Any Philadelphia Eagles fans out there? Anybody? Well fans, you need to come get ya boy because somebody got some liquid courage at the country music concert and declared his desire to “fight” all us alleged “n-words.”

Oh, TMZ. Is there anything you won’t document? Thanks for looking out. It’s always good to know who you need to avoid.

 Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper – who is white — is begging for forgiveness after a video surfaced showing the 25-year-old threatening to fight “every n**ger” at a country music concert.

The video was shot June 9 during a Kenny Chesney concert in Philadelphia … where a sleeveless Cooper turned to the camera and says, “I will jump that fence and fight every n**ger here.”

Now, after the video, which first appeared on CrossingBroad.com, began making the rounds on various websites, Cooper has released a statement saying, “I am so ashamed and disgusted with myself. I want to apologize.”

For your viewing displeasure you can hear the “threat” here:

Is it sad that I find this more funny than maddening? Cooper plays professional football. A sport. Filled. With black people. Black people who basically try to body slam you for a living and that’s without having insulted them! The Eagles have already “fined” Cooper for his statements, but what kind of “fines” will be racking up come football season in the form of full body checks? Only time will tell!

  • NOitAll

    “Cooper plays professional football. A sport. Filled. With black people. Black people who basically try to body slam you for a living”

    THIS^ is why he apologized. He is scared out of his mind. He said he wants to fight every n****r. Well, he’ll get the chance next season. They will be coming for that ass. There’s nothing scarier than a n****r on a mission.

  • Kam

    Keep ‘em coming. They need a mirror held up to themselves. Tired of people talking about post-racial or how there isn’t any racism anymore.

  • Marisa

    Now didn’t we just have this convo a month ago with the Burtter Queen and I said people can save all this we can have a teaching moment, use this to heal the divide. I said BS just wait until somebody else says some dumb sh#t and were back to the same place, yep like clockwork I was right. You can pretty much set your watch to it these days. How many black folk at a Kenny Chesney concert were there to the point you wanna fight every N*****ger there what 5 lol. You play in a league that’s 80% black and your locker room is 80% black now go fight every N*****ger there.

    The team already trotted out Mike Vick with the we forgive he’s a friend of mine, then again Mike Vick always did have crappy decision making when it came to friends anyway. That’s rich since a lot of those white folks preaching forgiveness have yet to do so for Mike and that damn dogfighting. They can spare we the fines and sensitivity training nonsense this is sports, were issues are handled on the field of play, when Riley has to cross the middle to catch a pass and them D-Backs lay him out on the regular then it will be settled. By the way this has not been a shining summer for the University of Florida football program has it lol. Also Riley Faux-ology was done because he got caught just like Rae Dawn, Paula Deen, Imus, and the rest. I keep saying why are you sorry because you revealed who you are. Then here some Stephen A Smith pulling a Don Lemon last night about how basically its our fault because we use it BOY BYE.

  • Darcy

    True. And I didn’t read there was any confrontation or argument so it seems like he just said it because he saw a few black people at the concert. So, even when black people are presumably minding their own business some people want to be racist which further proves you don’t even have to be doing anything wrong to be targeted as a black person.

  • Tara

    Exactly, Darcy. There is a lot of white anger out there. White people want to attack. Whenever you are in a position where you know that it is coming, call the police. I have a real bad feeling about the near future. You know things are bad when everyday white people in the north openly talk about how they want to fight black people and this is not an isolated incident. I watch my back everywhere I go.

  • Marisa

    This is what went down Riley drunk ass wanted to get backstage at the concert and they security guard wouldn’t let him. Said security guard was a Black man and him being about the 5th black person at that show was enough for Riley to spazz out talmbout he’ll fight every n**ger here. One black man with some authority telling him NO was enough for Riley Cooper to bring out that self entitlement gene “some” folks have.

