During George Zimmerman’s case, which culminated in a not guilty verdict on Saturday, it felt like Trayvon Martin was on trial for being black, young and male. Pictures and video which revealed that this slain child wore grills, once flashed his middle finger and laughed at a fight were plastered across media sites in attempt to vilify him even in death. Despite the fact that Trayvon Martin was an A/B student and had no criminal record, his past was still dissected and pictures and video were manipulated to make him appear like a wayward thug. On the other hand, George Zimmerman’s past — which includes a domestic violence charge, being accused of fighting with the police and most recently, child molestation allegations — has flown under mainstream media’s radar for the most part. Until now.

The Huffington Post reports:

A woman with close ties to George Zimmerman and his family told investigators that members of Zimmerman’s family were boastfully proud racists and that for more than a decade Zimmerman sexually molested her.

The woman, who George Zimmerman’s lawyers identified as a cousin, told investigators in an interview on March 20th, that the abuse started when she was six:

“We’d all lay in front of the TV and we had pillows and blankets and he would reach under the blankets and try to do things and I would try to push him off but he was bigger and stronger and older. It was in front of everybody and I don’t know how I didn’t say anything, I just didn’t know any better.”

She also revealed that the Zimmerman family was boastfully racist:

“I was afraid that he may have done something because the kid was black,” the woman, identified as witness 9, told investigators. “Because growing up they’ve always made, him and his family have always made statements that they don’t like black people if they don’t act like white people. They like black people if they act white and other than that, they talk a lot of bad things about black people.”

Mark O’Mara, Zimmerman’s defense attorney, claimed that her statements were irrelevant and shouldn’t be referenced at trial. He also said her comments about the racist Zimmerman family could potentially cause “widespread hostile publicity.” Like the kind they tried to drum up against Trayvon Martin?


  • Adrienne

    I believe it.

  • Bored@work

    God is always working.

  • Cat

    Both Mark O’ Mara and Don West annoy me. So her confirming Zimmerman’s racism was irrelevant to the case but the defense attorneys had the audacity to try and propose Trayvon’s pasts text messages as evidence? Fuck outta here.

  • DEE

    Absolutely, not surprised.

  • geenababe

    I don’t think anyone is surprise that Zimmerman’s family doesn’t like black people. You can tell from his father, brother, and his actions. I bet the mother is up next to show her ugly ways.

  • Sheena

    I believe it. I read about this on Huffington Post the other day. Everything will eventually come to the light and lets just hope this information helps the pending civil case against this asswipe

  • SAA

    Glad I saw your comment before commenting because I was just thinking THE SAME DAMN THING!!! So we cannot call into question the character and past of a MURDERER but they want to dig up everything on this kid’s short life and hack into his email account in hopes of digging up more dirt and felt stupid when they found college applications.

  • Anthony

    Some might get mad at me for saying this, but I think Zimmerman, like OJ, has compulsions that will, sooner or later, land him in a world of trouble. He has a violent and aggressive streak that will resurface over time.

  • Tonia

    Nope, mot mad at all. I think you are very correct. I’m going to sit back and wait for his foolishness to surface.

  • GlowBelle

    Doesn’t shock in me the slightest. I remember this young woman came forward during protesters were trying to arrest/charge Zimmerman, and she was hushed up by trial time. It’s why I’m still pissed and will probably always be about this case, because Zimmerman’s character as a failed cop with a complex and Rambo aspirations and his criminal track record were never discussed in the trial, but Trayvon’s “thug” character sure as hell was. Sickening.

    Hate to say it, Zimmerman will do this again, he’s getting his gun back and he’s prone to violence. I pray for those who are around him because Sanford, FL just let loose a killer.

  • ScriptTease

    Well, Well, Well…. I hope the Juror are reading this. Pedophilia is mainly a White Man’s disease, and to me it is the worst crime that can be committed against a human being, but you never hear much about it…. and the charges seems to be lesser than a first time drug dealer.. You can best believe this is some ammo for me.

  • Lynne

    I totally like your comment, Anthony.

    I wrote on another thread that Zimmerman would lead a good and normal life because so many consider him a hero. But you’re right: Just like OJ, Zimmerman’s a mess. He might end up destroying his own life eventually.

    One can only hope, right?

  • Tammi

    We need to publish this information more. Don’t you love how this was downplayed? Pedophile, racist creep. He will self-destruct and show his truly colors. Guaranteed.

  • chanela17

    umm most hispanic families don’t like black people. what’s new?

  • chanela17

    ummm most hispanic people don’t like black people. how is this anything new?

