121017-texting-and-driving-kb-150p.photoblog600If you live in New Jersey, the texting and driving laws have changed. If you send a text to someone you know is driving and that driver gets into an accident that seriously hurts someone, you could be held responsible.  On Tuesday, the New Jersey Appellate Court made the ruling after  in response to the David and Linda Kubert v. Kyle Best and Shannon Colonna case.

In 2009, David and Linda Kubert were enjoying a motorcycle ride, when 17-year-old Shannon Colonna texted her friend, 18-year-old Kyle Best, causing a crash involving his pick-up truck and their motorcycle. The damage was devastating. David and Linda both lost parts of their legs and sued both Colonna and Best. Although the judges in the case ruled that in this particular incident Colonna was not liable, in future cases, it ruled that the person who sent the texts could be held responsible.

New Jersey’s texting and driving penalties are some of the toughest in the country. Most recently, they’re comparable to drunk driving penalties. Violators can receive fines totaling up to $150,000 and prison time if you cause an accident because of texting.



What do you think about the new law? Should liability fall on the person sending the text as well as the driver?

  • CommonSense

    Great!!! I think it serves as a deterrent for people who have to look at their phones when driving!!!!!!

  • Ang28

    No one HAS to look at their phone while driving. It’s a choice. They could choose to ignore it until they get to their destination. The deterrent should be knowing that you could her someone or yourself.

  • MommieDearest

    Talk about stupidity and waste of time and taxpayer dollars!!! Good GRIEF!

    Is common sense now extinct? I get texts while I’m driving and guess what? I IGNORE them until I’m parked at my final destination. Seriously folks, it’s not that hard to do.

    *walks of mumbling and shaking my head*

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