Prancing ElitesWho said cheerleading was only made for girls? The Prancing Elites, an all-male cheerleading squad from Mobile, Alabama proves that cheerleading is more than just jumps and twirls. From matching outfits to killer moves, these men remain diligent in building team spirit.

On their Facebook page, they share how hard they work to put together entertaining performances:

“Thanks for the support..we work very hard to get to where we are..sometimes day in and day out..long late night practices and even early morning practices..we have a passion for the art of DANCE, so no matter how we perform it..its our EXPRESSION OF ART”

What do you think about their moves? Do they got it?!

  • Kacey

    Um…I’m sorry, but where was the “cheerleading” part of their routine? Perhaps there is a better video to demonstrate this? Otherwise, I see no difference between this and what I’ve seen at a few gay clubs in NYC .

  • WhyUmad

    Lord, take me. Take me now.

  • Miakoda


  • Jae Bee


    But yeah, I agree with Kacey. How is this cheerleading? They look more like majorette dancers.

  • Drew-Shane

    This isn’t cheerleading at all. It’s jay-setting or even on a high school level majorettes or dance line.

  • march pisces

    ummm no! this is not cheerleading, but i do agree with those who have said majorettes or dance line.

  • pyteena

    Something about this is really disturbing.

  • miss_k

    uh….they didn’t do anything. the headline of this article was more exciting then what I just watched. next!!

  • au napptural

    Darkness and bondage. These people need to stop! Obviously, this is a cry for attention. If you want to cheerlead, cheer on. There are plenty of male cheerleaders who do complex gymnastics and lifts. But wearing crop tops with booty shorts and popping it like a girl is just negative attention-seeking. And some of those boys clearly had on makeup and were trying to look like girls. We are truly living in our last days. And Clutch, I’m disappointed in you for even giving this a platform, let alone praising it.

  • D.T.

    This is why we need fathers in the home.

  • ***


  • The Comment


    *Jesus Wept*

  • Apple

    Deceased.. Unalive … Gone on to glory

  • Lemons

    Sooooo boys dancing and wearing makeup is going to cause the world to end? That sucks because they look like they’re really enjoying themselves. As an ex-cheerleader and competitive dancer I remember my team having to put on makeup before going out on the floor. Why shouldn’t the Prancing Elite’s do the same? Maybe we are in our last days? I’m pretty sure it’s because of people like you.

  • Lemons

    I’m sorry, my reply was rude. I’m just so tired of seeing comments like this. They aren’t hurting anyone especially not you. Why does this bother you so much?

  • angel

    I love the arts. Dance, theatre, art, etc. I have nothing personal against gay people. They are part of my family and friends circle. But why does it seem that many (I did not say all) black gay men are so feminine? I would rather see them dance in modern, ballet, hip hop or jazz styles. Why the skanky dancing and and female clothes?

  • Malik Hemmans

    in about 15 years we’ll see more and more black boys participate in things like this…….also there was book in the 70′s that predicted this

  • LF

    What in the name of Heyzeus just did I just look at? I’m all for expressing your inner self, but gosh darnit (forgive the harsh language!), go and sit down somewhere!! To each his own, but the day my gay son starts acting like a fa$%ot, he will have me to answer to. That ish ain’t cute!!

  • Chelley5483

    LMAO!!!!!! Your comment is killing me!

  • Santi

    A lot of African American women support this lifestyle, then wonder why they can’t find a black man to come home to. Can’t find a husband, cant find a spouse, but they have their gay best friend. We’ll see where things head in 15 years. Let’s sit back and watch. Grabs popcorn.

  • Sasha

    He’s wiping my tears away and I’m giving Him a helping hand because we are both sitting here weeping and talking about the end of days.

  • Kanyade

    I concur about seeing this type routine in gay clubs. I didn’t see cheering either, but they are in a way like the majorettes leading of a marching band…

  • Starla

    Did they tuck their penises? Alternative entertainment, for alternative tastes.

  • Kelley Johnson

    I don’t think most gay black men are feminine at all. I think that masculine gay black men are just pretty much invisible in the media. It you’re a gay black man and you don’t wear hells and carry a purse or walk around with makeup on, no one want to see you. Masculine gay white men are everywhere in the media, but not the brothas.

