The internet is buzzing over a video of five young teenage boys rapping about oral sex. The disturbing clip shows the youngsters rapping about performing oral sex on men in graphic, explicit detail. One line from the rap goes: “Sucking on a díck fast, I never do it slow. Everybody know ’cause my job is to blow” and another draws from Drake’s “Started From The Bottom” song with these lyrics: “Started from the díck now we here! Started sucking díck now we’re sucking on your pubic hair!”

Tommy Sotomayor used the boys’ unsettling YouTube video as an opportunity to criticize and condemn black single mothers. He believes single mothers are to blame for young gay men, like these teenagers. It’s their fault for not being able to adequately raise their sons by themselves, Sotomayor says. He also chastises black single mothers for choosing to procreate with men who could abandon them.

Via Naturally Moi:

He says: “I want to say this before I start off: I have no problem with a person’s sεxual orientation or a person’s want or need for sεxual experimentation. I don’t. Now with that said, these boys are the reason why we need to stop claiming that black children don’t need their fathers.” He continues by stating that Black single mothers often take credit for raising successful Black men alone; however, when the Black men go astray, they blame the absence of the father for the child’s demise. He also states that the Black race has turned into an androgynous race. “The black race looks like the 80s. You don’t know who is what. The women look like men, the men look like women,” Sotomayor says. At one point in the video, he candidly states: “Black women, you have failed. You can not blame ‘the man’ who left you with ‘the baby’ when you are the one who was the GM of the team and you hired that man. You can not keep firing players and blaming the players for not performing when it shows that you are a poor talent evaluator.”

While some people back up Sotomayor’s claims, others feel the music and culture is to blame.

What are your thoughts, Clutchettes? Discuss.


  • Mademoiselle

    I have no clue who’s in these boys’ lives or whether their mothers are single. Whoever is in their lives (from their parents/guardians to their church elders) are certainly the ones to blame though.

  • stef

    i would say both equally but then i remember when i was in McDonalds and a group of junior high kids were singing camron “girl you gonna suck it or not” . and all i could was shake my head

  • roslywho

    taking this vid WAAAY too serious they’re mimicking a video by 3 boys 3 years older joking in their school yard with their girlfriends.

  • AF

    A quick google search revealed that “Thomas Sotomayor” is actually Thomas Jerome Harris. He has been arrested numerous times for battery, violation of a protective order, and surprise surprise, back child support.

    He has no education beyond high school and does absolutely nothing in regards to giving back to the black community he is so “desperately” trying to help.

    I’m saying all of this say: why was Thomas Jerome Harris’s commentary of this video even quoted in the article?

    My question was not rhetorical.

  • talaktochoba

    it’s not merely nonexistent parents…it’s nonexistent VILLAGES;

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