Kevin Hart vs All Of The Black Women

by Yesha Callahan


Kevin Hart isn’t pleased when it comes to black women being all up in his business and assuming they know his life.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume there are a couple of black women reading right now.  Do any of you care about Hart’s life?


During a recent event in East Hampton, Madame Noire caught up with the pint-sized comic and he had this to say about black women, because you know, we’re all the same:

“Black women assume they know your life, that’s the funniest thing about black women. Here’s where people mess up. They mess up caring about what people think. At the end of the day, your life is your life. You could be walking and fall in the grass and people would say he fell ‘cuz he was on that stuff. He was on them drugs. People make opinions. If you choose to feed into those opinions, your life will be miserable.

Technically, I doubt people were all up in his personal life business until after he dropped his wife and picked up a new piece of arm candy coincidentally during the same time he was legally married.  I mean when you give people something to talk about, guess what? They’re going to talk about it.

And just because I wrote this, doesn’t mean I’m all up in his business either. So there.


  • Marketing Gimmicks

    I do get that in today’s gossip obsessed culture people are more comfortable with character assaults more now than ever; even when they don’t know you. It’s all a part of “Im entitled to tear you down” fame game even though that must be very taxing and hurtful for those on the receiving end. Sometimes people want to sink in back teeth and all forgetting that celebs are human as well.

    What I do know is that Kevin’s honest and candid stories about his dysfunctional family make me spit out my milk. Especially the skit about his father. #yougonlearntoday

  • bob

    she looks very good. If I didnt love my wife I would leave her too if I was rich and famous and get a pretty young thing.

  • Marie

    Kevin Hart needs to seek therapy for that ground zero woman that messed him up and deal with those issues. Just this week, it was a black woman that literally stood in front of a mentally ill man with 500 rounds of ammo, bent on human destruction, and talked him down with kind, compassionate, and loving words, saving the lives of hundreds of children and most likely, the police responding to her call. Black women just can’t catch a break.

    He’s not the first black man to disparage black women, and as long as ignorance runs rampart and unchecked, he won’t be the last. Black women will move on, with heads held high and courage in their hearts.

  • geenababe

    I hate when people speak about one group (black people, black women) like we are all the same and think the same way. I’m not going to make a long comment because I did it somewhere else. If Kevin didn’t really care about what people said he wouldn’t have addressed it. Not many people I know talk about Kevin’s personal life only when it is put in front of them to comment on. It seem like he is getting very arrogant and he is going out of his way to make himself a hot topic.

  • Kim

    All Kevin needed to do was leave Black woman out of his mouth. When you come for folks, they will come for you. If he never said anything about Black women’s credit and dark skin light skin, none of this would happen. I’m tired of that shyte. Let it go. I’m also tired of any old person weighing in on the issue. there is another site that posted this. A freaking Dominican put HIS two cents in. The most self hating folks of the African diaspora, but he was to stupid to realize it. Just let us alone. Please. Stay out of our lives and we will leave you alone.

  • JRM

    What he needs to realize is that, had he not been a celebrity and gunned down by some white man, she would be the same one on the jury to deliver a not guilty verdict……….but I guess he’s not in that category because he has some money and fame, so let me “up outta his binezz”

  • beejcee

    Does Kevin Hart know all black women? He should have made it a point to acknowledge that he does not and he is not talking about/to all black women. Think Like a Man the sequel has not been released and this black woman will not pay to see it, but Kevin knows this already because according to his statement, he knows black women.

  • miele

    Kevin Hart is sounding like a bitter black man.Can he leave us alone…take us off his comedic rotation. Not use us as material ( bc really its not like he is talking about white wemyn he knows )
    Thnk u very much. And good day

  • KDJW

    I just don’t understand how people can make a general statement about a specific group of people. People in general make judgements, not just black women. Kevin a piece of advice take your own advice if you are seriously happy with your life you shouldn’t care who has opinions, black, white, brown, beige, or purple for that matter.

  • L

    Black women also flocked to your last “Think Like a Man” movie so you might want to shut your trap while promoting the sequel.

  • Afrostyling

    The same stupid black women that support his shows?

  • MommieDearest

    Does he NOT know that if it weren’t for his money and celebrity status, that “exotic” accessory he’s sporting on his arm nowadays wouldn’t give him the time of day? He needs to sit his little leprechaun-Napoleon-Complex-having azz down somewhere.

  • Liz

    black male celebrities assume they can talk sh*t about black women in public, and still enjoy their support. And guess what? They’re right. This isn’t the first time Kevin Hart thrown shade at the “collective” black woman. Stop supporting these fools!

  • SAA

    Don’t blame us for your insecurity about shit that’s going on in your life Mr. Hart.

