Texas Gov. Perry to Sign Unemployment Drug Testing Law

by Yesha Callahan

Texas Gov. Perry to Sign Unemployment Drug Testing Law

Gov. Rick Perry is to sign a law mandating drug testing for some unemployment benefits recipients.

The governor is holding a special signing ceremony Friday at the Capitol.

Under current law, employers hold insurance policies to help laid-off workers survive on weekly payments of $62 to $440. Those fired for cause, including failing an employer-sponsored drug test, don’t qualify.

The changes already approved by the Texas House and Senate would require workers who lose their jobs to fill out state questionnaires. Answers considered suspicious lead to drug tests. Anyone failing a test would lose their benefits.

The bill’s sponsor, Republican Sen. Tommy Williams of The Woodlands, says it will help maintain a competent workforce.

Democrats, meanwhile, successfully blocked a separate measure that sought to drug-test welfare recipients.


What do you think about the law?



  • Anthony

    More Obama Derrangement Syndrome in action here. Rick Perry isn’t even conservative anymore, he is a cartoon character.

  • http://gravatar.com/kanyade Kanyade

    “Answers considered suspicious lead to drug tests…” And what is “suspicious”??? Who gets to decide that?

  • Starla

    I don’t like laws like these whatsoever. Another attempt to keep people in poverty based on morality. So these people should starve to death because they are drug users. This is simply government sanctioned culling of human lives.

  • Mademoiselle

    “The governor is holding a special signing ceremony Friday at the Capitol.”

    Poor people are their entertainment. Hopefully there are already a few lawyers drafting a case to take to Federal Court on illegal search/right to privacy.

  • sixfoota

    This has been done before & it’s failed. Turns out not all folks who are poor are drug users. Who would’ve thunk! *eyeroll*

  • entro

    How in the world can this be legal when an employee cant receive unemployment insurance unless they pay into it so its not like they are using other peoples money. Rick Perry and all of his ilk are being paid by taxpayers, when are they going to be required to pee in a cup ?Their hypocrisy is glaring

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