Denzel & Pauletta Celebrates Black Love On Ebony Cover

by Yesha Callahan


On June 25th, Denzel and Pauletta Washington celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary.  In August’s issue of Ebony, the Washington’s talk intimately about their marriage and how to sustain one under the watchful eye of the media and in the  Hollywood limelight.  During the interview, Paula revealed that Denzel courted her for 6 years! Slow and steady won the race.

The actress/producer, Pauletta,  spoke about how they’ve made the relationship work for 30 years:

“I live with this man. I see the down part. I see the sad part. I see every part. He has and knows he has that stability in me as his wife. That’s gives him strength, regardless of if he misuses it. I can’t dwell on that. But I do know that gives him a great platform to go and fly.”

The August 2013 “Black Wealth Issue” is on stands now.

  • geenababe

    Happy to see these two on the cover, their love has stood the test of time. Question – Is Ebony still black owned?

  • Guest1234

    My first 2 reactions:
    1. Nice to see those two on the cover of a love issue of a black women’s magazine.
    2. That’s a bad wig she got on.

    Why they gotta put black women in these ridiculous wigs that hide their beauty? I’ll never understand that. She’s a gorgeous woman. It’d be nice if folks weren’t always trying to hide that.

  • Cocochanel31

    courted her for six years before they married as in they were exclusive for six years? or he pursued her for six years before she became his girlfriend…sorry my mind works strangely.

    Either way I love the Washingtons so much they are so NOT hollywood..and I think alot of it, if not all of it , is their devout Christian faith.

  • L

    i love that dress she has on. it’s nice to see thier marriage last for 30 years in hollywood.

  • Ms. Vee

    Beautiful couple. I continue to wish them more happiness in their relationship.

  • geenababe

    Why in the world is all the positive comments getting thumb down.

  • Child, Please

    Seeing this cover leaves me feeling full of love! I’m so happy for them and am glad that Denzel’s been able to be successful for so long!

  • SE

    Aww, they still look good.

  • James Jones

    “Black love”…………awwwwwww how fucking sweet!

    Is black love different from brown love?

    How does black love compare to Asian love?

    Is black love superior to white love?

    Is black love synonymous with African love?

    What’s the difference between black love and regular love?

    Owning to the fact that Barack Obama is half Kenyan, half Irish, is the black love of the Washingtons better than that of the Obamas?

  • Brad

    Is black love different from brown love?
    - Yes, not as strong.

    How does black love compare to Asian love?
    - Very similar with some small differences.

    Is black love superior to white love?
    - Yes

    Is black love synonymous with African love?
    Yes, African love was the original black love

    What’s the difference between black love and regular love?
    - Black love survived through racism, negative media images and oppression.

    Owning to the fact that Barack Obama is half Kenyan, half Irish, is the black love of the Washingtons better than that of the Obamas?
    - No, because Michelle is from the south side of Chicago so she counter weights his Irish half.

  • LMO85

    I beg to differ on this one, that is the best I have ever seen Ms. Pauletta look-sorry but she normally looks so beat down in pics.

  • James Jones

    Hey Brad, your responses are hilarious. Especially the one about the south side of Chicago nullifying thebarack’s Irish half. Lmao!

    If “black love” was oh so strong, why do some many live vicariously through random celebs.

    Why are there so many baby mamas and baby daddies?

    I’m an immigrant from the, regular love is norm so I doubt that African love is synonymous with “African American” black love. Matter of fact, there is nothing like “African love”.

    “African Americans” were not the first group to be oppressed, but y’all have made victimhood into an art. Lol

    Black love my ass. Just ry regular love and stop acting as if stable marriages without drama are akin to rocket science.

    And black love is superior to white love . If called racist for this statemen, you probably reply with an ode to victim hood about how you guys can’t be racist because you have no power bla bla bla.


  • Dlo

    A lot of black women were complaining about the Rock being on the cover of Essence because he doesn’t honor black women in his private life. Little do they know, it is a known fact that Denzel has cheated repeatedly on Pauletta. This is a known fact in Hollywood. So is Denzel worthier because he married a black woman but cheated on her with women? Yes, some of those women were white women too. I guess people are ok as long as the IMAGE looks good rather than the reality. I gotta give it to Pauletta, I would have walked years ago.

  • Dlo

    He has cheated on her for yeaaaaars. Known fact in Hollywood.

  • Dlo

    No, Pauletta is a very strong woman as Denzel cheated on her for many many years. It is a known fact. Nothing Christian about that.

  • Brad

    Yea, I define “Racism” as ‘White Supremacy” period.

    Also I have been married for over 21 years together for 5 years before that. Not because we had a long engagement but, because we gpt married after graduating college.

    I been doing the damn thang(the black love thang) for a long time now without drama and the rest so forgive me if I ain’t interested in any advice you have for me.

    Before going on about how bad Black American’s have made victimhood into an art. Please keep in mind we have progressed more than any people of color on the face of this earth. We built this country and then made it livable for every immigrant of color to come to these shores since. The very reason you can ride in the front of the bus, and have the right to vote is due to the blood, sweat and tears of us so called victims.

