Aswad-AyindeDisgraced music video director Aswad Ayinde was recently sentenced to an additional 50 years in prison stemming from the repeated rape of his daughters throughout the years.

Ayinde appeared in a Passaic County courthouse in New Jersey on Friday, and listened as one of his daughters recounted the horror her father put her through.

Ayinde’s daughter, now 35, testified during sentencing, telling her father: “I can’t describe how much you hurt me and my sisters.”

Although she says she has forgiven her father and hopes he repents, she scolded him in court, remarking, “But obviously, with your head down like that, you do not understand.”

According to reports, Ayinde–who thought of himself as a god-like figure–raped five of his seven  daughters, fathering six children with them. gives more details about the case:

The former music producer and self-proclaimed prophet faces three more trials for allegedly sexually assaulting three other daughters after requesting separate trials.

Prosecutors have said that Ayinde dominated his children as a god-like prophet who wanted to create a race that carried his pure bloodline. Over the years, he molested five of his seven daughters and fathered six children, the family and their attorney said.

By about 2001, the family had mostly split up, Ayinde “bouncing around,” but still in reach of his family, the daughter said. In 2003, he tried to rape her for the last time.

“That was it. … I just felt stronger,” she said.

Yet, it wasn’t until she and her sisters learned that Ayinde had fathered more children with other women that they decided to go to the authorities in 2006.

“We found out we had other siblings, young siblings, and we had to put him to a stop,” the daughter said after the sentencing hearing. “Even though we were healing, they could still fall victim.”

Ayinde, who won an MTV Award for directing the Fugees smash hit video, “Killing Me Softly,” did not look at his daughter while she addressed the court, but claimed she was being dishonest.  “You should’ve told the truth instead of lying,” the 54-year-old rapist yelled out.

During sentencing, Superior Court Judge Raymond Reddin called Ayinde’s actions “revolting.”

“By 13, most fathers are taking their daughters to the park … teaching them to ride a bike,” he said. “You took her in the bedroom and repeatedly raped her to complete your disgusting, revolting fantasies.”

In 2010 Ayinde was sentenced to 40 years in prison stemming from the rape of another daughter who also bore a child. He is facing three additional rape trials due to his alleged abuse of his other daughters. He is expected to die in prison.

  • The Other Jess

    Holy moly! This was not the story I needed to start my day to! What a monster!

  • K. Michel

    Very few things shock me in this day and age, and this is clearly one of those things. How do you do that …and to your daughters? He deserves every hour of his sentence.

  • Anthony

    I can’t wrap my head around the abuse of one’s daughters. For me, becoming a father wiped out whatever doggish tendencies I had. As a father, I look out for my daughters, and every time I see a girl, the first thing I think is that this is somebody’s child. I believe that most men, who are active parents, develop a nurturing side to their personality that is often absent in men without kids.

    How a man can rape his own daughters is beyond me.

  • Kristi

    Sick….and revolting indeed. After hearing about so many fathers that are just some of the most horrible people on Earth, I thank God for giving me the father I had. He wasn’t perfect, but he was a great man and wonderful father. My prayers go out to the family and children of this fool and I hope that they can go on to live with some sense of normalcy and joy in spite of this

  • Digg82

    It pains me to imagine the hurt these women have endured at the hands of that disgusting, despicable creature. I can only hope that through a miracle and time they can be healed. I pray for their well-being and for that of all their family who have been effected by this horrible set of circumstances. I commend their courage in coming forward to prevent their younger siblings from falling prey to this monster. I wish them all the best in their journey to recover.

    In the meantime I hope he rots in hell….and I’m looking at the mother’s questionably trying to figure out what was going on with them when they girls’ were having babies by this monster. Did they not know or were they too weak to save their children? UGHHH…is all I have left…

  • geenababe

    This is disgusting your own daughters and then father children with them. Was the mother living during this time and was he with her?

  • Hollywood

    It’s a shame that men have to have daughters before they can realize the humanity of women and girls…

  • JaeBee

    Wonder if Ayinde has some mental health issues…

    What I truly wanna know is, where were these girl’s mother(es) during all of this?

  • Anthony

    Personally, I always loved children, but we do not socialize boys to nurture. We freak out if a boy plays with dolls or wants to do anything domestic. We, as a society, are so worried that boys will be gay, that we inadvertently encourage the sort of predatory behavior that we later hate in teens and grown men.

