The internet is buzzing over a video of five young teenage boys rapping about oral sex. The disturbing clip shows the youngsters rapping about performing oral sex on men in graphic, explicit detail. One line from the rap goes: “Sucking on a díck fast, I never do it slow. Everybody know ’cause my job is to blow” and another draws from Drake’s “Started From The Bottom” song with these lyrics: “Started from the díck now we here! Started sucking díck now we’re sucking on your pubic hair!”

Tommy Sotomayor used the boys’ unsettling YouTube video as an opportunity to criticize and condemn black single mothers. He believes single mothers are to blame for young gay men, like these teenagers. It’s their fault for not being able to adequately raise their sons by themselves, Sotomayor says. He also chastises black single mothers for choosing to procreate with men who could abandon them.

Via Naturally Moi:

He says: “I want to say this before I start off: I have no problem with a person’s sεxual orientation or a person’s want or need for sεxual experimentation. I don’t. Now with that said, these boys are the reason why we need to stop claiming that black children don’t need their fathers.” He continues by stating that Black single mothers often take credit for raising successful Black men alone; however, when the Black men go astray, they blame the absence of the father for the child’s demise. He also states that the Black race has turned into an androgynous race. “The black race looks like the 80s. You don’t know who is what. The women look like men, the men look like women,” Sotomayor says. At one point in the video, he candidly states: “Black women, you have failed. You can not blame ‘the man’ who left you with ‘the baby’ when you are the one who was the GM of the team and you hired that man. You can not keep firing players and blaming the players for not performing when it shows that you are a poor talent evaluator.”

While some people back up Sotomayor’s claims, others feel the music and culture is to blame.

What are your thoughts, Clutchettes? Discuss.


  • Mademoiselle

    This is not the fault of “black women,” nor “single mothers,” nor “the music,” nor “the culture.” These boys are products of their guardian(s), family member(s), friend(s), and school(s). It’s time to stop plucking individual occurrences and divvying up blame like we all know these boys. Until someone gives me details on the whereabouts of these kids’ father(s), a registry of every song they’ve heard and transcripts of their life experiences, I’m placing blame on their most immediate environments and no one/nothing else. The end.

  • talaktochoba

    music stems from one thing–culture;

    and like all other facets of culture, it is a result of family, which is the cornerstone of culture…and the head cornerstone of family is PARENTING;

    my kids were raised on Bessie Smith, Count Basie, Billie Holiday, Trane, Pharaoh, Aretha, Yardbird, Pres, Monk, Otis, Step pin’ Razor and Nesta, from the moment they rolled over in their cribs;

    today, they listen to Naz, not Jay-Z, Common, not Kanye, Ericka and Sade, not Rihanna and Beyonce, Andre 3000, not Chris Brown;

    parenting is the key;

  • Treece

    This reflects the things that are wrong with AMERICA right now. It is not a reflection on single parents, or homosexuality, or androgyny, or Black music…..It’s a reflection of how warped our society is right now that little boys can rap about sucking men’s penises without flinching. If this were gay MEN rapping about suckin other MEN’s penises I would have nothing to say. But children are being sexualized way way waaayy to early and being taken advantage of. Guidance is lacking in all households (Black, White, single, and married couples) here lately. The internet has given kids another outlet to buck their parents rules and parents/guardians don’t parent or guard kids at all. Let’s not place blame in one area and on specific groups of people.

  • Lillian Mae

    If you allow music and culture to raise your children, then you will and have failed as parents. I most always associate a child’s behavior to how he/she was (or wasn’t) raised. Most issues start in the home. You can always turn the TV or radio off! Parents should be able to control what comes into the home.
    My sister curses like a sailor! Her son is now 5. I told her when he says ‘fcuk you mommie’, don’t beat him because he’s just following the lead you as a parent set for him. I pray for my nephew; he could so very easily become a statistic.

  • Jay

    That sotomayor guy is a trip. The black men who walked out on these children are equally to blame for failing these kids. Non-black men, even ones who society would deem “thugs” criminals or bad boys still take an interest in their kids for the most part. Some in the BC treat missing black fathers like they are innocent children who don’t know any better and shouldn’t be expected to know any better, that is another problem

  • Christina

    Lol, this is crazy but damn, just go and read taraji P. Henson’s twitter bio. read the damn thing, really read it!

