Raven-Symonè has been notoriously mum about her love life. After rumors began circulating that the former child star turned media mogul was gay, Raven took to Twitter to make it clear that what goes on in her bedroom is nobody’s business but her own (go Raven!).

Raven Symone

But today, Raven broke her silence and shared her support for marriage equality by tweeting that she can finally get married.

Raven-Symonè comes out for marriage equality

Does this mean Ms. Symonè will be heading down the aisle soon? I’m not sure, but whatever she does, I’m sure she’ll be keeping it between her and the person she loves.

h/t B. Scott

  • Teeeee

    Why should we be shocked? Are members of the LGBT community suppose to look/behave a certain way? I say, let this woman live her life as she sees fit.

  • ImJustSaying

    Ok people all she said is she can get married NOW

    Maybe she was waiting for her state to legalize gay marriage so she can get married to her MAN.

    Just like all the other celebs waiting until everything is equal for ALL consenting adults.

    Whether she’s gay or straight still a mystery and still her business.

  • HTown

    I thought she would look differently as an adult.

  • cb

    she is a lesbian, living her life

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