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There is power in accurate representation. Black women are often under-and-misrepresented in traditional media, but digital platforms have provided space for women of color to counter mainstream media narratives. There are hundreds of blogs created by and for black women, but some of the best are left unread.

Here, Clutch highlights five black women-centered blogs that should be bookmarked and read. Some cover motherhood while others explore relationships and popular culture, but all five of these gems are worth a read.

Twenties Unscripted

The twenties are a difficult decade to navigate. It’s a tempestuous time full of transitions that leave many women confused and unsure of themselves and their paths. Twenties Unscripted is a hilarious peek into the life of one 20-something attempting to grow up. Tyece is the captain of Twenties Unscripted. Her distinctive wit and authentic experiences keep readers engrossed. She began the blog after tiring from reading “Top 10 Things To Do In Your Twenties” lists. “I decided to document my journey through the thorny world of twenty-hood, confident in my complete ignorance and irreverence–the ingredients for successful writing, no?” she writes. Twenties Unscripted tackles everything from dating woes to student loans and all of the chaos in-between.

Black and Green Mama

All mothers aren’t created equal, but all mothers need support and guidance. Black and Green Mama offers an equal balance of both. The blog is a mixture of original essays from Kenrya Rankin-Naasel, an esteemed writer and editorial consultant, and linkage to important videos and stories that highlight parenting conflicts and tips. Black and Green Mama is also an ode to the power of agency within breastfeeding. Rankin-Naasel chronicles her decision to breastfeed longer than accepted in society, and is now discussing the difficult weaning process. We don’t often read or see realistic images of motherhood. Black and Green Mama fills that void.

Ashleigh Not Ashley

There’s a plethora of blogs that examine popular culture and social issues through racialized and gendered lenses. Racialicious, Crunk Feminist Collective, The Feminist Wire and other publications accomplish this task, but Ashleigh Not Ashley approaches topics ranging from Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta to Catfish with a refreshing viewpoint that isn’t weighed down by the prestige of academia. The content is relatable and sometimes simple, making a crucial point in five paragraphs or less. Most importantly, Ashleigh Not Ashley is engaging – and highly addictive.

The Writeous Babe Project

Javacia Harris-Bowser is not the archetypal feminist blogger, but her dedication to empowering women through words is the embodiment of feminist ideologies. The Southern Fried Feminist uses the Writeous Babe Project to inspire, entertain and offer insight into life in Birmingham, Ala. The high-school English teacher is also dedicated to helping women achieve their artistic dreams by offering writing, blogging and dreamchasing advice.

Redbone Afropuff and Black GRITS

With a title like this, a blog can do no wrong. Redbone Afropuff and Black GRITS is a celebration of black women. The blog explores faith, feminism and all-things Southern from the perspective of blogger-in-chief Mariam Williams. It is also an ode to the women who’ve inspired Williams to create and encouraged her vision. Redbone Afropuff and Black GRITS’ dope stems from its reliance on black women’s experiences. Many of us have found ourselves in the positions Williams has been in, or considering topics from her perspective. She’s using her voice to speak to our experiences. It’s powerful.

  • Larissa Green (@FRO__real)

    Also, Urban Bush Babes:

  • Oneika the Traveller

    Can a travel blog make the list? If so, I’m going to selfishly put my blog forward:
    I’m repping for the black ladies who like to travel. I’m a teacher and serial expat who has travelled to 65 countries and hope to encourage others to do the same!

  • A smidgen of curiosity….

    Oneika, since you put your blog in there, whatever happened to your boo, it seems I missed a few posting or the current update {I know I’m being nosy sorry:( but i need to know how the story unfolds}

  • Ashleigh Atwell

    Holy shit! Thanks Evette! I was wondering why my views went up.

  • Ashleigh Atwell

    I second this. Oneika’s blog is awesome sauce.

  • Lemons

    l love your blog already! Thanks for posting a link!

  • Renee

    Another one for the list featuring an interior design perspective!!!

  • Robbie

    There is also Sereine Magazine. A newly created blog by two black females.

  • E!

    Thank you for this! I’m currently applying to interior design school.

  • Oneika the Traveller

    LOL! He’s actually right next to me!! He’s definitely still around, we’re travelling together in Montenegro, heading to Croatia for a few days tomorrow. :-)

  • Oneika the Traveller (@OneikaTraveller)

    Aww, thanks Ashleigh!! Very happy to discover your blog today as well!

  • Oneika the Traveller

    Aww thanks Ashleigh! Very happy to discover your blog today!

  • Oneika the Traveller (@OneikaTraveller)

    Thanks so much for reading!

  • Demetria

    Yay! My girl Tyece from Twenties Unscripted made it on the list :)

  • Cami

    I can’t say enough good things about oneika the traveler. It is a great, great blog.

    also which is more of a life-empowerment blog

    and for really great fiction by women of color and about women of color I love

  • Renee

    Amazing magazine…thanks for the link!

  • tifi

    Congratulations to all the bloggers listed! Your blog shan’t be underrated anymore. A big thanks to Clutch for recognizing these digital gems.

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