According to Don Lemon, black people have to be perfect in order to improve race relations in this country. In a recent “No Talking Points” segment, Lemon offered his support to the following criticism of the African-American community by FOX News bigot, Bill O’Reilly: “The reason there is so much violence and chaos in the black precincts is the disintegration of the African- American family. [...] Raised without much structure, young black men often reject education and gravitate towards the street culture, drugs, hustling, gangs. Nobody forces them to do that, again, it is a personal decision.”

Never mind the country’s history of institutional racism and systematic oppression. Don Lemon took Bill O’Reilly’s ignorant assertion further by listing five ways black people need to change in order to “fix our community.” In doing so, Lemon inadvertently revealed just how little he thinks of his race. His words:

“Here’s number five. Pull up your pants. If you’re sagging, I mean — I think it’s your self-esteem that is sagging and who you are as a person it’s sagging. Young people need to be taught respect and there are rules. [...]

Number four now is the n-word. I understand poetic license, but consider this: I hosted a special on the n-word, suggesting that black people stop using it and that entertainers stop deluding yourselves or themselves and others that you’re somehow taking the word back. [...]

Now number three. Respect where you live. Start small by not dropping trash, littering in your own communities. I’ve lived in several predominantly white neighborhoods in my life, I rarely, if ever, witnessed people littering. I live in Harlem now, it’s an historically black neighborhood, every single day I see adults and children dropping their trash on the ground when a garbage can is just feet away. Just being honest here.  [...]

Number two, finish school. You want to break the cycle of poverty? Stop telling kids they’re acting white because they go to school or they speak proper English. [...]

And number one, and probably the most important, just because you can have a baby, it doesn’t mean you should. Especially without planning for one or getting married first. More than 72 percent of children in the African-American community are born out of wedlock. That means absent fathers. And the studies show that lack of a male role model is an express train right to prison and the cycle continues. So, please, black folks, as I said if this doesn’t apply to you, I’m not talking to you. Pay attention to and think about what has been presented in recent history as acceptable behavior. Pay close attention to the hip-hop and rap culture that many of you embrace. A culture that glorifies everything I just mentioned, thug and reprehensible behavior, a culture that is making a lot of people rich, just not you. And it’s not going to.”

Read the full transcript and watch video here.

If only we picked up the garbage in Harlem and started wearing suits and ties instead of sagging jeans, we could finally overcome and stop white people from killing us. Oh and we need to stop littering. Because only black people litter (our melanin predisposes us to littering).

His respectability politics play sends a dangerous message that the blame for oppression lies with the oppressed. He puts the onus on us to change to ‘earn’ basic rights and privileges that are extended to other races, no matter their flaws.

Changing our style of dress and speech won’t help the real-life issues black people face like voter suppression and racial profiling. And why do black people have to be perfect in order to be treated fairly?

The most egregious part of Don Lemon’s five step anti-hip hop plan is that he hooked it to the murder of Trayvon Martin. George Zimmerman made assumptions about Trayvon based on the color of his skin that led to his killing (I refuse to address the hoodie as it’s essentially the uniform of white college students who Zimmerman would’ve given a ride home in the rain).  Trayvon Martin wasn’t sagging, yelling the “N-word” in earshot of Zimmerman or having babies out of wedlock, Don Lemon, so why was he stalked, profiled, killed and denied justice even in death?

I wonder how Don Lemon’s fitted pants and proper speech helped him when he claimed actor Jonah Hill treated him like “The Help.” If only Jonah Hill knew that Don Lemon doesn’t litter, he would’ve treated him like his equal.

What do you think of Lemon’s five point plan?

  • Anthony

    All one has to do is to look at how the right talks about President Obama or Attorney General Eric Holder to know that appearance is not at the root of racism.

    Similarly, when a woman like Michelle Obama is compared to a welfare queen stereotype, we know that race, not cultivation is at the root of the issue.

    I will say that the things Don Lemon suggests are good. I think they would help us with our internal issues, but the only thing that makes a racist more mad than a lazy negro, is a together black person.

  • Cocochanel31

    His five point plan is the stupidest thing I have ever heard! I wholeheartedly admit our race has alot of “self-improvement” to do, but these would not be my top five!

    Why is education not at the top of the list??? Or the stops snithcing culture..this is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen .

    Litter and sagging pants are the least of the worries of a family trying to put food on the table and make sure their children return home in one piece..due to the violent communities we are sometimes raised in..WHAT THE ENTIRE FAWK???

  • LN

    Mkay, so has this worked for Jews or Asians? Asians are often referenced as “model minorities” and Jews hold a lot of economic power in this country, and both communities still encounter racism.

    I am so sick of this, “We just need to be good enough for white people and then they’ll like us.” It’s never worked before. Why do we think it will work now?

    Any change that happens in the black community has to be because WE are invested in our future and our children. That’s it.

  • kelkev

    Um thats not how racism works Don. People are really showing thier true colors. I’m so tired of black shaming and respectibility politics being used against us. There is abosolutly nothing black people can do to combat racism and discrimination. Black people have had it hard long before rap music and saggin pants. So what was the excuse then? Black people did not create the system nor the stereotypes so why is it our responsibility to correct it.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    i wonder if lemon’s homosexuality has led him to hate the black community which has not been very welcoming?

    this is no more than a passive/aggressive attack on black people. a punk move.

    zuckerburg can wear a hoodie but trayvon cannot? what kind of idiocy is this? i guess racism makes people lose their minds. i will not watch lemon any more.

  • I’m-Taking-A-mental-Vacay

    I’m so over these self-righteous negroes making it their business to talk down to blacks as if God appointed them kings over us. If the truth isn’t used to help, it only hurts. From Jay Z making the assertion that his presence is a present to this garbage, I’m going to start to believe their is actually an illuminati.

    This kind of reminds me of a Malcolm X quote: “If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.”

  • SAA

    Reading crap like this is just asking for a headache. If anything, this list has less to do with ending racism and is more of a guideline to being a decent person that is applicable to ALL “races”. I’m embarrassed for him, seriously has he no shame?

  • Marketing Gimmicks

    Nice try but go to the drawing board again Don cause your list is real Simple Simon.

  • Deal-n-Truth

    I’m not mad at him for what he said and neither should those who leveled their hatred and insecurities at him. We’ve got problems that it will only take for us as a people to work together and solve. I don’t believe in victim-hood and nor do I believe that the government is going to solve what ails our community because much of it was the governments doing in the first place.

    The truth hurts and so does denial and how long are those who are against folks telling the truth going to keep preaching the same old garbage of blame??? Political correctness is the downfall of America because most folks are afraid to say what needs to be said and done because they fear hurting folks feelings.

    Racism or any other ‘ism’ is not going to disappear from this country because they are the fabric of this country, simply because they sustain white superiority. We’ve got to learn to operate as a successful nation within a nation by taking care of ourselves and our future generations. White America is no longer responsible for black people anymore, we are only responsible for self.

    He said what many of you think everyday but are too afraid to say it for fear of ridicule. Deal with it, because if we continue to ignore the truth, the problem will only exacerbate.

  • MommieDearest

    Taking Lemon’s comments at face value (not in the context in which they were given) I have no problem with what he said. It is a truth the I observe everyday. I live in a black neighborhood and I am constantly picking trash up out of my yard. I am constantly assaulted by exposed butt cheeks and partial male genitalia when young men walk in front of my house. I hear kids butcher the English language. I have to re-program my son every now and then because he starts picking up the lazy speech patterns of the kids in the neighborhood. I see high school girls pushing strollers. I don’t even need to talk about the N-word usage as it goes without saying…

    I believe that black people need to take Lemon’s “talking points” to heart, but NOT to be more appealing to racist white people. Racism is so ingrained in US culture that I don’t believe it will ever go away. I think we need to take these steps for OURSELVES to improve OUR lives and OUR communities. We need to get ourselves together so that we can develop our own economic independence. There is no reason, in the 21st century, why we cannot have a “Sweet Auburn Avenue” in every major city where there is a large population of blacks, or more Rosewoods, or that black town in Oklahoma (the name escapes me). I don’t really care about white folks or what they think. What I DO care about is getting ourselves in position where we are not dependent on them.

  • geenababe

    We can follow his list and more but we will still encounter racism. Also why do we have to do certain things all the thing why can’t white people have a list of things to do to stop racism?

  • Man On Fire

    Exactly, Anthony! I’m glad someone finally said this.

    Education and attire won’t solve anything. When it comes to Black men, it can often exacerbate racism. Why? Because now they have to see you grad/professional school classes and living in “their” neighborhoods and at the office and in court not wearing orange. That can evoke a much greater racist response than some stranger walking down the street in a neighborhood where a White person will only drive passed and likely never drive to.

    I have a doctorate, I wear a suit to work everyday, no kids, no sagging pants; and yet, some White (and Hispanic) women still won’t ride the elevator with me in my building, some neighbors refuse to acknowledge me, and, I still get followed in stores. So, what does Mr. Lemon propose that we do to combat racism when it persists even after all five of his points have been checked off?

    Maybe he has 5 more points coming…

  • MommieDearest

    “We’ve got to learn to operate as a successful nation within a nation by taking care of ourselves and our future generations. White America is no longer responsible for black people anymore, we are only responsible for self.”

    YES!!!! This is what I was trying to say in my post, and you articulated it perfectly. Thank you!!!

  • au napptural

    Pretty much. So many times IMO black gay men, esp. professional ones like Lemon are just trying to just trying to escape or erase the stigma of being a dangerous black man. So they professionalize to the nth degree, won’t use slang, are so obsssed with being the perfect Negro, convinced that will eradicte racism. And another thing, that’s why there are so many gay black men to start with. Black men, as a whole, are just taught to see black women as sperm receptacles. They’re taught to respect and care for other black men. Women are just walking vaginas for children or pleasure. The whole thing reminds me of the the ancient Greeks and Romans. It was considered masculine to have sex with men and just use women for procreation b/c men were quals, thinker, people and women were just wombs.

    I bet Lemon mostly dates white dudes anyways though. He’s a self-hater and if you hate your black self, of course you can’t commune on an intimate level with the black women who are your mirror image.

  • Shirl

    I don’t litter, don’t sag my britches, don’t use the N word, am a responsible parent (one kid in college and another on his way) and yet I still get followed when I go into a department store…what else do I need to do Mr. Lemon????

  • solfresh

    I checked out the thread “Don Lemon” on twitter yesterday and I noticed that a lot of people can criticize and throw out names but no one provided their alternative to a five point plan or added to it. That’s all I seem to notice these days in the black community is how we can shoot down someone giving their opinion without countering it or giving an alternative. Outside of that observation, his lil plan wasn’t meant to end racism. He was piggy backing off O’Reilly who was giving his take on how to end black on black crime. Lemon even mentioned how he was holding off on talking about the topic because of the trial since it was a “deflection”. Not saying I agree with either of them, but neither “suggestions” are outlandish. Are they the end all be all, no. I’ve sat in African American courses on existentialism and literature and family is always a theme that’s brought up as a strength and a weakness for the African American community. Personally, I don’t believe you can scoff at the notion that the lack of traditional family structures could be a cause.

    *Also too be real with yourself. If a black man or any man for that matter walks into your job to interview with sagging pants, you’re going to hire him and take him seriously? If you run a business, you’re going to do business with him? If you work for a company and want to be a director or executive, you’re going to sag your pants and think you won’t get judged? You’re not going to judge a man standing in front of you with his pants to his thighs and boxers up his crack? Me being honest, I do. I find it disgusting and not appealing. I won’t think the guy is a criminal and doesn’t deserve basic rights, but ew, sir. You’d get much farther with love and life if I didn’t see your bleach stained boxers. Ask a lot of women especially educated women what they’d rather see a man wear. Bet you it’ll be a well tailored suit everyday of the week if it could be.*

    I just think it’s starting to get old that we’re blaming everything but ourselves and when someone begins to start exploring causes that we as a community are contributing to the problem, they’re uncle toms now. The cause(s) of black on black crime are elusive because the problem is so deep and long standing but starting somewhere isn’t going to hurt. Lemon even said start small. If you live in the hood in Chicago you can’t go after the huge corporations that perpetuate institutional racism. That’s futile. In my opinion you can’t end racism because someone will always be racist. I don’t agree with all of Lemon’s points but I’d add one: learn mediation and anger management skills. Once again be real, hip hop music glorifies shooting then asking questions later as problem solving. Is it not true that most of these kids are getting their life lessons from Hip Hop music for real (ie Chief Keef)? So there’s a cycle right there. If you’re learning to solve your problems the Hip Hop way, that’s a cause of violence. Now look at how Chief Keef dresses. It may not appear to be much but it’s connected. It all plays a role. I don’t see Lemon as telling us to be white, I just see him as a reporter giving his ideas which he’s allowed to do.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    all the places you mention were destroyed by white people…..

  • Deal-n-Truth

    You and other’s attacking Lemon’s sexual preference doesn’t help either because only a weak and defeated individual would do that. It’s not his ‘self-hatred’ that compels him to do what he does or says, it is his drive, perseverance and determination to succeed that has directed his success.

    Our passivity is what has the destroyed the black community more than racism ever will. If all you see and believe is racism, then that’s all you we see and seek in everything.

    We can achieve anything through the obstacle of racism, either real or perceived. The truth hurts, but we need to deal with it or remain stagnant and I have yet to see victims who live in a state of perpetual victim-hood prosper.

  • Guest1234

    Be white.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    i worked in corporate on wall street and wore a shirt and tie all my life. that never shielded me from racism.

    that is because racism has nothing to do with how black people dress or talk.

  • Marketing Gimmicks

    Don Lemon is speaking from a place of shame and ignorance. And I dare say this is some old fashion massa boot licking.

    Sometimes we care too much about what “white” folks think and less about the fact that they aren’t exactly the measuring stick of perfection that they paint themselves out to be.

    There are victims, cry babies, the poor, the weak and unambitious people in EVERY race and for Don Lemon to go there shows me how unsophisticated in his thinking he really is.

