I Guess Honoring MLK's Dream Involves Black Men Holding Umbrellas For Rich White Ladies

UsWeekly.com covered yesterday’s Martin Luther King Jr. Let Freedom Ring festivities in Washington, DC, and found a photograph that deftly captured what MLK’s “dream” was all about. Yes, I’m pretty sure that when Martin Luther King Jr. gave his famous “I Have A Dream” speech, there was a paragraph (maybe two!) about the collective unconscious yearning black men everywhere felt to hold umbrellas for rich white women. Here, this unnamed gentleman gets to fulfill his special dream, by holding aloft an umbrella for LeAnn Rimes as she belts out a tune on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Thank you, Us Weekly, for so deftly capturing the civil rights movement’s valiant efforts. [Us Weekly]

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  • Deb

    Pick your battles wisely.

  • Anthony

    The man is holding an umbrella for a performer at the March on Washington Memorial, and you are complaining? Get a life, please!! This one time race should be an issue.

  • Angelique212

    Please let it go. Hopefully this article will not pick up traction.

  • Perspective

    Conservatives would have a field day with this one about RACE BAITING.

    Is it a black man holding an Umbrella for a White woman?

    A man holding an Umbrella for a woman

    A black man holding an umbrella for a white women who is honoring a black man


    “He’s holding an umbrella for a white woman BUT I BET HE WOULDN’T DO IT FOR A BLACK WOMAN!”

    lmao – I had to laugh at that last one.

  • London

    The Butler…that is all.

  • WhatIThink

    Excellent article. Sure, naysayers would say this is superficial and contrived, but that is the point. The ceremony and everything about it was superficial and contrived, just as pretty much everything about the civil rights movement has become superficial and contrived. About as superficial and contrived as having a black president but black folks at their worst point in 50 years. Hey! That is about the same time as the march on Washington. Now how about that?

  • Shannon

    I’m quite confused with this article… US Weekly is simply reporting LeAnn Rimes sang at the ceremony. Umm It’s not like they just found a random picture with a black man in it and decided to stick it in there with MLK stuff, like LOOK AT THIS BLACK MAN WORKING HARD! It’s relevant to the ceremony. Geeze Clutch get it together. Is there nothing else to talk about?

  • The Other Jess

    Naw, if you watched the event, they had various people holding umbrellas over each speaker. There was a Black man (i think probably this same guy) who held the umbrella over Shirley Ceaser, as well as a white woman in a uniform who held an umbrella over Ceaser first, as she was singing. And this same white woman held the umbrella over a bunch of the other speakers, including Al Sharpton.

    When will y’all learn the media is a liar? Some white woman just got mad seeing a white woman continuously holding an umbrella over Black speakers, so they decided to publish this picture. I promise you, there were white women holding umbrellas over Black men and Black women.

  • The Other Jess

    Oh yeah, and a white man held the umbrella over Oprah

  • Entro

    The unnamed man was Bebe Winans He also performed. I may have forgot to mention that

  • No Comment

    Agreed. This article is definitely reaching.

  • Beverly Johnson

    That gesture by Mr. Winans was totally inappropriate…but hold on, after the way he treated my husband driving a limo for him, my hubby will have a LMAO moment….karma is something else!!!!

  • justanotheropinion

    I must admit, that without having read the article, the photo alone made me cringe. I don’t care if it was a Winans or not. Just something a little ‘sour’ about us being shown (once again) in a subservient & catering role. Would LOVE to see a white guy holding an umbrella for Shirley Cesar or another black icon. But alas, if and when that happens, the photos never seem to hit mainstream Amerikka.

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