    I wouldn’t let a drunk person backstage either to see an artist that security brotha was in the right because that a drunk person could be a danger to the artist. Like I said Mike Vick says he forgives but, I hope all the passes he throws to Riley are across that middle. All football fans know that the middle is danger zone for a receiver, because they tend to get blindsided by defensive backs in that area. This could actually help Riley because with him probably running for his life all season might make it easier for him to score touchdowns lol.

  • The Truth

    It’s funny this guy has played football all his life with black men and was roommates with Tim “The Holy Holies” Tebow but still has this sick sense of white privileged racism still embedded deep in him. But we keep on worshiping these white men as an monolith of all that is pure, righteous and excellent like they are the second coming Christ and they continue to show you how misogynistic, racist and blood thirsty they really are.

  • MimiLuvs

    This is part of the reason why I do not hang out with my white co-workers after work hours/off of the clock.

  • Tara

    White women are more racist so go somewhere with that. Nobody stated that they are a monolith of everything that is pure. You have issues. I don’t even think black men think that white women are a monolith that is pure as much as they worship white women. You are stretching with that one.

  • The truth

    My comment wasn’t knock against black woman this was knock against how we have been indoctrinated to think that white men can do no wrong. But I see you have internalized this into some kind knock against interracial dating (black men and white women or white men and black women, heck I don’t know what your point was/is) I don’t know how you made that leap. But if that’s your preference then that’s cool, but don’t for a instance think that white woman are more racist than white men, when white men go out colonize and oppress people of color on a global scale.

  • Tara

    What is happening now with white anger is that whites are feeling like they are losing. They are nervous about becoming minorities and we are calling them out on their racism at the same time. Then on top of that there are a lot of successful black people. It is not in the media but they do exist. Seeing the image of a black man in the most powerful position in the world can have quite an impact on the black and white psyche. Yes a lot of blacks are suffering but a lot of blacks are going to do really well. And a lot of whites will continue to suffer economically also. It is going to be a survival of the fittest type of America with just being able to make it day to day. People are fighting for crumbs and some black people are going to get theirs and that is going to make a lot of whites feel powerless. We all know what feeling powerless does to white people. It is like playing chess and you know that you are losing and flipping the chess board. I don’t feel good about the near future.

  • http://gravatar.com/nolakiss16 binks

    Again, the case of apologizing when your actions are caught on camera or via the internet. Personally, I’ am not surprised. A person can work with, live with and be around black people the majority of the time and still harbor prejudice, racist and entitlement feelings towards us. Besides, the “he was probably drunk” excuse is dumb because as the saying goes ” a drunk man tells no tales…”

  • The truth


  • Chelle

    I can understand that, because if one gets a lil liquor in their system and say something “jokingly” I’m going to be forced to “jokingly” kick their ass. Maybe not, but you get it. Lol

  • http://2dopesistahs.wordpress.com Da Hype 1

    To quote Ntozake Shange’s For Colored Girls, “One thing I don’t need is anymore apologies/I got sorry greeting me at the front door/You can keep Yours!”

    I am tired of lame apologies when people expose their authentic selves. He is only sorry that he spoke publicly and showed folks who he really is.

    On to the next one . . .

  • Marisa

    Also Riley’s supporters trying to pull that Jaime Foxx Blame it on Alccccccccchol, please not for one second do I believe that’s the first time he said that. We all know there were times he uttered that while stone cold sober, probably not when he played near certain teammates at University of Florida you know with Aaron Hernandez he might got shot allegedly lol. Just like I don’t buy Paula Deen saying it 40 years ago when the deposition clearly states she was throwing that word around into the 2000′s. I think more bigots should be free to out themselves come on out, it makes it easier for us to not deal with yall on any level. Trust me we would save a lot more money, not having to buy products, goods and services, no chilling at the club, no dating them or these fake friendships, having to work together would simply be enough. Everyone does their job like their suppose to and that’s all that’s required. This is why interracial socializing becomes problematic, I don’t want friendships/relationships for people who have no general respect for me, what f*#k is the point.