    Bill O’ Riley is a two-dimensional cardboard cutout prejudiced bigot and the statistical talking points do not paint the entire picture of who black people are. Black people tend to accomplish more in shorter periods of time with less resources. White people are very insecure and will do the most to keep others out of the realm of privilege and that’s why there’s the tendency for them to keep blacks at the bottom of the barrel of everything. Which they can’t do no matter how hard they try.

    Then when we take what is ours and what is earned they call us ignorant, uppity and they feel threatened.

    Hello…The Obamas?

    Don works for CNN so therefore I can’t expect him to speak the truth because black professionals tend to speak from a place of saving their careers. But Don Lemon should know better. Are all gays monolithic?


  • solfresh

    I agree with everything you said especially the second paragraph. I feel like the black community is spinning it’s wheels with trying to call out how the white community won’t let us in yet in this day and age we’re fully capable of making our own. It feels like a loser mentality. Someone can be racist all they want, I don’t care, I’m worried about improving myself. If you’re company is racist I’ll find another that fits my standards.

    Growing up, my father stayed on top of my sisters and I about the correct usage of “got”, not using ain’t, speaking clearly not mumbling, and saying huh. Although it was annoying my mother stayed on me about dressing appropriately when in professional or educational settings. After seeing a family member drop out of a university then end up having a baby, you can’t tell me that being a single parent doesn’t hinder or at least slow down one’s path to prosperity. It all matters in some way.

  • Ash

    I lost respect for Don. His suggestions are good things for the community to do but saying it will end racism is absurd.

    I grew up poor and black and as a child believed that I would gain respect from white people once I grew up and became “educated”. As an adult I realized it didn’t matter. There are some people that no matter what you do, will hate you because of the color of your skin. It’s a sad thought but its completely absurd for Don to believe that racism will end by changing your clothes.

  • MommieDearest

    Yes, they were. But why should we let that stop us from building places like that now? Other non-white/cultural groups have built successful economically independent communities. WE have done it when we had no real economic power. There is more money and influence in the hands of black folks now than ever before, so I know we can do it again. Actually, there’s NO excuse why we can’t.

  • Tony

    Ok, so now what?

    Are we suppose to lay down and roll in the ghetto sewers forever? Or wait until those whites come back and save us? I find it difficult to understand where people like YOU are coming from.

    Spend 10 if your time on ther problem and 90% on a solution. Solutions please!

  • solfresh

    To both of your points: and it never will. I stated my belief that racism will never go away. Someone will always be racist. Racism by itself is not illegal. Now if they barred you from progressing in that company based off of race, you have every right to take legal action. You have every right to leave. I’m not placing Lemon’s plan in the context of racism. You can’t control racism, no matter what you do.

  • Jn

    I do all of that and more and I still get called the n word so…

  • Grace

    I watched the video, and I did not see where Mr. Lemon said that these five steps will end racism for black folks. Unless, I missed it somehow. I see nothing wrong with what he said, but something tells me that the people that need to hear this are not necessarily watching his show.

  • solfresh

    Thank You! It’s crazy to see black people gang up on people like Don Lemon for warranted thoughts on the cause of black on black crime yet any other day I’m sure the same people are judging black people who do the things Don Lemon has spoke out on.

  • Man On Fire

    jamesfrmphilly, you are both succinct and dead-on accurate.

    This whole education, attire, n-word stuff is just a dangling carrot that Black men are never supposed to catch. Because–as you, me and countless others like us know–even after you attain all that you still get treated basically the same.

    Mr. Lemon and others with major platforms and influence need to get real and start to
    confront other races on these falsehoods instead of perpetuating that foolishness.

  • au napptural

    Omg, when the person said we should have more Rosewoods, I just laughed at the ignorance. Yes, we should have a ton more thriving black communities, that white people completely massacre. Great idea.

  • Que(wtf)??

    Are Lemon’s statements true in the sense that some of the items on his list are things that we should strive for improvement on as Americans regardless of race? Yes. Do these things have anything to do with ending racism? Abso-f*ckin-lutely not. These are things that can be problematic (I hate sagging pants; kids who have kids before they are ready irritate me; I loathe ppl who litter; and I think that a firm foundation of a high school dipoma is important for all kids, especially Black youth). But to isolate them as only problems that exist in the Black community or to say that they make us responsible somehow for the racist attitudes and discrimination against us is wrong, wrong, wrong. Shame on this fool for even insinuating such nonsense. I have a college degree, working on a master’s, was raised in a 2 parent household, had no children as a teenager, and have had no criminal offenses/charges/arrests/etc. I still face racism and racist attitudes daily. The damn POTUS faces racism daily and death threats b/c of his race! So if we don’t act like model citizens we deserve racism, racial profiling, police brutality, job discrimination…..?? Please Sir, surely you jest. You can take your list and shove up Mr. O’Reily’s arse.

  • TajMarie

    ” but the only thing that makes a racist more mad than a lazy negro, is a together black person.”

    I wish many Black People would read your statement — especially young Black Men. There is nothing more that some racists want than for Black people to kill one another through gang violence and other forms of self destruction. Although they do have ire for the “so-called” lazy negro, it is only when they think or argue that Black People are getting something for free. Never mind, that it is mostly White People benefiting from welfare and mostly White Women benefiting from Affirmative Action. If these two programs benefited predominantly Black People or only Black people, they would have been scrapped a long time ago.

    The thing about Don Lemon’s comments is that he has failed to look at all forms and scenarios of discrimination. What does he say to the Black Person who’s resume has been rejected due to their name? Change his/her name. How about the Black Person getting a loan with minimum debt or the fact that a White Person has about as much chance getting a job as a Black Person with an advanced degree? Get more money? Get more experience?When does it stop? One would almost have to change their skin color and alter their ethic facial features and we all know how that worked out for MJ and what that did for other’s respect towards him.

    The fact of the matter is that nothing will appease the racist or anyone who is h*ll bent on thinking that they are superior to Black People. Furthermore, if Don Lemon was so concerned about various Black communities, perhaps he should put his money where his mouth is and stop preaching to the choir. Otherwise, he is just another talking head.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    the greatest problem in the black community is not hoodies or sagging pants. it is the number of black people who suffer from stockholm syndrome and blame other black people for racism. today there are so many don lemons who attack other black people.
    we spend so much energy fighting one another.

    this makes it impossible for us to mount any kind of movement to stop racism.

    we can’t get a boycott going because there are so many self hating blacks. this is the one difference from the CRM. we used to know who the enemy was. now we think it’s us.

  • Anthony

    @James, the fact they were destroyed does not mean that we should not rebuild them.

  • Anthony

    True, so true!

  • Jim Mason

    I’m pretty sure that was exactly his point. Do it for yourselves and your community. Want to live in a nice community? You don’t have to move, you just have to “start small” as Don said.

    The trash thing, while it may seem simple, is actually a huge deal. It’s not different than having a clean home. Think about when your house needs a once over and is a bit cluttered. It actually affects the way you feel. Now think about it when it’s just been cleaned up.

    It’s really not much different. A community with crap in the streets, on sidewalks, and in peoples yards breeds a certain attitude from the people exposed to it. You care less and have less respect, which ends up having a snowball effect when it comes to other issues in the community.

  • Rob

    I think you made great point in your first statement. That’s his main problem.

  • joe

    There are a whole lot of Don and “Donna” Lemons out here. They have nothing but contempt for black people and black culture. They desperately want to be white and try to disguise their self-hatred as something positive. They choose non-black mates and insist love is colorblind but they know love has nothing to do with it.

  • BlackBeauty

    Why is it that when any black person steps up and tells the truth, many black people get so offended, angry and call that person a “sell out/uncle Tom, or other degrading names?
    Why can’t we accept that we have issues that need to be addressed and resolved?
    It is not about the white folks or any one else. It is about us as a people.
    Don Lemon told the truth!
    He was not saying that if we do these things he mentioned that it would end racism, he he telling you that we have to improve within ourselves to better ourselves as a people!
    He is right!
    I work hard in the community to help make things better, and I see it every day! For some reason we like to keep our community dirty. We don’t care how it looks. The poor Mexicans come here and live in the Mexican communities and they IMPROVE their properties and surroundings! They paint, they clean up, they plant flowers, the sweep their yards.
    Black men need to pull up their pants!
    They look ignorant and nasty!
    Black folks need to get educated!
    Education is the key to freedom!
    You all know exactly what he is saying and someone needs to say it!
    Stop with the ignorant attitudes, and do something to help youself and others!
    Stop the blame game and do something for yourself! How long are you going to do that?
    Don Lemon did not say anything wrong!

  • Eva Wood

    I happen to agree with what Don Lemon has said but not for the reason he said it. Doing the five things he listed will help us with our own lives and destiny. I get upset when I see the things that he has listed because I want US to do better and act better and do what is right. It is not up to the white man but up to us.
    Racism can only be changed in the heart, not in what you wear or the trash dropped or having the babies out of wedlock, etc.

  • BlackBeauty

    Where do you live that you are called the “n” word everyday?
    If you are being called that everyday I bet it is by your own people, not by others!
    Stop the crap!

  • Jillybean

    Gentlemen, I agree wholeheartedly. Man on Fire, I too have a doctorate and I completely empathize. You two have articulated my thoughts on this way better than I could!

  • Michael White

    “racism” will never end in this country or in this world, unless it’s totally destroyed and reborn from the beginning. And does this apply to racism against other ethnic groups? What should they be doing to counter racism? I also wonder what points Don thinks homosexuals and lesbians should do to end discrimination against them?

  • BlackBeauty

    Your hateful, silly crap again!
    Don Lemon does not hate himself and his personal preference has nothing to do with it!
    Stop the ignorance and accept that we have many issues we need to resolve within ourselves and communities.
    We must do that ourselves!!!!! Get off your butt and stop blaming others for your/our lack of positive progress!
    You know we have issues. How much longer do you think we need to continue to blame others while we do nothing about it?
    You continue to spread more hate, and you offer no suggestions/resolutions/help.

  • Rob

    He’s right about some black neighborhoods it dosen’t matter if your rich or poor keep your area clean. I don’t care what color you are I don’t like living next to dirty neighbors.

  • BlackBeauty

    Your comment is ignorant, stupid, and offers no solution.
    Why does one have to be self-righteous and think they are God because they simply tell the darn truth!

  • Mademoiselle

    I agree with his points, but I don’t see where he stated they would end racism. These definitely are some of the things our community needs to do better, but won’t make a difference to racists or the system of supremacy they’ve erected. We should be doing these things because we value our community, not because we want to prove to anyone that we can be “good boys and girls.” I want to live in clean neighborhoods where I don’t have to see buttcheeks or listen to the n-word, just like anyone else might. And I think education should be a priority to anyone who wants to leave the world better than they got it. I’m on the fence about babies because I want to see the black community grow in size, and I don’t agree with policing anyone’s reproductive systems, but I don’t like anyone having children that they will either neglect or abuse just for kicks. All five of his points are valid, just not on the topic of racism, which he didn’t mention.

  • Miakoda

    Now, I can agree with you on that.

    *Black people can’t end racism.

  • Mademoiselle

    Education is number 2 (after only having children that you know you’ll be able to take care of) — he counted down from 5 to 1. I agree that the no snitching foolishness should’ve made it on before his last 3, but I don’t agree that his list is stupid.

  • Ms. Vee

    The title of the this article is wrong. It should have been titled: No Talking Points: Don Lemon Lists 5 Ways Black People Need To Change To FIGHT Racism. Lets get one thing clear racism will not end. The affluent and self sufficient black people of the 60′s and 70′s have proven this. I don’t disagree with his points but i feel like he has left out the most important variable to fighting racism….black financial empowerment. It almost sounds like he is implying that if you just conduct yourselves accordingly white people will approve of you. We should all know by now that this is a BS mentality. Number six point: Stop making others rich and work together to start black owned businesses.

  • lil ray


  • TajMarie

    For some reason my previous comment is not showing. However, I will post my main points through this one:

    If you look at the history of racism in this country, there is nothing that can be done that will appease those who are racist. Back during slavery, those who dared to learn how to read risked their lives. Now, people are getting rejected due to their names of their resumes. A person can do all of the things that Don Lemon has suggested and can still be discriminated against. So, let’s please put ownership of where the racism belongs which is the person doing the discrimination and not those being discriminated against. Moreover, I wish people like Don who have a platform to speak would stop preaching to the choir and would put their money where their mouths are. Does he honestly think that many of the people that he is speaking of watches his program? Time and time again, people would defend those of his means for only doing so much for the community, yet the same people of means will get on their soapbox to spout something self-righteous only to not recognize the ignorance it is cloaked in. Let’s look at what inspired Bill OReilly’s commentary in the first place. His commentary was basically in reference to Detroit and why it is going into bankruptcy. To put it succinctly, his argument was that if Detroit wasn’t ran by a democratic leaning city government comprising of mostly Black People, it wouldn’t be in the situation that it is now in. Hence, the comments about gang violence, single parent homes, and children born out-of-wedlock. Never mind, that it was outsourcing that wreaked havoc on the economy. However, the MI governor is pushing for Bankruptcy so he can steam-rolled over the pensions of those who worked for years in the city government. So, one has to wonder has Don Lemon looked at the “context” of Reilly’s statements before he co-signed. Does he think such people deserve to lose their pensions? Although I question his mindset, as a journalist, he should be embarrassed.

  • The Comment

    I think Don Lemon is setting a great example for many to follow. At least he is not talking about ‘on the pair of complexion…”

    gosh I’m still not over that ASAP Rocky comment. I need 40 hrs of counseling cause of that.

  • mstwixx

    I hate the deflection they’re making regarding this case. If I am afraid for my well-being, why would I get out of my car to confront the very person I’m afraid of? Could it be because I have a concealed weapon on my person and just want to find a reason to use it? Therefore, not being a afraid AT ALL?

