#blackpowerisforblackmen screenshotHot off the heels of #solidarityisforwhitewomen, a fast-trending and attention-grabbing collection of tweets started by Mikka Kendall that highlighted the lack of regard for black women in mainstream feminist circles, there came #blackpowerisforblackmen.

EBONY.com’s News and Lifestyle Editor and former Clutch Daily Editor Jamilah Lemieux extended the criticism to black men.

“Black women have to explain our humanity to Black men and White women far too often. I’m tired,” Lemieux tweeted on Monday.

Sometime Tuesday, #blackpowerisforblackmen, a powerful, digital lesson on black male privilege and how it affects the lives of black women, was born.

Tweets came at break-neck speed, from established feminist writers and casual Tweeters alike, sprouting lived experiences and cultural observances that varied in topic from street harassment to Beyoncé.

Some of the most illustrative tweets:

  • Nzgirl

    waits for all the guys that don’t get it to weigh in because they can’t put the breaks on to listen first,

  • omfg

    i liked this. better than the counterpart that was posted the other day.

    and, it’s all true.

  • MimiLuvs

    I understand.
    But, I also know that this article will make this comment section turn into Wanda from “In Living Color”.
    And ugly like one of those ugly wrists that Ray Charles use to feel up.

  • MommieDearest

    Love this. IMO, the most powerful tweets listed came from Zellie:

    “…because black on black violence never includes sexual violence against women.”

    and Neal Carter:

    “…becuase “history” will talk about Barack Obama being the first, and fail to mention Shirley Chisolm.”

    I find it encouraging that these tweets came from black men. #thereshopeafterall

  • http://gravatar.com/jamesfrmphilly jamesfrmphilly

    divide and conquer, in full effect……

  • http://gravatar.com/moudou moudou

    Truly cathartic and could be the start of some real progress. Here’s hoping.

  • Ash

    So many black men on twitter automatically assumed it was Black male bashing. Why can’t we have a conversation about things that can be better in the black community? Especially without being called angry or “ugly Lesbians” (yes some went there).

    From my own life, the most militant black men have been the most sexist ones. Not letting me speak, berating me in public, and supporting traditional roles only. Some of them would tell me why I shouldn’t date a white boy but it was okay for them to date a white woman? Yeah wrap your mind around that one!

    I think a constructive conversation about ways in which we both can improve is healthy. It shouldn’t turn into the oppression Olympics i.e. trying to figure out who had it worse. Those conversations gets us nowhere.

  • Shanti

    Reading truly makes my heart leap!!! It’s time to start talking about make privilege in the black community. Long overdue. I’m smiling so hard right now.

  • bob

    Black men are already the lowest in society , yes we are so privileged. Thats why black women are more educated, have access to more scholarships, and aid. Thats why we are the most incarcerated group in America. I feel that black activist should focus on black women just as much as men , but to make it out that black men are privilidged like their white male counterparts is ridiculous. More access to government assistance. but black men are so privileged. I gave on up on America along time ago as a black man I just understand that everything is going to be harder for me and I dont really mind too much , I like a challege.

  • Shanti

    If that’s all you took away from this article you are a part of the problem. The fact of the matter is we are already divided when only half of the communities issues and concerns are heard. Having this much needed conversation is how we unite and ensure the entire community is advancing.

  • Misha

    I don’t think you seem to understand that the point of discussion was the fact that black women’s voices are getting silenced in all movements that are relevent to them simply because they are either black or a female. No one is trying to say that black males have it easy because we all know that’s not true but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t certain things that you will never experience becasue you aren’t a double minority like black women are.

  • Fifi-Gongon

    I had never heard of Shirley Chisholm. Thanks for the enlightnment;

  • Shanti

    Your points are valid but I guess the simplest way to put it is that while black men aren’t on the same level as white men they do benefit from male privilege and this male privilege in ways results in black women and their unique issues being glossed over and/or ignored. Also, while black men aren’t on the same level as white men intraracial sexism and misogyny exist. So, yes black men have issues and black women appear to be doing better but that does not mean that within the community black men do not assert their male privilege.

  • Brittany

    This!!!!! “#BlackPowerisForBlackMen because black on black violence never includes sexual violence against women.”

  • Tee tee

    oOOOOOOH I thought i was the only one that felt like – whoo!

  • SAA

    Wow, all those tweets gave me chills…it’s a shame so many men will take issue to this om T-Minus 3, 2, GO….

  • Shanti

    My comment was a reply to Bob. Not sure why it didn’t post in the right place.

  • Miakoda

    He is apart of the problem. He blames girls/women for getting street harassed and not the boys/men who do the harassing.

  • Deal-n-Truth

    Yep, and they’re just too blind to see it because they think that they have started open and honest dialogue about what ails us a community. This mess didn’t just start, it’s been ongoing for centuries due to their religious indoctrination and conditioning that renders women as subordinate to men. These feminist pseudo-intellectuals are the worst when it comes to black-on-black relations and we have a long way to go because of their ignorance.

  • Angelique212

    I was so proud.

  • Angelique212

    BRANDON M. FRAME @BrandonFrame was also “killin’ it” last night.

    “#blackpowerisforblackmen because you lost sight of the fact that the act of loving a black woman is the most violent resistance possible.”

    “#blackpowerisforblackmen bcuz you forget finding a black woman 2 B beautiful is to realize true beauty in yourself & boldly attest it 2 all”

    “#blackpowerisforblackmen because we are raised and socialized to believe that women and girls are not equal to men and boys.”

    “#blackpowerisforblackmen because you don’t love her hair yet it is the very hair that grows out of your own head.”

  • Kaeli

    I am struggling to understand the point you are making. I assume that when you say minority you are talking about numbers and population. That might very well be a fact but we have to take into consideration the power men have worldwide. So globally men might be the minority but women, globally, are in a subordinate position. Rape as a tool of war, infanticide, female genital mutilation, child brides, forced illiteracy, etc. Women suffer from these issues simply for being women even while according to you out numbering men.

  • LemonNLime

    Yea, a global minority that holds the reigns of politics, religion, economics, education, business, agriculture, medicine…need I go on?

    If you are looking for a sympathy vote, you’ll get none.

  • bob

    black men aint nothing. like I said women voices should be heard more when injustices happen to black women more people in the black community should collectively feel the need to come to their aid. black women have it hard too. they have alot of advantages being a women but downfalls too.

  • http://gravatar.com/tellmesumtingood TajMarie

    Yes, she was the first Black Person to run for U.S. president.

  • http://gravatar.com/tellmesumtingood TajMarie

    Black people are not the minority globally. White people are as they make up less than 5% of the World population.

  • Kaeli

    Those are the privileges that matter, huh? Domestic violence, sexual violence and feeling secure and safe in your person matter more to me than being able to get a loan. The fact of the matter is you choose not to get it. Your arguments sounds like the BS you get from white people when you try to tell them about white privilege or racism.