  • Sasha

    Wow…..are the ones in the middle row to the left and right twins? They’re ponytail and face structure looked similar…

  • L


    Close my casket!!! I just can’t!!!

  • Tae

    *scratches neck* Ummm…. *looks away* yea.

  • ETC

    I agree, Lemons. They are just expressing themselves, and not hurting anyone. Gender is something that people think is permanently defined. The moment people step outside of their societal gender roles, people become hostile. Biological sex is the only thing set in stone……

  • lulu

    there seems to be this prevalence of down low men and extra feminine gay men in the black community….what’s going on?

  • lulu

    “We are truly living in our last days. And Clutch, I’m disappointed in you for even giving this a platform, let alone praising it”

    Clutch has become very, very pro LGBT so you can’t act that surprised. Times are changing.

  • pyteena

    As someone who supports the idea of people choosing to love who they want and identify with whatever gender they want, I was surprised by my own reaction to this piece. I think what ultimately troubles me is the fact that these young men are dressed and styled in such an adult, provocative, sexual way and are dancing so suggestively. I can say that I’d be just as troubled if I saw high school girls in the stands dressed and dancing similarly. I don’t think this was appropriate for a school game, and the fact that a little girl walked by during their performance only made it worse. It just wasn’t an appropriate venue for such a display and these boys are too young to be dressed in such a way, even if they identify themselves as women. Because since when is being a woman synonymous with dressing and dancing like this? If you want to be a woman so bad at least aspire to be a lady…

  • Guest1234

    I don’t get why everybody’s all in a tizzy over this. These guys aren’t doing anything different from what I see countless all-girl dance teams and drill teams do at basketball games – from middle school games all the way to the “professional” dancers at NBA games. It’s all the same booty shakin’. So, why all the pearl clutching over whether this is technically “cheerleading?”

    If they enjoy dancing, what’s wrong with that? We encourage it when girls do it, why NOT boys, too? It’s just really not that big a deal. Shoot… Good for them for engaging in a positive extracurricular activity that they enjoy.

  • victoria

    Im an old fogey…

    Their outfits and the way they moved should not be performed in a high school. I only assume it’s a high school because of the bleachers. Also, Im disappointed because Clutch led me to believe this was going to be an extraordinary cheerleading squad, but they are very Wildcat -ish if you ask me. They didnt even cheer

    U G L Y you aint got no aliby, your ugly, what what, your ugly

  • Alisha


  • Miakoda

    If gayness in black boys and men is because they do not have a father in the home, then you must also think that having a mother in the home is the reason for black girls and women being lesbian, right?

    Also, black men are very patriarchal and very supportive of gender roles. So, with that, having a father in the home would have only caused these boys to suppress who they are.

  • Smilez_920

    The issue for me isn’t these boys’s cheerleader but the outfits they are wearing. They need to wear something more appropriate. I guess they want the football players to look at them just like the girls. I don’t have a problem with black gay men, but why do the majority we see have to be so feminine. I really think this is one of the reasons more masculine black men don’t jump out the closet. The fear of being labeled a f@g or feminine.

    As far as someone saying father’s in the home. A father in or out of the home won’t stop a male child from being gay. But I think if a child is gay and the dad isn’t around maybe they’re more likely to try to identify with their mother and how she acts vs having a loving supportive father to copy.

  • binks

    I agree with others, this isn’t cheerleading I was expecting to see flips, tumbling, splits and stuff this is a dance time. I have no problem with them dancing and cheering for their team/school but their uniforms look like it don’t fit and looks very small on them. I think they need to change their uniform and they will be alright…shrugs

  • Gigi Young

    As a former cheerleader…no. They are dancing. Cheerleading is cheers+gymnastics. These guys would be on the spirit team.

  • Ash

    They are great dancers but Lord knows their outfits are too much for me.

  • Miakoda

    They can aspire to be women all they want, but they will never be women.

  • chanela17

    “If you want to be a woman so bad at least aspire to be a lady”

    ALL OF THIS!!!!

  • chanela17

    it looks like they stole a white woman’s legs. LMAOO

  • Me27

    I didn’t see anything remotely resembling cheer leading. For some reason things like this always rub me the wrong way. I have nothing against gay men but men like this don’t seem to me like they are being true to themselves. They seem more like they are caricatures of women. Like they are mimicking what they see women do (or what they think women do).