  • strongblakchik

    People like him kill me making a buck off the backs of their own using us as collateral damage! Get out of the media if you dont folks in your business and quit talking crazy about your people!

  • lea

    kevin hart, miguel, terrence howard all need to have a “I can’t stand black women but I profit off of them” anonymous meeting, let them have several seats together and “mitch” about it in private

  • MommieDearest


    Honestly, I wish that we as black women, collectively, realized how much power we really have. If we asserted our economic strength and actively boycotted those who openly show nothing but contempt for us (Kevin Hart, Uncle Russell, Lee Daniels, Terrance Howard, Little Wayne and every other rapper of his ilk, etc…) we could do some serious damage. Nothing gets people’s attention faster than a shrinking bottom line and lighter pockets.

    It’s a darn shame. Look at Kevin Hart’s comedy shows, Lee Daniels’ movies and the audiences are majority black women. The very women these men despise. Wouldn’t it be so much better to NOT support these clowns, and others like them, and affect their profits? That is why they continue to insult us because they know that we will still support them.

    EFF that.

    I made up my mind long ago to not support those who show hatred for me, or women who look like me. I don’t care who it is. I keep my money in my pocket.

  • Ange B

    Funny..I’m a Black Woman and I’m not up on his life…I didn’t even know he was married and left his wife for someone else. Some of these artists and their rants are or comments are just odd. And let’s be honest here, if you are a public figure and you publicly cheat people talk..ask Bill Clinton!

  • bob

    Black women made this man popular. Black women love kevin heart and he is talking trash about his biggest section of his fanbase not a smart move. Black women need to stop supporting men that talk bad about them.

  • IJusWannaSay…

    Meh, he ain’t that funny. To me, he isn’t.

    What’s irritating to me are the black women who still continue to spend money to see the idiot blast them on stage for all to see, all the while kee-keeing to nonsense.

    As long as it’s YOUR money and not mine, have at it…

  • Iforgotitall

    Add Russell Simmons, Maxwell, Taye Diggs, Lee Daniels and so on. The list is so long I could be here all day. But WE are feeding all these fools. We support them and it needs to stop. Answer this can you name 5 black female celebrities who consistently say negative things about BM???? Can you name 3….1? If Erykah Badu were to show up tomorrow and for some reason start making fun of Don Cheadle’s hair or appearance. (I know it sounds stupid and crazy, but think of what is said about BW by BM celebs) BM would start foaming at the mouth and strike Erykah from their “Good” lists. But not us, we keep smiling and giggling and lining up to give these fools our hard earned dollars. So really the joke is on us.

  • IJusWannaSay…

    Time for the delusional black women who support him to catch a clue…

  • Thank, Q

    It seems like the article kind of helps Kevin Hart’s argument in the first place. However, I just wish people would leave my black women alone. Black women come under criticism for everything. The only thing harder than being black appears to be being a woman, too. It’s a double whammy. Yet, we (meaning all races/gender including black women themselves) question their hair, work ethic, trustworthiness, parenting skills, motivation, etc. multiple times every single day.

    Stop beating up on my black women! For every hood rat there are 10 women who are respectable, but the media spins it the other way. Not everyone is a Basketball Wife waiting to fight someone.

  • Cocochanel31

    It’s crazy how men date and marry black women yet still hate us so much! WTF ..his ex is very clearly black and Ming Lee here is certainly mixed with black somewhere, so why direct that statement towards your fan base which is black women? Him, DL Hughley, Terrance Howard, can all have several seats. Tired of the attacks because of what one or a few BLACK women said to you…

  • IJusWannaSay…

    “You mess with me and mine, you ain’t eatin’ off MY dime!”

    More black women need to keep their money in their purses and stop supporting those black male entertainers that hate them, yet love their money!

    Know the economic power that you wield, Sistas!

  • march pisces

    thank you!!!>>>>Stop beating up on my black women! For every hood rat there are 10 women who are respectable, but the media spins it the other way. Not everyone is a Basketball Wife waiting to fight someone.

  • AJW

    I feel sorry for your wife. Hopefully she’ll come across this comment that you’ve made & beat you to the punch.

  • Marisa

    Who the hell is checking for Kevin Hart dating life this is news to me because he’s only talked about in terms of being a comedian and saying stupid stuff like this. It was mentioned about his divorce and new girlfriend but, just the typical stuff, Kevin personal life is no more talked about than Mike Epps. He is really feeling himself as if he and the new girlfriend are on some Hov/Bey, Brangelina, Will/Jada type scrutiny, rest assured little man your not.

  • MimiLuvs

    What did Maxwell do?

  • donnadara

    I’m curious as to what specific question he was asked by Madam Noire.