    I like playing devil’s advocate and TRUST there are ways we can and should better ourselves (just like every other damn person/race/culture out there!). That’s a conversation for another day.

    But this was a black and white tragedy, literally and figuratively. Some wanna be cop-vigilante decided he wanted to inflict his brand of justice on his neighborhood and killed a child,a gotdamb CHILD instead of just minding his own damn business, or at least letting trained law enforcement handle it (not to say that would have ended up any better, but the poor kid would mostly likely still be alive).

    And here my ignant ass is thinking, iCan’t deal with the melanin deficient for a good month.. wrong I know but that’s how I feel.

    PS, when it’s raining, I wear a hoodie… will I be a threat too?
    PPS: I live in South Florida, pray for me ya’ll….smh

    *kicks trashcan*

  • Kelley Johnson

    Don Lemon is an idiot. President Obama and his family are pretty much perfect. And yet, he still gets called a ni*ger and a monkey. Michelle Obama still gets called a “baby mama” and has racist slurs hurled at her. These racists even attack their children.

    The fact of the matter is, there is nothing a black person can do to stop someone from hating them because of their race. Nothing. I’m sick of negros like Don Lemon aiding and promoting white supremacy by placing the blame for racism on the actual victims.

    He’s pathetic and people really need to just ignore him. He’s trying so hard to get put on and he’s using black folks’s pain to do it.

  • Ms. Edwards (@Yea_Me2)

    I think it’s important to start taking responsibility for our actions and the state of our families, and neighborhoods. I think he makes an excellent point.

  • RJ

    Don Lemon is guilting of internalizing the bigots argument.

    He is also guilty of conflation.

    His 5 points have been a part of the discussions we have been having for more than a decade. It was a part of Bill Cosby speeches from 6 years ago and they are real and valid points.

    However, we do need to stop sending mixed messages. We (not all of us, but the media) talk Beyonce and Jay-Z up and call them royalty when they actually have made millions off of the culture.

    But, these points have no place in the conversation involving racism, as many of you have already pointed out.

  • Gotta Start Somewhere

    When did Bill Oreily or Don Lemon say anything about ending racism!?!

    Their subject matter was about improving the black community. Are you all telling me their suggestions wouldn’t improve the black community or are you all saying blacks shouldn’t attempt or can’t make any improvements with ourselves and in the black community until racism has ended?

  • Shenika

    I loved it! I know his so-called plan isn’t going to end racism. However, it’s a step toward self respect. Get some regardless of how others view and treat you. It’s a shame how Blacks call each other (and now Hispanics) the N-word everyday on the subway I ride. So sickening. Also, stop having all these babies without people who you know don’t intend to be fathers. Things happen. I know. But at least try to make an attempt at birth control. Hello? Condom.

  • Ellis

    Yep, Rosewood was destroyed by Whites because of a White women was ALLEGEDLY raped by a (cough cough) “Negro”.

    “Little Africa” or “Black Wall Street” in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Burned to smithereens within a day I think by jealous Whites who couldn’t stand to see a prosperous Black town. Yet again, there was a rumour that a White woman was assaulted in an elevator or something on those lines. Sigh…same old excuses.

    There are a few YouTube vids about Black Wall St.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    the problem in the black community is not hoodies or even saggy pants.

    the problem in the black community is self hating stockholm syndrome blacks who block our every attempt at unity.

  • Sister Ashe

    Don, should we say to homosexuals, that they should hide their homosexuality or flamboyant personalities or change their attires so homophobes will respect them?

    Don, should we tell women who are raped, that they should wear different clothes so their rapists will respect them and not rape them?

    I could go on with the examples, but I will keep it short. The true problem here is apathy, white supremacy and patriarchy and until we find a solution to that places less blame and responsibility on the oppressed groups, then this foolishness will continue and ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat!

    Every.single.time, we have to stop to address issues such as this, we get sidetracked from the real agenda and “the oppressor in all of its forms” still has the power. It’s simply another form of the crab barrel. Not too say that I ever expect too much from CNN, but there was a point that I expected Don to have enough sense to not fall for this trick.

  • Ellis

    I’m not gonna repeat what everyone else has said. Everyone who has commented has raised good points. I do agree with Don’s comments, he has a fair point, but like commenters have said, we shouldn’t follow these in order to please Whites, and to beg for their affection.

    However, I wonder what advice Don would give to Cecile Kyenge, Italy’s First Black Minister? Hmmm. You see, Ms Kyenge is just having a blast with the Italians. Some Italians are very appreciative of her. They are even kind enough to throw bananas at her (guess they think that she is hungry, how thoughtful, lol). She has received “jokes” about her getting raped and has been called a “Congolese monkey”.

    So what should Ms Kyenge do? She is educated, studied medicine, became an opthamologist, so she is clearly, intelligent, educated, hard-working. Yet, she is still treated an seen as a worthless N****** by Italians.

    I will end on a cynical note, perhaps the best advice that Blacks need to follow in order to end racism against them is try very hard not to be born Black. ;)

  • GlowBelle

    While he does make some valid points these points should not be piled on all Black people’s backs. These things should happen with ALL people. Black people are not the only ones having kids out of wedlock, having pants sagging, littering their neighborhoods, and being disrespectful. Screw statistics, lets call it like it is. We are all failing, we are all at fault for letting racism being a cycle, stop blaming it on clothes and teen moms. You can be the sharpest and most educated person in the room, but your skin color and racial background and the embedded stereotypes we have in this society is always going to be the factor to whether you’ll be treated well that day or not. We can all look at President Obama for that answer. No matter his education, position, poise, and dress, he was still the ONLY president to have to present his birth certificate to prove he was an American. What do you call that, Don Lemon? Obama was doing all the right things, and STILL he’s put in his place daily. Racism did not end.

    Nobody can banish racism in one fell swoop, by having a Black President, or by five points that are pretty much common problems with everybody in Western society. Lemon is not helping by criticizing and judging one group of people for what is a team effort. Racism, I feel will never be stopped totally as long as White supremacy is alive and kicking, but it can be lessened if people would stop singling out one group and actually get proactive with themselves and those around them. Call out racism when you see it happening. Teach the children to do better. Heck, even teach your elders better. Take responsibility for your actions and stop blaming others and clutching on stereotypes. Don’t live your life in ignorance and fear as those are breeding tools for racism and disaster. Unfortunately, that was lost on Don Lemon.

  • Ang28

    Well said solfreah

    Lemon could have done this better (ie, by not making it about what O’reily said) but he does make some good points.

    I feel like a lot of black people think that just because ending racism is beyond our control that means that there is NOTHING we can so to improve our situation. Nothing that Lemon said will end racism b/c u can’t change what someone else thinks.

    If someone doesn’t want to hire blacks they’re not going to so no matter what we wear. But going to fill out an application with sagging pants at a business that would have otherwise hired you will cost you a job. Not littering ur streets won’t change much but it will give u a clean place to live. You have to start somewhere.

  • noirluv45

    Racism has NOTHING to do with blacks. NOTHING!

    After taking time out my life to read this drivel, I’ve come to the conclusion that Don Lemon is a paid clown whose puppet strings are being held by the white man.

    I read those 5 points and though how easy it is for Negroes like him to be paid to absolve the white man of his racist inclinations.

    It’s funny because I live in a predominately white area, and my neighbors are as white as they can get, but lo and behold, they play their music loud while working on their cars. They leave beer cans,, bottles, and car parts littered around. You look to the left, and white boys are “saggin their pants” trying to walk with swag. My neighbor upstairs, who is Russian, pants are almost to the ground. I could go on, but I won’t.

    Hey Lemon, how much did they pay you to dance that jig and spread that propaganda? Did they give you a hood and robe as well?

    Black people, until we realize that there is NOTHING we can do to make racism go away. Our “behavior” has nothing to do with the dark hearts of evil. Quit falling for the lies and the smoke screens. Until we do that and unify, then we’ll be talking the same old crap 10 years from now.

  • Sensitive

    This is the thing James. They were destroyed by white people. Now what? Are we going to continue to destroy it? Are we helpless and incapable of not throwing trash on the ground. Are we incapable of not killing each other? At some point, where do we take responsibility for our communities.

    It’s like someone who was abused by their father using that as an excuse for destroying their life. At what point are they going to take responsibility for their outcome?

  • noirluv45

    Whoever said white America was responsible for us in the first place? Where did you hear that. Whenever did Black people think “white America is responsible for us.” You sound like a talking head puppet just like the rest of em.

    Calling out racism isn’t making white Americans responsible for us. What he said was repeat the same old stuff that whites have used against us for decades, the same things they do and the same things they imitate us doing.

    No, he did say anything I or anyone else I know would say. Lose me with that nonsense about being afraid to say it. He isn’t saying anything new or improved. He parroted what the white man told him to parrot in order to take the heat off them (white America) and blame Blacks for their racism.

    Until THEY own up to their dirt, things will remain the same regardless of what Blacks do.

    BTW, please don’t use, “WE” because many of US aren’t falling for the propaganda. If you choose too, then that’s on YOU.

    P.S. Let me ask you. If Black people are so bad, how come everything we do is imitated or pillaged?

  • Starla

    Nothing anybody does can ensure they will not face racism. Many Black professionals DID everything right, and still were quite shook up when the jaws of racism bit into them.

    I am not Black in America, so I am not sure what this list is about, or who its intended audience is, but it seems to be aimed at poor, disenfranchised Blacks living in spotty neighbourhoods, because I find it quite implausible that it would be aimed at anybody else.

    The last paragraph of this article have me in stitches. This man and his five-point plan to end racism is beyond me; all I can say is: only in

  • Marisa

    I find it laughable that the responsibility of combating racism always is at the feet of black people. Meanwhile whites are allowed to comfortably live in the world of denial, where its racism what racism, we love Michael Jordan and Oprah, and that Chris Rock sure is funny.

    Black people were not the ones who created the system of racism in this society, that we still live with even in the second decade of the 2000′s. When is White America gonna wake up and realize their history is not as pristine as they would love it to be, and when are they going to surrender that superiority complex they have wrapped up in their minds, policies and laws. Go ahead I’ll wait.

  • noirluv45

    I live in a predominately white neighborhood and see the same thing. Now what?

    Excuse me but there is a world outside your neighborhood. There are some Black people who don’t live in your environment. Blacks are not all the same. We don’t live in one ball called, “The Black Community.” We live all over the world.

    I’m not taking what that puppet said to heart because it doesn’t apply to me or anyone else I know.

    What some of us need to do is not change their behavior to appease whites, but we need to think ECONOMICALLY! All this other stuff is bullshit.

    Until we start investing into our own businesses like everyone else does, and start thinking UNITY, not division (which is the agenda by getting Negroes like Don Lemon speaking publicly about the “ills” of the Black community in order to divert away from the real issues of racism/white supremacy), then we will be talking the same nonsense decades from now. Too bad some Blacks can’t connect the dots, but fall for the bull.

    If many of us put the energy into unity that we do with our hair or these entertainers, then we’d be rolling. If you take every Black celebrity, athlete, and wealthy person and we COLLECTIVELY HAD A VISION FOR OURSELVES, we’d be the greatest people on the planet. We’ve done it before. Remember Black Wall Street?

    That’s what we need to focus on.

  • noirluv45

    Racism has NOTHING to do with us. NOTHING! Can you imagine if someone wrote an article telling Jews that the Holocaust was their fault because if they had just done x, y, and z, Hitler and his henchmen wouldn’t have exterminated them. Can you even imagine if someone wrote that the outrage that would be unleashed from that?

    Yet, enter the Don Lemons, the Larry Elders, the Crystal Wrights, and the other Negroes groomed to convince us that it’s OUR fault that THEY are racist. The message reads: “Black people, if you just straighten up and behave like good little children, the white man will pat you on the head and give you his stamp of approval.” Can you imagine any other group accepting this crap from their own?

  • noirluv45

    I’ve lived in Black neighborhoods a lot, and NEVER did people throw trash on the ground. Get out more and maybe you’ll visit a Black community who live in beautiful neighborhoods. There’s a world outside your world. I live in a white neighborhod, and talk about loud, trash, and “ghetto” activity taking place.

    iT’S NOT ABOUT RACE; IT’S ABOUT MANKIND! STOP THE BULLSHIT!!! Wake up. I’m sick of this nonsense.

    Sorry for yelling, but some of us really need to wake up and stop falling for the oaky doke.

  • noirluv45

    THANK YOU! I wish it were possible for some of us to be shaken out of their delusional mindset. Never has the focus been on the racists to change their ways. Blame the victims of their oppression to keep the eyes of the masses of theirs.

  • noirluv45

    I see Lemon as a front. A talking head sent out to set Black folks straight. You see, whenever racism is discussed, it always goes back to what Black people can do to “improve” our image and a laundry list of “ills” that must be healed. When have you ever read an article directed at whites regarding racism. If you’ve found one, how many white folks have replied by saying, “White people, we have to change the way we think. We must understand that racism has a long and strong foothold in America and WE are the problem? Have you ever seen that? Probably not, but you know what I’ve seen? I’ve been on threads where white folks unleash their evil racist diatribe and NOT ONE WHITE PERSON calls them on it. YET, when Black people check the racists, they (the Black person) is accused of being “racist’ and asked that age old question, “Why are you judging all white people?” You see, that’s how most of them work. Yet time and again, the finger is pointed back at Black people.

    What’s more, I have a problem with generalizing because we are not monolithic. We live all over the world, so this “Black community” stuff is for the birds.

  • noirluv45

    What situation? I’m Black, and I have no situation. No Black person I knows has a situation.

    I’ve lived in Black neighborhoods and didn’t know that Blacks were prone to littering. Do you see how you are generalizing. Have you visited trailer parks? Have you seen the mess and junk many of them live around?

    “You have to start somewhere.” The place to start is to stop repeating b.s. The place to start is to focus on us building a strong economic base and sticking together. Until we do that, the same crap will be spewed 99 years from now…if we are still here.

