Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z not boycotting Florida

If you’re on Facebook, I’m sure you’ve seen the post circulating touting the list of artists who are allegedly boycotting Florida in the wake of the George Zimmerman verdict. While Stevie Wonder has indeed proclaimed that he will not set foot in the Sunshine State until the stand your ground law is history, a long list of celebs (Kanye West, Jay-Z, Mary Mary, Tray Songz, R. Kelly, Madonna, Rihanna, the Rolling Stones, etc.) who supposedly joined Wonder’s cause began circulating across social media.

While I knew the list couldn’t have been true–I mean, no one cited a single credible source saying so, it just appeared via Washington D.C.-based journalist April Ryan–the list was widely passed around and fans both praised and criticized the artists for taking a stand.

Even the mainstream media jumped on the share bandwagon. The Huffington Post reported the story on Monday, US Weekly followed suit, and Fox covered the story, although they admitted  there was conflicting information whether or not about Jay-Z and Timberlake were actually participating.

Well, time to put the rumors to rest. They aren’t boycotting Florida.

According to Yahoo news, representatives for Jay-Z, Madonna, and Justin Timberlake (among other stars) have “strongly denied” the boycott. A rep for the Rolling Stones told Mother Jones that the band hasn’t even heard of the list and has no plans on a boycott. Moreover, Jay-Z and Timberlake’s “Legends of the Summer” concert scheduled on August 16 in Florida will go on as planned.

While it would be nice if more stars lent more than just their presence at rallies (and shouts out on social media) to the cause, blindly sharing a fake list of celebs supposedly taking a stand does little to support those, like the Dream Defenders, who really are putting themselves on the line to change the law.

  • Marisa

    I will bet my bottom dollar that anything happening controversial Justin won’t ever take the heat that’s for damn sure.

  • ThatPhillyJawn

    This how you know people do things always have an ulterior motive. We should’ve known that Jay-Z wasn’t boycotting because it’s all about the money. When Jay and Bey speak about thing like Trayvon,etc etc,I pay them NO mind,they ALWAYS have interior motives. FL WON’T be getting any of my money.

  • http://gravatar.com/geenababe geenababe

    Why are we surprise when it comes down to it Money over Everything.

    I don’t know if a boycott will change anything put I know most of the people on that list wouldn’t boycott anything that interfere with their money.

  • Fifi-Gongon

    Yes, Ms. Jackson can bet on that…

  • NY’s Finest

    Of course their greedy asses aren’t going to boycott, that means they will actually have to stand up for something and not just do it for a photo op.

  • GG

    How do you have lots of money already and can’t say no to money.

  • Ashley.

    Celebs boycotting Florida is such a useless move. Entertainers boycotting a state does not affect legislation. No Florida legislator saw or will see a list of celebs who plan to boycott Florida and will go ya’ll we gotta get rid of stand your grown. If celebs want to help, they can raise money, support candidates who will repeal stand your ground, etc. But not having a show or concert there will do not a single relevant thing.

  • Nicole

    Had a feeling that list was fake. Mary Mary stated they were boycotting Florida shortly after Stevie Wonder but that was the only one I could verify. Sad

  • Kacey

    Yes. I’ll never forget how Jay-Z tried to exploit the Occupy Wall Street movement for his own financial gain. He created “Occupy Wall Street” t-shirts at the height of the movement (which quickly sold-out) and refused to share any of the profits or make any contributions to the organization. He then went on to bash the movement. I believe they took him to court for an injunction to stop producing the t-shirts. I don’t remember how it turned-out but it typifies his outlook on both social consciousness and money. His charitable organization, the Shawn Carter Scholarship Fund, is also very suspect (we examined their 2011 tax returns for a class I took).

    As for Justin Timberlake, he’s just happy to exploit his “white chocolate” image for his own career. I highly doubt that he feels any real affinity to black people, much less have a desire to speak-out for black causes.

  • Moi

    Yes! Florida is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s an even bigger storm brewing among legislators who are in favor of these laws.

  • Quiet Storm baby

    I understand why people are upset but I don’t understand what boycotting the entire state of Florida is supposed to prove. If they’re going to boycott Florida for Stand Your Ground why not boycott other states that have some sort SYG law like California, Pennsylvania and Texas?

    Plus, artists like Jay Z and JT have already sold tickets for a show in Florida, were they going to let all that money go to waste or let down fans? Of course not.

  • Eyes Wide Shut


    So, my dear fellow Clutchers and Clutchettes:

    Do you really think celebrities and other big wigs will protest this state and legislators when many of them have bank accounts there to avoid paying Uncle Sam?