  • Nic

    Yep, I’d suggest black women stay out of his business, out of his concerts, out of his movies. And do the same with the other black misogynists who want to make a career out of mocking and disparaging black women.
    I didn’t really know who he was until Think Like a Man came out and I will continue to avoid his comedy shows and anything else he does.

  • Chelley5483

    You are not lying MommieDearest.

    It’s insane how quick money can cause such a severe level of amnesia with a lot of men. The women that have held him down probably all his life, raised him, supported his shows, married him and had his babies I’m sure did not look like her and they no longer mean anything once you get a couple million. After that comes the “exotic upgrade” that would’ve looked at him like a fleck of dog turd left on the sidewalk 10 years back. F*ck him.

    I would’ve had no problem with him on just seeing the girl alone, perhaps she stimulates his mind and is more compatible with him than women in his previous relationships. But no.. You get your new chick then turn around and throw shade on black women? If white women gave two cents about his ass, which they don’t, as they’re not out spending $75-$350 on his shows, then I’m sure they’d have much more to say as they talk about Kim K being a tramp, John Mayer being a douche, etc. all damn day.

    News flash napolean, if you are a celebrity, people are going to judge you and think they know your life. Period. Not black women. PEOPLE.

    That sh*t is not going to fly with me. I’m too through with him.

  • Marisa

    Word is Maxwell had a very epic Instagram rant seems a couple of black female followers on his account objected to photos of Max with white female friends. Apparently his professing deep affection and or thirst for Rihanna on a daily basis went over a few of those chicks heads. Anyway a few of the ladies apparently didn’t like that he had so pics with various white female friends, and were demanding why there weren’t pics of black women, he was ditching his fanbase.

    It got ugly then Maxwell went off saying he got sick of racist comments, and told one follower she was using him to get a look, get a skill, get a man, get a life. Also that instead of worshiping him they should worship God instead, stop assuming things off pictures but, a lot of sistas supported him saying its his friends, its his life he can post what he wants. Personally as long as Maxwell sings things like Bad Habits, Sumthing Sumthing, This Woman’s work he is ok with me lol.

  • CeeCee

    I’m glad that his comments were made public; maybe black women will get the picture and stop supporting him.

  • Kim

    No they won’t. Many Black women hate other Black women more than anyone hates us. They will keep making him rich like they do all the rest.

  • Liz

    speak for yourself.

  • Ms. Write

    It’s hard for me (Black woman) to be offended by his comments because it’s basically a bunch of rambling. Really. What the hell is he talking about here? Usually people that that feel guilt about their actions are the ones who feel the need to defend those actions. I can say that neither I or any Black woman I know is really checking for Kevin Hart’s personal life.

  • Miss A

    I dunno….I like Kevin but he is about to do a Wesley Snipes if he continues with this black women bashing….every since Snipes did it, his life and career has NEVER been the same! Say what you want, but if you continuously bad mouth sistas, they will take a stand…LOL I knew it would be a matter of time before he got cocky with his new exotic arm piece, put his lil foot in his big mouth, and say something stoopid!

  • Kim

    Liz, I don’t need to say anything really. Black women and probably you will allow folks to use you and disrespect you all for the sake of fake unity. Many Black women will continue to support this hobbit and others like him. Hell, some of you are raising boys to become men just like him. I’m not saying anything knew or shocking. Some of you hate other Black women.

  • noirluv45

    What I don’t understand is what Black woman would be checking for Kevin Hart or even concerned with him or who he dates.

    He’s always talking sideways about Black women. Like someone up top said, he’s gotta deal with his issues.

  • GG

    We need to get our self-esteem and priorities in order. Constantly supporting and buying these fools will not make them love us. I never supported anything with him cause I don’t think he’s funny to me except Think Like a Man but DONE I won’t be PAYING to see number 2. Also, won’t be PAYING for Best Man 2 with a bunch of phonies pretending to like black women for the promotion of the movie.

  • MimiLuvs

    I know that the comments are meant to be snarky and sarcastic, but…
    The only thing that is “exotic” about his girlfriend is her shoes in that picture, in my opinion. For me, she looks like the average ‘girl-next-door’.

  • AJW

    I don’t support mentally disturbed self-hating black people. They don’t get a dime nor my time.
    Black on Black racism is real. I refuse to support it.
    Many blacks in entertainment & sports, hell, everyday blacks, refuse to handle their issues on a therapist’s couch. I refuse to support that too.

    This dude’s father was a crack head. Need I say more? He has issues like a mother. Believe it.