  • Lilly

    I want to know since when do neighbor watch carry guns?

  • Marjorie

    Records show that Zimmerman made 46 calls to 911 and non-emergency police numbers over several years. Most of the recent calls described black males, such as this one, ” Subject: Suspicious activity
    Report: Two black male suspects “20–30 YOA in [white] Chevy poss Impala at the gate of the community.” Zimmerman “does not recognize subjs or veh and is concerned due to recent” burglaries in the area”. Driving while black…

    Unfortunately, this evidence was not admitted in court. I think it might have made a difference because one of the jurors now says she doesn’t Zimmerman was profiling.

  • Fantastico

    Hi Marjorie, this information was entered as evidence. Unfortunately the prosecutors did not utilize this in their closing arguments. The prosecution did a weak job.

  • mools

    george will go 5/5, 1 down 4 to go: acquittal, DOJ civil rights, civil suit, wrongful prosecution and NBC
    george should seek civil rights from DOJ his rights where violated when racist martin called him creepy culo cracker

  • Josh

    Funny, this article is so quick to point out that Trayvon had no sort of criminal record, and yet the author looks past the 12 pieces of women’s jewelry he was caught with at school. School’s don’t always report crimes to the authorities. I had my $140 graphing calculator stolen from me at school, and recovered it the next day. I had a strong suspicion of who the culprit was, and I informed the administration. This was the second time in this same school that the guy had been caught attempting to steal something (last time, it was an iPhone), and no charges were filed, nor was he punished very harshly. There is no excuse for a high school student to steal valuables from others.

    The point is that not all discovered crimes end in criminal charges. By pretending that Trayvon is and always has been completely innocent, the author is no better than those trying to demonize him.

  • Trey

    Or, not all reports of jewelry in a bag are actual crimes… Stop projecting your biased thoughts on to this kid…

  • RaiseTheBar


    I understand the comparison.

    I just find the “mention” of OJ troubling with regards to the MURDER of frightened teenager Trayvon who was being stalked by Creepy / potential rapist, gz.

    nb-simpson and her family(OJ’s whores) knew who he was as a person and chose to allow him to stay in their lives because of his “money”. So to quote juror B37, OJ’s “heart was in the right place”.

  • Rahsaan Hall

    Josh … this happened in 2011 and they said that they never could say the jewelry was stolen … So what are you talking about ?

  • Darcy

    According to a background check which was performed on Trayvon (and not Zimmerman, the shooter) the night of the killing, he had no criminal background. Any other information floating around is hearsay unless it was proven he had stolen it. No matter what his background was, it is evident that Trayvon was committing no crime that evening to which he should have been followed, pursued, and eventually killed.

  • Honey Nolookinback Atkins

    First off zimmerman followed him. if you find the definition of following a person without their consent. tht is stalking….he killed that child. after following and running after him what child wouldnt be scare of a grown man following him then chasing him when he trys to run home. i would of beat zimmerman ass to hell all these kids gettung child molested and shit and its the grown folk doing it. how is zimmerman not guilty when he got out of his vehicle to follow trayvon chase him then shoot him. shouldnt of have followed that boy and he wasnt armed so u couldnt take a ass whoopin so u reached for your gun. smh that was a premeditated act on zimmerman part. he was trigger happy and knew he was gone get off because his daddy is what!!!? A RETIRED JUDGE..SMH.

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  • Tiffany

    damn are you serious his dad is a retired judge….get the fuck out of here

  • Tiffany

    the jurors are not going to care being that one of them sent money to his website trying to help him pay for attorney fees…smdh

  • Tiffany

    My thoughts are ANYBODY who think Zimmerman is justified in what he did ARE RACIST THEMSLEVES and I’m not taking it back. That CHILD was FOLLOWED, regardless of the CHILDS back ground. Zimmerman IS AND WILL NEVER BE A POLICE OFFICER as he want to be so badly. I knew a person who wanted to be a police officer and would pull people over and steal government tags and actually tell people he was a Sherriff. He got put in jail for it. Something is wrong with people who are racist and who have mental issues as Zimmerman. And I am not at all surprised about him being racists. I see suspicious people all of the time and I would just CALL THE POLICE WITHOUT FOLLOWING. I give a very good description, I am NOT going to put myself in harms way if this person turns out to be harmless. That CHILD dresses just like my young men do. If you were going to do something to harm someone then why would you go to the store(cameras everywhere) and buy food knowing you are about to do something wrong, I mean really. You are eating skittles while robbing somebody…sigh.

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