  • Tonton Michel

    I agree with much of what Sotomayor said buy I but I would hold off on blaming mothers with out know the background of these boys. ALL kids regardless of race or nationality show their butts when a parent is not around. Its the ones who are habitual offenders and show no moral compass as well as an unhealthy disdain of authority that warrant a look at their homes.

  • Apple Pie

    “Let’s not place blame in one area and on specific groups of people.”

    But “specific groups” of people (deliberate single mothers) are more prone to these issues than a household led by two parents. It is what it is.

  • Mama Mia

    This makes me sick. I feel for many of the young boys in the Black Community. What’s going on with them is truly sad. I just don’t know what to say. I hope the Lord will have mercy on them and will save them because it is not their fault. I agree wholeheartedly with Tommy Sotomayor. Please ladies, stop becoming deliberate single mothers!!! Make wiser choices with your body and men you sleep with. YOU, yes YOU, are harming these children!!

  • Lynne

    This whole story is so crazy and sick. I can’t even begin….

  • victoria

    May I ask, why do you blame schools, but not single mothers? Not knowing whether these boys are from single mother households or not. Im not saying that it is clear that these Boys come from single mother household. But you listed those who are to blame and you left out the parents. Why would you take blame from a parent and place it on an institution? When something happens, why do single mothers get a pass, but schools, who are not responsible for raising children, get blamed? I ask this b/c I feel people expect schools to take on the parenting role.

  • Kam

    Tony Sotomayor is the vilest Black woman hater out there right now. I consider whatever he says to be null and void. It’s like trying to get a unbiased opinion from the Ku Klux Klan.

    As for these boys, I think neighborhood culture has a lot to do with it. We need to tighten up morals in our communities.

  • Mademoiselle

    I don’t blame “schools.” I blame those boys’ school(s) as well as their guardian(s), which is the same as blaming their parent(s) if that’s who is raising them. I blame their specific environments, not single mothers at large, not schools at large, not black women at large, or any other generic society that has allegedly failed them. The specific human beings that failed them are the ones they come into contact with on a regular basis. Whoever their teachers are, whoever their guardians are, whoever is a part of their families… those are who caused this.

    I don’t know these boys, neither do 99% of the black community, and I’m tired of all of us being expected to share the blame for the actions of a few. I’m a black woman, but this is not my fault, nor any of the black women I know because we don’t know these boys. If I ever became a single mother, these boys would still not be my fault. I’m just tired of the rhetoric of divvying up blame to the entire community.

  • Oshanae

    First let me say this, let’s not automatically assume that these boys fathers or father figure are not in there lives we don’t don’t and let me also say this for those who will comment boys with fathers in their lives don’t act like this, not always true. Anyways I am not in support of their subject matter at all no child should be rapping about performing oral on anyone its beyond sad at this point. But to soley blame black mothers this video is even more sad becuase for one every situation of a black mother is not the same. Everybody circumstances is different to sit and say black mother are the reason these boys are turning or being gay is ignornat and stupid. if single mothers has to be chastise, then so do these fathers has to be chastised too. Instead of pointing the finger let focus on the fact the communication is lacking in the black community when it comes to today’s youth. And further more since the commentor feels that these mothers are doing a poor job raising these young boys, then he needs to get off youtube and go outside and mentor these men since their mothers are not doing the job.

  • Mademoiselle

    My response ended up on Page 4.

  • Mademoiselle

    This was my response to victoria on Page 1.

  • victoria

    As a person who has worked with children, I have to say, it is time we faced facts. Facts being…too many parents place their children in the lion’s den without protection. When I worked on Chicago’s West Side, I saw so many kids with useless, non-caring parents. Parents who dont give a damn! Not ”ohhh she’s a single mom working two jobs so let’s blame the govt” parents, but actually ”I dont give a monkey’s” parents. These kids are products of parents who didnt and dont take the time to train, discipline, provide guidance, exhibit modeling behavior, provide affection, monitor, and safety, etc.

    I blame parents, I blame music, I blame society. But I dont expect society nor music to fix this mess.

  • victoria

    I see what you’re saying because as a black women I don’t think our entire community is to blame. Especially when many in our community work hard to deter this behavior. I just assumed because you didnt use the actual word PARENT in your first comment that you meant all others were to blame except parents. Guardians= parents. I got it!