  • DownSouth Transplant

    So i guess I am the odd ball here, I seriously thought they were young girls middleschoolish starting a spirit team at school,them being on the muscular side i thought because ““Thanks for the support..we work very hard to get to where we are..sometimes day in and day out..long late night practices and even early morning practices..” so it explained why they are a tad beefy with muscles I am sorry but i feel misled dang it Clutch!! I expected a CHEERLEADING team worthy of an olympic medal, as in pretzels twist, human ladders spelling AMAZING, jumps and gymnastics that would have be grab pom poms, this is a misleading title!! well everything else, everyone has spoken on so no need for repetitions.

  • Kam

    Gay Black men I have no problem with. Homophobic Black men I do.

  • Miakoda

    When I first saw the picture I thought they were a mixed gender group of cheerleaders and then I realized they were actually boys with synthetic braids in their hair.

  • cabugs

    I felt compelled to comment because of all the hypocrisy I see on this thread. People, just admit it: you are not comfortable with this gender bending and femininity of (many not all) black gay men. I for one will be un-pc here: I do not support a homosexual lifestyle. However, I do not agree with legislating homosexuality (as in homosexual marriage) because I don’t believe in legislating morality and I think homosexuality is a matter of personal lifestyle choices and morality that concerns one and their partner only. If it is not directly hurting the outside society at large, I don’t see why it should be legislated. People should be free to do as they please in this case. Anyway, my point is, a majority of you will profess to be in alliance with the LGBTQ community, yet here, the comments clearly read otherwise. Behind your PC sentiments, I see fear, disapproval, and uncomfortableness, if that is a word. If you’re in support of it, please be and stop the wishy-washy nonsense. Me over here, I don’t support and I will not pretend that I do. In public, I don’t say anything about it unless I am asked. Stop the PC-ness and speak your mind. If you are for it, be for it. If not, stop trying to feign concern. The fact is, if these were girls dressed the same way and dancing, really you would not be concerned with their dress or manner of dance at all, because it is after all; “cheerleading” (the quotes for the fact that as many of you pointed out, it looked more like dancing). I know that it is a contentious issue and perhaps some feel ambivalent about it, and that is where the contradictory attitudes are coming from, but I just wish people would be more honest with themselves and their friends, loved ones, and the LBGTQ community.

  • Nic

    Nope, I just glanced at the picture and thought it was a group of girls too. And I also thought they’d be actual cheerleaders but they really are just a dance team no matter what gender they are.

  • Malik Hemmans

    not to mention the growth of masculinity in black women…the stud/lesbian thing is growing too

  • Weird

    I should make a poster out of this comment.

  • Pearlsrevealed

    **Gasp** O_o

    I was HOODwinked!!!

    Family entertainment at the local HS ball game.



    After watching this I predict black women will stop buying hair products, weave, clothing, the new hot car, a new house, and will invest in a Robot that is STRAIGHT with a good Hard Drive Dick, and is programmed to treat her the way she wants. Plus, she can change his skin tone to her liking.

  • Taylor Pandillas Simmons

    Clutch got it wrong, they’re more of a DANCE TEAM not cheer, but the form they are doing is called J-Setting, it’s derived from cheer.

  • Santi

    What is homophobic about this? And I’m not a man.

  • Nikki

    Y’all need to chill out. I would agree that this is not cheerleading but more like dance and/or drill team. I did poms in high school and there were many teams that wore uniforms like this but the teams were mainly female. However if you look at male dancers more broadly (beyond high school dance teams) the shorts they are not that uncommon for men. In fact, MANY dancers wear them…even the shorts.

    Dance Shorts for Men look like this:

    and this:

    Here is a Group of ALVIN AILEY Dancers wearing similar fitted shorts.

    People are spazzing out and “clutching the pearls” like this is so out of order when it really isn’t.


  • Karhai

    Why are you all bold? Geez

  • purplereaderKB

    The best comment on this entire thread!

  • Cute sweet dress

    Male cheerleader are energetive I suppose. More than a landscape. You know.

  • ScriptTease


  • SimplyFoolishness

    Oh my eyes are still hurting from all of this foolishnes in this video. Just plain ole foolishness.

  • Kasey

    They are a dance team clearly…. in all schools from jr. high school on up there is a distinct difference between a cheer leading squad and a dance squad. These guys are the latter.

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