    1. I don’t benefit from white privilege because I grew up poor = I don’t benefit from male privilege because black men are profiled and incarcerated more.

    2. White privilege?!?!?! What about affirmative action and reverse racism = male privilege?!?!!?! Black women are doing better educationally and women out number men.

    3. Talking about racism makes you the real racist = talking about sexism in the black community is dividing the black community. You clearly hate black men.

  • http://gravatar.com/jamesfrmphilly jamesfrmphilly

    when black women have been convinced that black men are the enemy the white man has won……

  • http://gravatar.com/tellmesumtingood TajMarie

    I would like to add a couple that I think is important:

    #blackpowerisforblackmen because Black women are blamed for all of the problems in the Black Community and acting as a cohort in holding Black Men down although Black Men hold most of the positions of power such as in the Church, local governments, school systems as the principle, and black organizations such as the NAACP and Urban League — as no one wants to called them out.

    #blackpowerisforblackmen because whenever the issue of “single motherhood” comes up, some Black Men want to blame women for making poor choices for men, but in the same breath want to blame women for having high standards leading to them being single in their 30s and beyond.

  • LemonNLime

    Did you even read any of these?

    “#blackpowerisforblackmen when BM who claim to be modern-day black activists have NO clue what issues BW face and aren’t trying to learn”

    “Because I am expected to march for oppressed BM victims while ignoring my own victimization and BW victims #blackpowerisforblackmen”

    You are just irritating.

  • areyouserioustho

    #blackmaleprivilege is a BM feeling he has the right to comment and have the last word on a blog catering to, for, and by BW without constructive criticism

  • Z

    BM aren’t doing all that much to dissuade that idea.

  • Elle

    you. just. don’t. get. it.
    All we want is reciprocity.

  • Misha


    Oh yeah because us black women have the privilage of being called rude,bitter, hoes, welfare queens and other derogatory terms. We also have the privilage of being blamed for the current state of the black community. Are those the privilages you’re refering to?

  • http://gravatar.com/rastaman1967 rastaman

    There is no question we live in a patriarchy but we also live in a racist society and anyone who thinks black men are somehow an obstacle to their progress need to really open their eyes. It is tough being a woman in America and its doubly tough being a woman of color but being a black man is like being in a 24-7 Hunger Game.

  • KC

    so essentially you’re saying just ignore all of the harm done to black women by some black men…because addressing it means the white man has successfully divided us?

  • stef

    i have no problem with this hashtag, it simple truth the black power movement was always been very patriarchal just as the feminism movement is controlled and dictated by white women.

    But the hashtag with obama being the first and fail to mention Shirley Chisholm has zero to do with black men and every thing to do with people lack of knowledge of their history.

    For me personally Shirley Chisholm will always be a bigger hero for me then Obama,

  • KC

    YES! that black on black violence tweet was EVERYTHING.

  • Kaeli

    Why does it have to be a game of whose more oppressed? It isn’t. I don’t think many black women would argue that being a black man is a cake walk. Realistically that isn’t even the point. Benefiting from or asserting male privilege does not mean that black men don’t have real issues. The point is very simply that often the issues that black men face primarily are passed off as black issue and the reverse isn’t done for black women. Can we agree that although being a black man is hard, there is intraracial sexism that is often not discussed? Can we agree that black men can be very sexist against black women creating issues that black men don’t have?

  • Asia

    And the point….you missed it!

  • Asia

    This was a joke right?

    And pseudo intellectual to boot.

  • Anonin

    As far as I can tell any male especially black or white can be an ‘enemy’. Not here for it. Don’t care.

  • MimiLuvs

    And this is what I was referring to…
    Here on Clutch (I hate to admit that, by the way), we slip into the game of “Oppression Olympics” with the most common theme:

    Who have it worse? Black men or Black women?
    Also, why does it appear to be so hard for men (well the men that are regulars on here) acknowledge that there is a privilege there.
    Is it a case of mixed communication signals?
    Is it a case of not understanding what that privilege is?
    There are many, many, many, many cases of it in Clutch’s comment sections. Here’s a hint: look at any Clutch article that focuses on single motherhood, parenthood techniques, about some teen that is involved with illegal activity, any romance article, any article about love, any article about weight, etc.
    Reading the messages of confusion reminds me of the sh*t that I read from the 2520 feminists, when it comes to addressing the plights that affects minorities. It’s the same dismissive attitude.

  • GlowBelle

    It’s so refreshing to read this and I’m always glad when I see that Twitter is being used proactively!! Also I’m glad Shirley Chisholm was mentioned in these conversations, she’s one of my heroes and it makes me mad that people forget about her. She was the first, always will be.

    You can’t start progress without pointing out faults and this is a pill that needs to be swallowed. I don’t call this hating, this is constructive criticism, and it was nice to hear that some Black men got the message and aided positively to the conversation. That right there is hope that we can resolve issues in the Black community if we both begin to see both sides of the story. There are so many more who need to learn to check their privilege and be silent, just stop talking for a change and listen to what Black women have to say. I bet these guys wouldn’t tell their mothers and grandmas to shut up and treat them like they were wastes of space…Still there will always be some Black men, and men in general, out there who don’t have your best interest and trying to make them see the light when they are so far down the dark tunnel is not worth the energy, IMO.

  • Kaeli

    Let us agree that black men face very real economic issues in America. We agree 100% on that point. Now let’s talk about sexism in the black community. Can you agree with me that the intrarracial violence and oppression that black women experience is often not discussed and when black women try to bring it up they are accused of dividing the community and/or hating black men? Can we agree that intraracial sexism and misogyny is a unique issue faced by black women and black men are the culprits and do not face these issues? If we can agree on those two points then we will agree on the premise of this article.

  • GG

    This is so beautiful lovely statements! Also, if anyone needs a example of black male privilege look at this blog! It stays with men commenting on it daily without listening and taking note of what we think.

  • http://roslynhardyholcomb.com roslynholcomb

    And she wasn’t supported by black men OR white women. Sound familiar?

  • http://gravatar.com/tellmesumtingood TajMarie


    …neither was Carol Moseley Braun.

  • http://twitter.com/cbmts cbmts (@cbmts)

    maybe, just maybe, we shouldn’t be using black and privilege in the same sentence. there’s nothing in these tweets i can actually say they’re real privileges: take them away and it’ll make absolutely no difference in the life of these “privileged” individuals. the challenges faced by black women are real, just like those faced by black men and we need to stop trying to rate things.

  • vintage3000

    And guess who a LOT of BM take out their anger on because they are so frustrated with being oppressed…

  • Shanti

    Well if you can agree with that then you understand what the tweets are about and why black women find the so refreshing. Finally, the intersectional experience of black women is being addressed as it relates to the black community. The fact of the matter is black women understand the racism black me face because it is shared but because it isn’t shared black men ignore how sexism hurts black women and the community.

