what the hell did we Blacks do to Whites to make them hate us so much? What did we do?

    Peacefully minding our own business in Africa and then…well we know the rest.

  • Ms. Vee

    The best way to preserve whiteness is to do so in Europe. Either you get out or shut up. Getting out would be the more favorable choice.

  • Carib718

    Delusion! I am convinced these people are crazy. Some of the poorest regions in SA surround Pretoria. Let them interbreed. When people of color decide to revolt it will be ugly. As Dr. Frances Cress Welsing says racism is a system to preserve white genetics.

  • Eyes Wide Shut

    @ Ellis:

    What did blacks do to deserve this much hate?

    Quite simply, Africa (where blacks originate from) has an almost seemingly unlimited supply of the following:

    Natural Gas
    Diamonds (any all other gem stones)
    Coltan (the mineral used to power ALL electronic devices) – Coltan capital is Congo and Rwanda (hint hint)
    Palm oil/ Shea butter (very very hot commodity right now)
    And all other valuable commodities.

    See why it was in Europe and America’s (and by extension the Middle East and Arab countries) best interest to try and destabilize the whole continent and race?????

    Yes, it’s that simple.

    Eyes Wide Shut

  • ArabellaMichaela

    If these people are like other Afrikaaners, the 2000+ acres their homes occupy was stolen from the black indigenous population. These Afrikaaners can self segregate if they want. Who cares? But the land they’re on should be taken from them and given back to its original black South African owners.

  • Kelley Johnson

    A lot of those people in the picture look like light skinned black folks to me.

  • Bree

    I am REALLY having a hard time understanding why they choose to make a home in South Africa instead of just going back to the Netherlands.

  • binks

    Whelp…the devil you know. But these people’s sense of entitlement and privilege is sickening.

  • GeekMommaRants

    What did these fools expect? These idiots are less than 10% of the population of the RSA. Who cares!

  • Nadell

    AMAZING! Last time I checked… pre-colonialism, whites were no where in sight on a continent initially called Ethiopia. Africa is their home.
    Every time you and your people (whites) get their hands on something, it is going bankrupt, you (whites) have been their troubles from the beginning of their history. The destruction, poverty, unrest and under-development of the continent and some of its countries rest upon your (whites) hands.
    Individuals like them worry me….

  • Ellis

    Exactly!!! So bleeding obvious, yet they can’t understand or don’t care to acknowledge that fact. I just have no more words to describe why they believe that they have a right to invade, dominate, discriminate, oppress Blacks who were minding their own business far, far away from Europe.

  • Dom D. McAuliffe

    White people worldwide are starting to get scared. In Europe they fear the swarthy Muslim Middle Easterners. In Russia they fear anyone who isn’t white. In America they fear pretty much anyone who isn’t white except for maybe Asians. In South Africa they fear blacks. Etc. White people know that they are a minority, and they’re trying to “preserve” themselves. It’s interesting because history is coming back around…there was a point in time when everyone had significantly melanated skin, and now the world is headed back in that direction. I think we should let them have their little white towns and white proms and whatnot. Let the cult stay on the compound while the rest of us rejoice at the fact that our oppressors are hiding in fear.

  • Ellis

    You should read comments on racist sites such as American Renaissance, Stormfront, on mainstream news sites in the US (and in the UK where I live). Constant talk of how it is Whites’ responsibility to increase their fertility rate and not let their “beautiful” White homelands (whether that be stolen land such as the USA) to be invaded and swamped by Arabs and especially by us “Negroes”. Lol.

    Plus on Youtube, a quotation that goes a little something like this:

    Africa for Africans
    Asia for Asians
    White countries for everyone…

    Then the commenters talk about multiculturalism being anti-White or genocidal for Whites.

    So yes, you are absolutely correct, Whites are incredibly fearful that they will continue to be a minority of the world’s population.

  • Nubiahbella

    White Folks are too much lol!.. They feel so entitled!!! No over race in the world acts like that.

  • ArabellaMichaela

    The “10%” can leave and their wealth can stay. ill gotten wealth can be nationalized, literally taken from the whites and redistributed to the blacks. It’s cruel but its how whites play the game. Blacks should learn to be as “cold blooded” as they are. Then maybe we’ll start winning.

  • Ellis

    Lol. Indeed.

  • WhatIThink

    The fact that they have the confidence to say this openly in a country on the African continent says volumes about how they were able to conquer the continent in the first place………

    They aren’t scared of anyone, let alone Africans. If they were they wouldn’t be telling the negroes to stay out of that town. Now to put it in context, 90% of the land in South Africa is still in white hands, not to mention 95% of the wealth, including gold, diamonds, platinum and everything else. The country is literally one big game reserve or plantation with black folks queezed into inner city slums or shanty towns. But wait, that sounds like the way black folks live pretty much everywhere.

    And you know what, just like everywhere else, black folks aren’t doing much about it but running their lips, dancing, getting fake straight hair, killing each other and acting generally like they fell out of the stupid tree (ie: acting as if ignorance is their one and only claim to fame). Next thing you know white folks will be acting like the smoothest kids on the block, while black folks look like weird broken down zombie drones with blonde multicolor weaves.

    Oh how the mighty have fallen…..