  • Kam

    edit: *Tommy Sotomayor

  • Mademoiselle

    I didn’t use parents only because back when I used to volunteer with at risk youth, I know I’ve met some kids who were being raised by aunts/uncles, grandparents, foster parents, older siblings, etc.

  • antisocialengineering

    1. Seems to me that the adult/s in whom the children’s care was placed are guilty of child neglect at the very least. and the faggots who used these children for their perverse gratification, are guilty of child molestation.

    2. I blame the mainstream media and its low-er rent offshoots on the internet for waging a gay crusade against heterosexuality in the black community.

    3. And someone please tell me how a father who was absent from his child’s life gets the blame if said child ends up as a trick to adult queers?

    What influence does an absent father exert over child he has no contact with?

    Nah. the fault here is ALL with the scumbags who were raising these children.

  • Dave

    …Wth did you just do in this argument? “This is not the fault of black women…single mothers…until someone gives me the details of the whereabouts of these kid’s father(s)” While at the same time saying: “stop plucking individual occurrences and divvying up blame.” If your not going to be consistent in your own argument then stop preaching against the choir you are clearly a part of. Geez.

  • Kylie

    Yes, thank you. I don’t know why other women don’t get this.

  • Dave

    Actually, just read your page 4 response. Ok, you have a point. My bad.

  • Mademoiselle

    What are you talking about? I said I’m placing blame specifically on the people that raise these boys, and that I refuse to blame anyone else until I’m given proof of the role anyone else or anything else played in their lives. You may want to reread for comprehension and relax.

  • Mademoiselle

    I see. Maybe my first response wasn’t very clear, then. I’m not trying to redirect the blame game. I don’t think it’s “black men” or “absent fathers” who caused this either. Two black boys doing something wrong isn’t a societal failing in my eyes. It’s the failure of the actual people in their lives. That’s all I’m saying.

  • K

    i have to say u have to catch them early, while watching this video, i gagged, wanted to cry and sat there with my jaw dropped the whole time. speak to your kids early, let them know right and wrong. I work in education and i have 3rd graders who make references to rape and sex etc, i wonder why they know such things at such a young age. I also have single handedly witnessed “good” children whose parents are working hard to let them be kids be ruined and informed of thing no child should know by other students at the facility i work out. its sad. its sad but the sad fact is in this day and age no matter what you try to do to your kids, they have to go to school and will be corrupted by other kids whose parents dont give a damn. so speak to them early about right and wrong and what is appropriate conversation. I try to teach them to just walk away or change the subject when inappropriate topics are brought up.

  • Mademoiselle

    Daggonit! This was my reply to Dave on Page 1. These musical comments are killing me.

  • A

    Does Mr. sotomayor have a plan of action or did he just want to get on his soap box today?
    If you are not contributing to the solution then stfu.

  • talaktochoba

    there is nothing, repeat NOTHING wrong with being a single mother;

    the wrong is being a single mother ALONE;

    and by alone i don’t necessarily mean without a man, though that should never be, too–i really mean alone without a VILLAGE;

    in the old days, before we were enslaved and “civilised”, a couple breaking up would mean the man moving his things out of the home back to one on his parental side of the village–both he and his former spouse were still intricate and indivisible parts of the village;

    the village NEVER moved away from her or any children she had, or treated them as any less important part of the village;

    so much for civilisation…we really need to get back to tthe old ways of our elders, and quick;

  • angel

    I am so so sad. And speechless. We are failing our kids. One by one we lose too many of them. Disgusting.

  • Kylie

    Maybe I’m biased because of my own mother and her nonchalant I-can-do-it-by-myself attitude, but I dont undersrand the complacence some women have about being single mothers. As a young woman myself I feel like the responsibility first and fore most always falls on the woman because you can’t be a single mother with a deadbeat baby-daddy unless you choose to become impregnated by one. This is why Im not having children because even if I’m married when I do, the man could turn out to be no good and I’ll only have myself to bIame. So I think he is right to blame the singles mom.