  • vintage3000

    I watched a video a few weeks ago about a young Black woman who shot and killed an older Black man who physically assaulted her after she ignored his advances. The kicker—there were two Black males (I won’t call them men) who stood by and watched her being attacked, and they did nothing to help her. She showed him her rifle, warned him to back off and he continued to try and attack her. After she blasted him, the old dude’s family was all ‘she didn’t have to do all that, he was just being playful, why she have to go and kill him’. For me it symbolized the rampant misogyny in our communities: turn a blind eye to a Black woman being verbally and physically assaulted, and when she defends herself and retailates SHE becomes the villain who is keeping a brotha down, etc.

    I’m glad this has become a social movement, it’s about damn time.

  • vintage3000

    Black men like the usual suspects in this thread know EXACTLY how dense they are being. They are like children who stick fingers in their ears and “lalalalalalalalala” while the adults are trying to get them to behave. Meanwhile they remain on a blog geared for women, instead of staying on blacktail.com where they belong.

  • http://gravatar.com/jamesfrmphilly jamesfrmphilly

    any harm done to black women from whatever source needs to be stopped.

    as black men our role is to protect and support our sisters. when we fail at that we fail as men. any black man who hurts a sister needs to be checked. forcefully. and I have done that in my day.

    one of the great strategies of white power is divide and conquer. male v female. young v old. light v dark. fat v thin. i know you can see this.

    when black women take the attitude that black men ‘in general’ are the enemy, the white power system has won.


  • IJusWannaSay…


    They went IN!

    And it’s about time, in fact, it’s been long overdue…

  • Angelique212

    … and she had to fight against and be sold out by her black male peers in Congress. She had a beautiful strength about her… I’m so sorry that she had to feel pain from her brethren.

  • GG

    Yes, black women are often conflicted that’s why it’s so interesting. We don’t quite fit in any spot. Our blackness conflicts with being women we can’t be both. We have to silence our pain for the black cause.

  • chnyere

    Ok I definitely agree with pretty much all the comments that were made on Twitter. But blk power in NOT just for blk man.
    Coming out of Travon Martian situation we should know that blk men don’t have it easier than us ( when it comes to blk empowerment) and I believe that most ppl who stand for blk power want empowerment for both parties. It is the one who don’t who are the issue.
    Basically. this needs to be addressed in another way because this is a bit much.

  • http://2dopesistahs.wordpress.com Da Hype 1

    “What does it mean when the tools of a racist patriarchy are used to examine the fruits of that same patriarchy? It means that only the most narrow perimeters of change are possible and allowable”–Audre Lorde

    As long as black men refuse to recognize the ways in which race and gender, as well as class and sexuality all intersect to inform black women’s experiences with oppression, we will continue to feel marginalized even within our own communities. As Audre Lorde said, “the master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house.” In this case, the tool being utilized is patriarchy, and until black men work toward dismantling patriarchy, along with racism, they will continue to be participants in our oppression.

  • chnyere

    I think you meant male privilege and that is what this conversation should be called because blk power in not just for blk men

  • chnyere

    I know this is an unpopular thought but she didn’t get elected that is why she doesn’t get as much attention as Obama

  • SayWhat

    For the first time ever I wish I was on twitter. I sincerely hope that we don’t lose our momentum. Equality ladies, and if we don’t get it, deuces.

  • Nakia

    I fully and wholeheartedly agree that there is no such thing as Black male privilege (or Black privilege at all)…outside of the community. However, this article is in reference to Black Power (the movement), and so was the twitter topic, and that has historically downplayed women’s issues, as well as our role in the Struggle for equality as black people. Black women ride for black people, period. Male or female. Black men often turn a blind eye to Black women, particularly where black men are the assailants. The point is that Black power should not exclude women and our struggle to be full, free and liberated people, able to participate in the cultivation of a strong people. It is a fact that black male issues are seen as more important and dire, when talking about the fight from within the community, despite the fact that there can be no liberated children without liberated mothers. Black women are often villainized, instead. I also agree with another commenter who said that “black” and “privilege” should be used in the same sentence. The two don’t jive.

  • Nakia

    This, to me , is not about Black feminism and Black male on Back female crime, so to speak. This is about the marginalization of black women’s issues, things suffered by Black women because we are both BLACK AND FEMALE, and their exclusion from “the struggle”. I think some people here are missing the point.

  • CAsweetface

    I don’t quite understand why BeReal and other men on this site don’t seem to fully understand the differences in the male and female experience. The destruction that sexism has reeked on women globally are too vast to illustrate. Stop going back to the black man’s experience, we talk ad nauseum about the plight of the black experience as a collective (and rightfully so) but we are now talking about how black women are abused in more ways than one and expected to get over it with little to no support from black men. Hell, most of the rap songs degrade our worth that its become a desensitized topic.

  • http://gravatar.com/smithdrt Il Taker

    I got theee shivers reading these tweets from both the #solidarity and #blackpower. So much ass kicking going on that damn near exploded from joy. This was a loooooonnnnnngggg time coming. A long time. Let’s keep it up sistrens!!! Our voices will be heard and we will not back down for NO ONE.

  • joe

    “Black women have to explain our humanity to black men and white women far too often. I’m tired.” Why were white men were omitted? Does being a black feminist mean not holding white men accountable? Is Jamilah suggesting that white men understand, appreciate and respect the humanity of black women. Since when? Are white men, the architects and primary beneficiaries of systemic racism, white supremacy and institutional sexism, merely innocent bystanders in all of this? Have their honorable intentions simply been misunderstood? I don’t think so.

  • angel

    Can I just say I love the quote about erykah badu and kim k. Yes.

  • Kaeli

    I think the goal was to highlight the intersection with those two groups. Black women share no -ism with white men so therefore don’t expect them to understand.

  • Kaeli

    You are right. There is no such thing as black male privilege. There is such a thing as male privilege and all men benefit from it. That is like saying that black people can’t benefit from any privileged position or belong to any group that has privilege because of the oppression black people face. That just doesn’t make sense. I am a black woman but I am in a privileged position because I am upper middle class, heterosexual, and thin. This doesn’t mean I don’t face racism and sexism but there are real issues that people in the LGBTQ community face that don’t affect me.

  • Chi

    Black folks are so silly as a group

    They fall for the head fake every single time…with the recent swell of Black solidarity in the midst of the most racist Summer in post-racial American history, here they come with the same old gameplan time and time and time again…

    …divide the Man from the Woman

    With brothers being lynched legally and illegally (no hyperbole, I mean that literally) in America in 2013, a sista would have to be either completely blind or completely unintelligent to cosign the so-called Black male privilege

    The last time I checked, mass incarceration, getting beat and shot while handcuffed, hung from trees, racially profiled, police stopping and frisking Black males on the street without probable cause, and being viewed as a criminal through the media aren’t exactly privileges that anyone wants

    A lot of white Feminist groups don’t respect Black feminists or womanists because they see how they go HARD against Black men while acting soft against the system that oppresses BOTH Black men and women

  • vintage3000


    ps…it doesn’t work when whites try this tactic, so don’t feel bad.