  • E.M.S.

    She’s better than me, I could never forgive a rapist. EVER. Especially under those kinds of circumstances. He deserves to rot in jail. Disgusting freak.

  • Tsaun

    I was truly wondering the same thing myself. How does a woman have children and allow this to happen at all, let alone repeatedly…. Smh….smgdh…..

  • Tsaun

    @Anthony, your response is so so true. It is the mistake many fathers make when raising their boys. It’s a vicious cycle that has to be broken. Many believe an individual is born gay thus showing them love and compassion won’t make them that way 9 times out of ten. Thanks for your thought provoking post!

  • Merci

    That was my first thought. Where was the familiy? Mother, aunts? granparents?

  • RaiseTheBar

    “…where were these girl’s mother(es) during all of this?”

    That was my thought.

    WOMEN are INTUITIVE by nature. None of of their mothers knew, thought, suspected something was “very wrong/unstable” with this guy?

  • Ashley.

    Ooh! Time to play let’s blame the victims, eh.

  • EL

    Stomach churning.

    Revolting is just the right word for him.

    I hope the sisters will be ok.

  • MommieDearest

    Addressing the “where was the mother” questions, if she isn’t dead, then she was most likely there and knew what was going on. He was a control freak who thought he was a god, so it is not a far stretch that he had the girls’ mother completely under his control. There’s no telling what he had done or said to her. She was too terrified to do or say anything.

    Think about Castro, the Cleveland kidnapper, who held 3 women hostage for 10 years. He had gotten into their heads and controlled them to the point where they did not try to escape. Thank goodness Amanda finally gathered enough will to try in May.

    This ingrate does not deserve jail. Or death. He needs to be air-dropped on a deserted island, surrounded by shark invested water, and forced to live off the land fend for himself. Tax dollars should NOT go toward feeding, clothing and housing vermin like him. Same thing for Castro. They are pond scum.

  • Anthony

    Why are you insulting pond scum? It hurts no one outside of an algae bloom.

  • RaiseTheBar


    STOP insulting women with the knee-jerk, “blame the victim” trite response.

    The DAUGHTERS were the VICTORS and heroines for the prevention of this happening to younger siblings:

    “… she and her sisters learned that Ayinde had fathered more children with other women that they decided to go to the authorities in 2006.

    ‘We found out we had other siblings, young siblings, and we had to put him to a stop,’ the daughter said after the sentencing hearing. ‘Even though we were healing, they could still fall victim.’ ”

    So, AGAIN, where were the mothers to protect them in the same way they are protecting their younger siblings?

  • Anthony

    @Tsaun, more than once, I have known of men who resisted letting their sons’ learn piano for fear it would make them gay.

    I think that no matter what, males will be les nurturing than females, but the differences between men and women are not uniform or absolute. In other words, some women are very poor at nurturing, and some men are quite good at it. I just think that we need to raise boys in a way that allows boys to freely be kind, and nurturing, and protective without always being violent.

    As for that Aswad character, I think he is a straight up sociopath.

  • The Other Jess

    And when males are decent, kind and nurturing, and not perverse, they get run through the mud as some kind of weirdo (insert the slander of Michael Jackson here). When you tell males that it’s taboo to have a kind and nurturing nature, and to only think aggression and sex, that’s when perversion starts, imo. They only know how to express affection sexually or violently, and it become a perversion.

  • Lola

    Bless his daughters who found the strenght to report their father to the police in order to protect their other siblings.

  • GeekMommaRants

    Why does the location of the mother matter? This does matter, these girls/women are his flesh and blood.

  • Whatever

    Obviously, people are wondering if the mother of these girls was aware that he was raping her daughters. If so, why didn’t she put a stop to it, call the police, kill him etc.

  • MaryMary

    Ugh. When I saw the headline that he was a video director and his picture, don’t ask me why, but I immediately thought of damaged Lauryn Hill. And then I read further…creepy.

    There isn’t punishment severe enough for him.

  • RenJennM

    Disgusting. I pray for those women and the children they had by this man.

    I myself wonder where was/were the mother(s) during all of this? Or the other family members? Were they all truly controlled by his god-like mentality? Jesus, this is sad.

  • Simon Templar

    Lock this predator under jail for 90 years. Black patriarchy will die horrible death.

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