Meshael Alayban, arrested for slavery in Orange County

Meshael Alayban, a Saudi Arabian princess, has been accused of “slavery” after one of her maids broke free from her Orange County, Calif. home and said the Saudi woman held her against her will.

The victim, a 30-year-old Kenyan woman, slipped out of the home, flagged down a bus, and later notified law enforcement officials about her predicament. According to the victim, Alayban held her and four other maids from the Philippines, stole their passports, and forced them to work for very little wages.

NBC News reports:

Alayban first hired the Kenyan native in March 2012 to work at her home in Saudi Arabia, Engen said. They had signed a two-year contract guaranteeing the worker would be paid $1,600 a month.

In May 2013, Alayban and her family moved to Irvine with the victim, who cooked, cleaned, and washed laundry for eight people.

Authorities say the victim was working 16 hours a day for $220 a month – a fraction of what they agreed upon.

According to law enforcement, Alayban will likely be the first person prosecuted in Orange County under California’s Proposition 35 law, which increased the penalty for human trafficking. Alayban is awaiting arraignment in an Orange County jail. She is scheduled to appear in court today.

  • The Comment

    This is so common with Arabs and Indians. That 7-11 scandal that went down last month where the FBI conducted a sting on eight 7-11′s on the East Coast to find that the employees had not been paid. The Pakastani’s, who were smuggled into the country and assigned stolen SSI #’s from American kids or the deceased, were living in rental property to ensure no one ran away and told the po po’s.

    America is so done. The goose is cooked. Just watch ‘Scareface’ and pay particular attention to when all the goons ran into his mansion on the security camera and you will have a picture perfect vision of the downfall of America. The Senate agree as to how they can lower interest rate for student loans in the future–an action that would at least keep up the appearance that we want to keep our middle class yet these fools come to the land of the free just to reenact Sheiks and Slaves 2.0.

  • The Comment

    sorry…senate can’t agree

    Sheikh’s and Slaves

  • Starla

    I cannot get why these people treat service workers like this. These people shit gold in the toilet, yet the measly $1600 is too hard for them to part with.

    These people are the scum of the earth because they trade in pain and destitution. Being poor is already a burden to bear, having to leave your homeland to go to that of a stranger’s simply to survive is hard enough, then you get there and these mofos treat you like shit when you are already in the gutter. Heartless, Godless creatures spawned from Satan’s asshole..sick of them and their exploitation of the least among us.

  • The Comment

    Thank you Starla. That is exactly everything I wanted to say.

    But I’mo have to use,’ You godless creature. Spawned from satan’s asshole.” I like that one. Thank you in advance.

  • Anthony

    They treat their help like crap because they believe in slavery. Formal, legal slavery ended in Saudi Arabia within my lifetime, and I am not that old. Top it off, their culture tends to be racist as hell too.

  • Tonton Michel

    Pure greed.

  • gigi

    sak pase

  • stellaxo

    *waits for the headline “Black People for Meshael” *

  • Tonton Michel

    Nou la.

  • Lola

    I am not surprised at all I often read stories like that . It has nothing to do with money but how they see their staff as lesser human. Saudi Arabia is rich because of oil but in a few decades they won’t have any oil left. They will have nothing but sand and all the big oil companies, the western expats and the poor workers from the Phillipines or Thailand will leave the contry faster than you can say bye. The US won’t give them big fat checks to buy load of military weaponery. They’ll be back in the stone age which is more in tune with the mentallity of that country.

  • Ellis

    You are funny. :)

  • Apple

    Why are the most rich in the world so fucking cheap?!! I’m sick of these stories of them locking away maids or cheating freelancers/workers out money. You’re a billionaire for god sake! My maid would be making 100-250k with free rent healthcare and tuition for their kids

  • GT

    This is very common there. I lived there for a more than 12 years and the abuses are absolutely ridiculous but classism is very very apparent. Foreign works from east africa and south asia are treated like crap, barely see their families with very little to no pay to send them. Imprisonment is common and when I was in elementary school there we raised money to support workers and petition the government about it.
    But we had to be careful not to make the situation worse for them. It was very difficult to do anything as an american expat under Shiria law but just as hard to sit and watch. Workers would often come to our house to ask for water. We usually gave that and whatever we had extra: food, toiletries. My mom often was helping women trying to escape horrific marriages to saudi men as so many arranged marriages there were with men who had multiple wives and the men may favor one over another and treat the other like crap. Its a very very stringent country with many evil laws and practices especially regarding work and families.