  • Downsouth Transplant

    @ Angie, I am so proud :)

  • Miakoda

    Who let Queen of Newcastle (BeReal) Back onto Clutch?

  • Laura Charles

    I agree. Especially with this:

    “The last time I checked, mass incarceration, getting beat and shot while handcuffed, hung from trees, racially profiled, police stopping and frisking Black males on the street without probable cause, and being viewed as a criminal through the media aren’t exactly privileges that anyone wants”

  • Laura Charles

    “But blk power in NOT just for blk man. Coming out of Travon Martian situation we should know that blk men don’t have it easier than us ( when it comes to blk empowerment) and I believe that most ppl who stand for blk power want empowerment for both parties.”

    Exactly. I don’t know why you got so many thumbs down. As I stated in a previous post, race outweighs gender. This is divisive behavior and while YES, there are plenty of issues between black men and black women…mostly with respect, the idea that one has it easier than the other is ridiculous.

    Even worse, the idea that black power is for black men. Saying that belittles the every day struggles AND progress of black women. We are not powerless. We make strides every single day with our voices, intelligence and presence. These women have lumped all black men together in a way that we would be outraged if the shoe was on the other foot.

    I agree with most of these tweets, however, the hashtag being used does not fit the cause. Misguided at best.

  • Margery

    Sis that was good!!!! Letting this point marinate like green tomatoes in lemon juice and cayenne pepper.

  • joe

    I hadn’t considered that. I hope you are right. And I also hope this discussion doesn’t degenerate into the all-too-familiar orgy of black on black hate speech.

  • Z

    Are BM black women’s enemy? They certainly aren’t an ally. Allies don’t act the way many BM have acted toward BW?

  • Josh

    It is simple. When you admit that you can also be an oppressor, you have to give up the comfort of being the righteous victim. Now you have to split your emotional/mental energy between being accountable and fighting for your justice. Also you develop that little feeling that some of your oppression might be deserved in the same what we feel less bad about “bad” people that are legitimately exploited.

    Essentially, you lose the one comfort of being a victim, feeling self-righteous.

  • we gotta wake up

    The funny part is that you got a thumbs down but nobody can refute this. A black man was hung from a tree in NJ. So I guess black women are right. They dont have the “privilege” of swinging from a tree in 2013.

  • Josh

    To be honest, it took me several years after getting serious about thinking about white privilege before I opened my eyes my black male privilege. Even while attending a small extremely liberal school, it look several years for the hypocrisies and inconsistencies to be visible.

    While this is not an excuse, it is very easy to focus so hard on dismantling what is keeping you down that you forget that you are maintaining a system that is keeping someone else down. Plus once you admit that you can be an oppressor, you can no longer enjoy imaging yourself as the righteous victim raging against the system.

    I think most black men are not out to actively and consciously silence black women. We just become selfishly absorbed with becoming equals to white men that we close our eyes to the fact that we are plowing through BW to get there.

    I’ll do my part by pointing out BM privilege among my male friends. But to be honest, sometimes I feel selfish or even bitter(usually in this case about racism), so I don’t point out BM privilege when it will cost me too much. I still have to work on building the moral/emotional/mental fortitude to do what is right when it is really inconvenient/costly or I am bitter/insecure. I know that sounds evil, but that’s where a lot of us are. But I think the more we talk about it, the more men will feel like they will be held accountable for their sexism.

    (Also please don’t let those two BM raging here color your sense of the reactions of most BM. Like with all things, the crazies always stick their heads out first)

  • http://gravatar.com/nolakiss16 binks

    I don’t know what is happening but suddenly people are finally “getting it” and becoming aware, it looks like the chickens are finally coming home to roost. By birth, black women/girls are in a tough spot of a rock and a hard place with facing sexism and racism externally and internally. It sad because we have to make our voices EXTRA LOUD to be heard from all sides. Black women are hard to find a true ally to help resolve and bright to light our issues without it getting lost in the blame game or it getting shuttle into someone’s else issues while our narrative gets lost along the way.

  • Phillygurl

    Excuse, don’t white feminists and womanists go hard on white men, who give a hoot what they think. Black women march through the streets for black men and their issues of injustice, where is the reciprocation. I won’t even begin to discuss the levels of molestation of young black girls or the the amount of statutory rape in the black community, that everyone, even other black women turn a blind eye to.

  • Phillygurl

    Black women always fight for their sons, how many men fight for their daughters.

  • The Other Jess

    I actually get what you’re saying JamesFromPhilly, but the problem is that black MEN took the attitude that black WOMEN are the enemy first.

    The colorist, intra-racist, and misogynistic actions of the common Black MAN and the Black MAN in Hip Hop has caused a huge rift in relations between the genders, and re-kickstarted the white power system into winning mode..

  • RJ

    If those people represent the black intelligencia, annihilation isn’t far behind. Who has the presence of mind to drop their own personal pain and realize this the race isn’t on par with any or our counterparts worldwide, before they get involved in figgin gender equality battles?

  • 9Boots

    Black men have been the greatest oppressor of black women for the last 50 years. They dont want to get married and be the protectors of their wives nor children. It is a shame. NO MORE MULING FOR BLACK MEN!!!!! They are not our allies, you have chosen to be our ENEMIES. Black men only come around for sex. They refuse to marry and you have to practically hold a gun to their heads to raise THEIR children. They are nothing but sexmongers. NEVER looking for a wife. These black men want you to die for them and you ain’t even married to them. Despitefully using black women again and again.
    Black men don’t lift a finger to make life a blessing for black women. Instead they get in the way and add load us with impossible burdens. But those days are coming to an end. Black women and girls are 6% of the female population and we have the highest homicide rate among women. White women are 35% of the population! Thank you black men. Black women and girls have the highest incidents of sexual abuse. Thank you black men. We are the poorest because we do not combine our wealth with a spouse and are the primary care takers of children since black men are not around. Single black women have a negative $5 net worth.

  • Tee tee

    The general attitude (from black men and male identified women) is that all the blacks are men. And you know all the women are white…

    That’s why this #solidarityisfirwhitewomen and the #blackpowerisforblackmen is so ironic to many.
    Shoot that book was written years and years ago (almost 40) and still nothing changed. Only now many more black women are waking to it and seeking to bother only with those who prove alliance to them and mean her well.

    At the end of the day, one sided loyalty is for suckers like some smart woman said, and and lastly selflessness tends to do more harm than good when RECIPROCITY is left out of the equation. This is what’s been going down in the bc for eons. Now only, as bw start to focus on self and healing and growth. Comments like this attempt to panel beat her across the head.