    Midget Man Hart doesn’t bother me with all his rambling. Black women this. Black women that. Why? Because he is miserable as hell. Angst riddled & angry ass people are always paranoid about something & he is projecting his paranoia on others.
    So nothing to see here folks. Just a bitter little guy with his panties wedged in an uncomfortable place.

  • AJW

    Yep. I don’t get it either.

  • lw

    Am I the only one who doesn’t find Kevin even remotely funny? I think he was lucky enough to swoop in to try to fill the void left by much more talented folk like Dave Chappelle & Chris Rock. He knows he’s a lucky little man, which is why he will stay hustling putting out lots of mediocre movies, shows, etc… He certainly will not go down as one of the greats.

  • MimiLuvs


    Oh, okay.
    I’ve never heard anything about this incident before today.
    I share your sentiment. I am a fan of just his music. I am “not here” for whatever is going on with his private life.
    In regards to his Instagram account, I believe that his followers are entitled to their opinions. And if he doesn’t like the negative comments, he could disable the comment section for his account (I don’t know if Instagram has that feature).
    However, his followers cannot dictate what goes on his page. If they do not like the content, they could always ‘unfollow’ his page.

  • RJ

    “People make opinions. If you choose to feed into those opinions, your life will be miserable.”

    Right back at you Kevin Hart. Right back at you.

  • Nakia

    “We” don’t keep smiling and giggling but some do. Every BW is not socially aware. Not every BW is mindless. You, too, are grouping us. So how do you get the women who are not aware on board?

    Anyway, keeping track of all the disparaging comments and disrespect aimed at sistas from black male celebrities is a job! Let’s not forget to include Boris Kudjo, Wesley Snipes, Tyrese…

  • binks

    This!!!! I thought I was the only one who was boggled on why he was popular, he is not funny. He might make you chuckle but side splitting laughter he does not invoke. Kevin Hart gets a big boy bye, he puts his business on their and always want to blast black women, particularly dark skin women, when he is feeling some kind of way. Tell this little dude to get bent.

  • Simon Templar

    Kevin Hart is a misognist asshole.

  • Liz

    Again, speak for yourself. I don’t know any black women who explicitly or privately (it ain’t easy to hide) hate other black women… but if you say so.

  • Simon Templar

    Comedians are paid to make us laugh. Kevin Hart does not.

  • solfresh

    It really gets annoying when black men get fed up when we’re bitter but as soon as they leave one bad relationship with a black women its: “I hate black women”, “Black women are x, y, and z”. Then they low key rub it in black women’s faces that they’re with a white woman or exotic woman who’s sooooooooo much better like we, as a community of black women, care that much. Bruh, we don’t care. All we ask is you shut up. Because sir, you are indeed a bitter black man and your “exotic” chick can’t even hide it.

    These black male celebs trying to peg black women as a whole after ONE relationship is getting so old.

    Kevin Hart is slowly making me not like him and that’s a lot from someone who used to quote his specials word for word.

  • Knotty Natural

    His GF is black.

  • Knotty Natural

    His new stand-up was a dud! Glad I didn’t pay to see it!

  • fasho

    I agree. Something is wrong with that lil nugget. Black woman should all ban together and stop supporting people who talk to us like we are crazy.

  • Ms. Write

    @solfresh Yes! This comment. My first reaction after reading his comment was “Really? Who cares though?”

  • lookwerelearning

    Hold up! What did Maxwell say?

  • Knotty Natural

    How interesting! I always thought the word on the street was the Maxwell was gay…kanye shrug!

  • Ms. Write

    Get bent! Lol I love it.

  • Fasho

    IG and Twitter has pumped this midget’s head up. No one cares what he does in life. His ramblings on BW is going to send his butt back into obscurity like when he was doing Soul Plane.

  • Treece

    What did Boris say?

  • Selena@lookwerelearning

    Nope, you’re not the only one. His whole routine has always seemed like an updated shuffling shtick to me. Never found it funny.

  • Ms. Write

    Those shoes are awful…lol

  • TajMarie

    Well, all I have to say is “keep it up” and your career will wind up just like DL Hughley’s. Years of bootlicking white people’s behinds and showing his to Black Women haven’t extended his career and all of his shows have been quickly or abruptly cancelled as they have been an abysmal failure. The irony is that while some people become turn off by said comments and refuse to support an entertainer, the ditsy people that are the main supporters starts looking elsewhere since the same old tired routines and stereotypes become old and are no longer entertaining. Everything that Kevin Hart is doing now has already been done and he plays virtually the same character in all of the movies and shows that he star in. He is no Eddie Murphy in Raw and he doesn’t even come close to Martin Lawerence’s Runteldat. He is just mad because he is trying to keep his career up like a person running backwards on a treadmill going 10mph.