  • Daphne

    There seems to be a lot of baiting going on in this article. I don’t see where he implied that these five points were about “ending racism” but about improving our communities and ourselves. The title of this article is VERY misleading. Side-eying clutch really hard right now, because I don’t see why I’m supposed to find this so offensive. He makes some valid points, black communities can do better.

    All this article is doing is derailing the conversation possibly because some folks are uncomfortable with the reality of situation. This isn’t about what the white man did, we already know all about institutionalized racism etc. This is about steps that black folks can take to improve themselves and their communities. Black people can’t sit around twiddling their thumbs ( or worst ruining our communities) until the white man decides to stop discriminating against us, that hopeless mentality is detrimental.

    I wish we could have real conversations about what WE can do to improve ourselves and our communities without the deflecting and derailing. Because at the end of the day it’s not about trying to get the white man to see you differently, it’s about self improvement.

  • E.M.S.

    Those things will make no difference in the face of prejudice. My dad grew up in Richmond, graduated from UC Berkeley & later Stanford, worked on Wall St. for 10 years, and he was still treated unfairly just because he was a black man. So no, this is not how you fix racism.

    You fix the racists.

  • noirluv45

    I wonder why Mr. Lemon doesn’t focus on the subject of stopping racism? I know why. Because massa isn’t paying him to do that.

  • victoria

    Racism în this country began wayyyyy before sagging pants, gangs, and out of wedlock babies hit our community. And it wont end if these five points are set in place.

    However, I definitely believe our community will improve if these five points were carried out.

    ”Never mind the country’s history of institutional racism and systematic oppression.” Sorry, Im not impressed nor do I have respect for those who harm our community and use racism as an excuse to do so. Many in our community positively contribute while still facing oppression so I dont give passes to does who dont.

    His comment sounds VERY similar to speeches President Obama use to give in Chicago when he was the State Senator. Only difference is Obama never stated that these points can combat racism.

  • noirluv45

    RIGHT ON, jamesfrmphilly!

  • L

    @Gotta start somewhere

    Thank you, thank you, Thank you!
    I was thinking the same thing. The title of this articlehints at curing racism but these points are to cure issues within the black community. Racism is something that will never end so why are we so focused on it.

  • noirluv45

    I want everybody to do better and act right, not just Black people. We live in a world full of many, many people, so I suspect you’d want your white neighbor to do right as well, correct?

    This “we gotta do better” needs to stop now. No one every said anything was up to the white man. In fact, he’s more enthralled with us than we are with him. When have Black people ever depended on the white man to “make things right” when he created all the madness going on in the world?”

    I suggest you visit the Pacific NW. You’d see that having babies out of wedlock, dropping trash and sagging pants sees no color.

    If anything, I wish we would work on our self-loathing because many of us have it bad.

  • Rob

    I agree BlackBeauty I haven’t been call the n-word in YEARS….. and I live mix race area.

  • Ang28

    When did he say that this five things will end racism????? He said it would “fix our community.” These are all things that will help our community. No we are not the only community that needs to so these things and none of this will fix every problem but why not fix the problems we can?

    How can anyone really argue that getting an education or waiting to have children until you can better afford to care for them or not having kids until you are in a committed relationship with someone who has made it clear that he is going to help raise the kid or keeping our own streets clean not going to help our community and our own individual lives? Agai, I AM NOT SAYING THAT THIS WILL END RACISM or make racist ppl look at us differently. but that doesn’t mean there aren’t things we can do to improve our own condition.

  • WV

    @Noirluv- And so after THEY own up to their dirt, what then? How will things change exactly? Do you honestly expect a change in their behavior even after “owning up to their dirt”?

  • Don


    Are you even black? How are you going to tell someone who they get called the n-word by.

  • Ang28

    Exactly!!!! Everything you said is so true!

  • noirluv45

    You keep regurgitating the same old nonsense. WE, WE, WE. Stop the nonsense about WE. Are you Black? No one has ever asked the white man to solve any of our problems or the problems of the world since HE, for the most part, has caused them.

    WE don’t have issues. Individuals have issues? You are no better than the racists who love to generalize everyone but themselves. No one is blaming anyone. That’s the lie you’ve chosen to believe.

    Maybe you need to get out more and explore and realize that not every Black person fits into the small box you’ve crammed us in.

    The suggestions I have would be UNITY, UNITY, UNITY, NOT SELF-LOATHING, which many of us are guilty of.

    It starts with a vision. Come together, start businesses, patronize those businesses, put money back into the community. Stop giving our money away to everyone else. The hair care business is a multimillion dollar industry, yet WE aren’t making the money. Invest. That’s a beginning. All this other bullshit isn’t going to change anything because all those stereotypes you choose to feed into take place in any poor area USA. Stop the self-loathing already.

  • MommieDearest

    I am well aware that there beautiful black neighborhoods. I’ve seen and lived in them. In fact, the black neighborhood I currently live in was beautiful until the housing crash and some people had to give up their homes, or rent them out. That’s when the neighborhood started declining. I’m speaking of MY current experience. Just because you don’t share the same experience it does not mean mine is invalid.

    As far as trashy white neighborhoods, yes of course they exist. There’s a trailer park down the road from me. But I’m not concerned about them. I know that we (by “we” I mean black people as a collective) can do better. And until we do better, we will continue to be hamsters on a treadmill, spinning our wheels and getting nowhere.

    Actually, we are on the same page, per your quotes:

    “What some of us need to do is not change their behavior to appease whites, but we need to think ECONOMICALLY! All this other stuff is bullshit.”

    That is exactly what I said. I couldn’t care less about white people and what they think. We need to do better for OURSELVES so that we can have economic independence.

    “Until we start investing into our own businesses like everyone else does, and start thinking UNITY…, then we will be talking the same nonsense decades from now. Too bad some Blacks can’t connect the dots, but fall for the bull.”

    ITA with this. We (collectively) need to change our mindset.

    “If many of us put the energy into unity that we do with our hair or these entertainers, then we’d be rolling. If you take every Black celebrity, athlete, and wealthy person and we COLLECTIVELY HAD A VISION FOR OURSELVES, we’d be the greatest people on the planet. We’ve done it before. Remember Black Wall Street?

    That’s what we need to focus on.”

    This is the TRUTH. We’ve done it before with less, so there is NO REASON why we can’t do it now.

  • noirluv45

    This is your truth,BlackBeauty. It isn’t everyone’s truth. You see, not everyone is myopic in their views of the world because the world is a big, big place and the last time I checked, not all Black people are the same, so what truth are you talking about.

    What are your solutions? I’m not just talking about pulling up some damn pants. I see a white of white boys sagging, so sagging reaches across all ethnicities, so let’s just stop the nonsense. I said it earlier that I see more litter in my supposed “middle class neighborhood” full of white people (imagine that). Some of us don’t live in “the hood.” Some of us get out and see reality and realize that some things are human things that have nothing to do with color. It’s just too bad that some people still have their heads up their backsides and have chosen to drink the “Black people you ain’t shit” Kool-Aid.

    It’s Blacks like this that are more detrimental to us than anyone else. I despise self-loathing Black people.

  • noirluv45

    Another thing I’ve noticed is that sometimes we compare ourselves to other ethnicities coming from other countries and building communities here.

    We cannot forget that these people have a common language, culture, and customs. Many of us don’t have that. Many of these cultures take care of their own. Many of us don’t. It’s not that we can’t come together. “My people perish for lack of vision.” Let’s focus on that.

  • Gotta Start Somewhere

    Whenever the word racism is introduced black folks get distracted. It’s sad. Don Lemon and Oreily comments were about improving the black community. They were not talking about ending racism.

    Are black folks not suppose to try to improve themselves and their community? Are you all saying those points won’t help to improve the community? I’m confused. Or are we to wait and not do anything until all racism ends. lol

  • http://Yahoo BG

    Maybe you don’t like how he said it, but the truth hurts. If for nothing else, we can do so much better as a people. Let’s respect each other and our communities. Maybe then (no promises), we might see a change.

  • noirluv45

    To answer your question – no, I don’t expect a change. I also don’t expect a change when, for how many years, have we been talking about the same old thing over and over again. People aren’t going to change unless they want to. Rehashing the supposed “ills” of Black America is fruitless.

    If they honestly owned up to it and quit blaming Black people for their behavior, then they might be able to look within and deal with their issues. However, history shows us that they won’t change. I don’t expect anything from them because they have shown how incapable they are to owning up to anything they’ve done.

  • Misha

    Lol I live in Seattle, you’re completely correct.

  • Man On Fire

    If you all think for one minute that Bill O’Reilly made a comment about the African-American community and it wasn’t about racism, then I’ll challenge you to read this quote from what Bill O’Reilly actually said:

    “‘Talking Points’ believes the president was correct in addressing the race issue and framing it with the Martin case. He’s the leader of America and the country’s talking about this.
    By the way, when you hear a pundit or a politician say we should have a quote conversation about race, that means you’re in for a sea of bloviating that will likely lead nowhere…So many in power simply walk away leaving millions of law-abiding African Americans to pretty much fend for themselves in violent neighborhoods. You want racism? That’s racism!”

    So, O’Reilly was, in fact, speaking about racism. He was responding to the Preisdent’s speech about race and this country’s negative perception of Black men. O’Reilly couldn’t care less about Black men or the Black community and he took this opportunity to point the finger at President Obama and Black America at large. He was not suggesting ways to improve the community, he was merely mocking the community as well as any social activists who claim to advocate for African-Americans…and Don Lemon co-signed it, so he, in effect, endorsed it.

  • noirluv45

    Mommie Dearest, I see we are on the same page in a lot of ways. However, here’s is where we disagree. I don’t see Black people collectively as it relates to our behavior. It’s as if the “bad Black people” are pinned on the rest of us, but the “good” ones aren’t. I absolutely hate the phrase, “We can do better.” What does that mean? All of us? Many are seriously trying, but can’t do it alone. You see, some things are human nature. I’ve heard a lot of Blacks say, “I don’t care about what others are doing…” We should because we don’t live in a bubble. Why do we have a rule for us and everyone else gets a pass? Why can’t we just be judged as human beings instead of some collective ball? If it’s wrong to litter, it’s wrong regardless of the skin color of the litterbug, is it not? If a trashy trailer park is down the road from you, it should concern you since it’s in your community. Trash creates rodent and insect problems. I care that my white neighbors above throw their cigarette butts around because I live here. I don’t care what color they are.

    We are doing better. If you keep listening to media for what’s going on, we won’t see that. Have you ever watched, “Black Enterprise” on TV One? Do you go to Black home schoolers sites and see the success rate of many Black children. Where are we getting this dismall outlook from? Do we seek out the positive or let the white media tell us how bad we are. It benefits them to do so, and it cannot be ignored or swept under a carpet. The media is not the place to go.

    Have you seen “Bamboozled.” If not, it’s a must-see. There are a lot of myths being perpetrated as truth regarding Black people. One thing that’s said is, “When last have you read a positive statistic about Black people?” Think about it.

    You should care less what they think because they are getting their guns and are on the prowl. To be forewarned, is to be forearmed. They want to silence us. Yes, we do need to do better regarding economic power, but we cannot unless we all have a vision, but that’s impossible because there are too many self-loathing, down in the dumps minded Black people who see themselves and their people as inferior. They’ve been fed the poison and they drank it.

    We definitely need to invest and there are Blacks out their trying to wake the sleeping ones up, but they won’t budge because their minds are still in chains. Until they come off, there is no hope. We’ve been talking about this way too long.

  • Harlem

    Hard to believe that he sees Black people dropping trash in the streets in Harlem every single day. He sounds like a noisy neighbor.

  • Ange B

    LN, I agree with your points exactly! In the end all minorities still encounter racism no matter the education, behaviour there must be something else that needs to be changed and I don’t believe it lies in the hands of the minorities.

  • noirluv45

    MommieDearest, let me also add. I don’t care what white folks think either as it relates to their opinions about Blacks, however, they are getting very desperate. Their numbers are dwindling and they are panicking because life as they know will soon be over. They hate the fact that people are marching over the Zimmerman trail.

    I often think of life like a chess match. You have to be able to out think and out maneuver your opponent. You have to be able to guess what his next move will be in order to check mate his tail.

    That’s when I care about what white people think because to be forewarned is to be forearmed. Just saying.

  • Ange B

    Has I read your comment I had a strange thinking that possibly why we keep getting certain Black people to suggest these things is the lingering effects of slavery. as you stated:“Black people, if you just straighten up and behave like good little children, the white man will pat you on the head and give you his stamp of approval.” It just kinda struck me and I agree with your sentiments that it would not be acceptable to publicly blame Jews for the Holocaust, yet somehow we as Black people are to be blamed for the actions/reactions of others.

  • noirluv45

    I’ve said this many times before (and I only say it again to make a point). If white folks started dealing with the mess in their neighborhoods and started having honest discussions about it, then maybe their children won’t be so victimized. I cannot tell you how many white children are being abused, sexually, mentally, and physical, living with alcoholic or methed out parents, and their mothers bringing men in and out her house in front of her children like it’s a revolving door. Why can’t we hear about their garbage. I think I know the answer to that? When mess goes down in their neigbhorhoods, it’s not about being white. When the same things go down in Black neigbhorhoods, it’s attributed to our Blackness. Why is that?

  • noirluv45

    My question is why won’t they address racism? I’m about improving every community because we don’t live or work just amongst Black people. What’s wrong with them making universal comments. I’ll tell you. It’s because they wouldn’t dare ruffle the feather or white America, but get a good pat on the head and a biscuit thrown they they take the focus off THEM on on us.

    We’ve been hearing the same stuff year after year. Evidently, talk doesn’t change anything. Talk is cheap and we can make our mouths say anything. What are we doing about it?

    It’s not about making improvement. Hell, this whole country needs improvement. Blacks are the reason ish has gone wrong. Why not address that. Blacks are 13% of the population and everyone’s focus is here instead of what’s really going on. We have SYG laws that will give nutcases a reason to kill our asses, and we are still talking about bullshit.