    BW can’t even mention racism and sexism she uniquely faces without being told to shut the feck up by white women and black men alike. Still irony galore. Teachable moments.

  • Tee tee

    la la la lalalala
    Like that song – yep!

  • Tee tee

    And then shut up about race when it comes to womanhood – we are all one you know #eyeroll

  • Chi

    I see how people quickly forgot about Black men standing up for women like Eleanor Bumpers, Tawana Brawley, the sista who supposedly lied about getting raped by the Duke lacrosse team, and a host of other Black females who made the news about violence done to them

    Tawana Brawley has to PAY her accuser for supposedly lying about being rape…meanwhile, Paula Deen had WON the discrimination suit when she’d admitted to calling Black folks n*ggers with fantasies of dressing them up like slaves

    I’m not gonna touch on how Black men (allegedly) broke Assata Shakur out of prison…but Black feminists/womanists conveniently forget about that

    Black feminists/womanists are so quick to fight against Black men, but RARELY say anything about white supremacy and the structure that oppresses Black men AND women on the regular basis

    Instead, they rather focus their attention on thirsty negroes who try to holla at them on the street…pure comedy

    It’s the crab in the bucket syndrome, and the unguided spews are just as worse as misogyny

    Black feminists/womanists are a laughing stock because there’s no REAL agenda…bad mouthing Black men to stop the oppression of Black women is like blowing up a house to catch a few mice…they’re scared to fight the system because they know their movement will get shut down with the quickness

    It’s easy to fight the men who are oppressed as they, all in the name of penis envy because that’s what all this is about

    Black feminists/womanists don’t want REAL change…point blank

  • Brad

    It is always odd when someone makes these kinds of generalities on a black web site or blog because so many of the readers know it to be just that a wild generality.

    The spirit of the tweets were spot on I think. That was one thing I picked up being in a majority black environment such as a black college. If you are more or less able to remove most of the daily racism from an environment, it is easier to recognize the other isms such as sexism.

  • http://gravatar.com/everclyde JoeClyde

    Shut your hysterical troll dumbazz up.

  • Annoyed

    Black men do not defend a black woman who is attacked in any way by another black man. Tawana Brawley? Really? You need to sit down.

  • Brad

    Maybe there has not been any recent nation campaigns or anything. But, I can promise you that there has been many a black man in individual cases fighting and defending black woman from other blak men.

    The sad thing is that, this happens so very much because some black man has disrespected another black mans woman, daughter, friend, or what ever.

  • Chi

    I beg your pardon…

    A lot of Black men had criticized infamous high school basketball star, Tony Farmer, for cowardly beating his girlfriend (who is Black), and therefore foolishly throwing his life away by getting sentenced to 3 years behind bars

    The generalities in this thread is hilarious

    Anyway…carry on

  • And Another Thing

    Yea sis, as if I give a damn about the few pathetic examples of black men seemingly coming to black women’s defense. Historically, black women have been I don’t give a damn whether you realize this or not. But when I walk on the streets, it’s not white men who hoop and holler at me or call me “Ay” or talk about the things they want to do with my body. It’s not Hispanic men that do this nor Asian men. It’s black men.

    No other black men came to my defense when another black man ran up on me and grabbed my arm (HE DIDN’T KNOW ME) and harassed me for a damn smile and number. No other black men say anything when other black men are on the street grabbing on women and demeaning them. I was walking in the mall and two young black men were filming mine and my best friend’s butts. NOBODY said anything! We didn’t even realize until later when we just so happen to find out, then they went around filming other black women. Not white women. Not hispanic women. Black women. But I guess I should be glad they didn’t want lightskin or white women huh?

    Fuck all the people who don’t want to own up to the fact that black men are for the most part aren’t down for us like that. There may be a few here and there speaking on the issues, but nobody speaks loudly for us. We have Trayvon Martin and Rodney King rallies. What about rallies for the incest, sexual harassment, and abuse that goes on in the black community by Uncle Ray Ray and them?

  • Brad

    I is unfortunate that you had to go through those things in the mall and etc. But, where I live and where I have lived there have been no shortage of black men that would have come to your defense.

    I can’t speak for every body and every where and but, I can speak on instances of things similar to what you describe happening. In those instances black men, young black men put a stop to it.

    Maybe this was due to it being a college town, and we were college students who knew the young woman. But, the black men I know and the black men I am around defend black woman all the time and these are not woman necessarily related to us.

    That’s just my experience anyway.

    You are right about the “rallies for the incest, sexual harassment”, that would be good to see.

    I think there has been progress when it comes to black children, often black female teens or children going missing. You have a lot of “black male” lead radio and or local media putting the public on alert. I think that if a tide has been slowly turned in that regard so can others.

  • Z

    Wow criticized. I’m sure they gave Farmer a good tongue lashing. It really is the equivalent of what happened with Tawana Bradley or the Duke Lacrosse team. Let’s not forget about all those who came to support him at his sentencing trial to plead for a lighter sentence. Overall BM often do not take violence against BW perpetrated by other BM as seriously as they do that which is perpetrated by WM.

  • Chi

    Students and community leaders DID hold a rally in Chicago for Hadiya Pendleton, the 15-year old Chicago girl who was shot and killed earlier this year

    Black men showed support for a young Black female who died from senseless gun violence

    Just like when Black male celebrities and non-celebrities alike had donated money and supported The Girl-X fund, a 10-year old girl who was infamously assaulted in the late-90s

    Oh…ya’ll forgot about that, huh?

    Once again, you conveniently have amnesia to try to support your claim of Black men not rallying for Black women

    It’s sad

  • http://gravatar.com/everclyde SingleGuy

    “Black women have to explain our humanity to Black men and White women far too often. I’m tired,” Lemieux tweeted on Monday.

    Are you implying that White men automatically understand Black women?

  • http://gravatar.com/everclyde SingleGuy

    More excuses for Black women never challenging White men on any issue but feel free to Bash Black men.

  • Southpaw

    The one thing that will solve a lot of problems black women complain about is what they are most afraid of: Patriarchy.

  • Chi

    Black women are afraid to fight the white man, but have no problems with scrappin’ against the Black man

  • Z

    The topic is not addressed to or about white men. So asking that question is really an attempt at redirection and misses the point entirely.

    The point is that black women should have a sense of commonality among white women (and other women regardless of race) due to gender. We also should have a commonality black men due to race. What BW are saying with #solidarityisforwhitewomen and #blackpowerisforblackmen is that that commonality and understanding is often ignored or not reciprocated among WW and BM. This is about intersectionality. Therefore asking about WM in this discussion is irrelevant.

  • http://gravatar.com/everclyde SingleGuy

    I get what you are saying on it’s merit. But it is pretty glaring to see that the majority of the Black women saying these tweets. They seem to equally promote Interracial dating for Black women as well. So can you honestly separate the message from the messenger? I don’t think so. You have to look at the big picture.

