Top Boy Ashley Waters

British rapper-turned-actor Ashley Walters recently sat down with The Independent to discuss the return of his hit series, Top Boy, and why so many Black actors have left merry old England to pursue careers in America…and why he hasn’t.

The 31-year-old thespian had some critical words for his Black compatriots who complain about not having enough roles in the UK: make your own.

Walters explained:

“Here’s my theory: I looked up to people like Lenny Henry and David Harewood. They were the kind of people who made me want to get into this. But they don’t write enough, they don’t produce enough and they don’t direct enough,” he says.

“Lenny’s production company put a film out called Alive and Kicking, where he played a guy coming off drugs. And it was one of the most cutting-edge UK films I’ve seen. And since then, he’s put out nothing much. They should be the pioneers. I’d like to direct and produce and try and push things forward. It’s obvious that it’s more difficult for black actors than it is for white actors over here. So you can run away to the States or you can stay here and try to change things.”

Although Walters has yet to write or direct his own project, choosing to star in shows like the controversial yet popular Top Boy, and films like Bullet Boy, Walters claims that when he does begin creating projects they won’t highlight (or to some glorify) London’s street life in the same way his current work seems to do.

“When I start to direct, I don’t want my first film to be like Bullet Boy or Top Boy or something you’d expect,” he said. “I don’t even read a lot of the stuff I get sent because it’ll be AK-47 or The Gun or whatever!”

Walters comments come on the heels of Top Boy’s season two premiere, which many criticized as being yet another stereotypical portrayal of London’s Black community. In the show Walters plays a quick-thinking drug dealer who employees several teens in his local estate (housing project) in East London. While the show does indeed include a host of Black characters behaving badly, the dealers and users in Top Boy come in all shades and races, a fact that Walters loves about his hometown.

“I go away to places in Europe or America and I feel uncomfortable; I can’t wait to get home. We are so multicultural and mixed up,” he explained. “Give it 20 years and there won’t be any people of one race any more. Everyone will have something else in them. I think that’s a beautiful thing.”

Though I sympathize with Walters’ hope for a Kumbaya nation, and feel like his comments simply seek to justify/explain the high numbers of folks who “date out” in London, history tells us it takes a lot more than people “having something else in them” to stop racism/colorism. We can look at Brazil, or post-Antebellum America, or South Africa, or India, or anywhere darker skinned people continue to be oppressed by their fair-skinner brethren.

Mixing races does not end prejudice. Contrary to Walters’ assertion (which he doesn’t seem to stick to since his longtime girlfriend and children are Black), in 20, or 50, or even 100 years from now everyone WILL NOT be mixed. There will always be those who prefer to stick to their own kind, so I wonder what Walters thinks will become of them.

Will the multiracial people look down on those who choose to marry and continue their culture? Will the “pure race” people look down on the multiracial ones?

While I understand Walters’ sentiments and realize that his hometown is much more diverse than other parts of the globe (I mean, even coming from L.A. I was caught off guard by the sheer numbers of Black men with non-Black women on their arms), the rest of the world isn’t London. Hell, the rest of Britain isn’t London either.

But perhaps I’m too cynical. Perhaps history will not repeat itself. Perhaps Ashley Walters is right.

What do you think, Clutchettes? In 20 years…will we be closer to a race-less society? 

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  • Yb

    It’s so rare to hear western blacksto speak the beauty of mono racial blackness, black cultures, and Afro centricity. How sad.

    I find black people actually speaking of the beauty of their people and how to create strong black communities to be more rare and revolutionary nowadays..

  • Kaeli

    What credentials does this man have to make such an assertion? Does he study social trends, populations, etc. Also, is he talking about Western society only? I am sure that in Asia (East and West) the majority of the people will not have “something else in them”. I will include many nations in Africa to that list of people who won’t have “something else in them”. 20 years is a drop in the bucket when talking about evolution and time. Sorry but it’s time to stop listening to the silly opinions of famous people. Just because people know who you are and listen to what you have to say doesn’t mean you know what you’re talking about.

  • geenababe

    Racism will never go away and there will never be a race-less society. I agree with the writer of this article. In the future there might be more people swirling but there will still be people like me who want to mate/date/marry their own race. People who IR date say they hate when people make them feel bad for doing so but they turn around and do the same thing to people who don’t. It’s remind me of another site I could do you can’t even say “black love is beautiful” without someone saying all love is beautiful.

  • Tracy

    we don’t have the will to survive anymore, oh well it’s been fun

  • naan

    I am so tired of this RACIST “mono-race” talk. People think they are being so “lovey dovey kumba yah” when they say it but they sound racist in my opinion. They are basically telling me, “Yea you wont exist 20 years from now and your non-existance will be a better thing for the world.”

    Also bonus points to you for showing how tons of race mixing hasn’t lead to any sort of “post racism” bs. Just more colorism and more people trying to come up with their own “race”.

    Also I’ve been around mixed folks and they are hung up on their own racial issues too.

  • Beautiful Mic

    That’s only if more genocides occur. There are plenty of people on earth who do not want to breed away their distinct phenotype or loose their unique cultural identity or language.