  • Pepper

    Good commentary Gotta. I’m glad to see that you understand where Don is coming from. Don is “about improving the Black community.” Sadly so many people don’t get what he was saying. A lot of people take his comments as pointing fingers. Overall the community needs to wake up; and for the record a lot of Black people have. All Black people aren’t ghetto. Some are, and some aren’t. And most likely that will always be the case. Because everyone views their life choices differently

  • Ellis

    Just to comment about MJ. Looking at pictures, he had vitiligo. You can see in some pics white patches, his melanin just stripping off. It doesn’t look like he bleached himself. I’m just saying. :)

  • noirluv45

    The last time I checked, everyone is f’d up. It seems as if self-improvement has no race, color, religion, nationality or ethnicity attached to eat. Don’t believe the hype.

    We’ve got to realize that all this “self-improvement” stuff is rhetoric because as long as we’ve been here, there will never be areas of low income that are going to be pristine. Many do try to keep their lawns and homes up, but if you go into any low-come area of any race, you’ll see the same things.

  • noirluv45

    Misha, you know what I’m talking about. LOL!

  • Andre

    Two contrarian points here: (1) what’s wrong with addressing certain pathological behavior? Frankly, I look at some of us with the same level of disdain as conservatives do (I know Lemon’s not a conservative, but his narrative falls in line with some of what they say). The major difference between him and conservatives (especially black ones) is that they act out of paternalism and are usually giving white America a pass on THEIR racial assumptions and behaviors. They assume that if blacks change their behavior, they’ll somehow be accepted. I partially agree. But I can never FULLY agree with that idea because – and this leads me to point #2 – none other than Barack Obama. This dude is about as refined a black man as can be found. He’s clean cut, intelligent, and a far cry from the pathological black person Lemon is describing. And yet he’s STILL berated by people because of his race. Many racists conveniently try to use his policies as the source of their hatred. But we know better (monkey dolls, gorilla images, Kenya references, etc). I say all of this to say: I’m torn. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with telling knuckleheads to stop being knuckleheads. But if you think THAT ALONE will end racism, you’re nuts.

  • Pepper

    I don’t get what all the hoopla is about surrounding Don’s comments. Don only said what the AVERAGE PERSON SAIDS ALL OF THE TIME. I don’t know about anyone else but usually a day doesn’t go by without me seeing someone shaking their head, and saying those kids need to pull up their pants, and stop showing their underwear. Or saying those kids need to stop using the N word, get an education, or saying look at that young lady with those kids, and no husband. Don is just keeping it real, and unfortunately some people don’t like to hear the truth. However all isn’t lost because intelligent Black people get EXACTLY where he’s coming from.

  • My Opinion

    I think Clutch made this article about race to deflect from adressing black folk lifestyle issues that are negatively affecting the black community.

  • noirluv45

    Their comments could go for any community. People act as if Blacks are the only people who live in raunchy communities. Why is that? It’s about class, not race.

    We can all improve our communities. America needs to improve the country, and that includes all of us!

    I will not feed into the lies.

  • Kim

    intellectually lazy people like you and Don Lemon really should have no platform to voice their opinions. Just narrow it to your family and friends. Please do not share with the world. Please see Barack Obama’s speech on Trayvon to see how one speaks about complicated issues and taking it all in CONTEXT…that’s the word for the day folks–CONTEXT…write it down, take a picture, look it up in the dictionary. Before you start talking about high school graduation rates, let’s talk about the issues plaguing our schools…it’s so ridiculous, i really wonder if people have any capacity to think below the surface.

  • noirluv45

    People always use “the truth hurts” to validate crap. The truth is that America needs to clean up its act and when white America starts cleaning it up (since they are in control), then I’ll listen.

    He’s not speaking any truth, and it sure doesn’t hurt me. He’s just barking the same thing his massa told him to. That’s what hurts.

  • Kim

    Those are red herrings and does not address deep structural issues we face. You have a platform to address a lot of issues and you choose baggy pants? He’s ridiculous. If Harlem bothers him so much, why doesn’t he move to the upper west or East—-be gone Turn Coat Negro.

  • Pepper

    Preach Ang Preach!! Thank you for your sensible comments.

  • Gotta Start Somewhere

    Are you saying blacks shouldn’t, at least, try to improve themselves and their community?

  • Pepper

    Victoria thanks for speaking the truth. I especially like what you said about “nor do I have respect for those who harm our community and use racism as an excuse.” And it’s an old excuse!! I’m so glad that all Black people don’t, and haven’t let racism hold them back from doing well in life. A lot of Black people have the fortitude to keep it moving in spite of racism, and those are the type of people that I respect.

  • Orange Starr Happy Hunting

    Noirluv45 is correct in not falling for the oversimplification of deep rooted issues such as racism or even “ways to fix our communities”. Noir go over to Black n bougie blog, nice write up over there about respectability and yet, on going racism, racial profiling etc.

  • Pepper

    Daphne: I’ll second that. Your comments get my vote!!

  • trueletterson

    How can black folk end something they didn’t start?

  • trueletterson

    Very good point however on this site you will get a lot of thumbs down for making very wise, smart and though provoking comment as yours but keep on keeping on!

  • This article is some BS

    I have to say that I am disappointedly this article. This is actually a complete misrepresentation of what Don Lemon actually said and it is irresponsible pseudo-journalism. At no point did Don Lemon suggest that black people should act like “good Negroes” in order to combat racism. He enumerated five ways that black people can begin to FIX the problems in the black community. The writer of this piece misconstrued and/or misrepresented his words.

    Someone, anyone, please point out what he said that isn’t true…I’lll wait….

    Black people will forever be stuck dealing with all of the social issues that plague us because we refuse to acknowledge that we are greatly responsible for a lot of the problems that are destroying our communities. I said it. And I will say it again.

    Yes, white people destroyed our communities. Yes, white people will always be racist. So does that mean we should continue to do their handy work? Should we continue to kill each other, rob from each other, not better ourselves educationally and financially and destroy our communities. At what point do we take responsibility for the fact that the majority of our neighborhoods are blighted? At what point?

    Should we sit and wait for white people to give us reparations and to stop being meanies before we get our communities together?

    I live in DC. This area has some of the most successful black people in the country and some of the most blighted and dangerous black neighborhoods in the country. Just last week, I witnessed 3 robberies in a very black part of the city. I was the victim of one of those robberies. I see ad hear black kids who are literally up to no good walking around doing nothing but causing trouble. Half of these kids can barely speak in a comprehensible way. Most of these kids have no meaningful relationship with their fathers or even their mothers. Only 9 percent of black kids in DC go to college and even less graduate.

  • Pepper

    Kelley we all have differing opinions, and I beg to differ with you saying Don is an idiot. For one thing he has a tv show (and yes we know there are some people with tv shows who are idiots; Sean Hannity instantly came to mind). In my opinion an idiot is someone walking around with a mouth full of gold teeth, and someone that can’t put a sentence together properly. Just 2 examples of idiocy. I for one am not going to ignore Don, and I don’t think that he’s remotely pathetic. As for “using black folks”……I don’t feel used. Why would I feel used simply because he made some comments (which by the way the comments he made have been said by numerous Black people in the past)? Actually nothing he said was new/groundbreaking. I didn’t take Don’s comments as blaming the victim; but instead him advocating people trying to improve themselves. And in my book there’s nothing wrong with improvement…we all need improvement in one area, or another.

  • Jame

    I don’t like these comments, because it puts the onus on black people to “act properly.” Everyone is responsible for acting like a civil citizen. Everyone should dress appropriately for the occasion, use appropriate language for the occasion, pick up their trash, and make smart decisions. This isn’t a “black issue.” It is a people issue. And all of these comments are absolving everyone from acting appropriately.

  • noirluv45

    Okay, it’s true. Now what? It’s also true in many neighborhoods USA. Let’s address that, shall we?

    We make up 13% of the population and are routinely blamed for all the bad America has to offer as if we, alone, are the ONLY community to have issues. We aren’t. I’m watching a segment on this white suburban mom who is a meth addict. Let’s talk about everyone’s garbage. It’s more common than we think. Oh, but that’s right. We aren’t supposed to talk about what’s going on except as it relates to the big, bad, Black community.

    You acknowledge that white people are responsible for many of the problems in the U.S.A., so why not go on their website and preach to them about cleaning up the mess they’ve left behind. No, it’s too easy to use blacks as scapegoats.

    If you choose to “acknowledge this truth” then you go ahead. Drink all the Kool-Aid you want, but this is your truth, not mine. Sip up.

  • Wake Up

    the problem is, simpleton, he’s attributing those issues to race. do you really believe black people are the only ones who don’t get an education or have children when they can’t afford them and litter, etc. etc.? there are uneducated people with babies out-of-wedlock in every race. where is don lemon’s dissertation on them? i’m so tired of people acting like these social ills are a black issue and don lemon and his supporters drinking the kool aid. you should be ashamed of yourselves.

  • noirluv45

    Pepper, you are absolutely correct. I say these things all the time in my WHITE COMMUNITY.

    I get a kick out of the “people don’t like hearing the truth.” Blah, blah, blah. It’s not the truth to me and to those who can clearly see what Don’s intentions are. It’s just some of us have chosen to take our heads out the “blacks are horrible” backsides of black and white people, and choose to not eat from the b.s. that’s being served.

  • Pepper

    joe WOW!! I’m trying to determine exactly how you deciphered that Don has “self-hatred” based on the comments he made?? And your comment “desperately want to be white” is off the chain. I doubt seriously that Don has self hatred, or that he wants to be white. Plus Don only (repeated) suggestions for improvement that have been made over the years by many people.

  • TT

    I agree. There’s nothing wrong with expecting the communities to be clean, people to dress with self respect and get an education etc. But that’s not going to stop racism.

  • Teflon Jawn (@Author_JGail)

    Hmmm why is the focus on black people ending racism? It doesn’t matter what black people do, there will always be a racist person out there who looks down on blacks and wants them to disappear.

    The real focus should be: how can blacks empower themselves and their communities so that they will not have to rely on the thoughts and whims of a potentially racist person to make it through life? (IMO: starts w/ respect for ourselves and each other)

    I think that if we start there, we’re on the right track <3

  • Gotta Start Somewhere

    That’s because the crime rate, murder rate, illegitmacy rate, abortion rate, poverty rate, unemployment rate, drop out rate, lower test score rates, ect ect…… are much higher compared to our PERCENTAGE of the population. What don’t you understand about this and why don’t you fill we shouldn’t try to improve ourselves and our community on these issues.

    I saw earlier where you said you don’t live in the black community. You need to come back ASAP. To experience the lack of sense of community, this dysfunction, first hand. Dam, who started WE need to fix it. You’re living in a make believe bubble.

  • noirluv45

    Gotta Start Somewhere, I think EVERYONE should improve themselves and their communities.

    I don’t know where you live, but where I live on earth, Blacks aren’t the only community in danger. I work in white communities. Maybe you haven’t been told, but trust me, there’s a lot of garbage stinking up the universe in theirs, but it must be nice not to be judged as a community, but as individuals. Child abuse is rampant; drug use as well. Well, were are the articles on how whites should improve themselves? There aren’t any. This is where many whites and blacks are mentally ill. They see things simply by race, but would praise MLK for saying that we shouldn’t be judge by the color of our skins, but…THE CONTENT OF OUR HEARTS. We should all be concerned about the world around us since we don’t live on this planet alone.

    Now, if you want to believe that blacks folks are the sole reason for the ills of America, what are you doing about it? In your world, are only Black Americans issued to “improve themselves?” No one else, perhaps, needs to do the same?

    Wake up!

  • noirluv45

    Thank you for that, Orange Starr Happy Hunting. I will do that!

  • MommieDearest


    “I don’t see Black people collectively as it relates to our behavior. It’s as if the “bad Black people” are pinned on the rest of us, but the “good” ones aren’t.”

    I totally get what you’re saying here. It reminds me of the “black assimilation” article that Danielle Belton posted on here the other day. Some white folks expect the “good” black folks to be “Negro whisperers.” LOL!!!

    I agree, trifling comes in all colors and trifling behavior is bad no matter who perpetuates it. We will always have the trifling among us. However I feel a special affinity for my own people and too many of us just don’t give a damn, to the point where apathy is becoming the norm. I’m only one person, but I’m doing my part to change that mindset, starting with my own household and my community.

  • noirluv45

    Wake Up, I wish everyone would! My thoughts exactly!!!

  • noirluv45

    Ange B, exactly!!! Sometimes I even question the “Blackness” of the people commenting.

    Nail hit on head!

  • BlackBeauty


    Your comment is so right on time, intelligent, and worthy of thought.
    Thank you..

  • Teflon Jawn (@Author_JGail)

    Someone on another site made a very important point. Despite racism and the remnants of slavery, many blacks still managed to build strong communities and families post-slavery (ex. Black Wall Street). Many of the problems in the black community began in the past ~40 years. So obviously there is a problem within the community that goes beyond just racism.

  • Pepper

    James I couldn’t DISAGREE with you more. What’s with your “self hating blacks” comment? Just because someone is educated, believes in self improvement, and doesn’t live in the hood doesn’t mean that they are self hating. I find it more advantageous to talk about SELF IMPROVEMENT rather than self hatred. As for “the enemy”….sometimes we are our own worse enemy. Notice I said sometimes. I also think that (sometimes) we are so busy living in the past; that we can’t see a clear future.

  • Pepper

    noir: What an ignorant comment

  • Ang28

    Does that mean black ppl can’t call each other out just b/c other ppl do it too? And race is connected b/c unfortunately there is a disporportionate rate of these things going on among blacks. Also, most neighborhoods in America have become racially segregated.

    But yes of course every race has its issues to deal with. A lot of the problems in the black community are due to institutionalized racism (which again is why ppl discuss these things in terms of race). The point is that there are things we can do for ourselves despite the racsim we face.