    If a Black man spent all of this time promoting White women and Black men dating white women. Then the next day state issues Black men have with Black women. Then equally says that White men and Black women don’t understand Black men.

    What would you think he was implying?

  • Chi

    Someone had commented earlier that Black men are supposedly carrying out white supremacy, or their attack on Black women is the by-product of the system

    If that’s true, then attack the source as well

    THAT’S why I say Black women are afraid to attack the white man considering that supposedly the male negro had learned from massa

  • Z

    @SingleGuy, Black men are already doing that- check out YouTube sometime. You tell me, what do you think they’re implying?

  • Ori

    This is the realest comment in this whole thread. everyone else can pack it up.

  • joe

    I also have a real problem with this statement. White men have done absolutely nothing over the past 400 years to suggest that they have any respect for the humanity of black women. There is a belief among many brothers that black feminists are completely unwilling to confront White Male Supremacy and its role in the global oppression and exploitation of women of color. When Adrien Brody sexually assaulted Halle Berry at the Academy Awards black feminists were completely silent. Why was he given a pass? Is it because deep down black feminists desire white men? Is White Male Validation the driving force behind the Black Feminist Movement? The truth is many black feminists hate black men. At the same time they have put white men on a pedestal. My question is what exactly have white men EVER done to earn this lofty position?

  • Kaeli

    I’m struggling to understand how the conversation turned to one on white men. That is called DERAILING. The fact of the matter is very very clear but instead of using sense, there are people who find it easier to turn the conversation.

    “Black women have to explain our humanity to Black men and White women far too often. I’m tired.”

    Now instead of discussing the two groups mentioned the opposition are derailing by bringing in a third group…white men.

    The point of the statement is very very clear. Black women are in the peculiar position to be affected by both racism and sexism. Over the years we have had trouble speaking openly on our unique issues to both black men and white women. Both of these groups dominate the conversation on racism and sexism. White men are not in this conversation because BLACK WOMEN DO NOT SHARE ANY OPPRESSION WITH WHITE MEN.

    Please stop derailing the conversation with questions that anyone with common sense would be able to understand. The derailing is showing your defensiveness and lack of desire to listen and learn.

  • Kaeli

    You’re confused. Patriarchy my friend is what has created the problem. The one thing that will solve a lot of problems black men and other groups are most afraid of…EQUALITY.

  • thetruth

    Black feminists are the ones who promote and perpetuate this stupid gender war between black men and women so they can participate in the Oppression Olympics.

  • really…?

    If only these people knew how irrelevant the average White male’s opinion was to the average Black woman…

    This is like when you got in trouble for doing something at school and you would say “Well so and so did it too” and your mom would say “Well I expected better from you.”

    Why are some Black men always so intent on bringing White men into conversations that have absolutely nothing to do with White men?

  • joe

    @Kaeli. Derailing? White men have spent 400 years demonstrating their utter disregard for the humanity of black women. If Jamilah Lemeiux actually believes that white men have some insight into the suffering of black women then it is extremely relevant. It would mean she has absolutely no credibility on this issue. Black men have the highest rate incarceration, unemployment and death by homicide. We are universally feared and despised yet we somehow exert male privilege over black women. Really? Black feminists are simply unwilling to challenge white male patriarchy because they know that is a battle they can’t win. So they attack black men. Because it’s easy.

  • really…?

    Just like how Black people promote racism because they keep bringing it up…?

    It funny how when the opportunity presents itself its so easy to become the indifferent ignorant one. I guess humans are more alike than I once thought.

  • Have you lost your mind?!?!

    “White men are not in this conversation because BLACK WOMEN DO NOT SHARE ANY OPPRESSION WITH WHITE MEN.”

    Are black men constantly depicting black women as undesirable, violent, beastly savages in the media that we own and control?

    Did a black police officer kick an 8 month pregnant black woman in the stomach with no recourse recently?

    Did a black police officer leave a black woman moaning in agony on a cold jail cell floor for 12 hours until she died from easily treatable blood clots?

    Did a black police officer choke out and slam a 16 year old black girl’s face into the windshield for truancy?

    Did a black man spit in a black woman’s face and call her a n*gger while white men stood by and did nothing?

    Did a black man slam the door in a black woman’s face when she pleaded for help and watch her children drown during Hurricane Sandy?

    Did black men herd black women and children into the Superdome like diseased cattle and hold them off at gunpoint while they cherry-picked white women and children out of the masses with their boats?

    I could proceed ad infinitum with examples, but I’m sure you get the point. These are all things that WHITE MEN did to black women and children. And in the instances where white men were present to help, they did NOTHING.

    I realize that the previous comment was a derailment from the original point of this piece, but don’t ever make a reckless, irresponsible, ignorant, and foolish statement about the way white men have treated and continue to treat black women.

  • CanV

    Is BeReal a woman? If so she is an embarrassment to Black womanhood. She is shuffling for Black men ain’t she?

  • 9Boots

    The facts don’t lie. Black women have been murdered, raped, and beaten by black men for decades with no recourse. Do you know what misogyny is? Apparently not. It is the hatred or dislike of women or girls. Misogyny can be manifested in numerous ways, including sexual discrimination, denigration of women, violence against women, and sexual objectification of women. Now wear your title black MISOGYNISTS. Since the beginning of time all men of all nations and tribes understood it is THEIR responsibility to provide food, shelter, protection, train their sons, and GO TO WAR if need be. Black men keep shuckin their responsibility because they are too busy crying about the white man. Ain’t nothing changed black men, if you are still men, you are responsible for the above actions regardless of the circumstance. Stop relying on women to fight men’s battles! Man UP! Stop deflecting by talking about white men. For the last 50 years it is not white men that have been having sex with black women and refusing to marry them. It has not been white men that have been producing children with black women and running away from their children like they are the plague. White men don’t ask us black women to march for them every other damn day.

    Notice how they refuse to shed tears over black women. Notice how they refuse to lift the burdens off of our backs. Notice how they always want you to march for them but there is never a march by black men for the better treatment of black women. They refuse to rally together and have a common goal to man up and get a wife. To return to the millions of sons and daughters they have abandoned. See how they won’t even use one brain cell to think about how to help us. See how they won’t use one heart beat of theirs to get angry enough to make THEM WANT TO DO SOMETHING TO PROTECT US! They are not men, men instinctively know to STAND UP & FIGHT FOR THEIR WOMEN. Tell me this, why is it that my grandfather never acted like these evil, selfish, cowardly boys? My grandfather had 14 CHILDREN! He never once abandoned them and he stayed MARRIED to my grandmother for 40 YEARS until she passed and he never remarried. My father has 3 children that he has not abandoned and has been MARRIED to our mother for 44 YEARS! Both of these black men have lived through racism and feminism and REFUSED to behave like these “FAUX MEN”! They need to get some CHARACTER & CONVICTION and stop blaming everybody for their selfishness. They CHOOSE TO BEHAVE THIS WAY, NO ONE IS FORCING THEM. Now maybe these users need to start talking to REAL MEN like my FATHER.

