Rap’s latest sensation, J.Cole, recently released his sophomore effort, “Born Sinner.” The 21-track album is a gem, full of authentic highlights of the impact of fame and fortune on the North Carolina-born MC. The last song on the record showcases the toll success had on his relationship with his long-time girlfriend.

J.Cole has been dating the same woman since his freshman year at St. John’s University in New York. He speaks publicly about their relationship and has said she’s adjusting well to the spotlight, but that hasn’t stopped the born sinner from succumbing to the groupie life that accompanies long nights on the road in strange cities.

“Sparks Will Fly” is an ode to the difficulties of balancing a healthy relationship with the temptations of success. He rhymes:

I know my style ain’t perfect/I know my smile ain’t perfect/Nigga ain’t perfect, it’s true/Funny though I am perfect for you/All the drama seem worth it for you/She put up with the shit like she work at the zoo, true/Now what you crying for?/She says you ain’t gon’ settle down, what you lyin’ for?/She want that old thing back/Things ain’t the same, think we both seen that/Love is war, end up on the floor/But baby you only lose when you don’t swing back/I say those word hoping that,/You fight for a nigga like I fight for you/Like I fight temptations every night for you/And know I slip, only girl in my life is you

It’s clear J.Cole is struggling against the temptation of cheating, if his lyrics are reflective of his life choices. Unfortunately, the reality is fame changes relationships. Kanye West and his college girlfriend split after he’d achieved his lifelong dreams. Big Sean slept on his girlfriend’s couch before he landed a record deal. He’s dating an actress now. Many other entertainers, politicians and public figures creep on their spouses.

The question to J.Cole’s girlfriend is whether it’s worth waiting on a cheater.

What say you Clutchettes and gents? Is it worth waiting on a cheater?

  • Miakoda

    SMH/Oh Please

    –I am not sure what comment you are referring to, but in my comment above I do not see where I provided an excuse for why men cheat. I provided a simple theory. You seem to be reading into feelings that are not there.

    –Yes, I am ‘The Moon in the Sky’. I changed my name to Miakoda because it means ‘Power of the moon’. Anyway. None of that is relevant to my original comment.

    –For someone who thinks he is so smart, you sure do have a flair for being dramatic and condescending.

    – I have never seen you write a comment on this site that didn’t somehow degrade Black women, so before you start trying to call someone out, take a look at yourself.

    –Whatever typical insult you have ready to be spewed whether it be that I am a ‘man-hater’, fatherless, miserable, bitter, having psychosis or neurosis, you can forgo typing it.

    Post comment.

  • Miakoda


  • http://nerdstradamas.wordpress.com nerdstradamas

    Great comment.

    Sticking around with a cheater is nothing more than playing Russian Roulette. You’re bound to be killed (figuratively) emotionally, mentally, or health wise (with the growing rate of STDs) sticking by a cheater. I can only imagine the toll it takes on you. Many (esp. fake relationship gurus) try to mitigate the seriousness of a man cheating.

    And of course there’s the classic double standard of a woman cheating being worse because she has cheated emotionally – while men’s escapades are supposedly only physical or sexual.

    My thing is, if “emotions” or “emotional cheating” out weighs cheating purely for sexual gratification, why does no one give an account for the EMOTIONAL DAMAGE/PAIN women face when their men cheat? I mean with all this importance placed on emotional monogamy(?) shouldn’t the emotional and mental strain a woman faces in dealing with an unfaithful mate be just as important?

    Those who give a defense as to why men cheat – yet admonish women for doing the same have the hidden agenda of protecting the male ego. Nothing more.

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