    Oh, the self-hatred of a short dark-skinned Black Man. . . . are that many people really checking for him?

  • Sandy248

    He can say whatever he wants and I can avoid watching any of his projects. Next time he has a movie premier, black women should stay home or spend our hard earned dollars somewhere else because we don’t want to know his life.

  • TajMarie

    If I find him funny, it is because I am laughing at him –not with him.

  • Lisa

    I think Kevin is responding to the “black women” that are on urban “black” blogs that think they know his life and trust me some black women think they know his life, how his marriage ended and when he picked up his new arm piece. Don’t take it personally if it doesn’t apply to you. I don’t blame him for his statements, just like I didn’t blame Miguel for saying black folks can be your worse critic….IT’S sometimes true so let’s not act like some of our stuff don’t stink.

  • Jae Bee

    I was gonna say the same thing Mimi. Furthermore, she looks “plain ole” black to me—is she supposed to be biracial or something? She doesn’t look like the result of recent admixture–looks like there may have been some admixture somewhere down the line, but she looks more like the typical black girl than not.

  • RaiseTheBar

    Most recent version of:

    Miguel’s “Black People Are the Most Judgmental” ?

    Sorry Kev, I’m just NOT feelin’ your pain. You have a CAREER vs. many having jobs (just over brokens).

    Let Rock,Chris break it down 4 u:

    h t t p : / / w w w . y o u t u b e . c o m
    Chris Rock: “Job v. Career”

  • Nakia

    My question, genuinely, is this: How do we support the Black actresses in movies like Think Like a Man 2 who are starring alongside the Terrence Howards and Kevin Harts?

  • The Comment

    First of all I laugh!!!!!

    Soooo TMZ, E!, Entertainment Tonight and Access Hollywood must be some big ole black women cause they stay in ur business all day everyday.

  • jerry

    I personally don’t find his comedy funny(maybe I’m weird), but anyways I’ll admit some black men tend stick their foots into their mouths once they have some coins to show off. I don’t know what the problem is but I think its happening more frequently these days.

  • GG

    That’s a good question. Unfortunately, it will fall on them too. I think we should have something going across facebook/twitter/instagram of boycotting kevin, taye, and terrence. That way they know the reason we are not supporting instead of just going with black folks don’t support them; the reason would be known. I love those actresses but I’m sick of weak black men you never hear a black actress/singer downplaying black men.

  • angel

    Why does it seem like someone always has their mouth on black women?
    And for the most part it is not positive!
    Rappers, actors, news anchors, etc, you get what i’m saying.
    You know what, I’m going to say this first:
    i’m happily married,blessed, kids, and a career. I am blessed not bitter (for the potential blowback this comment may get)

    All we do is take care our kids, men, families, work, work work and work some more, love and love, and take care of every damn body (sometimes to a fault) and folk want to talk %$#@ about black women. We have that certain “je ne sais pas” that other women secretly wish they had. (yes they do)

    There are no more sistas that are “hos, sluts, chicken heads or gold diggers” than there are white chics, hispanic chics and any other chic out there.

    The overall prevalence of triflin-ness does not disproportionately fall on us, so WTH do so many people want to point us out?

    Thinking of Jill Scott’s song how would you feel if i was, i was gone?

  • BrownandBeautiful

    Why is it always MY favorite people who end up turning on or disliking Black women? Kanye, A$AP Rocky, Kevin Hart, etc…

    Newsflash Black men (famous or not): Stop generalizing ALL Black women into one bunch. We are not the same. We don’t act the same. We don’t have [all of] the same struggles. And we damn sure don’t look the same. It’s like, really?! Still?! In 2013?! I just don’t understand that.

    Now with Kevin, sometimes when ya’ll think he’s serious, he’s actually joking. It took Peter Rosenberg from Hot97 half the interview to realize Kevin was joking the whole time and not actually being an asshole. So, sometimes the things Kev says you have to take with a grain of salt. BUT… I am so annoyed by these constant generalizations of Black women by Black men. Kev, no one’s checking for you, so chill out.

  • Tara

    Please look forward to my forthcoming book “Kevin Hart is a miniature sized idiot”

  • Iforgotitall

    In my mind, it is not who Maxwell has pictures of on HIS page. He has full rights. It was the nasty comments he made to fans, I found off putting. As I said to FANS, what other group of folks do you know who speaks to their fanbase in the way that BM celebs address BW? Would a member of One Direction ever fix his face to say something mean-spirited and nasty to a young British fan, me htinks not. Or One Direction would be one member short :-)

  • Iforgotitall

    @Kim, Your comments are harsh indeed and I don’t agree. But truth is many of us are not raising our boys right. Or shall I say, it’s a new world and we can no longer expect that certain “common sense” concepts like respect for your mothers and sisters will be understood. No, everything must be taught. I know in past generations no one had to tell you WHY you shouldn’t refer to your mother as a “b*tch”. Now one must start with a blank slate because our larger society doesn’t assist with any socializing of children as our grandparents communities did. Russell Simmons had to be TOLD it’s inappropriate to insult/sexualize your cultural icons. I cannot tell you how many young men I see these days rush on the Metro and they will knock a 90 year old woman out of her push chair to get to a seat first, both white and black, BTW.