    Since black men do not like black women they need to stop having sex with black women. It is funny how they say black women are the problem with the “I don’t need a man statement”. This statement came about from us being abandoned over and over and over again by black men. It is a method of self defense, we say it because black men are practically never looking for a wife. Black men have been refusing to work, marry, and raise their children for 50 years now. They only look for sex and then turn around and blame black women for the results. They say to black women,
    it is your fault I don’t have a job,
    it’s your fault you chose to have sex with us,
    it’s your fault I impregnated you,
    it’s your fault I am abandoning my child,
    it is your fault that you and your children are poor,
    it is your fault the young boys turn into thugs,
    it’s your fault you have the highest female homicide rate
    it’s your fault you have the highest incidences of sexual abuse among women
    it is your fault I cant find a woman to marry but I will have sex with you though.
    Thus the cycle continues over and over again. Do you see how their desire to only have sex ruins the community? They do not want to be men that actually love. Since black men don’t want to be employed, husbands, and fathers they need to LEAVE BLACK WOMEN THE HELL ALONE and stop coming to them for SEX. They can’t have their cake and eat it too. ” For from within, out of the heart of men, proceed the evil thoughts, fornications, thefts, murders, adulteries, deeds of coveting and wickedness, as well as deceit, sensuality, envy, slander, pride and foolishness. All these evil things proceed from within and defile the man” Mark 7:21-23 Jesus Christ

    Evil chooses to be evil.


    Unless some demon, or alien forces these black men to unzip their pants, kidnaps them from their children, forces them to murder, rape, and beat, black women, THESE BLACK MISOGYNISTS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR BEHAVIOR.

    You misogynists need counseling in the following areas:
    1. stop being liars and admit you treat black women like dirt
    2. stop blaming white men and black women for your behavior
    3. black women do not exist for the sole purpose of sex and your fight against the white man
    4. you should be looking for a wife instead of a harem
    5. get some self control and keep your zippers up until you get married
    6. do not abandon your children
    7. you are responsible for providing, food, clothing, and shelter
    8. stop raping and sexually abusing women and girls
    9. stop physically abusing women and girls
    10.stop murdering black women and girls
    11. stop promoting misogyny

    Black women were brainwashed into being loyal to black men because they cried and begged and said “we can’t fight the white men alone it is too hard.”. We have practically laid down on the street to elevate the height of black men by trying to make things easier for them because we understood racism and classism was holding them and us back. Unfortunately many black women sold their souls throwing out all standards and expectations of what manhood is and the requirements of how men should behave. However, we are now tearing down the false god (black misogynist men) and are awakening. Instead of being appreciative they only walk all over you day in and day out. It is time to cut your losses. As you can see all they want is sex, they refuse to marry you and they want to save money by refusing to take care of their children. Stop giving your bodies to unappreciative, selfish cowards. No marriage no sex. The solution is for black women to stop having sex with these misogynists. Wait till you are married to have sex this way your body will not be used by them. Do not live with them unless you have married him. Stop tying up your finances with men you are not married to. Do not spend your money purchasing rap and R&B music (because they promote misogyny and the R&B singers are never married because they are players), black movies (because the same misogynists are in them, go to the Red Box), their books, and clothing & accessories. Only deal with men that are looking for a wife. First make sure the man understands his role as a man. He must love, work, protect,and be willing to die for wife and children. A common lie stated by these single black misogynists is ” I can’t find a good black woman”. It’s a typical lie used to try and justify their constant search for new sex partners.

    Black women, if you love yourselves, you will need to take a stand.

    p.s. These black misogynists think their pimp game is strong. They think you do not have the ability to cut them loose. Now prove them wrong

  • DiasporaUK

    Any negro, be they male or female, whose words incite incite black on black hatred should be treated as a race traitor and should reap what they sow in a harvest of ORGANIZED black on black violence.

    We in the Black Empowerment community (violently) oppose those who put out messages that posit blacks as their own worst enemies, and as being to blame for our condition, while attempting to diminish, deny or omit entirely, the role and history of white racist oppression that is primary factor in blacks exploitation, disempowerment and suffering.


    No white or whitey loving trash is going mention the so called failures of black men, while demanding that we overlook the crimes that WHITE MEN and white women have perpetrated on humanity all over the world.

    You must be outta your effin mind.

    No gonna happen . . . . we’re bringing the WHITE MAN and WHITE WOMAN’S crimes up.

    The genocide against the original inhabitants of what is now called the Americas, the kidnap, forced relocation, enslavement, exploitation and degredation of the African,

    and the ongoing Third World War . . .

    the war against defenseless peoples in the Developing World aka known as the War on Terror, whose primary victims are women and children.

    Got any “twit” on that?


    Bunch of stinking Judas Iscariots chatting white womens anti-black feminism all day and night on white mans anti-black twitter.

    Drone the bastards.

    Bout black male privilege.

  • http://gravatar.com/everclyde SingleGuy


    I think that speaks for itself. So I guess Black women aren’t affected by racism at all then. So claims Black men have about Black women being less threatening must be true as well.


    Exactly my point. If those guys on Youtube started a TT about their problems with Black Women. Should you knowing what they are really about. Honestly listen to anything they have to say? Of Course not. So why should Black men listening to Black women that promote White men? It’s equally as ludacris.

  • http://gravatar.com/everclyde SingleGuy

    Black women brought up White Women. Black women brought up Black men. So fair game is fair game. For you to act so violent in your defense of White men and fall back on “gender roles” now. That the very subject of the role white men have played in the negative image of Black women. I think that speaks for itself.

  • Z

    @SingelGuy the entire statement (that you either ignored or somehow glossed over) was:

    “The point of the statement is very very clear. Black women are in the peculiar position to be affected by both racism and sexism. Over the years we have had trouble speaking openly on our unique issues to both black men and white women. Both of these groups dominate the conversation on racism and sexism. White men are not in this conversation because BLACK WOMEN DO NOT SHARE ANY OPPRESSION WITH WHITE MEN.”

    So she did CLEARLY state that BW are affected by racism.

    Secondly, if you want to dismiss the women who support IR dating as part of the conversation, how do you explain the ones that don’t date IR but also tweeted the hash tag? And please don’t say that they were the minority because they weren’t.

  • Z

    “If Jamilah Lemeiux actually believes that white men have some insight into the suffering of black women then it is extremely relevant.”

    Did Lemeiux actually imply that? Did she bring white men up? Who keeps bringing white men up into the conversation? Derailing.

