Girl Cyber-Bullied, Hospitalized After Oral Sex Photos Go Viral

A 17 years old girl was photographed at an Eminem concert in Ireland on Saturday performing oral sex on another concert goer.  In another photo, she is kissing the same man while he reaches under her skirt. In yet another, she appears to be giving oral sex to a second unidentified man.

Those photos quickly went viral and the cyber-bullying began.

With the use of the hashtag #slanegirl being used to direct people to the photos, even more people posted the photos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr. Since the girl is reportedly 17 years old, sharing the photos could be a criminal offense. Irish police are now investigating the incident, the BBC reports.

According to The Irish Independent the girl was so  devastated and distraught she had to be sedated in the hospital Monday afternoon.

According to a source, “the teenager has not been medically fit enough to make a formal statement yet, but when that happens this could turn into a sexual assault investigation.”

Social media, slut shaming, cyber-bullying…welcome to the internet.


  • Avril

    Agreed! This hypersexualization is not normal behavior for a girl of 17 unless you have some kind of drug or alcohol use to decrease inhibitions. It’s easier to slut shame then to deal with mental health issues. Whether it came from sexual abuse, poor socialization, poor parenting, etc. this is a symptom of a bigger problem.

    And as for feminism, there’s a group of feminist that would see nothing wrong with her behavior since she’s “expressing herself”. Big A** side eye to them and all the rest who think it’s okay to do this just to have more women join “the cause”. Most people who act in this way need help and are deeply scarred. Even the attention seekers are seeking attention because something went wrong early on in life. Look at this situation. This girl is making herself into an object, a hole to be filled. Not a woman with hopes, dream, family, likes/dislikes, or most importantly a name.

    We’ve just got to do better than scream “Slut!” and keep moving when we see things like this. We have to be proactive with our children and talk to them about sex, be proactive and protective in their sex lives, and if they are abused, get them the help they need.

  • The Comment

    Freak Rule #1.

    You don’t give a damn.

  • sparger

    Age of consent in Ireland is 17.

  • IAMSHE (@0oIAMSHEo0)

    Oh because, it’a 100% possible to know how old someone is just by looking at them. The guy taking the photo was certainly complicit in a crime against a “child” in an adult setting performing an adult act. YUP.

    Once again, another parenting fail.

  • Georgia

    How about just not judging people? You don’t have to yell “slut” at all, for shame or praise. There’s no rule that says you have to define other people at all.