  • Iforgotitall

    @ Miss A, Hmmm I don’t know about that. Back in the day, Wesley Snipes was the only dude who was openly saying negative thing about BW. Today, there are so many, we would be boycotting a mini industry of folks…from the egregious Mr. Simmons to the dimwits like Kat Williams, ASAP Rocky and Don Polow or whatever his name is. And who would have the time????

  • Iforgotitall

    @ jerry, Yes you are right…as soon as they have coins to show off, and guess who those coins came from??????

  • Nic

    Ugh, Terrance Howard who wants to come back to whine about his white wife calling him a racial slur? Don’t forget Taye Diggs who wants to blame angry black women for his shows failing even though the most successful TV show on his resume was written/run by a black woman.

    All of these guys need to have several seats and stop blaming everything that goes wrong in their lives on black women.

    If something in your life sucks, it’s b/c of YOU>

  • Nic

    Right…Alfre Woodard has a white husband and you have never heard her say anything negative about black men or suggest that she married a white man b/c “black men ain’t ish.” You just don’t hear that. You also don’t hear black women who are with white men claim they are so much better looking with their white skin and “good hur”.

  • Nic

    Boris Kodjoe decided to go on twitter and like so many other people, make obesity a problem that only black women have. B/c you know, black men are never fat. White people are never fat.
    It started with him expressing disgust at the idea of having fat black women grinding on him. He then morphed it into some concern trolling over health. Of course, his initial statement about gross black fatties touching him had nothing to do with concern for all of the horridly fat black women.
    But if he wants to worry about obesity, he needs to worry about all fat people. Or maybe all black people. I mean for some reason no one ever concern trolls over Cedric the Entertainer or Rick Ross.
    Not sure about Maxwell but I didn’t think he liked any kind of woman so…

  • Nic

    Yeah, I wouldn’t read anything into any pics of Maxwell with women of ANY color.
    That actually doesn’t sound hateful and misogynistic the way some black men would be.
    B/c you know that many would start calling black women everything but a child of God over something like that.
    I’d say that was a pretty controlled response compared but I’m used to seeing come from black men on social media.

  • Nic

    You aren’t lying. B/c when black men go out and insult something about black women (even if it is an issue that affects black men, is contributed to by black men, and from which black men should NOT be absolved of responsibility or given a “pass” on), you will get a hundred women who will start the whole “well, he’s right, it needed to be said.”

    They never acknowledge the misogynism and sexism in comments that act like only black women have faults, and many of them of course then like to chime in with “yeah, I’m not one of THOSE women who needs to fix herself.”

    Apparently for some women, black men are perfect an only black women need fixing/mansplaining to get their acts together.

    It’s like that whole pastor who thinks weaves are a sign of bad values on the part of black women. Why ignore profligate spending on the part of black men? Oh, only black women waste money on stuff they can’t afford? That thread had plenty of women who ignore that part and jump on the badwagon being supporters for misogynoir.

  • Nic

    True, she is not ambiguous looking. Just looks like a black girl who is out of his league and a foot taller than his 4 foot tall self, but I don’t think she looks non-black or barely black or anything like that.
    Heck, she actually looks like one of my cousins.
    Granted, no way would she be with his pint-sized ass if he was broke. But she is just a pretty black girl.

  • Nic

    Uh oh, is this where some black men show up to insult our looks and point out how much better she looks than a typical black girl.
    I’m just going to put it out there before they show up. You know it’s coming.

  • Nic

    I remember one of my friends asking me if I wanted to go to one of his comedy tour stops a couple of years ago. I was like “who?” But based on what little I’d seen, I didn’t think there was any way I’d want to sit through 90 mins of him.

  • Nic

    I think his response wasn’t nearly as bad as what you normally get from a black man that you criticize.
    And you’d think “don’t make assumptions” should have told them a lot. B/c you know that is the point when a lot of black men would have started cussing at them, insulting all black women, and saying “Eff yeah, that is why I like them better. They know how to act, blah, blah, blah.”
    I mean, telling them to worship God instead of him isn’t really bad advice.