    The dissertation on other races is going to have to come from one of them.

  • BlackBeauty

    Well, that I can agree with!

  • Raya

    Seems every week on the local news, I see a story about the many black communities in the SF/East Bay areas that continue to deal with outsiders using their neighborhoods as dumping grounds. Old furniture, mattresses, toxic waste, car parts, even dead animals, find their way to black neighborhoods. Anecdotal I know, but please understand that it is not always the inhabitants of the community creating the blight.

  • Gotta Start Somewhere


    This comment was a reply to you

  • Ang28

    “Stop being so sensitive when people BLACK, WHITE or YELLOW people call us out on our S@#T and admit that we have issues. Doesn’t mean other people don’t have similar issues and they do contribute to crime and debauchery, but we’re not talking about the world we’re talking about people of color who are in CRISIS!”

    THANK YOU!!!!

  • BlackBeauty

    Don Lemon is not an idiot.
    He said something you did not like, so he (a black male) has to be degraded by you! Why?
    He told the truth. Many of us do not want to hear the truth, will not face the truth, and will continue on a destructive path.
    If we don’t begin to address the issues we will forever be on the lower rung.

  • Pepper

    Everyone’s interpretation of the article is different. It just proves that we all have different comprehension skills. Actually there is no right, or wrong answer as it relates to the article. Some people agree with Don, and some people don’t. To each his own. Everyone’s life experiences are different. If we ALL start to think a like on each, and every topic/issue in the world….then we will be in trouble.

  • noirluv45

    Mommie Dearest, I hear ya.

  • Pepper

    Beauty: I agree with your comments. Ignorance is bliss seems to fit in this situation. I don’t take anyone seriously when they interject the word “negro” into a conversation

  • Gotta Start Somewhere


    People also always say they’re doing it too. To excuse their trifling ways.

  • mgraymatter

    It actually has worked. Jews built an empire through assimilation. We couldn’t just change our names and get work in this country. Asians were not as uptight. You can call them names. They assembled and created ownership, we created equal rights groups. We’ve become schizophrenic in a sense; Rebelling while simultaneously assimilating. We were taught to hate ourselves. Recovery is a slow process. The five points won’t cure the issue, but they certainly won’t hurt.

  • Elegance

    This article is so off.Don’s comments were about how Black people can help improve their communities, it had nothing to do with White people! His comments weren’t even about racism, they were about Black people respecting themselves and their communities. The only part that was about racism was about not using the n-word. In the beginning of the video he said he did not want to talk about black-on black crime during the Zimmerman trial, but now that the trail is over, he wants to talk about it. He is changing the subject but you keep bringing it back to Zimmerman. If the average black person gets murdered, it will probably be by another black person.

    Sheesh, a reporter finally starts talking about how to help the Black community and you don’t want to hear it and insist you are perpetual victims and need the government to save you. I don’t think there is any hope for you.

    So what if Jonah Hill treated Don poorly, why is he so important? Don is a well known and successful reporter so some people obviously gave him a chance to get ahead.

  • Gotta Start Somewhere

    Racism has made some black folks neurotic. lol

    Black folks beliefs on racism are in three categories. 1&2 are neurotics lol
    1. Those who believe everything begins and ends with white supremacy and racism
    Until that’s corrected a black persons life is hopeless and they cannot and will not be able to accomplish anything. It’s virtually impossible.

    2. Those blacks who believe racism doesn’t exist.
    All blacks have the same opportunities as whites and and everything negative or bad that happens to a black person and the black community is his/their own doing.

    3. The black folks who acknowledge racism exist and will never end
    You did not and are not going to get some of the advantages that some whites received. Yet, in spite of that, believe that you can still improve yourself, your community and accomplish things in life.

    Warning; The first group tries to put all blacks who don’t believe exactly what they believe on the issue of racism into category 2. This is an attempt to silence you and make you conform.

  • Tara

    Don Lemon is an idiot! I will return with do a list shortly called “5 reasons why Don Lemon’s being an Uncle Tom and having a white boyfriend still wont protect him from racism”

  • lady k

    Truer and clearer statements were never spoken.

    Yes on Group 3.

  • SayWhat

    Wow, some of you are actually calling each other names over this article? It’s not that serious people.

    In my opinion, it is possible to acknowledge that racism started and therefore must end with white people, and still decide to do better in ‘our’ communities. I really and truly do not care what white people or any other race for that matter does in their community, they will be OK. I do want us to do better.

    Yes they call the President n%gger and every other word, but you know what, he’s still the President, and his kids will most likely surpass the kids from single parent households living on food stamps with baggy pants. We have taken our ‘eyes of the prize’, I think Don just wants us to regroup, refocus and to do so in a way that shows that regardless of how the world (negatively) sees us, we don’t see ourselves that way. No it will not end racism, but it will stop this self destructive path that we are hell bent on going down on.

  • binks

    Et tu Don? Sighs..I am going to keep it short as mention even if a black person does all this and more by being the “model black person citizen” in this country it isn’t going to curve racism or fix warped perceptions ONLY the person who holds those beliefs have to fix themselves. Can his points apply to some black people? Sure but it can apply to many others and people tend to look at these issues in a limited scope (especially O’Reilly and them). People need to be honest and say they don’t want to discuss racism or help fight it because most benefit from it. I would respect them more if they were blunt instead of them using all of these red herrings points and side discussions to deter from the original topic. Some people can’t see the Forrest for the trees….

    And big ups to Sherry Shepard for calling him out. Her timing/points sometimes be off but she didn’t miss a beat.

  • UgoBabeeee

    Although only following these pointers will not make the AA community whole….I see absolutely nothing wrong with the points he made…they need to be said and if followed we’d b heading in a better direction than where we are now…

  • Elegance

    I’m definitely a number 3. I think that even in a bad situation, you can try to make things a bit better and easier for yourself. Your house may be small but you can make it beautiful. You may not have much money but you can spend it on things you love. Life may be harder for many black people, but not for everyone, and there are things we can do to make life better.

  • Ang28

    Well said!

  • Hate it or love it

    ,… he makes some good points and if you have not done so, you should watch the complete segment of “No Talking Points” and then formulate your opinion.

    No, the steps he outlined will not end racism — unfortunately, there is not a lot one can do to change or correct another person’s ignorance — but it does beg us in the black community to look at ourselves.

    True, crime happens everywhere, and yet it seems like the media only glorifies the crime in the black community; but we cannot worry about everyone else — right now, we need only focus on us.

    How can you argue against, getting an education, respecting your community, and using a condom? Not to mention, eating right, exercising, and not supporting programs that perpetuate the negative image of the black community (i.e. Love & Hip-Hop, Housewives Atlanta, Meet the Browns, and the new one I saw on this website about the black guy with 22 kids and 14 different mothers). Okay, I may have digressed a little bit, but those shows annoy me.

    It’s time for us to get our stuff together, and that’s something you just can’t debate.

    Google ‘Black Wall Street, Tulsa Oklahoma’, if you’re not familiar with that story that someone mentioned earlier.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    black wall street was destroyed by whites…..

  • Lauren

    He gets the fck boy of the week award for that BS. Spare me!

  • Ang28

    So what???? Does that mean you never do anything again? Such a defeatist mind set. Everything that blacks have/do now was once prohibited or destroyed by whites. That’s not a reason to just give up or sit around complaining anytime someone offers a suggestion. .

  • Ang28

    Love EVERY word! Im definitely in group 3. I go for whatever I want in life regardless of hard it’s going to be. I just wish more black people would do the same.

    P.S. you have given some the most rational and well articulated comments in this entire discussion.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    @ang28 : my point is that no matter how ‘nice’ black people are, white racism still destroys……

  • Ang28

    I must say I am rather disappointed that this article misconstrued lemon’s statements this way. It took away from what could have been a more productive discussion. The title alone is both inflammatory and inaccurate. As many people have pointed out, his points were not offered as a solution to racism.

    It is possible to recognize that black people will experience racism no matter what while still acknowledging that a lot of black people need to do more to improve their own lives.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    as a young man i made a little money on wall street. i dressed corporate and drove a new sports car. i still ended up thrown over the hood of said sports car by the state police. my treatment was no different from a hood brothers.

    how black people dress, act and speak (cough, Obama, cough) makes no difference.
    i did everything that lemon advises. didn’t help me.

    white people are racists.

  • SE

    Uhh…. Am I the only one who didn’t see the connection between what he said and Trayvon Martin. He was piggybacking on what Bill O’Reilly said not 5 ways black people need to change to combat racism. Where did this author get that from?

  • The Objective Historian

    You are just so ignorant, all of you. And Don Lemmon is heroic.

    Everyone concedes there are people who are prejudiced against blacks. But its black people’s statistical behavior that is the cause of that. Even Jesse Jackson admitted it. And even if some police are worse toward blacks, that’s no excuse for anyone black or white behaving as Lemmon and O’Reilly excoriate here. What any of this has to do with his points.

    Lastly, if prejudice in the USA is so horrible, how is it so few blacks leave, for Canada, for Europe, for Mexico, much more for Africa? Blacks are better off here and now in the USA than they’ve ever been as an ethnicity and the only real threat to them is other blacks, especially black men.

  • Don Lemon is a Pathetic Fruitcake

    I’m a grown Black man, twice educated at the Ivy League, excellent credit, do not sag my pants in public, own an impeccable home, raised in a two parent home, etc..

    All my life, I’ve been continuously harassed by police, had my ability questioned or diminished, antagonized by paranoid, hateful and insecure whites, and incurred the wrath of white broads when I wanted to have nothing to do with them.

    Don Lemon is a spineless idiot reading off talking points from the script of whomever he blew to front his show. I’m guessing he turned out a wimp because he did not have a Black father show him otherwise.

  • Diana

    Don Lemon’s five point plan will not help black people evade or stop racism, that said a lot of the points he made would drastically improve black people’s lives and by the way Don Lemon is not asking black people to be perfect, he is asking them to act like respectable civilized human beings! That is all.

  • Lea

    But how can black people demand an end to racism, when many are racist against other black people via colorism?

    Let’s get real, Don Lemon spoke a great deal of truth –in order to get respect, you have to respect yourself. No one respects those who behave in an anti-social way, which is really counter to everything productive. Shouldn’t it be common sense that men wear belts? This is very basic people!

    Yes, I’ll never deny that racism exist, but by the same token, we can’t deny the massive amount of black on black crime.

    The root of the black on black crime is really lack of viable employment opportunities. Which begs the question –why can’t all of the black male rappers, entertainers and sports athletes fund viable black ventures which spur entrepreneurship?

    Guess what, black people wouldn’t have to demand that white people hire us, if we had our own jobs and were able to hire each other.

    This is what every other community does, besides black people. I guess it’s far easier to just hide behind racism and for the record, I am a black woman.

  • Lea

    No, the real problem in the black community is, black people don’t usually own sh*t. This is the real reason why blacks feel so exploited.

    When you own your own, YOU get to determine who can enter your business and how they will be treated. As long as black males continue to rely on white males to feed, clothe and provide for you and your families, you will remain dependent, not independent.

    If they choose to not accept you, then you will cry racism, instead of creating your OWN.

  • The Other Jess

    I agree with much of what Lemon says, a far as helping to improve Black communities.

    But it will do nothing against racism. People that hate Black people will do so no matter how clean, neat, educated or wealthy you are.

    Exhibit one: Michelle Obama (who I believe is hated much more than even Barack Obama) – classy, polished, highly educated and highly successful, family woman who is utterly hated by many racists, and envied by even some non-whites. racists will be racist, no matter how you dress up or the number of degrees you have.

  • The Other Jess

    Blacks don’t leave the U.S. because of brainwashing into believing it is the best place on earth, no matter how racists, or violent, and will never leave though there are better places.

  • lea

    don lemon should work for NYS sanitation , or start his own grassroot non profit to address the issue or mentor young boys if he is so concerned.

  • The Other Jess

    MJ obviously had a severe case of vitiligo. And everybody in Hollywwod changes their noses. Get off of MJ, people, and use a better example.

  • The Other Jess

    Jews assimilated well in Nazi Germany (high intermarriage rate, high-level positions, etc) – and it still didn’t help them when the other shoe dropped from the racists/fascists, or whatever you want to call it. In fact, Hitler had a bunch of well assimilated Jews (mixed race, 1/2 Jewish, and quarter Jewish) in his armies who actually marched their own people to the death camps. Assimilation is not, and never will be, the answer.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    white racists support lemon……

  • Jazzmine

    I think that Don Lemon is saying what needs to be said. I agree with him 200%. When will we face our SELF destructive tendencies? I applaud him for speaking out and not towing the Black party line. Every little thing we do is not just okie doke, folks. Regardless of the source, we have some serious issues .

  • Danielle

    I get the point that the author is trying to make, but I also get the point that Don Lemon is making as well. I’m not sure if any of you caught it, but on CNN, Don spoke about his experience as a black man and being profiled. He also debated with one of his white colleagues on CNN about ignoring the impact that racism has left on the black community and they white ppl should take heed; as opposed to saying in more ways than one, that we (black ppl) are lying. So, with that being said, I don’t think he is saying all of this from an ignorant, “spineless”, or judgmental stand point. I think he’s genuinely and honestly trying to give some points on how to combat racism towards us lol. Seriously.

    And my question to those of you have an issue with what he said is, how many of you have criticized a family for not properly taking care of their kids, showing initiative and putting forth effort towards their future, looked at a young black boy sagging his pants and didn’t shake your head saying “why can’t he do better?” I know MANY of you have. We criticize everyday…I mean, just look up and down your FB Newsfeed and Twitter timeline. Why is it that when we are PUBLICALLY called out, we have a problem, but we do it everyday to each other under our breaths and behind folks backs???? White ppl and institutionalized racism are not the only culprits in the degradation of the black community. We need to do better and begin taking more social responsibility for one another as opposed to enabling and perpetuating this vicious cycle.

