Raven-Symonè has been notoriously mum about her love life. After rumors began circulating that the former child star turned media mogul was gay, Raven took to Twitter to make it clear that what goes on in her bedroom is nobody’s business but her own (go Raven!).

Raven Symone

But today, Raven broke her silence and shared her support for marriage equality by tweeting that she can finally get married.

Raven-Symonè comes out for marriage equality

Does this mean Ms. Symonè will be heading down the aisle soon? I’m not sure, but whatever she does, I’m sure she’ll be keeping it between her and the person she loves.

h/t B. Scott

  • sixfoota

    I’ont eeeeen care about the whole marriage thang – She’s proud of the government? She paying attention to all these nonsensical bills & laws they’re trying to pass? Bye, Raven.

  • Tiffy

    she kinda just told her personal business by that tweet I mean I don’t care if she’s gay Straight or whatever because I like Raven but she shouldnt have said anything at all because by saying that one can assume she is gay not that there’s anything wrong but she told on herself

  • http://DeAngelisFielder.wordpress.com Prettypoodle3

    Good for her but I had NO idea that she was a lesbian. Woah, my gay-dar was way off. lol

  • sixfoota

    LOL Y’all stay thumbsing me down but weren’t we just in an article the other day upset over the Stand Your Ground law? Sorry, I’m not proud of the government. Be it on the state or federal level. Commence to thumbsing me down.

  • GeekMommaRants

    A thumbs up!

  • geenababe

    I know the rumors were out there but I didn’t believe them

  • class of fitness

    All have to do, is listen to her Albums all 4 of them and see. that she hardly talk about a Man? just saying.

  • RightandWrong

    Society should not celebrate immorality. Immorality contributed to the fall of the Roman Empire.

  • Lynne

    Her happiness about the government is based on how government policies affect her life. I don’t have a problem with that.
    It may seem a bit self-centered of her, but that’s really how many view laws.

    I don’t like the nonsensical bills and laws coming down the government’s pipeline either, but if I saw a bill or law that helped me personally — like some sort of measure that would help with my student loan payments — I’d jump for joy.

    (And yes, I do indeed work.)

  • justanotheropinion

    Raven – either keep your mouth shut or shout it from the roof tops. You can’t play both sides from the middle. This being coy but then offering subliminal messages only calls attention to you when you claim you want no attention directed towards your personal life.

    Or is calling attention to yourself what you truly desire? You can’t have it both ways honey.

  • Playwitit

    She could be doing a Brad and Angelina and was boycotting marriage until everyone was able to get married. Either way, its all good.

  • IES

    She probably works for the government. Remember that quiz tv show was was a celebrity contestant on back in the day? Considering the answers she gave back then, I’m no surprised that she’s so proud.

  • Beautiful Mic

    I find it ironic that she’s applauding the government for her ability to have a gay marriage.

  • RenJennM

    Celebrities who want to keep their lives private shouldn’t have a Twitter, unless it’s for PR purposes only. For example, Jay-Z only uses his to promote his albums and artists, which is smart.

    Bloggers and tabloid-writers literally have an app that allows them to troll celebrities’ twitters (I am not making this up). So, if a “private” celebrity REALLY wants to be private, they should tweet a damn thing. Leave that to your assistants.

  • Mademoiselle

    I don’t really follow her, but last I remember she was on the Wendy Williams show (or maybe I saw it on RS’s youtube channel) talking about how she picks up men, and such. I wouldn’t have guessed that she was very secretive about her orientation.

    Plus “I can finally get married” could mean she finally got engaged, or she finally paid off her debt, or she finally cleared up that pesky infection, or… that she was vowing not to get married until she saw progress in marriage equality as a show of solidarity — all things that may have been standing in her way before. Forty characters (i.e. celebrity tweets) tend to be much ado about nothing in my opinion.

  • Teeeee

    Why should we be shocked? Are members of the LGBT community suppose to look/behave a certain way? I say, let this woman live her life as she sees fit.

  • ImJustSaying

    Ok people all she said is she can get married NOW

    Maybe she was waiting for her state to legalize gay marriage so she can get married to her MAN.

    Just like all the other celebs waiting until everything is equal for ALL consenting adults.

    Whether she’s gay or straight still a mystery and still her business.

  • HTown

    I thought she would look differently as an adult.

  • cb

    she is a lesbian, living her life

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