  • Iforgotitall

    @ MimiLuvs, Yes Ms. Luvs you are correct. One has the right to simply unfollow him but it is not that I am pointing to. I am pointing out the lack of civility and basic respect that so many BM celebs show BW. For instance, If Toby Keith posted a group of photos of Asian women tomorrow and some of his usual fans got miffed. Would he a) Ignore it and chalk it up to folks with nothing better to do . b) Post more photos of his usual fan base to appease the loud talkers or say c) “All you red neck b*tches need to shut up and get off my page if you don’t like it. All of you must not have a man since you got all day to be up in my business”. Hmmmm

  • chnyere

    I don’t think there sticking their feet into their month, I think there expressing there real opinion and it happening more frequently because more blk men our not interested in us. We need to stop acting surprised when they stay this stuff and saying ‘why would you act like that’ or ‘don’t say that.’ It make us look pathetic. By saying these things they are just showing that they are not interested in us, so they should automatically become irrelevant to us.

  • Nic

    Oops, “misogyny and sexism”

  • simplyme

    I’m not sure whats going on in his little head. Maybe he has PTSD and thinks we’re all his ex wife, but this has been the reality of the general relationship between Kevin Hart and Black women:

    1) Black women pay to see his shows. Black women pay to see his movies.
    2) He says something mean about Black women.
    3) Black women are like …”umm wth? I thought you were cool”
    4) He half apologizes and says it was a joke. Says something about his ex wife. Says Black women have been hating on him..
    5) Black women are like…. “oh…ok then..” (not knowing anyone that was hating on him)
    6) Repeat 1-5 (x4) until Black women are actually hating on him.

    Go away Kevin Hart. Go away.

  • Rochelle

    That girl is not blk. Not even half. She is Asian and a model. She states that on her IMDB account.

  • beejcee

    @Lisa /August 22 at 4:15
    If Kevin was responding to the “black women” that are on “urban black blogs” he should have said that is who he was responding to, he did not, he said black women. In a few days when he comes back with his explanation he will try to make it clear that is what he meant. I guess he forgot Think Like a Man the sequel ain’t out yet! LOL at him

  • Yonni

    Not every black woman hates on Kevin Hart. It could be women period -that do not like you. It is so typical of him to say we hate on him because he is with his current girlfriend. I heard his little reply saying he would not be with us either way. Well Kevin, who says all black women like short black men? I personally would not have dated him before he made Soul Plane or after. Therefore, Kevin let me explain- we do not care what happens in your personal life. If black women totally ignore you, would you be as famous? Hey, turn that up, but do not turn down.

  • Nic

    I don’t care what she says on IMDB. There is no way that girl is not black. She must be like Tiger Woods about her blackness.
    She looks 0% Asian. She might be half, but no way she doesn’t have a black parent.

  • beejcee

    @Lisa/August 22 at 4:15
    If kevin was only responding to the “black women” on the “urban blogs” it would have been in HIS best interest to say so; Think Like a Man the sequel’s box office numbers just might suffer because his statement was in reference to black women period. Sure he’ll make himself clear in a few days after the backlash settles LOL at him! If this comment duplicates, my first one was lost in the clouds again!

  • DH

    I don’t care about Kevin Hart or any of the ignorant things that he says out of insecurity. I do however want to give a WTH to this picture of a half naked woman four feet taller than him. They both should be ashamed lol

  • phillyteri

    First of all, I think it’s a mistake to invest so much time and energy caring about the lives of these ridiculous, drama laden celebs who blame everyone and everything else for their screw ups…I could of cared less about this guy’s personal life…to me he was just a funny, talented comic, no more–no less; But being a standup comedian, which I think is one of the hardest careers around, you have to have the hide of an elephant against criticism…obviously Kevin missed the memo on that…He could have kept it classy and not fell for the media bait, but he did, and took down a whole group (Black women) just for a chosen few who don’t like his life choices…And basically pissed on his female fan base too…

    But now I know how this dude really feels, so I plan to ‘stay out’ of his business, movies, and TV shows and concerts…thank you very much!

  • Nakia

    It takes more time and energy to support than to avoid. I can act like they don’t exist and not spend an ounce of my precious time nor money.

  • Nakia

    Ha! No it wouldn’t! Black women on “urban blogs” are his bread and butter. He should keep the term “black women” out of his mouth, in general, unless he is paying a compliment to the very women who drag their men to the theater when they want to wait for the bootleg.

  • Lola289

    Amen! *nods holding back tears*

  • Nika

    I second that. Im disappointed in Kevin. Now there goes another black man who made some dumb negative general assumption about black women and now I have to block him.

  • MsLoupe

    Yes girl….shade that negroe!!!!!!! XD I can’t with his teenage angst. Woah is me… I’m so insecure!!! I’m a little black midget!!! He’s so pathetic and his career will fade fast!!!

