We now live in a world where even babies are sold hair extensions. I swear I’m not making this up. If your newborn came out without a lot of hair on her head, you have the option of buying Baby Bangs! to cover up her baldness.

The bangs come replete with a hair accessory in a variety of colors and styles. They start at $25 and are targeted toward infants up to 9 months old.

The Baby Bangs! company appeals to parents, who fear that their daughter might be mistaken for a boy. Their page reads: “I’m not a boy!” and the designs are purported to be “sprinkled with magic, inspiring a world of whimsical wonder and mystical magical memorable moments for you and your baby girl to cherish Forever!”


The Baby Bangs! product launch comes on the heels of the baby stilettos campaign, which attempted to mature and sexualize babies before their time. Newborn baby girls have a lifetime to buy all the heels and hair extensions their heart desires. There’s simply no need for accessories fresh out the womb.

What’s next, baby eyelashes?

  • SAA

    *blink blink*

  • L

    all I can do is SMH. These companies are just pathetic for making this.

  • Mademoiselle

    Most babies I’ve met always hate having things on their heads and always try to swat it off (and put it in their mouths instead). This sounds like a money losing investment (if it’s real). P.S. Babies don’t care if their mistaken for boys or girls — that’s a parental hang up.

  • Evangeline

    No words…

  • Elmena

    My prayer is that this company will be out of business before I blink. This is utterly RIDICULOUS!!!

  • Misha


  • geenababe

    Babies are too young for all this

  • SMH

    I don’t think I’ve ever met a baby who expressed any care or concern for what their hair looked like. Basically the parent is telling the world that they are ashamed of how their child looks, b/c the baby doesn’t know or care that she is bald or doesn’t have the “right” texture of hair. This is so sad.

  • Starla

    Next they will start selling baby dentures so when they smile they will have teeth in pics..kmt

  • The Comment

    Fill in the blank.

    Those baby bangs are soo __________. My cousin Rahnique just bought them. They make the little girl look ___________.

    a) cute/adorable

    b) neat/like a black Annie

    c) stupid/ crazier than cat chit.

  • Chilecheese

    -_- sssooo I couldve sworn that the majority of all babies are either born bald or eventually lose their hair… Side eyeing any parent that allows their baby to look like a 1970′s version of Al Sharpton

  • MommieDearest

    The baby wig is bad enough, but I had to google baby stilettos because I didn’t believe it was true.

    It is.


  • JS

    Exactly not to mention the sensitive skin they have and these synthetic wigs look real cheap. Who knows what chemicals are being used. That is beside the fact they look ratchet as hell though. Major side eye to anyone checking for these wigs.

  • Lynne

    That baby in the photo looks soooo adorable.

    And confused.

  • SayWhat

    We can roll our eyes all we want, but this will be a hit.

  • Marie

    Shame on me for reading this crap, and commenting. I need to stay off the internet…

  • ziggy

    LMBO The answer is C

  • Jasmin

    GHAT dammit! And these fools are gonna buy this. Smh I can’t deal with this.

  • BeanBean

    This is stupid. Most babies are bald, it’s perfectly normal. Anyone that think their baby needs a fake looking wig, should have their kid taken away immediately.

  • paula

    They already do that for kids in beauty pageants. eeehh baby wigs and extensions have been around for a long time.

  • P

    This is going entirely too far. What is really crazy is (from what I’ve seen) – the newborn babies with no hair or a little hair usually end up with a head full of hair.

    I really hope parents don’t buy into this. It takes away from a “newborn” and watching their hair grow into its natural process. And besides how are we going to shape their heads? (sorry, I just think there is something to that old wise tale)..

  • Ms. Information

    At least this is not a black owned company…

  • Ms Write


  • Guest

    What’s next, baby eyelashes? lol

  • beejcee

    Have yall seen the bling pacifier? I am not lying.

  • janschild

    Yep! I predict that beauty supply stores everywhere will sell out.

  • CeeCee

    I can’t help but to laugh. lol


    WHY NOT? we fry our little girls brains , as soon as any sign of AFRICAN appears!! We kill our HALO’S AKA AFRO’S and think nothing of it!

  • B Greenland

    this is so tragic. I wonder if this is true; whether the parents/parent who this would appeal to have made adequate arrangements for their daughters education!! Sadly, I think not, if this is their focus. When are we going to have a better self image of ourselves and thus for our children.

  • LaCresha Mitchener

    So true.. I think she is cuter without bangs… love the baby mohawk…

  • kiffanik

    Who is we? I wasn’t allowed to get a relaxer until I was in high school, had a job, and paid for it myself. And just because some people do something doesn’t mean it’s right. Black people spend 9 billion a year on fake hair bought from Asian people so we can look like European people while our communities wallow in poverty and our children are being intentionally undereducated. As 7% of the population black women buy nearly 90% of the hair care products on the market, supporting businesses we don’t own who contribute nothing to our communities. This is just another exploitation of black women’s internalization of the white beauty standard. Self-loathing turned outward and inflicted on children too young to know any better.

  • me

    Is this possibly for children with illness

  • Amor

    These wigs might have some unknown effects on the children. Who knows how many chemicals will be in it?

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