  • Niesha Gourdine

    nice cover!

  • Kay05

    Did you see Denzel cheat? Just because you read somewhere doesn’t make it true.

  • Tara

    I agree. He actually did an interview admitting to cheating. He took her to South Africa after that. A lot of black men that are with black men are still with them because they have been there so long. A lot envy black men with white women because they did have the same choices and support as they do now when going outside of the race. Just because a man is with a black woman does not mean that he just looooves the sisters. Black women (some) are so desperate for the approval of black men when a lot are indifferent to black women. Don’t believe me? Just follow the money trail. It reveals the real truth.

  • Common Sense

    Yeah, maybe he cheated but he married a black woman and kept the money in the “community”. I am not mad at him!!!!!!

  • Pepper

    Celebrity marriage, or regular marriage……MARRIAGE IS HARD!! And those of us that have experienced marriage know this. It has it’s ups, and downs. It’s good to see that they have stuck together through thick, and thin

  • Kacey

    This is exactly what I was thinking! I distinctly remember reading somewhere that he has admitted to having extra-marital affairs. (There was a rumor a while back that he and Sanaa Lathan had an affair.)

    Just because they are still legally married (and make it out the house together for a few public appearances and magazine covers) doesn’t mean the relationship is a good one and should be held-up as some sort of model.

    Is this what “black love” is supposed to be about? Black women who swallow bile and hold-on to philandering men – all for the privilege of being called someone’s wife???

    I know plenty of women who have been in long-term relationships with men who don’t honor them and openly disrespect their union. Yet they are exalted by others for holding on and putting-up with it to stay together. Please!

  • Dlo

    He admitted it in interviews. I won’t tell you how else I know but believe me, he has.

  • Dlo

    Wow, that is a really pathetic way to look at it. Infidelity is ok as long as the money stays in the community? You know what else infidelity brings into the community? Health issues.

  • Cali

    BEAU-TEEEE-FUL!!! :)

  • The Comment

    I love this man.

  • Paris Nicole

    i love their commitment

  • Brad

    It’s about personal choice and what that individual black woman wants to do. I don’t know Pauletta any more than you do but, she was an actress before they were married.

    She probably also would be ensured more than a little bit of a settlement if she had left. Like I said I don’t know her or there situation at all but, maybe she had her own reasons for staying that were good for her and her alone.

  • MimiLuvs

    For next year’s “Black Love”, I would like to see “regular” couples on the cover of Ebony and have testimonies from couples about how they managed to get through the “hard times” (whether if its financial issues, communication problems, a death of a child, job loss, mental/physical issues, etc.).
    I’ve tried to send an email suggesting that idea. I don’t know if they receive it.

  • James Jones

    “black love”: when you act very Christian and pose on the cover of magazines and espouse your magical black love. Then the world finds out that you’ve been sticking your tongue down blondies’ throat!!!

    Good ol’ black Christian love!!!!

    Christianity is inherently hypocritical, but black Christians sure take that shit to another level.

  • Ann

    Hey, I cannot focus on the downside.

    I see a beautiful black man and a beautiful black woman [celebrating] 30 years of MARRIAGE. We know it has not been a bed of roses, but they are still trying. So, I congratulate them both and best wishes for many more years to come.

    And yes…that Denzel is still a hunk of burning love. :-)

  • The Other Jess

    I’m sorry, I can’t stand old, ugly Denzel. He’s such a phoney. He’s as much about Black love as George Zimmerman. I always felt his wife was stupid for staying with him since he rarely plays movie roles with women of her complexion besides him. Same with Jada Pinkett.

  • The Other Jess

    co-sign tara. denzel is old skool which is the only reason he has a black wife – because he had to back then. but notice how now any chance he gets, he’s happy to have whites or hispanics as his female movie counterparts. even though other people write the movies, he could always protest to have black women represented as the love interest. in the past, black people pushed to represent each other well. not anymore.

  • The Other Jess

    James Jones, take your colonized West African behind somewhere. Your pseudo-kumbaya mentality is one reason why Africa is a joke and the most exploited among world continents.

  • Orange Starr Happy Hunting

    Wow who said anything about Christianity besides you??
    People including those who love and strive to follow Christ, are not perfect, only Christ himself was without sin but through the transforming power of Christ those who desire to be more like Christ can do so, it is a life long journey, not a sprint.

  • Ann

    I’m sorry, I can’t stand old, ugly Denzel. — lol! That really made me laugh.

  • James Jones

    Sin- the concept derived from a story about a snake tricking two naked simpletons in a garden,hence, violating the will of some supernatural dude called Yahweh and incurring his wrath..

    Christ- an idealized superhuman from mythology said to be the product of the immaculate sexual congress between Yahweh and a succulent Jewish virgin.

    Orange Starr- one of the people who find solace in jewish mythology and think they are special becuase they believe it to be factual a.k.a Christians

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