Happy Birthday, Michael Jackson!

by Yesha Callahan

Michael Jackson's birthday

Today would have been Michael Jackson’s 55th birthday. Even though Michael Jackson died four years ago at the age of 50, social media and news outlets have been celebrating the King of Pop’s life.

Below is a montage of some of his most popular videos, and if you’re feeling extra nostalgic, Spotify has a playlist of his music.



What’s your favorite Michael Jackson song?

  • MimiLuvs

    Favorite Michael Jackson song?
    I was more of a Janet Jackson fan, but there are some tunes.
    “Butterflies” which I believe is underrated song.
    “Show The Way To Go” is a favorite due to sentimental reasons. It reminds me of my relationship with my dad. The song played during one of his many (and I mean, MANY) lessons of teaching me how to ride a bike. This song played from his car’s stereo system as he taught me how to play handball (I still can’t play worth a d*mn) at a neighborhood park. It’s one of those songs.
    “ABC” reminds me of my first kiss. The boy was one of my older brother’s friends.
    “(The Way) You Make Me Feel” is special to me because it is the song that I chose to dance with, during my first pole dance “recital”.
    “Remember The Time”… Back in ’92, this song was the staple song for every hood dance troupes’ performances. Every recital and dance showcase that I had gone to, during that year, had at least one dance group performing to this song.
    “Rock With You”… A relative of mine (who shall remain nameless.. LOL) once dressed like Michael for Halloween. I have the pictures and I am not afraid to use them for my own gain. LOL!
    “Scream”… I didn’t like the song. But as I mentioned before, I was a huge Janet fan, so seeing her perform a song with her brother was mind-blowing for me.
    “Can’t Help It”… I want to learn how to step (Chicago style… not the well-known type of steppin’) just so I could step to this song. Even though most people won’t consider this song to be a ‘panty-dropper’, for me it is a sexy song.
    “Enjoy Yourself”… My nephews (ages 6 and 1) and my niece (age 2) LOVE this song. I have to play it (along with that loathed “Gangnam Style”) every time they come over to my apartment. It serves as a “time to go to bed” signal.

  • http://gravatar.com/geenababe geenababe

    I can’t help it Butterflies
    Off the Wall Break A Dawn
    Lady in my life Stranger In Moscow
    Heaven Can Wait Billie Jean
    Leave Me Alone
    Who is it
    Smooth Criminal

    “I can’t help it” is my top favorite

  • Marisa

    Happy Birthday to the King of Pop were only left with wannabes and never can be’s
    Jam I mean come on two MJ’s in the same space the world could have imploded at that moment lol.
    Off the Wall
    Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough
    Remember The Time
    Leave me Alone
    Smooth Criminal
    Beat It
    My fav Jackson 5 song ever Show you the way to Go

  • RaiseTheBar

    Happy Birthday Mike, I Love YOU and I miss YOU

    y o u t u b e . c o m /

    ♫ I used to say “I” and “me”
    Now it’s “us”, now it’s “we”♫


    ♪ Together Again ♪

    y o u t u b e . c o m /

    I feel your love around me … I’ll never forget you MIKE … Always be a TRUE ANGEL to me

  • Simply Millie

    My TOP 7 favorites are

    Remember the Time
    Dirty Diana
    Lady in my Life
    Man in the Mirror
    Human Nature
    Smooth Criminal

    You cant have just one favorite MJ song. And his voice has a child was amazing. I love all the Jackson 5 songs.

  • EL

    Aww! Happy Birthday Michael!

    We miss you :(


  • IBJuliet

    Wow, it’s been four years and counting since MJ’s death and it still stings. He was and always will be my all time favorite artist.
    Some of my favorite songs are
    Be Not Always
    Summer Love
    Rock With You
    Billie Jean
    Human Nature
    Heartbreak Hotel
    She’s Out of My Life
    Lady In My Life
    Man In The Mirror
    Stranger In Moscow**
    Earth Song**
    And a plethora of others not listed. RIP King of Pop!

  • LMO85

    I agree with your last couple of sentences, hard to name just ONE. He is the greatest to ever do it, and love the J5 and The Jacksons, love Off the Wall too–but to name but a few:

    Lady in my Life is the Top of the Top for me
    Human Nature
    Heartbreak Hotel
    Man in the Mirror (His Grammy performance of this song was the utmost!!! RESPECT)
    Break of Dawn
    Heaven Can Wait
    Stranger in Moscow
    Another Part of Me
    Remember The Time (his Soul Train performance of this song was the best)
    Billie Jean

  • The Other Jess

    Happy B-day MJ! To the greatest Black man in recent history (imho). Not too many other great ones since Malcolm X and Dr. King, sorry.

    Best songs ever:

    *Can You Feel It
    *I Can’t Help It
    *Earth Song
    *This Place Hotel (a.k.a. Heartbreak Hotel)
    *Wanna Be Startin’ Something
    *Working Day and Night
    *Man in the Mirror
    *Will You Be There
    *Don’t Stop til You Get Enough
    *Lady in My Life
    *Shake You Body Down to the ground
    *Another Part of Me
    *Stranger in Moscow
    *Smooth Criminal
    *The Girl is Mine
    *Say, Say, Say
    *I Just Can’t Stop Lovin’ You
    *I Want to Be Where You Are, Destiny, Goin’ Places, I Want You Back (really really really old skool 60s/70s when still with The Jacksons and Jackson 5)

    *Forever Came Today (you all should really see this old skool video – it’s the greatest – youtube.com/watch?v=7omcgFPUJkc )

    …and so many more, but these are some of his best

  • The Other Jess

    oops, and how did i forget:

    *Blame It on the Boogie
    *Let Me Show You the Way to Go (performance at Musikladen on youtube is the best!)
    *Remember the Time
    *You Can’t Win (from The Wiz)

  • RaiseTheBar

    As 1 comment stated, it’s impossible to have 1 MJ favorite; I love his Music, I love Mike and I love the Jacksons.

    Mike’s Ballads are the most profound songs of his discography — Just can’t get enough MJ / Jackson family. Just another 1 of my many MJ favorites:

    y o u t u b e . c o m /

    ♫ MUSIC and Me♫

  • LMO85

    YES how can I forget “You can’t win”–his lower register was off the chain on that one. **Going to check youtube on the others you mentioned now. Thanks!

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