  • talaktochoba

    um, the men/people in their lives ARE society;

  • talaktochoba

    the problem is ages-old…whether a parentshould tell their children about something repulsive or shield them from it til they’re of an age to make decisions about that behaviour;

    trouble is, the world rarely if ever waits that long to expose your child to it;

    so it becomes the awful duty of parents to stay current enough with the street to know what their children might be exposed to too soon, so to have time to decide if they, the parents, will present the topic first;

    it is tragic, but almost invariably necessary that the parents do so first, because the alternative, exposure by the world, is infinitely worse, and so parents can build a bridge with their children the world will find very tough to destroy;

  • Allie

    I’m going to need this homophobic misogynist to take a seat. It’s a women’s fault for laying down with ain’t about shit men, but no one wants to talk about why it’s ok for men to not be about shit? Why men can go around and impregnate multiple women and never take accountability for his actions? I agree that we as a collective have failed children and was thoroughly disheartened with the ease these kids rapped about such a mature topic, but to make a case while attacking women and people who aren’t heterosexual was,is and always will be vile. We don’t solve problem playing the blame game.

  • taeh

    It’s funny how not one of those who bash single mothers for becoming “deliberate” single mothers ever includes “Hey men, stop having children and walking out on them and their mothers” or “Stop having condomless sex with women you have no desire to have a family or committed relationship with.” or “Hey adults of both sexes use better judgement and practice safer sex.” in their rants against women. It always, always falls back on women for “choosing” to sleep with men who would they “knew” would abandon them, or failing to take precautions with her body or some other one-sided bs. Does the thought ever cross any of these folks, especially Mr. Sotomayor, minds that maybe she slept with him because she genuinely thought he was a good guy. Maybe she slept with him because he said all the right things, and did all the right things and gave no indication that he would abandon her until after he found out she was pregnant. They make it seem like women are desperate simpletons who lack the cognitive skills to properly assess someone’s character while men are just innocent bystanders who can’t control their penises and can rightfully forfeit all parental responsibilities and be shielded from all blame because “she should have known better.” I don’t get it at all. At all. And I am doing my best not to judge but I am not able to acknowledge and respect Sotomayor as a part of the solution he so desperately calls for. I would like to know what types of programs, organizations, or initiatives focused on bringing healing to the black community he’s joined or started or is his sole “contribution” to the cause his hateful rants on YouTube?

  • victoria


    Yes, it takes a village….

    However, the villagers are wrong when we tell women that it’s important to find a reliable, loving, hard working mate; stop having children by men who dont care about you nor care about raising and supporting their own flesh and blood.

  • Natalie B.

    These children have been victimized, and I hope that the authorities are contacted and all those that have been involved are held criminally responsible, and that includes these children’s parents– mothers and fathers. Predators prey on the weak and the vulnerable, whomever preyed on these children knew which ones to prey on; I doubt very seriously they chose young men who had present engaged parents. Women who have children without the benefit of marriage shouldn’t be thrown under the bus because their child’s father isn’t present, but they have to own the difficulties of being a single parent and the deficit it puts their children. Sex– birth control= pregnancy, and to cede responsibility for family planning hurts an entire community. That being said, men who become fathers because they didn’t wear a condom can’t holler “she won’t let me see my baby” when the relationship goes south. You can go to court just like she can if you truly want to be in your child’s life. Non-existent parents having children is what is leading to their victimization, and when incidents like this occur, parents should be held responsible for the obvious neglect their children have suffered.

  • victoria

    So if it’s the actual people who are in their lives on a consistent basis wouldn’t that be the single mothers? If dads are absent then they are not in their child’s live

  • Miakoda

    Why are so many men in the BC such poor dating options? Why aren’t they doing anything to improve themselves?

  • Mademoiselle

    I have no clue who’s in these boys’ lives or whether their mothers are single. Whoever is in their lives (from their parents/guardians to their church elders) are certainly the ones to blame though.

  • stef

    i would say both equally but then i remember when i was in McDonalds and a group of junior high kids were singing camron “girl you gonna suck it or not” . and all i could was shake my head

  • roslywho

    taking this vid WAAAY too serious they’re mimicking a video by 3 boys 3 years older joking in their school yard with their girlfriends.

  • AF

    A quick google search revealed that “Thomas Sotomayor” is actually Thomas Jerome Harris. He has been arrested numerous times for battery, violation of a protective order, and surprise surprise, back child support.

