#blackpowerisforblackmen screenshotHot off the heels of #solidarityisforwhitewomen, a fast-trending and attention-grabbing collection of tweets started by Mikka Kendall that highlighted the lack of regard for black women in mainstream feminist circles, there came #blackpowerisforblackmen.

EBONY.com’s News and Lifestyle Editor and former Clutch Daily Editor Jamilah Lemieux extended the criticism to black men.

“Black women have to explain our humanity to Black men and White women far too often. I’m tired,” Lemieux tweeted on Monday.

Sometime Tuesday, #blackpowerisforblackmen, a powerful, digital lesson on black male privilege and how it affects the lives of black women, was born.

Tweets came at break-neck speed, from established feminist writers and casual Tweeters alike, sprouting lived experiences and cultural observances that varied in topic from street harassment to Beyoncé.

Some of the most illustrative tweets:

  • And another thing


    I appreciate your comment. But still there’s not enough national advocacy for black women by black men. We know what racism looks like. We see it, we won’t stand for it. Black women and black men.

    But when we tell other black men, hey our “brothas” are sexually harassing us on street corners. Our uncles are molesting us. Where is the outcry by the majority? Not just a few individuals sparking conversation. We rallied behind Emmet Till, Trayvon Martin, and Gena 6. All of us. Now can we all rally behind ending sexual abuse at the hands of other black men in our communities?

    I’m glad you and your cohorts are black men who would stand up for black women. That really brings me joy.

    Because equality does not necessarily mean we’re all the same. It’s an understanding of setbacks and weaknesses that the other may have due to birth or socio-economic status and equalizing the playing field.

    Equality is men recognizing that if a young black girl is being sexually harassed by a group of young black men and cant physically do anything-then to make the playing field even, some men should step in and advocate for her.

  • Simon Templar

    #blackpowerisblackmen because patriarchy is prescribed for what ail Black communities ignoring very fact that misogny and patriarchy destroys communities and kills Black women.

  • Simon Templar

    #blackpowerisblackmen when Black men do not oppose Black male perpetrators in cases like Rowan Village, Dunbar Village, and Genarlow Wilson.

  • Simon Templar

    I hope legions of Sisters on this site calling out sexism of Black men are equally dedicated to calling out rightwing politics of other Black women. If not. Your Bourgeoise feminism resides on same street as Black Patriarchy you abhor in neighborhood of Black Political Class. Without opposition to imperial white supremacist capitalist patriarchy railing against sexism parallels some Black men calling out racism. Class politics are transparent. Like sexist Black men, some Black feminists only a peice of the action. No passes given.

    .…the margin is more than a site of deprivation “it is also the site of radical possibility, a space of resistance…a site one stays in, clings to even, because it nourishes one’s capacity to resist. It offers to one the possibility of radical perspective from which to see and create, to imagine alternatives, new worlds.” Bell Hooks

  • quitevoice1

    Brothas, brothas, brothas…#solidarityisforwhitewomen was a critique of feminism not White women.#blackpowerisforblackmen was a critique of our Black power movements, communal discourse and the general narrative of our culture, not a critique of Black men. Try and see it this way and give it a chance instead of taking it as a personal attack. I would like to critique the media and White male dominated hegemony that has brought about the constant push of my image as a Black jezebel (Monster’s ball) or a mammy (Precious). Hopefully another tag will be made, as it is time to start talking about Viacom, not Hip hop, but Viacom which owns BET and MTV.

    I you think the majority of the sistas involved are coming from the place of holding White men up as the innocent, you are mistaken. There will always be a few nutcases in the bunch, but the majority were not coming from that place.

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