    Eyes Wide Shut

  • Merci

    The minute I saw the list, I knew it was fake. These artist will rather perform for dictators than join a cause.

  • GlowBelle

    I can’t believe people fell for it because no way Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake would do that. Jay-Z wants everybody to drop the hyphen in his name…you think he’s that concerned about what goes on in Florida? And we all know about JT and his shadiness. Also Stevie Wonder can afford to lose money. Jay-Z and JT are not at Stevie Wonder’s legendary status so they need every penny they can get. They do faux protesting, what benefits them and their brand.

    I like the idea of a boycott but even Stevie Wonder is going to find out that 23 states have that SYG law, and you can’t fight that beast with saying you’re never going to step foot in those places again. Boycotts sound glamorous and proactive they can be and have been as far as history is concerned, but they are tricky things to execute because you may not be sticking it to the real people who are at fault, and other people who have little say so in the matter have to suffer for it. Just think about the people who work at the venues where Stevie Wonder would be playing, they’d lose their jobs if everybody was boycotting and isn’t unemployment a serious problem now? You paint yourself in a corner anyway you turn when it comes to boycotts so I can’t really criticize Jay-Z and JT too harshly, even though we all know why they would never do it.

  • http://gravatar.com/geenababe geenababe

    @ Kacey

    What class what that?

  • Kacey

    Corporate taxation. The Jay-Z charity was examined during a lecture on tax returns of not-for-profits (501(c)(3)).

  • Marisa

    People want to hold these celebs to standards they don’t want to hold themselves to, the Trayvon rally that Hov attended was considered a photo op, considering Hov and Justin still doing their shows. I wonder how many Miami, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale instagram pics were going to see from Labor Day weekend, from those who got Trayvon hoodie and Screw Florida pics as well. If these black celebs are going to do anything just please don’t include Justin trust me its for your own good lol.

  • Wanda

    Still trying to figure out how Black people boycott a state where 3.2 million Black people live?

    A state that has HBCUs like FAMU and Bethune-Cookman.

    Were we expecting LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and the other Black members of the Miami Heat to join the boycott, too? How would that work?

  • DesertRose

    I live in AZ and was here when the whole MLK day boycott happened. AZ is similar to FL in they live off of tourism. In AZ when conferences, performers and regular folks stop coming to AZ it did make a difference, the nail in the coffin was when the Super Bowl cancelled, they saw all that money go away. I agree with you that celebrities should help raise money and support candidates to repeal stand your ground. I do believe an all around effort will get results.

  • DesertRose

    Stevie Wonder is boycotting all states that have the Stand Your Ground law.

  • DesertRose

    When people think about boycotts they should look at history. The Montgomery bus boycotts affected mostly Black people in Montgomery. They had to walk or carpool to go places. I know Montgomery was a city but the point is if people really believe in something, its not going to be easy or painless. Maybe that is the problem, people today don’t want to sacrifice.

    Black people in Florida can make a difference by not patronizing Sanford Florida….only patron Black businesses and companies or business who stand with us in the fight (we should be doing that anyway). Wish we could find out who gave to Zimmerman, I’m sure there were many business owners in Florida and other states.

  • Wanda

    Black people in Montgomery boycotted the bus companies that refused to allow them to sit anywhere they wanted in the vehicles.

    That was a smart, targeted, highly-successful boycott.

    Dr. King and local folks did not advocate boycotting the entire state of Alabama. That would have not been feasible to do, or effective in any way.

    We shouldn’t propose unrealistic boycotts out of raw emotion.

  • SayWhat

    Now I understand what Harry Belafonte meant when he said Bruce Springsteen was blacker than j-z, there is more to being down for a cause then taking photos.

  • http://gravatar.com/tellmesumtingood TajMarie

    Why are people surprised? Jay Z showed his azz to Occupy Wall Street after he ran into obstacles in trying to profit from it only to still be Wholly supported by many people under the age of 35.

  • Tsaun

    This is what I mean when I say black folks struggle to stick together. I can see JT but not Jay Z, I mean damn he and Beyonce showed up at the New York City protest; what was the point?? Smh….smh…….

  • Tsaun

    They won’t get mines either. It’s disgraceful how we struggle to stick together…..smgdh

  • Tsaun

    GO STEVIE!!!!! This is someone to be proud of!!!!!

  • http://gravatar.com/tellmesumtingood TajMarie

    Photo-op. . .

  • lea

    aahhh took the words out of my mouth.

  • Tsaun

    Good point and sad.

  • UgoBabeeeee

    i dont understand ywhat you mean by federal incone tax- free state…do they not pay state taxes?

    having a bank account in florida while you’re from another state- how does that stop you from paying your state tax?

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