“Fox and Friends” and The Daily Caller are using the senseless killing of Chris Lane as a chance to chastise black leaders like President Obama and Reverends Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. They claim that Lane’s murder represents a “double standard” by public black figures because they aren’t addressing it to the extent they spoke on Trayvon Martin’s killing.

But there’s one big problem in their analysis. In their rush to make a hypocrisy claim, “Fox and Friends” and The Daily Caller falsely reported that “three black teens,” were arrested for Lane’s killing. One of the teens, however, is clearly a white male.

“The Daily Caller” even ran a photograph replacing the white teen, Michael Jones, with a picture of a dark-skinned black man (below).


When they realized their “error,” “The Daily Caller” issued the following “correction”:

“This, of course, changes everything. Edwards and Luna are being charged with first-degree murder, whereas Jones is charged with “using a vehicle to facilitate the discharge of a weapon and accessory after the fact of murder in the first degree.” There’s your angle, Rev. Al. The one with the lightest skin got the lightest charge. The one who looks the least like Obama will get the least punishment. Let the racebaiting begin.”

Still wrong.

Michael Jones, the oldest of the three who said he “pulled the trigger,” in court, is NOT a light-skinned black man. He is a white male.

But why bother to check the facts when you’re trying to make an argument about race?

It’s deplorable and maddening that these three teenagers killed Chris Lane for “fun” but race doesn’t seem to be a factor in this cold-blooded murder like it was in Trayvon Martin’s case.

But leave it to FOX and “The Daily Caller” to make this situation about race, accuracy be damned.


  • Tara

    Two of the guys are biracial and the other guy has a white girlfriend. The new face of criminals. Biracial/Interracial crime? Now how will they be labeled? The media also never shows that Paula Deen’s accuser is white.

  • [email protected]

    Michael Dewayne Jones did not say he pulled the trigger. He said he did NOT pull the trigger. Look it up, it was misreported.

  • Hoekom Jy My Haat

    All it takes is one drop. He’s black. He lived amongst blacks, he acted black, and he kills like a black. Lets call a spade a spade and admit to the truth.

  • dude

    CLEARLY a white male? I wouldn’t say clearly. Jones’ nose and mouth are nearly interchangeable with Luna’s. He looks dark. If he’s not mixed, I’ll be surprised.

  • dude

    Did Chris Lane physically assault these guys? That would be a little different.

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