    He has no education beyond high school and does absolutely nothing in regards to giving back to the black community he is so “desperately” trying to help.

    I’m saying all of this say: why was Thomas Jerome Harris’s commentary of this video even quoted in the article?

    My question was not rhetorical.

  • talaktochoba

    it’s not merely nonexistent parents…it’s nonexistent VILLAGES;

  • talaktochoba

    again, the actual people in their lives ARE society, if only the worst elements of it;

  • talaktochoba

    no, the villagers are not wrong in their assessment–they are wrong in not taking the mother and children in as the invaluable part of the village they are, helping the mother get back on her feet socially and economically so she is more capable to make better choices in future;

  • talaktochoba

    um, punish your unborn children, deprive them of their chance to have an outstanding mother from a family moreso, because of a mistake you don’t even know you’ll make so couldn’t possibly be your fault…seriously?

  • talaktochoba

    it’s called accountability;

  • Anthony

    If these were my sons, I for damn sure would do some serious investigating to see if some adult was abusing them. If I did find a grown man messing with them, getting his dick sucked would be the least of his problems!

    Also, I would tell my son that if you are gay, I love you and accept you, but if I ever catch you rapping like that on video while you are still in my house, I will have you afraid to even be in the room with a video camera!

  • shorty da sweet

    It seems like the women have no standards and make it easy for bums to procreate.

    These men don’t even have to marry these women and the women will have their child!

    So, the men don’t really have to be the most responsible people to get women!

  • talaktochoba

    and this is why we have no village, so are easily preyed upon like this;

  • bob

    stop with this village crap. its nobody job to raise your child

  • since1989

    I don’t know if single motherhood can be the blame for 5 teenage boys glorifying and rapping about sucking on penises. It is such an easy target to lay blame but so simplistic. Black single mothers collectively cannot be blamed for this travesty and perversion. The Issue goes deeper than that.

  • binks

    No, he just likes blaming black women without coming up with concrete answres. Honestly, I wouldn’t take anything this guy says with a grain of salt even if he was giving me tips on how to put out a fire EVEN IF I was on fire. But as for the kids…yikes! Honestly, I see what Bill Cosby was saying now more and more from the last post.

  • trueletterou know if a black man had did all the things that pilar eson

    They just pickup on what black people co-sign on with Obama over the last four years, what do y’all expect!

  • Miakoda

    So, these men are comfortable with being bottom of the barrel men as long as they still have access to sex? These men can only be better if they have women to model themselves after?

  • Sandy

    Tommy Sotomayor is an ignorant misogynist who has nothing good to say about black women. His videos are so full of hatred and disrespect that they’re painful to watch. He frequently insults black women & calls them bitc*es. According to this dude, all black women are insecure, lazy and ugly (especially the dark skinned ones). No wonder he’s found a way to blame single black mothers while saying in the same breath that ‘you cannot blame the man who left you with the baby’. Really? So the men who refuse to man up & take care of their own children are somehow blameless but single mothers who struggle to take care of their kids single-handedly are to blame for everything? Anyway, I stopped being surprised by anything this dude says after I discovered online that he’s been arrested several times for battery & failing to pay child support

  • Kaeli

    There are many ways that an absent parent affects the well being of a child. I will try to keep it simple for you and give you 2 examples.

    1. Economically- children raised in single parent homes often live in poverty or at the very least with less than they would if both parents were contributing to the household. The poor typically have access to less opportunities and the cycle continues.

    2. Emotionally- humans learn to love themselves by being loved by those who are suppose to care for them early on in life when they can’t fend for themselves and are totally reliant on others. Having an absent parent creates the feeling of somehow not being enough to make them stay and not being wanted. This often results in looking for love in all the wrong places and the cycle continues.

  • antisocialengineering

    “No wonder he’s found a way to blame single black mothers while saying in the same breath that ‘you cannot blame the man who left you”.

    There could be any number of reasons the kid’s dads are not present in their lives, and that’s assuming they’re not in the kids lives.

    It’s just your assumption that a) dad is absent and b) dad CHOSE to be absent.

    Addressing point A, if we continue on your assumption that dad is absent, then so what? Does that also dispense the responsibility of the parent who may be present, the mother?

    And what about all the single mothers who don’t fail their children, aren’t they proof that father absence can be overcome?