  • 9Boots

    Thank you for proving my point you deflecting misogynist. You guys refuse to look in the mirror and take responsibility for your CHOICES. Like I stated earlier unless some demon, or alien is forcing these black men to continuously unzip their pants and is forcing them to always be search for a new sex partner (because they are practically never looking for a wife), kidnaps them from their children, forces them to murder, rape, and beat, black women, THESE BLACK MISOGYNISTS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR BEHAVIOR

  • Hollywood

    It is Black men and boys who harass me everyday…

  • Hollywood

    “If those guys on Youtube started a TT about their problems with Black Women.”

    I don’t know what Twitter you use, but it is not short of TT that deride Black women.

  • http://gravatar.com/everclyde SingleGuy


    “Secondly, if you want to dismiss the women who support IR dating as part of the conversation, how do you explain the ones that don’t date IR but also tweeted the hash tag? And please don’t say that they were the minority because they weren’t.”

    Your opinion is that they are in the minority. But over the last couple of years. They seem to be the majority of the ones bashing or excuse me exposing Black men the last couple of years.

    I think it is ridiculous for anyone to expect Black men to listen to a group of women that hate black men and promote White men. As I wouldn’t expect Black women to listen to Black men that behaved the same with with White women.

  • Kaeli

    I am struggling to see where anyone said white men aren’t racist or a problem but that isn’t the point. The conversation is about how black women are treated by black men. I don’t understand why white men are in that conversation. To take the tweet of one person, who didn’t even mention white men, as representative of all those who tweeted just doesn’t make sense. The fact of the matter is the average black women, if harmed by patriarchy and sexism, will be harmed by a black man. Someone she knows. Therefore, it makes sense to “attack” that issue instead of focusing on white men.

    The average black women, if attacked, will be raped, sexual harassed, sexually assaulted, beaten, emotionally abused, verbally abused, or street harassed by a black man. These are all acts of violence perpetuated against women to exert power and reinforced by patriarchy. Men who have higher rates of incarceration, unemployment, and death by homicide are as capable of committing such crimes as men who are not. It appears that you are asking black women to ignore the fact that they are more likely to be harmed by black men simply because black men haven’t been given a fair shake in society. That is ludicrous.

    * Before you go there I will say that black women are more likely to be harmed by black men because they are around more black men.

  • joe

    She stated that black women are tired of explaining their humanity to “black men and white women.” Her exclusion of white men was extremely revealing. She is clearly suggesting that white men have an understanding of the humanity of black women. I don’t know what planet she’s living on. Again, over the past 400 years white men have done NOTHING to suggest they have any respect for black women. Maybe black feminists have developed amnesia. I haven’t.

  • WhatIThink

    Wait hold it. Lets roll back the tape. A white male named Hugo Schwyzer comes out and says blatantly that he was throwing black women under the bus while claiming to support the feminist cause because “they were in the way”. It was his beef with Mikki Kendall that started this whole @blackpowerisforwhitewomen meme. And complicit in this were many of his white female colleagues, which is the most important point. So how on earth do you take this obvious example of how white folks aren’t including black folks in their “ism” movements because they want to see black folks empowered as an excuse to trash black men as if that has anything to do with it.

    That is a very traitorous act and deserves to be called out for what it is.

  • joe

    That one tweet is being focused on because she is the person who initiated this entire discussion. Her exclusion of white men in that tweet spoke volumes. Just because black feminists have put white men on a pedestal doesn’t mean I will.

  • Kaeli

    Well you haven’t disagreed with a word I have said so clearly you have no counter to any of those points. The only leg you have to stand on is your focus on white men (never named). Your inability to disagree with any other points speaks volumes. Hold on to your hatred of white men and be mad that black feminist put them on a pedestal (still don’t have any evidence of this). Everyone else will focus on the ISSUE AT HAND, which is the treatment of black women by black men.

  • Pity Party

    Angry Black women yet again rest their every shortcoming, insecurity and emotional imbalance on the shoulders of Black men who have no desire to be bothered by crazy. Real effective and adult strategy..

    I stopped reading when the original tweeter started bemoaning the fact that unlike 95% of Black women, she can’t seem to land a Black man — all because of white she devil lol.

    Up your came, get a life, and quit ragging on innocent Black men because you can’t compete.

  • And another thing


    I appreciate your comment. But still there’s not enough national advocacy for black women by black men. We know what racism looks like. We see it, we won’t stand for it. Black women and black men.

    But when we tell other black men, hey our “brothas” are sexually harassing us on street corners. Our uncles are molesting us. Where is the outcry by the majority? Not just a few individuals sparking conversation. We rallied behind Emmet Till, Trayvon Martin, and Gena 6. All of us. Now can we all rally behind ending sexual abuse at the hands of other black men in our communities?

    I’m glad you and your cohorts are black men who would stand up for black women. That really brings me joy.

    Because equality does not necessarily mean we’re all the same. It’s an understanding of setbacks and weaknesses that the other may have due to birth or socio-economic status and equalizing the playing field.

    Equality is men recognizing that if a young black girl is being sexually harassed by a group of young black men and cant physically do anything-then to make the playing field even, some men should step in and advocate for her.

  • Simon Templar

    #blackpowerisblackmen because patriarchy is prescribed for what ail Black communities ignoring very fact that misogny and patriarchy destroys communities and kills Black women.

  • Simon Templar

    #blackpowerisblackmen when Black men do not oppose Black male perpetrators in cases like Rowan Village, Dunbar Village, and Genarlow Wilson.

  • Simon Templar

    I hope legions of Sisters on this site calling out sexism of Black men are equally dedicated to calling out rightwing politics of other Black women. If not. Your Bourgeoise feminism resides on same street as Black Patriarchy you abhor in neighborhood of Black Political Class. Without opposition to imperial white supremacist capitalist patriarchy railing against sexism parallels some Black men calling out racism. Class politics are transparent. Like sexist Black men, some Black feminists only a peice of the action. No passes given.

    .…the margin is more than a site of deprivation “it is also the site of radical possibility, a space of resistance…a site one stays in, clings to even, because it nourishes one’s capacity to resist. It offers to one the possibility of radical perspective from which to see and create, to imagine alternatives, new worlds.” Bell Hooks

  • quitevoice1

    Brothas, brothas, brothas…#solidarityisforwhitewomen was a critique of feminism not White women.#blackpowerisforblackmen was a critique of our Black power movements, communal discourse and the general narrative of our culture, not a critique of Black men. Try and see it this way and give it a chance instead of taking it as a personal attack. I would like to critique the media and White male dominated hegemony that has brought about the constant push of my image as a Black jezebel (Monster’s ball) or a mammy (Precious). Hopefully another tag will be made, as it is time to start talking about Viacom, not Hip hop, but Viacom which owns BET and MTV.

    I you think the majority of the sistas involved are coming from the place of holding White men up as the innocent, you are mistaken. There will always be a few nutcases in the bunch, but the majority were not coming from that place.

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