We now live in a world where even babies are sold hair extensions. I swear I’m not making this up. If your newborn came out without a lot of hair on her head, you have the option of buying Baby Bangs! to cover up her baldness.

The bangs come replete with a hair accessory in a variety of colors and styles. They start at $25 and are targeted toward infants up to 9 months old.

The Baby Bangs! company appeals to parents, who fear that their daughter might be mistaken for a boy. Their page reads: “I’m not a boy!” and the designs are purported to be “sprinkled with magic, inspiring a world of whimsical wonder and mystical magical memorable moments for you and your baby girl to cherish Forever!”


The Baby Bangs! product launch comes on the heels of the baby stilettos campaign, which attempted to mature and sexualize babies before their time. Newborn baby girls have a lifetime to buy all the heels and hair extensions their heart desires. There’s simply no need for accessories fresh out the womb.

What’s next, baby eyelashes?

  • kiffanik

    Who is we? I wasn’t allowed to get a relaxer until I was in high school, had a job, and paid for it myself. And just because some people do something doesn’t mean it’s right. Black people spend 9 billion a year on fake hair bought from Asian people so we can look like European people while our communities wallow in poverty and our children are being intentionally undereducated. As 7% of the population black women buy nearly 90% of the hair care products on the market, supporting businesses we don’t own who contribute nothing to our communities. This is just another exploitation of black women’s internalization of the white beauty standard. Self-loathing turned outward and inflicted on children too young to know any better.

  • me

    Is this possibly for children with illness

  • Amor

    These wigs might have some unknown effects on the children. Who knows how many chemicals will be in it?

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