    Should we credit absent fathers for the good outcomes in their children’s lives?

    You’re no different to Sotomayor, you don’t respect or care about single mothers any more than he does, and you don’t care about their children, all you care about is your image, ie the image of black woman.

    If he’s making black mothers look bad then you’re gonna make sure the finger points right back to black fathers, right?

    The black community is weighted down by out and out morons.

  • Angelique212

    @talaktochoba – your posts have been on track… the fact that the people who can’t get it together are giving you a thumbs down illustrates just how right you are.

    @bob – children were not meant to be raised in one or even two parent homes. That is a RECENT European construct, bob, and American television mythology which is why so many whites, from the wealthy to poor Jewish immigrants, had taken advantage of black nannies and maids for centuries in this country. They’ve always had a “village” and still do in that they have the financial and hierarchical status to have better quality school districts (village), better quality access to child care (village), a culture that creates media to uplift the image of children with status (village), and a culture that has high expectations of their children, whether they are stupid or not, (the culture is a village). If black women WHO LIVE IN POVERTY (I REPEAT, WHO LIVE IN POVERTY, BECAUSE THE BIGGEST WRONG-AND-STRONG PEOPLE WITHIN THIS ARGUMENT ARE PEOPLE WHO REFUSE TO ACKNOWLEDGE THAT THEY ARE PRODUCTS OF POVERTY, NOT JUST BLACK WOMEN AND MISSING FATHERS), had nannies… if black women in poverty could send their kids to school and know that they were safe… if black women in poverty could send their kids to school and know that their kids were not picking up the habits of their neighbors children… if black women in poverty, themselves, were given an education where they could appreciate and mandate it successfully for their children… if all black women had a culture whose images didn’t seek to disparage and vilify the black, specifically woman’s image (that is no village, that is terrorism)… their would be no talk of a village, because the world would have already fulfilled the villages role. No other group, actively, lives within another village (the American white system which feeds the worst of black patriarchy) just to be a target… yes, not only is there a village, but there are two that we live in… one village just couldn’t care less and the other village is broken.

    …and I’m just curious, @bob. Just curious, no judgement. Have you raised a child, ALONE (even for a week), from infancy through the terrible 2s and horrific 3s? 4 -11, is a cakewalk compared… I always find it interesting to hear these adamant statements from males who don’t even know what parents of babies and toddlers have to go through developmentally… which is when their little booties need to be double-teamed… just wondering. You may have had that experience…

  • Ciara

    I wonder if this had been men who were strait rapping about performing oral sex on women rather then men, would this video had grabbed much attention. Music and culture does play a role in a child’s behavior to certain extent but it’s largely the parents/guardians job to “train up a child in the way he or she should go so then when he or she is old he or she will not depart from it”. & yes that can be slightly difficult for a single parent but for Sojamor to blame single mothers primarily for a child’s terrible behavior and the reason why they’re a single parent is pretty childish and absurd. It takes two make a baby and men should be just as responsible he gives the impression as if majority of single mothers who are raising a child by them selves are doing so simply because they chose to which is not the case for most single mothers.

  • talaktochoba

    WRONG…these men are EVERYONE’S problem;

  • talaktochoba

    young one, you have my deepest gratitude and respect;

    i hope my son one day brings home a daughter like you, so at least two more bricks can be laid side by side rebuilding what my generation has let be destroyed;

  • Miakoda

    Those men are my problem when they approach and harass me.

    Also, I wasn’t acting like anything and don’t know what your second comment has to do with what I originally asked.

  • Blue

    It grosses me out to hear about men having sex with men, that’s besides the point. But why do people always want to blame the media, or a music genre on the way these kids choose to behave? Why can’t the adults they are around be a better impact in their lives? And single mothers didn’t single handedly make a baby by themselves. Where are their dads? Talk to them.