  • Lei-Lyn

    It annoys me how we’re always the butt of all the jokes. I don’t get it, what is it about black women that make them think “oh it’s okay to talk about and berate them” rather than choosing to publicly slander another ethnicity or none other at all. It’s easy to make a joke and laugh about untrue stereotypes, that’s why I see him as a talentless fool. It takes real craft and skill to be a true comedian, but he, like many others just bandwagon their way to stardom.

  • Tee tee

    The church is saying ise to this!

    What’s irritating to me are the black women who still continue to spend money to see the idiot blast them on stage for all to see, all the while kee-keeing to nonsense.

    As long as it’s YOUR money and not mine, have at it…

  • Tee tee

    Me too – tryna hold back tears. Damn you marie, why are you making a girl cry! :(

  • Tee tee

    This black woman did not see the first one, and she will not be seeing the second or anything he and his ilk baby wipes and co. looking at you. These bm who came up off the backs (and money) of black women in their fan base,now want to carry on with the trashing. As if most of these wankers were not brought up by black women in their families. Just smdh all day

  • Tee tee

    SINGING – buy a clue here, buy a clue here, 50 p per clue here, buy a clue.

  • Tee tee

    They can all stay in the #ikeastadiumofseats – too through with all of them!

  • Tee tee

    scrolls back to shoe ^^ mmm – they are interesting

  • Tee tee

    shade for hades – well damn! Tell us how you really feel!
    OOoooooooh i cannot breathe lol, lmfao cackling even

  • Tee tee

    Churchill did once say ‘a joke is often a very serious thing’
    So nah, won’t really give him a pass on that. He’s using his hahaheehaw to lace the poison he’s throwing at black women. I’d be ok if he threw the same sugar laced vitriol (i mean arsenic) at everyone else, black men, white, asian men and women. But, you know that mess would be shut down so fast his head would spin.

    But, unprotected spaces are all game for prey and hunters. In this case case black women being said spaces. Well, there is ONE solid and sure thing. Black women, vote with your feet. Put your money where your mouth is, and stop supporting this foolishness en masse. Simples.

  • callmiss737

    It may be hard to hear it but it’s the truth. I am African American but due to the often negative assumptions and overly opinionated attitudes that come from a lot of African American women, I have very few friends of said race. It saddens me and I don’t set out to make friends of other races but often when I do, I am turned off about the exact demeanor African American women frequently exude.

  • Cheers23

    Everybody talks crap- no matter the race. I promise you your non black friends are talking mess too, just when you’re not around. it’s sort of part of the human experience.

  • Cheers23

    nailed it!

  • Aisha Lucas

    I like Kevin Hart as a comedian I think he’s talented. I’m confused though you’re a celeb ppl of all races are going to judge u and talk bs abt u, u basically signed up for this. How can you point the blame at 1 race of women though? U don’t know what race is going in on u on the blogs. Tbh alot of ppl both men and women took 1 look at his gf and 1 look at him and said “Oh she wouldn’t date him if he was broke.” Which is being judgemental b/c ppl don’t know the dynamics of their . Women in general side eyed him b/c he was supposedly still married while dating his current gf. Yet he felt the need to come foward and point the finger at blk women snd also make the cartoon abt blk women suggesting blk women ate angry. If blk ppl talk so much bs abt him, why are they his biggest ticket consumers and support him? Get over it ur famous so guess what all ur life is on display and out for judgement. Everyone gets talked abt instead of it being in the neighborhood or in the work office his is a national thong. Not saying is right but hell is life. I’m blk and idc who he dates it isn’t my life lol. But I think its funny how he just automatically knows its blk women hating on him and his girl and taking abt them. Funny thing is so many men go in on him talking abt that girl is only with him for his money she’s model material. Ijs this is what I see on blogs. But wait kets go clean in on the black women lol. Kevin is a dummy for that but I still like him as a comedian.

  • Aisha Lucas

    Btw I forgot to mention that ppl in general fancy their their lifestyle. Do yall think most of them really give a dam what we “common folks” think of them, their choices or their life? They’re still laughing all the way to the bank. These ppl he also speak badly of made him rich and famous by purchasing tickets to his shows and spring him in his career. A big margin of his fans are blk women and men. He made that cartoon abt blk women not wanting a peeper blk men then when he gets a white woman they hate. But wait isn’t tht judging blk women as he claimed that blk women judged him and his relationship? What I say is simply don’t spend money on individuals that berate u. They complain abt being judged and their life being on display. When u decided to become a famous singer rapper actor comedian etc u basically signed up for that. They aren’t complaining getting those millions. Every career has a down side to it

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