• Ken Kojei

    Please!!! Sistahs been ripping and distressing jeans since before Daisy Dukes. Do you have any i-DEA how much you distress MINDS??? I am walking along with absolutely NO thought of sensuality WHATSOEVER,…minding my OWN business, thinking wonderful, pure thoughts about the beautiful day, then along comes “SISTAH”, distressing a pair of jeans with a vengeance. Like she really has a personal vendetta or something. My eyes get entangled by a rip. Any attempt I make to avert my eyes is futile, any effort not to follow where that rip leads to…useless!!! She walks toward me ripped and I can barely breathe. Time stops…my breathing becomes shallow and beads of sweat trickle down my face. I bang my head on a stop sign and have to check for blood…that’s right, I said blood, because as she has captured my entire consciousness for the time being, I follow her passing to the rear. My God!!! the rip there is making me thankful for Jesus because I am and born again sinner, sinning his face off only to be brought back to reality by the stop sign I didn’t see. She is walking away and I experience an optical illusion of time and space bending and warping around her or is it concussion setting in!!! How cruel can a woman be???? Let me count the ways!!!