  • joe

    White women more racist than white men? Really? I find them to be equally racist. Just because a white woman smiles in my face or tries to flirt with me doesn’t mean she isn’t a bigot. The same applies to white men and black women. I think we ALL need to remember this.

  • SayWhat

    Actually it is the women that are worshipped and given a pass. No one hesitates to call or think a white man is racist, the women on the other hand? Can’t seem to do any wrong, and if they do, they are not at fault (according to the last article by a black man on this site)…anyway, let’s see if Al Sharpton comes out and defends him.

  • Diane

    There’s nothing scarier than a n****r on a mission.

    I spit out my orange juice with that imagery. He ought to build a bunker and stay there.

  • Mademoiselle

    No apologies needed. Make good on your claim Mr. Cooper. Please go up against every n-word you meet, and let’s see how that turns out for you.

  • chnyere

    I cannot wait till the day when blk ppl are no longer surprised when they hear of a white person saying the N-word. We really need to be aware, for a lot of them it is their favorite word, although some never say it in front of blk ppl. It is very seldom to find a white person that doesn’t utilize the word, they just lie and say they don’t. We need to be aware of their actions before it is too late.

  • Marisa

    Next week headlines “Riley Cooper saves a black family of 5 from a burning building” just saying be on the lookout for that.

  • Tara

    This might sound strange but all of this racism that is going on is going to make things better for blacks in the future. Just sit back and let them hang themselves. Some white people feel so powerless that they are either going to act really racist toward black people and get called on it constantly or go off and well I don’t even want to say it but we all know what frustrated white people do when they feel powerless. Either way all of this racism is going to only make things better for us in the future. Just like Chris Rock said “Racists are like little kids. They misbehave before they go to sleep. Then they become tired and go to sleep”. That is going to happen with the racists. They are going to misbehave over the next couple of years. Unfortunately, some good people will be sacrificed. This is usually what happens right before major change. We should be happy that the racism is in your face and scared if it was more quiet and we could not do anything about it. Now it is out in the open for everyone to see. But they are so angry that they are cutting off their noses to spite their faces. That is the sign of people who feel powerless and no hope. But when it is all said and done and we get to the other side, things will be better for black people. It is just going to be rough for the next couple of years. But the catch is that it going to be about class and not race after that. I said CLASS not RACE. When that happens, there is going to be a LOT of black on black discrimination but it will be based on class. You will then encounter many crazy black people. That my brother my sister stuff will hugely be gone. The future is going to be crazy!

  • Anthony

    I do not hold it against Michael Vick for being publicly supportive of Cooper. He was doing what he had to do. The fact is that Cooper’s name is mud among the black players, and they won’t have his back when he is crushed on the field.

    Riley Cooper simply proved he is a doofus for making an ass out of himself by using a racial slur against a security guard. Cooper is now the number one receiver on the Eagles since Jeremy Maclin’s injury, and cannot control his mouth in an argument with someone who makes less in a year than he does in one hour on a Sunday during football season.

    I am more mad at the Eagles owner and coach for rushing in and fining Cooper in addition to giving him sensitivity training like this fool didn’t know what he did was wrong.
    Since the fined Cooper, the NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, has cover to not punish hi. The way he has punished numerous black players for the trouble they have gotten into.

  • The Comment

    he looks like he does Lumber Jack Gay Porn

  • http://gravatar.com/designdiva40 paintgurl40

    White people always talk big shit when they are around THEIR own kind and they make sure they aren’t somewhere where they are the minority.

  • Marisa

    Another situation were everybody will be side eyeing their so called friends, because Mike Vick and those dudes said Riley was their “friend”, just like Paula was suppose to be cool with Oprah and Gayle. My thing is why even bother if your a bigot just be that, I would think its exhausting being a two faced fraud. Then again this country’s founding fathers and various politicians seem to handle that balance all too well. Lets just say this type of situation does nothing to advance REAL interracial socializing, if anything it questions is such a thing truly possible, anyways this country needs damn exorcism or lol.

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