  • il taker

    I have never felt such rage and hate in myself up until this moment. Like I
    really hope the africans in that area barbecue the shit out of that town. They wont give the rightful owners (black africans) their land back, then just set that place on fire. They need to be violent with these scum of earth. Take your pasty asses back to f**kin Europe then. Frickin bloodsuckers.

  • BeanBean

    Last time I checked this was Africa, not Europe. Why are blacks letting this go on??? They need to bust in that town, make them disperse, and move into their homes lol. And then send them to prison for trying to uphold segregation. Not all whites, but most seem to ruin every place they go to.

  • 21lala

    whats your profile pic from?

  • ETC

    I am gonna get REALLY honest here. Those white people living in South Africa do need to get out of there. However, there has to be a slow transition of their wealth and knowledge. They really had the Black South Africans fooled when Nelson Mandela took over. However, political “power” doesn’t mean shit without economic power. In regards to white people and their taste for colonizing people all over the world, especially Africa, I am not sure what to make of it. Are they naturally these kind of people? Did they just happen to stumble upon more technology earlier and were able to run the rat race faster than everyone else? In every interaction African countries have with non-Africans, they tend to come out on the losing end, which means that we have to STRENGTHEN our governments and our resolve as a continent. We can blame it on Whites, but the other half of the equation is having strong governments, strong armies, good policies and morals, and self love so that we will not shuck and jive for some dollars. We need to return to a time when we were confident and when we had powerful empires. I am from Ethiopia, and although we were not colonized, there is still this mindset that “white is right” in the sense of they know more and can do more. So many nonsensical non-profits come in to my country to make a living off of “helping those poor people”. Begging has never made anyone rich, that is for sure. We have to work to have strong private sector and public sector partnerships so that we can finally get rid of all these non-profits that do nothing but give Africa as bad name. If you are not going to trade with us, open the markets to us or engage in technical assistance, then kindly get the FUCK out! End rant.

  • ETC

    Blacks let this go on because they don’t want all of the money to leave the country. Money is a green noose around the neck of RSA. However, even if a country is poor, is it not better to be poor and free than a little less poor and held hostage by racism in your own country? Black people are so feared, but Africans rarely put up an actual fight. That has to change. Whether by force or negotiation, the script has to be flipped!

  • WhatIThink

    It is African money that you are talking about. All that money came from stealing African resources and labor so technically it should stay where it belongs, in Africa. There is absolutely no reason for Africans to be poor with all the natural wealth Africa is endowed with.

  • ZeitouneMP

    You should also check out the group on Facebook called “A Conversation about Race…” by Craig
    It is full of anti-black, anti-semitic and anti-immigration discussion.
    Hate to say it but karma is coming back in full swing

  • cb

    they are WHITE south africans, that is how they ALL think; this group is stating it out loud

  • Sad

    You know why I have no respect for South Africans? These devils still thrive in their country.

  • Corny Cave Dwellers


    You mean altruism like HIV, moral depravity and theft? Why not take your altruism and wonderful gifts and bounce? Can’t be that hard can it? I guess that why the whole planet loves white people so much for being so kind and generous wherever you go lol.

    You parasitic, awkward-looking, genetically shortchanged neanderthals are too funny.

  • Ryan

    You have simplistic African thinking. The Bantu blacks in South Africa are immigrants to South Africa. The Bantu blacks genocided the Bushmen native to the area so there were virtually no natives when the Afrikaners settled and created South Africa. Being African doesn’t give anyone the right to claim South Africa except maybe the native Bushmen because the rest didn’t live there before and didn’t build anything.

  • Eikinskjald

    Societies and ghettoes are created in Europe by the black man, why can’t we do the same thing in S.E – just regarding whites? This would be racism.. Oh wait.. Black-on-white racism doesn’t exist. I forgot.. silly me. :facepalm:

  • mbm1ame

    don’t feed the troll

  • Elliot Legge

    I’m not the one hiding my face like a coward.

  • Bwahaha..

    Sorry I’m too busy watching this awesome video ( ) to put up my face online because that’s the closest I can come to social interaction as a pale-faced tiny d!ck wimp who will never in a million years look a Black man in the face..

  • Elliot Legge

    You’re an anonymous troll who won’t show his face. You’re definitely not a man because real men don’t hide.

  • mbm1ame

    GTFOH, Nobody is listing anything for you, If you’re not bothered enough to search for them? it wouldn’t mean a damn thing to you now.
    There’s no need to gloat,your ancestors stole, plundered, killed millions of people in the name of land that was never theirs to begin with, they totally trashed that continent alright, you raped it and its people, and once you were beaten too many times at war and it was too expensive you decided to leave.
    If nobody had messed with the African continent the situation today would be very different. What is done is done… but you coming on this thread and justifying it .. that’s something inhumane, offensive.

  • Bwahaha..

    Lol. Is that why you change your moniker to make multiple incoherent posts on here like a raving lunatic?

    You’re correct. I can’t have ovaries and be a man at the same time, you inbred paleface. Now stfu and go sit in the corner and quit disturbing my video..

  • cupcakes and shiraz

    If they want to live in an all-white paradise, why don’t they go back to Europe where they belong? Hypocrites.

  • cupcakes and shiraz

    Go back to Europe. S. Africa was never yours to begin with.

  • cupcakes and shiraz

    Go get laid and stop trolling a woman’s e-magazine, you waste of human flesh.

  • cupcakes and shiraz

    You can create all the pure-white ghettos you want. In Europe.

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