  • Bree

    She looks evil and you can clearly tell that she feels no remorse. Evil people are real.

  • June

    Exactly. There is an especially hot place in hell for people who make it their business to kick those already down.

    The saddest thing is this is happening all the time, all over the US and all over the world. I just don’t understand how. Where is empathy?

  • Huda

    Wow, The court of public opinion has already convicted her. The truth will come out soon enough, and you and the others who convicted the princess will feel so ignorant. Wait for the facts and never rush in judging someone without any proof.

  • Huda

    “The unemployment rate in Kenya is estimated to be 40 percent. Nearly half the population lives on less than a dollar a day. Hiring a maid, a gardener, a cook, or a nanny employs low-skilled workers and enables them to support themselves and their families. “

    Their own employment agencies in Kenya find them jobs overseas in countries like Saudi Arabia and other middle eastern countries.
    The going rate for a non experienced maid is : $213 Per month.
    The going rate for an experienced maid is : $267 Per month.

    The maid along with her agent set their rate/ Income, and not the employer. This maid never signed a contract for $1600 with the Princess to work for that salary in Saudi Arabia. I am sure the princess was paying her the rate she and her agent requested for her services before she left Kenya for Saudi Arabia. It is a known fact that a Kenyan maid who wishes to work in Saudi Arabia expect a salary between $213- $267 per month depending on her level of experience.

    Al least countries like Saudi Arabia is giving them a chance to work and save money to send home to their families instead of watching them die of hunger and starvation.

    We can’t do that here in America. We can’t import a domestic worker from Kenya to work for us so she can feed her starving family, we just feel sorry for them and let them die. Right?

    Please let us get our facts straight.

  • Anthony

    Huda, the maid was in America. $1,600 a month no favor for someone working in America.

    My other question is what is the possible rationale for an employer taking an employee’s passport? Holding someone’s passport is tantamount to enslaving that person.

  • Huda


    The news says she had a signed contract from Kenya for work in Saudi Arabia for $1600 per month. That part of the news is what I was referring to. As for working in America, I agree she should be earning US wages. Also, Keeping her passport was not acceptable but I truly think it was based on ignorance than slavery. The facts will come out and I am just trying to be fair to both sides.

  • Tonton Michel

    If she took the woman’s passport that’s for one thing and one thing and one thing only control, and if she has a signed contract for 1600 and was getting paid around 200 someone ran a fast one on her.What reason does she have to run out of the house and go to the authorities?

  • Huda

    She and many others do that to gain instant stay in the United States. A lot of those maids ran away from their employers once they are here in the USA. It is not because of being treated like a slave, but because she is here in the United States of America. A dream come true for many of them. Had it not been for her employer, she would have never been able to get a visa to enter the USA. It is done by those maids often. I think the best solution for this type of situation is to NEVER bring them to the USA again. Have them work for their employer in the employer country where the employment was . The Saudis and other Middle Easterners need to hire local help when they get to the USA and avoid this kind of problems. Also, The princess does not live in the United states. She is here visiting ONLY.

  • Jade

    Why are you defending her so much? She your sister?

  • chanela17

    umm that’s why they’re rich. most wealthy people are VERY frugal.

  • kayla2003

    You evil too, you must do stuff like that too. Stop holding people against their will. Clean your own house you nut case. She evil, mean and hateful and so arte you Huda..

  • fozi

    Ok, first in Saudi Arabia labour usually live in the same house as the household. Before making judgements understand that this happens in Saudi and every gulf country. Are they treated bad ? yes but the percentage is low comparing to people who are satisfied. Would you think the household would tell them they’ll work for a certain hours per day, and then they get captivated ? Thats nonsense. 99% of maids live at the same place as the household. Otherwise why would they go to Saudi to work? and yeah btw, the only people who get $1600 in Saudi are bankers :) so you have to have a degree(bachelor minimum) .. Howcome it never came to mind that the maid knew the law in US and get financial benefits ??

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