  • binks

    I get what you and others are saying too. You are right he isn’t completely wrong, let’s be real A LOT of people in the black community and activists in the black community have been saying the points he listed like those for years. I do think there is a lot of lack of personal accountability and responsibility on issues facing our community specifically that needs to be addressed. But I think the way he presented it rubbed people the wrong way because it seems to always fall back on “see black people this is why others are racist/prejudice against you because of x, y and z” instead of CHALLENGING and ENGAGING these non-black people on WHY they feel this way and hold these beliefs from the beginning and call them out on their nonsense too. Is our community perfect? No, far from it and we do need to make strives and changes on ills affecting our community and rebuild a stronger and better US first and foremost. So I get that but the notion of basically falling in line and jumping through hoops to appease others should be rejected because nobody should assimilate and jump through hoops to be on equal footing despite doing (or not doing) X, Y and Z. Because guess what once we work on and fix X, Y and Z listed above they are going to come up with A,B and C as the next set of problems they have with us. So I agree that we need to NOT care or worry about what non-black people outside our community think of us and stop looking at them for talking points in moving the discussion of racism forward, validation or even rebuilding our community because a lot don’t care about us whether we are become the model citizens or not.

  • Elizabeth Wilson

    I don’t think he is asking them to be perfect. It’s one thing to be imperfect and it’s another to walk around with your pants on the ground. I don’t believe that this alone with solve all the racial issues in our country. I do believe, however, that by doing these things we can create a better image of the black community and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

  • GeekMommaRants

    Dom Lemon is NOT talking to the entire community. He is talking about the dysfunctional. Thinking about these five points is needed by some.

    Racism is a separate issue. The dysfunctional are just as dangerous as any racist. Please, never forget this.

  • BlackBeauty

    And so are many black people, Asians, Hispanics and so forth.
    You are one of the biggest racist that post on this site. Sorry, but it is true. Check yourself.

  • BlackBeauty

    Before you try to degrade another black person, please understand what you refer to.
    Do your research so you thoroughly understand who Uncle Tom was.

  • WhatIThink

    So the last 500 years of European global rape, pillage and plunder along with the creation of systems of racial supremacy all over the globe are because of pants sagging? NO!! Stop cosigning B.S. Slavery, genocide, eugenics and all the other evils that exist because of racism has absolutely nothing to do with pants sagging or ignorant black behavior. In fact, it has more to do with ignorant white behavior and white folks need to be called to account for their own ignorant actions done world wide. You don’t tell black folks to be better people because “white racists” may hate you. That is butt backward logic. You tell black folks to be better people because it is the right thing to do. Period. It isn’t as if we should only want to be better people if there is racism around, as if the absence of racism then makes ignorant behavior acceptable. Only ignorant empty brained, post racial, gay is the new black dumb behind negroes speak like this. And that is exactly what the “establishment” wants, negroes who are harmless and unable to call out whites for their evil acts but can sit up here and poke at all the flaws in black society as if white society is so pure and spotless.

    Could you imagine where black folks would be if we had clowns like Don Lemon in charge during slavery? God forbid.

  • Dynasty and legacy

    @Gotta start somewhere,thank you for summing it all up! The issue being discussed is not racism, it is improvement of the black community. Blacks are 13% of the population and yet account for a much percentage of social ills. We need to acknowledge this and work on it! If we get it together, we won’t have to depend on whites. We need to sustain our communities like other minorities. Look at how Africans come here and make it. No excuses!

  • Dynasty and legacy

    I believe that the death of prominanf figures, loss of manufacturing jobs and integration caused economic collapse in the black community. This lead to destructive behavior.

  • Kisha

    I don’t think the list is stupid. But it’s extremely superficial, heavy on overgeneralizations and totally ignores the true underlying roots of racism. Additionally, this is a list that ALL people regardless of race need to follow. I know many whites, asians, hispanics, etc. who sag thier pants, litter, have children out of wedlock, AND call one another nigger (you can’t make the idiocy like that up!). Yet, Don is only talking to us…hmmm, internalized oppression much?

  • Sage

    Maybe he’s talking to you because you’re his first priority. Yes the list is superficial but can you honestly say that it wouldn’t be a step in the right direction. Regardless of the color of a person that list would definitely go a long way to changing the impression one has of themselves & how others perceive them. But instead people rant because another black person has said something bad about them. PS. This list isn’t going to change racial stereotypes, but tis definitely going in the right direction.

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  • Lala

    Maybe the reality is Don is just another empty-headed pretty face reading the news.

  • Jorge

    Don Lemon is absolutely right and it is mind boggling you cannot see that.

  • Jorge

    Man on Fire and Anthony. Don Lemon is so right. I can’t stand kids that wear their pants sagging. Alos, all the black boys without a father, laugh it off you idiots, it is the root of the problem. The n word that is constantly coming out of supposed role model’s mouths and you are offended when a white man uses it, look in the mirror bozo, Lemon also says get an education and you claim white people do not like to see educated black men, get lost you dope. Oh yeah and respect where you live, Lemon stated the truth in black areas people are throwing trash out kids and aduilts, but rarely in white neighborhoods (he said it and it is true). Wake up dudes, Zimmerman ain’t your problem.

  • http://www.geekmommarants GeekMommaRants

    O’Reily and Lemon were spot-on. I heard no lies.

  • joe

    When CNN fired Soledad O’Brien and Roland Martin and decided to move in a “whiter” direction, there was a reason they kept Don Lemon.

  • Darcy

    There is a mixture of truth and denial in his statements. The black community has got to fix itself. Poverty is real, but no one forces anyone to be a thug, uneducated, or to have multiple kids outside of marriage. We have to fix it for us and not just to appease racists who dislike us either way.

    One, in the black community somehow it has become taboo for successful blacks to speak about how blacks can better themselves. Blacks who have possibly made it out the same neighborhoods and bettered their lives sometimes are silenced from criticizing the black community in a way. We need to be more critical of ourselves.

    Two, speaking right, getting an education, fixing your pants, and getting enough $ to move up, does not stop racism. If more blacks did fix their behavior and motivations, it may lessen stereotypes, but it wouldn’t stop racism. Racism is about feeling superior and people who are racist will not easily shift racist beliefs just because black men stop sagging their pants and blacks stop littering in low income areas. Don Lemon has “made it”, so to him he worked against stereotypes to get where he is, but it doesn’t always work that way. Discrimination is still real. Who knows how many opportunities he missed out on even though he doesn’t sag simply because whoever is in charge would rather give the job or opportunity to the white guy.

  • Cocochanel31

    The problem I have with these blacks who have so called “made it ” is that
    1.) Their advice is usually unsolicited
    2) They feel the need to air their grievances on a white platform ie. CNN/Bill O’Reilly show etc.

    Why can’t we keep problems and solutions in house?? Don Lemon is so far removed from reality he really thinks littering is in the top five of problem for black folk..which in itself shows he is not the one.

    If he cares so much about the trash then he needs to organize a neighborhood cleanup/Stop Littering campaign i.e. Keeping it in House.

    While he may have his detractors and fair share of issues Corey Booker imo is a blackman in power who instead of pontificating daily about how ignorant black people are – actually gets in the trenches and does the hard work instead. This is the type of celebrity concern we need..not the latter.

  • Darryl Hines

    Lemon’s views are oversimplified and shortsighted. While the things he cites are problems in our community his suggestions are not the panacea for change or improvement of our circumstance. Getting older I wax nostalgic about how things were before the days of integration and assimilation. We had our own stores, businesses and most people in the neighborhood of my youth owned their own homes. Crime and violence were negligible and children who acted up got their butts whipped by almost every adult on the block. To follow Lemon’s simplistic approach then I might argue that integration was the death knell of the black community.

  • Addison Jones (@upukcab)

    He as someone rightly said looking at the symptoms not the causes, I guess when he is older he will see his missteps.

  • SayWhat

    I get you as well.

    I guess what I want is for us NOT to care what they think. I read the comments by James and the other upper class (his words) poster, and I think the point that they miss is while they are still called names like the brother with the sagging pants, pulled over, thrown on the ground, etcc….they still keep striving for better things in life. As a result, they and their children will reap the benefits of the good life.

    Nothing will make a racists like us, but, by being self destructive, we prove that we don’t like ourselves either. That’s all.

  • SayWhat

    why thank you. :)

  • Cocochanel31

    that’s the word- oversimplified! It’s really that simple! Parents back in the day had very little but still managed to instill a sense of values and respect into their children. IMO that is the main concern/thing lacking in our youth moreso than sagging pants.

    In the words of Minister Farrakhan – “Parents must be a livewire for their children” . If the school system is messed up then go down there, or CALL EVERYDAY if you have to, until your voice is heard!

    Or do what Ben CArson’s mother did,what my mother did, and countless other parents…MAKE UP ASSIGNMENTS FOR YOUR CHILDREN TO DO IN THEIR SPARE TIME. TURN THE TV AND VIDEO GAMES OFF!

    Mrs. Carson’s mother had zero education yet stil managed to instill a love of learning in her children. Anything is possible with a PARENT WHO CARES!

  • paintgurl40


    If I could thumbs up your comment a million times I would!

    In the earlier times (1920-1950) blacks wore nice clothing and if they didn’t have much money, they made sure that whatever clothing they wore was neat and clean. White people still called them N’s. Black people went to college and got degrees. White people would only employ them as porters, janitors and maids. They were getting lynched, murdered, raped and other horrible acts. Dressing a certain way or appearing as non-threatening as possible doesn’t change YT’s impression of us.

    One of my guilty pleasures is watching crime dramas. I see TONS of stories about white people killing–other white people. Why isn’t that called white on white crime? And if ALL blacks ain’t nothing but “ignorant savages” (like they like to think we are) why aren’t the black people that DON’T live in black neighborhoods killing their white neighbors? If we’re so damn lazy, why whenever there’s a story on the news about a job fair you see the place full of BLACK people??

    There ARE problems in the black community that need to be addressed. But for Don to imply that it’s our fault that we are the reasons of racism is bogus. If ALL OF US decided to just “do better”, whitey still controls the hiring and the jobs. The cops are still going to profile us and we are still going to get followed around some stores. I think that racism will never end, but if we moved back to our own communities and invested in our own neighborhoods and put all that black money into our own shit, there will be a change–with us. Of course white people would still get mad and LOSE THEIR MINDS and try some more sneaky shit.

  • mike will

    Last time I checked, MLK, Medgar Evers, and Emmett Till all wore suits, were respectable, and came from areas that had pride in their neighborhood and they were all still killed. What did they do “wrong” Don Lemon?

  • Nadell

    Don Lemon -
    Medgar Evers, Denise Mcnair, Cynthia Wesley, Addie Mae Collins, Carol Robertson, Darius Simmons, Tarika Wilson without a doubt followed your surefire 5 PowerPoint ways to combat racism. In fact, I am certain these individuals didn’t have to simply follow your rules, it was their way of life.
    Medgar Evers certainly was not sagging his pants while getting out of his vehicle in front of his home on June 12, 1963.
    Denise McNair, Cynthia Wesley, Addie Mae Collins & Carole Robertson I’m sure spoke proper English to one another while sitting in the pews of a sacred place on September 15, 1963.
    Darius Simmons I’m certain had the upmost respect and pride for where he lived and his community that he willingly took out the trash on May 31, 2012.
    Tarika Wilson may not have been married to her baby’s father but she held on to their child in their home on July 31, 2008.

    Yet on those fatal days, your rules did not apply – even when these individuals applied them.

    Don, why don’t you use your platform to ask Medgar Evers’ killer, the individual behind the bombing of the church the 4 little girls were in, the SWAT team that killed Tarika and her 14 month old son and Darius’ neighbor why even when your 5 rules apply, the results are the same? Why is violence still evident when outstanding citizens apply your 5 rules to their lives?
    Why does there still remain the blatant similarities of DEATH and RACISM when blacks apply your rules and when blacks don’t apply your rules?
    Wearing a suit & tie vs. sagging pants and speaking proper English vs. using the N word and hauling trash vs. littering made no difference in the lives of these individuals on their last day on earth….
    What do you suggest we do then, Mr. Lemon?

  • GeekMommaRants

    End racism, this is stupid. There is no ending racism. There blacks the world over. America abuses and oppresses blacks. There are racist all over the world, but only Americans will cross the street to trip you up. The only way to end American racism is by leaving the US!

  • Alycea

    All u ever hear is how Black people should “end” racism or stop “our” destructive ways…. what about placing accountability on the whites??? We didn’t become like this by chance, just remember the black’s of the sixties…. always dressing neat and clean, full of black pride and esteem, hard-working, and unified…. what happened? The devil’s got threatened, infiltrated all of our organization, killed our leaders, threw drugs in our communities, infiltrated our music, etc…. Can someone in the media please talk about that…. and it’s continuance today??? Let’s talk about Black Walls Street and Move that was disenfranchised, bomb, and destroyed. I have a better list for black people to follow 1. Stop listening to white people. That’s it….

  • knowledgebanc

    Never thought I’d see a delusional lemon.

  • ep

    As a white man I understand that I have layers and layers of work to do attempting to undo what I, white society and the media has done to my brain. It’s a life long struggle. Most people don’t understand what racism or sexism even is (my parent’s for example) and that the most hurtful type of racism comes from people who think they are not.

    Don Lemon owes a huge apology to everyone and to the people who do real work against racism and fight for peace. Letting this kind of crap flow into the mainstream media is horrific, even if it’s piled high with sexist, racist, anti-gay under and overtones day after day after day.

  • hateyaself

    What did Don say that was wrong? He didn’t mention anything about wearing suits. He said “pull your pants up” and he is absolutely correct in saying that. There is a segment of the black community that make excuses for the thugs and misinformed in our communities, and that has to stop! We can’t keep pointing fingers at white folks until we fix ourselves and maybe those five points are good starting points.

