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Tatiana Grant was just four years old when her father, Oscar Grant was killed by a police officer at the Fruitvale BART station on New Year’s Day 2009.  Now, 4 years later, she’s seeing posters and witnessing the media blitz surrounding the release of the much talked about film “Fruitvale Station”.

During a block party in Oakland’s Dimond District,  Tatiana was helping pass out movie posters and cards for the Hollywood film about her father.

In a recent interview with KTVU, Tatiana said she was looking foward to the movie.

“It makes me happy,” said Tatiana. “Because I never had so many posters about my dad.”

Although the movie is being released on July 26th, Tatiana’s family members say she’ll have to wait until she’s older to see it.  “It’s up to her when she becomes a teenager,” said Yolanda Mesa, Grant’s sister-in-law and Tatiana’s aunt.

“We are fortunate our story is being told,” said Mesa. “Because I think it happens to a lot of people nationwide.”

Although “Fruitvale Station” has not been released yet, it’s already received critical acclaim as well as the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year.  It also earned writer and director Ryan Coogler the “Best First Film” award at the Cannes Film Festival.

  • Dave

    He wouldn’t have been killed if he had not been fighting… and we have a movie that glorifies has a hero???

  • John

    You clearly haven’t watched the movie. It does not glorify him. People are more nuanced than demons or saints. Ur black and white opinion of Oscar grant highlights your ignorance and myopia

  • KJ

    Go watch the movies you dumb asses why the movie cant relay a measage like dont put yourself in the se situation Oscar did and how crooked the cops are in Oakland You all sound ignorant as hell go see the movie before you judge him RIP Oscar

  • Chloe freer

    Rest in peace we need justice if the law can’t do nothing leave it too GOD

  • The Other Jess

    I think people need to realize that their own stupid actions put them in danger to be taken advantage of by the cops. Oscar Grant was not a good guy, no matter how this movie tries to portray him as a saint. He was a violent drug dealer and served two different sentences in the state pen for his crimes. People like Oscar Grant victimize our communities daily, he should not be celebrated. He sold drugs in Black communities, to Black youth.

    It’s time we focus on the decent victims of rogue cops, not cleaned-up Hollywood pseudo-heroes. Not the thugs whose mother’s cry out “oh he was a good boy!” when everybody know he was always up to no good. The police officer who shot him was not right, but at the same time Oscar had a bad history, and he and his friends were making complete assholes out of themselves in the BART station – basically asking for trouble from a rogue, crazy cop.

    Hip hop has made it so people feel its OK to cry over people who never deserved our tears.

    • Anthony

      I don’t know the specifics of this case, but you make a great point about people who are shaky being made into heroes, however, having a record does not mean a person deserves to die. That said, there is some thing to be said about not putting oneself in a bad situation. I know of a case where an unarmed burglar was shot dead by a policeman, at 2:30AM during a break- in. Although he was unarmed, I was always of the opinion that his family needed to shut up because he put himself in a bad spot by committing a crime.

    • Georgia

      I don’t know anything about Oscar Grant, really, but I’m glad someone said this. No, he didn’t deserve to be murdered for being an ass, but you can’t sustain an entire movie on the premise that it’s wrong to kill. He is surely being portrayed as sympathetic. I don’t get why that’s acceptable to so many of us.

    • Anonymous

      Amen. If Oscar Grant had kept his mouth shut and kept his butt sitting on the station floor, he would be alive today. Instead, he chose to inflame a rabid and rogue cop (NOT the cop who shot him) and now he’s dead. Today’s paper quotes his mother as saying she chose not to force him to attend high school, speaking of mothers who baby their sons. This young man needed a foot up his rear end when he was younger.

    • The Other Jess

      i don’t believe in blaming the victim of a rogue, killer cop. the cop was wrong to use excessive force over and beyond what was required in the situation. the cop was wrong and took a life.

      but i also don’t believe that career criminals and drug dealers, who are killers in their own right and destroyers of the black community deserve movies and hero status. they are not. they themselves are cancers to black people. i didn’t agree with the garbage that was “american gangster” and glorifying a demon like frank lucas, and although not on the same scale as lucas, i don’t believe in glorifying oscar grant who was also a drug dealer, and harbinger of death in our communities. i’m sick of no-good thugs being turned into heroes.

      i only respect people like malcolm x who turn their lives around to do 100 times more good than bad.

      sorry, but black people have been siding with the wrong team for too long now and the state of our neighborhoods is graphic testament to that.

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