  • isistheblogger

    While I haven’t watched the video or know anything about these children, I do wonder if they are just young gay men that are very into hip hop culture and like many children do when the camera comes on the bravado comes out. We can only assume so much. Realistically these kids are at a very confusing time in their lives when it comes to their growth and development. It seems that more people have taken offense to this video due to the subject matter more so than anything else. I wonder what the issue would have been had these young boys had been talking about their sexual activity with a girl would people have been so mad. For example Souljah Boy was young when he was talking about doing a “Superman that hoe” on his song and I don’t remember anyone really saying much about it. Should they be making songs like this? Probably not…especially on camera but I think it is something their families need to address. Other than that I have no judgment about their environment because I don’t know where they come from. While I never did it on film, I surely remember when Lil Kim’s Hardcore came out I could quote quite a few songs that were not age appropriate for my 13 year old ears and that had nothing to do with my home life and I surely wasn’t a problem child/student.

  • Marie

    We live in a time where music is explicit. The only blame I see is the generation of men and women who stood on the sidelines while others fought the filth on radio and tv; those same ones who support these so-called “artist”, buying their gutter language. These boys are young now, and any sane adult wouldn’t support this; but they’ll have a market in a few years.

  • antisocialengineering

    Reply to Kaeli on page 5

    1. When did being a poverty stricken single mother become an excuse to abuse one’s children or to allow them to be abused?

    2. There have always been children who lived their entire lives not knowing one or both of their parents, eg the children of widowed mothers.

    Today we have ELECTIVE single motherhood in the form of sperm donor mothers (including lesbian couples).whose children are legally barred from knowing who their bioligical fathers are. Let’s not forget about orphans or adopted children who, in the latter case, are given up by their mothers.

    Are you saying that these children are more likely to become sexual play things to child abusing homosexuals because they didn’t know dad?

    If that’s the case then let’s outlaw single motherhood, since it presents such a greivous threat to children.

    And lastly how come fathers suddenly become all important when single mom effs up? Where’s the concern for children’s “need to know their fathers” on the other 364 days of the year?

    Indeed, fathers are only “important” when the State wants to wash its hands of its responsibility to create the structural and economic conditions that allow people to build and maintain their families intact, and when single mom wants to evade accountability.

    Oh she’ll take SOLE CUSTODY and PRIMARY CARER rights and SOLE CREDIT (when the kids do well) all day, but never SOLE ACCOUNTABILITY.


    Your illogical half assed, half witted attempt to deflect blame away onto an innocent party doesn’t even pass the sniff test, a total fail on every single count which only makes sense to illiterate buffoons who think children exist to make themselves look heroic and fathers, feeble.

  • Echi

    I went to Catholic school as a teenager. This type of language was rampant among middle schoolers. Our teachers, parents, religious figures had no idea about how we liberally talked about various sexual acts among friends. I’m sure it was this bad among the guys. Most of us grew up to be normal-appearing people who abandoned these immature playground shenanigans. In fact some of the worst offenders that I can think of off head ended up attending Ivy league schools, landing cush jobs – both black and white. This was in the late nineties.
    Sadly, this video does not shock me. The only difference then was that our indiscretions were not spread on social media and shared with the world. I got into hair-pulling fist fights in elementary and middle school. Thank God there was no WorldStar HipHop site then. Unfortunately, such stupidity will follow these kids for the rest of their lives. I feel for this generation.
    I wish there was a rule that you must have documented parental permission to post the video of a minor on YouTube or other sites. Though some parents stay stupid after their youth (case in point, parents that had their five year old rap about nonsense as scantily clad women shaked their goodies in his face).

  • Echi

    My God, we will find just about anything to blame on single black mothers. How is the video anymore repugnant than the Steubenville videos that came out in regards to the high school footballers that raped a drunk girl and talked except for the one black person (of course we had to bring out the single black mother card for him too). There was no CNN series about how the black community led to that behavior, or an expose on single black mothers and their rapist children. Young boys and girls today are surrounded by sex. They are going to say immature and dumb things about sex. I did when I was young – and I came from a two-parent immigrant household and like generations of youth behind me, tried to “fit in.” I went to a predominantly black high school where students regularly “free-styled” about their imagined sexual prowess. When you looked closely, many of them also came from two-parent black middle class homes, had enforced curfews, and ended up going to some pretty amazing colleges. We’re assuming a lot about these kids background simply because they are black and foul-mouthed. Kids will be bad when their parents are not looking. I have a friend who teaches at a private all-boys school where parents pay up to $50,000 a year. He intimates what some of these teenage Caucasian boys talk about in regards to what they would do to women would make some rappers blush.

  • simone

    Meant to like that comment because i wholeheartedly agree with it.

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