  • BeastyJ

    I don’t believe that we can make real progress until enough people stop believing in the false notion of “race,” which only ever applies to people who are not white. Whenever an individual white person goes off their nut and shoots up a school or a movie theater or does anything else criminal or otherwise deemed negative “race” is never even part of the subsequent discussion nor is “the white community” called to bear the sins of one, or even the sins of many. Ever.

    I find the insistence on referring to “the black community” — whatever that means as it’s just taken as a given that there is some steady definition — as equally offensive as the stereotypes Lemon insists upon, and, frankly, as offensive as the racist screed that emanates throughout our society. His viewpoint is a good look at what the scholars Barbara Fields and Karen Fields refer to as “racecraft” — the footprint of racism on our society.

    Until people stop buying into junk sociology, junk science and junk history we simply aren’t going to move past this sort of bunk. It’s not about saggy pants. It’s about saggy minds.

  • ericpitra

    That’s a pretty huge simplification of the article and society there Jorge.

    “the black folks that follow the author’s way of thinking will be doomed to their life and the black folks that take his advice wil have no problems advancing through life successfully.”

    Tell us all what qualifies your statement as un-moronic?

    Over simplifying like you do is part of the definition of stereotyping. You have told everyone who you are loud and clear. Congrats.

  • Moor

    This article is one big strawman, and -judging by the number of assenting opinions- a pretty effective one at that. If you actually watch the video/read the transcript linked in this article, you’ll notice that nowhere in the segment does Lemon (or even O’Reilly) suggest that he is trying to “combat racism.” His talking points are just suggestions on what the black community can do collectively in order to improve iself. That’s it. He doesn’t say these changes will end racism. He doesn’t imply that Trayvon Martin was stalked and killed by George Zimmerman because he wasn’t following these five points. All Lemon does is list five valid criticisms of the black community, ones which were rarely brought up in the mainstream media before the Zimmerman trial. He doesn’t say these problems are exclusive to blacks, or that all blacks are guilty of perpetuating these stereotypes; but he realizes that they are the most widespread and have the most negative effects within the black community. And unfortunately we aren’t doing enough as a community to discourage the kind of behavior Lemon points out.
    This is a pretty misleading article. It isn’t a list of “Ways Black People Need To Change To Combat Racism.” It’s a list of “Five ways to fix our community,” reading directly from the caption at the bottom of the CNN segment, beginning at 2:11. And it’s a pretty good starting point if you ask me.

  • Lasaundra Watson-Legate

    The comments of Don Lemon may be heavily criticized, but that doesn’t make him wrong. Many voices in the African-American community have been effectively silenced. We no longer speak the truth about ourselves even to ourselves. We pretend that a community in which >70% of the children are born to ill prepared, uneducated and unwed girls and young women can sustain itself. It can not.

  • Dre

    The president does non of the five points. Yet is still attacked by rascism. It not that simple Don

  • sblazer227

    1. he doesnt sag
    2. both children were born to his wife
    3. he finished school
    ive never been in a room when hes having personal convos with friends so i dont know if he uses the n-word, no have i stalked himi so i dont know if he litters

  • kita

    You’re right I’d like to add that he might be thinking that if we show self-pride, self-respect, and pride in our communities that racism will decrease…not eliminated but, “combatted.” We really stand out more than any other race and the fact is eyes are always on us it’s up to us to change what other races see when they look at us.

  • NOitAll

    I live in The Bronx and work in Harlem. Harlem may be a “historically Black neighborhood” but it’s not Black anymore. It’s gentrified up to the gills. So, clearly Black people aren’t the only ones putting trash on the ground. Just saying.

  • Deidra

    WTF this moronic article is ignoring the real truth he said. The things he mentioned are not mere opinions, THEY ARE BASED ON STATISTICS. For those of you in denial, “I’m a victim by whites” black folk, you do realize your guilty conscience is speaking? Don stated if this doesn’t apply to you, then he is not talking about you. IF majority of those in our communities especially youth, did not ACT LIKE WALKING STEREOTYPES , then people will respect us more. I hate it when some black people act and live like the stereotype yet complain about it.


  • Joe

    The writer, or Whoever editorized that CNN interview here is so bias and ignorant and not living in todays world. Every conclusion you came to was an exagerated jump. Whos talking about anything or anyone being perfect? White trash people do all of the points and they too are not in the best of circumstances in life! If anyone, black or white doesnt understand these points then something is wrong with them. This author is only trying to infuriate the people that read this. The people that need to hear these messages dont read this crap or watch that crap!

  • Robert Wicks

    The first three points really did not strike me as terribly good. The last 2 are fine. Racial profiling is only a serious issue for blacks where police are concerned. That’s where it leads to a loss of freedom on many cases. Individuals always profile other individuals to know whether or not to interact with them and how that interaction should be handled.

  • Playwitit

    I’m sorry but he has a point with the littering thing. Yes, white people litter too but most white people in nice neighborhoods realize that trash everywhere isn’t a good look. There are trash cans and recycling bins everywhere where I live and I love it. Black and Brown people really do need to step it up in that regard. Not only does it make you look bad, it makes us all look bad.

  • aDORKable

    I agree with you both.

    My favorite quote was : So, please, black folks, as I said if this doesn’t apply to you, I’m not talking to you.”

    There is truth to what he was saying. I feel the writer took offense to it and wrote this subjectively and not objectively considering her quotation marks around certain words and how they wrote their points, and that some only read the article and didn’t watch the video or read the transcript.

    There is a spotlight on us even more now since the President came into office and unfortunately it’s easier to look at the ones doing wrong than the ones doing right, and even our own community overlooks those doing well. You can barely do well without someone saying you think you’re better than us or wanting to pull you down a peg because they don’t want to do better and want you on theirs, or too afraid to do better, unsure of the outcome and what everyone else will think.

  • Roger Kaputnic

    No, black people definitely did not create the system. And white people just dreamed up the stereotypes attributed to black people.And there is nothing that black people can do to stop racism, except act like civilized people.

  • Milore

    As a black woman, I APPLAUD Mr. Lemon for ALL his remarks. I am sick to death of seeing black men walk around with their underwear exposed. And the use of the ‘n’ word is the most astonishing of all. People of all colors DIED because of that word and black entertainers, especially rap artists, have made that word so commonplace that now non-whites are using it to address people. I do not want to hear about poetic license. What people need to hear/learn about is the horrible atrocities committed because of that word. There is NO excuse for any of the things he mentioned to be happening. Littering. No trash can? Take it home. And that includes baby diapers. And STOP having babies you cannot afford. This is 2013. Learn about birth control…there is no excuse not to know. Stop making excuses and blaming someone else for your misfortunes. Stay in school…learn something. When I do see young black people trying to improve their lives (and I work with some of them) it warms my heart. But mostly, I am disgusted and angry at what I see. And one more thing. Yes, racism is alive still. But lest we forget, we have a President, a BLACK man, in the White House. And his name is not Joe Smith. It’s Barack Hussein Obama, as ethnic as any name I know. And black people are still the minority in this country and that means white people voted for him. A lot of white people. So start lifting yourselves up. And and please, save all the ‘you are a self-hating black woman’ comments. It’s a tired and played-out line of ‘thinking’.

  • Milore


  • Posh Miss

    I went to a baseball game and the amount of trash made me disgusted. People litter just not in their community. Throwing trash out of the windows is not a one race issue.

  • Lee

    This might be true, however is this really an effective tip on how blacks should change to combat racism in America? I disagree or maybe he should have titled his intent differently. The way he worded everything was just to negative for such a sensitive topic, his implications are implying blacks are the cause of racism they may encounter due to: Sagging, Littering, Using the N-word, not finishing school, or having children out of wedlock.

  • Stephanie

    None of these really would make anyone hate black people or anyone for that matter any less…in all honesty. I don’t think his “advice” is horrible but it’s very misdirected and a little judgemental. This advice is like telling a rape victim how she could avoid being targeted for rape next time if she dressed differently, was smarter about where she partied one night and didn’t trust that person she says raped her. It’s just not the right advice to give in this situation. What would have been better – which as the only black person in a lot of classrooms I hated doing this – would be to say “hey white people, all black people are not evil and scary. Don’t you too wear saggy clothes, pollute your communities and have kids out of wed-lock? Yeah I know.Looks like we have more in common than you thought. Perhaps, you should think about that next time you grab your bag closer to you when I walk in the elevator with my suit on.”

  • bright chike

    We can’t be perfect but most of his points are for long term results. People’s perception of u lies so much on how u perceive yourself. We shouldn’t compare ourselves to others but rather work hard at improving ourselves. Slavery is so over, and so should be our backwardness-this we’ll achieve by sheer hardwork, nobody will do this for us.

  • Tom Ecker

    How can you possibly suggest that Don Lemon thinks little of his race. That’s absurd and your remarks hint of jealous undertones. His common sense ideas and approaches are exactly what this country needs regarding all races. I may be pushing sixty years old, but I thoroughly appreciate and respect everything this young man has to say. His ideas are thought-provoking and that’s how dialogue and discussion and change begin. Don Lemon IS the catalyst. He has his head on straight, obviously the product of outstanding parenting as well as a good education. He doesn’t hold back, yet he doesn’t respond to naysayers with name-calling and the same kind of childish ridicule he sometimes faces. That’s the sign of a true leader. Don Lemon has a magnetic personality, obvious charisma, intelligence, and wisdom far beyond his years. He’s on this Earth for a reason. With patience, ALL will discover why. I believe that! I urge everyone to stop and listen to this young man. He could change the world as we know it.

  • ddcoke

    I am still confused on how anyone is upset. Doesn’s every parent tell their kids the same things? If the answet is no, then maybe they should.

  • Tall

    He made very valid points.

    There is a disparity in the amount of litter you see in Black neighborhoods verses white neighborhoods, not because Black people are somehow prone to be litterbugs, but perhaps because as a community are not instilling values in our young people to respect and take care of the places we come from, and so litter and vandalism happen.

    And our young men DO need to stop sagging! Not only does it look ridiculous, it’s not going to get you hired anywhere. We need to be teaching our Black men how to dress to get ahead in this world instead of looking like a prison inmate.

    To me, his points were about bringing values back into Black community. Hip hop culture is teaching people to love money, sex, and drugs, and our community is suffering because of it.

  • Cotessa Miller

    Your comments are totally valid Tall.

  • Contessa Miller

    The “outer” things that Lemon lists DO MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE in how Blacks, especially young Black men, are seen and/or perceived. The outer is all a person deals with when they do not know you. Whites are not the only ones who react to the “outer” before giving the individual a chance to prove him or herself. Most Blacks above the age of 25 are just as cautious and leery around pants-sagging youth, especially when there’s more than one of them.

    Our Black youth have got to finish high school and get some additional job-related training afterwards to survive in this world. There is no ifs or ands about it.

    We’ve got to instill principles into our young people about the responsibilities and consequences that accompany sex. As Lance Scurvin brought out in a post a week or so ago, there are tons of devastating venereal diseases out here that are ravishing our children’s bodies and minds.

    And poor English is NOT an African or African-American dialect. Ebonics was the sorriest shit I’ve ever heard of for trying to connect or unify the Black American community. Our ancestors probably were turning in their graves when that was the Black cause of the day.

  • cristalexi

    I’d like to know how much was he paid to say such rubbish.

  • cristalexi

    Why does everyone go on about the pants sagging. I’ve never heard anyone going on about white men’s trousers revealing their but crack – now that disgusting.

  • Da Truth

    The black race still owes reparations to all the white folk they chased out of Africa. Where are all the whites? You think whiteness is a recent invention? Anyone with less than black skin was run out of Africa. Granted, that was hundreds of thousands of years ago. But white folk still live with the legacy.

  • Peaches

    I totally agree with Don. Now you have people saying he is wrong because they are guilty of it.

  • J Anthony

    Ive met Don Lemon ani i THANKED him for having the courage to speak out. I live in Harlem too. There,s a building on 143 rd where someone keeps throwing used pampers out the window. The ground is littered with them . How do I explain that to my six year old? Don,s suggestions won,t cost someone a penny but it might earn them some self respect. One more suggestion, stop cursing at or in front of your kids. It robs them of their sef esteem.

  • http://google laloba

    Mr. Lemon is correct. I live in a very nice apartment complex. It is multicultural. However, the only people living here that litter, break fountains in the common area, break in and trash the laundry facilities are black. Blacks cannot throw their trash in the dumpsters, I have seen them (and only blacks) throw large bags of trash on the ground at the very entrance of the dumpster area. I just don’t get it….Why can’t they just throw the trash in the dumpster???? Why leave it lying on the ground, piling, next to the dumpster? Is this some perverse form of revenge? Why do they want to live in a nice neighborhood, if all they seem to do is trash their surroundings? I wish they’d move back to their ghettos. Blacks don’t care about aesthetics. Nor do they care about the environment. As if they have some other planet that they will move to. Lemon speaks the truth. Why are blacks offended???? He’s not trying to harm his own people. The earlier remark about Mexicans is true. They move into predominantly black neighborhoods, and slowly but surely improve their surroundings. Clean, fenced, flowers planted, homes fixed up, painted. What is wrong with black people???? Can’t they show respect for where they live? I am baffled. And blacks complain about Mexicans “taking over” their neighborhoods. As far as I’m concerned, let the Mexicans beautify the once ugly, dirty, trashy, broken glass, black hoods. Blacks are afforded every opportunity yet they can’t get past this self-hatred.

  • Jason

    Author, you missed Lemon’s point. It isn’t race; it’s culture. The black culture is sick. It is your racism that keeps you from admitting this. Melanin doesn’t matter.

  • Kellie H.

    He’s telling the truth. Yes, the cards are stacked against us as a people. But every single item on Lemon’s list, we have complete control over. I especially like his last point. My mother & I talk about this all the time…engaging in sexual activity without taking the necessary precautions, KNOWING you’re in no position to be a parent, is plain ol’ irresponsible! It basically guarantees that if you’re already in the cycle of poverty, you’ll stay there. If you can afford to get your nails & hair “did” on a regular basis, surely you can budget for a trip to the drugstore.

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