    Being assimilated to whites causes people to loose value in root cultures and identities (and related phenotypes) and this lack of value is what drive Europeans to conquer the world in the first place. And the system of racial accounting was put into place to accelerate the destruction of differences.

    What is desired is for all humanity to breed into a single, multi-raced, middle-to -white phenotype uber wealthy, uber intelligent, uber attractive, people.

    It’s self inflicted eugenics.

  • Beautiful Mic

    Exactly, if all white people were shipped to the moon, racism would still be here, white supremacy would still be carried out by the millions who have this ingrained in their psyche, heart and spirit.

  • Beautiful Mic

    not to mention, uber Anglo-Saxon in identity. That ‘ideal’ one-race world would continue to uphold the values of the European empire and continue to hail to the darn Queen of England, who is the product of multi-generational ethnic white-washing her damn-self.

  • simplyme

    I find it very peculiar when people say this. Maybe I’m not “progressive” enough. But you’d have to actively wish to see that people that looked like you… your family members… and your ancestors would no longer exist to want this to happen…

  • Knotty Natural

    I love who I am as a black woman…all of my Afrocentric features that point to who my ancestors were…so no, I don’t see the mono-race as the solution to the problem…How about we just love and accept one another, despite our physical and cultural differences.

  • Viv

    Look, I’m married to a man of Puerto Rican and Irish ancestry and I think Ashley Walters’ comments are naive, and void of any empirical merit. Sure, there may appear to be more interracial dating and marriage, but it’s still a comparatively small percentage globally.

    A more multicultural society doesn’t necessarily mean **POOF** racism is gone. We have a biracial president, and racism remains almost ubiquitous. Britni Danielle cited some excellent examples. And, as someone who lived abroad for a year in London, I can personally attest that there’s racism there, too. I was flat-out denied housing when I first moved to Ladbroke Grove by an Indian couple who turned around and rented the place to a white couple. I also remember shopping at Tesco’s with my white roommate and being followed for no reason other than my Blackness, while she could have run off with everything in the store and probably would have gotten away with it.

    Those who think that interracial relationships and multiracial offspring are the cure to deep-seated, ingrained racism need to realize that it’s just not that simple.

  • Apple

    Keep wishing… People aren’t that close to make a melting pot. However Latin / South America came close

  • noirluv45

    Read the book, “Miscegenation” and see what’s really up.

    Doesn’t he know that’s what they want. They want to breed YOUR Blackness out. So that’s something to brag about?

    If people are with others because they love each other, cool. Like other’s said, this “kumbaya” stuff is ridiculous if they think that racism/White supremacy will vanish because races are mixing.

    In fact, my friend (a Black woman) is married to an English guy (White) and they both got pulled over, made to get out the car, and put their hands behind their back. They cuffed her husband and put him in the backseat of the car. Why? A cracked windshield – that would only warrant a warning and/or ticket!

    She thinks they were pulled over because the cops thought he was pulling over a hooker based on the area they were in. They had parked near a XXX business.

  • noirluv45


  • Kaeli

    And look how that worked. Afro-latino’s will go to any length to deny they are of African decent. Also, many Latinos who are simply more brown are treated like outcast by their families.

  • Darcy

    Oh please. Even if everyone was the same skin tone, people would still find a way to discriminate whether that was on something silly like height, weight, eye color, etc. so i hope he doesnt think that would make life perfect.

    Also, even if everyone was mixed racially, people would still range in skin tone and could be categorized based on who was lighter or darker. Along with that would be the current perceptions that many have that lighter is better and darker is worse. He’s just trying to sound revolutionary, but clearly doesn’t understand genetics.

  • MsSmeeg

    I remember Eva Longoria saying in an interview that she was called “the ugly dark one” in her family. Eva Longoria isn’t even dark-skinned!!

    I’m not even going to discuss the “racial paradise” of Brazil. LOL.

  • MommieDearest


    I was having this very conversation with a friend years ago. She said that one of her white co-workers who has a black boyfriend said that everybody should date each other and mix all the races up. I gave her a blank stare. I said that would be HORRIBLE. I would not want black people to “blend in” and cease to exist.

    Fast forward 15 years, now this seems to be the trend, with IR being pushed and promoted at every turn.

  • MommieDearest

    “I find black people actually speaking of the beauty of their people and how to create strong black communities to be more rare and revolutionary nowadays..”

    Trust, this is all part of the plan. It’s sad that not enough blacks realize it.

  • MommieDearest

    “People who IR date say they hate when people make them feel bad for doing so but they turn around and do the same thing to people who don’t. ”

    Yes!!!! It’s to the point where people who prefer to date within their own race are being called…. RACIST. WTF???

    What many of these IR bandwagoners (I’m not referring to those who happened to find true love, I’m talking about those who EXCLUSIVELY date out for misguided self-hatred reasons) don’t seem to realize is that just because someone is willing to “hit it’ does NOT mean that they like you.

  • EL

    I watched the first season of Top Boy, it was the same ol’ same ol’ as I expected. Sometimes I have to put these shows on just to see some Black people on my TV screen cause trust me unless it’s re-runs of Fresh Prince, Desmonds or My Wife & Kids then you don’t!

    There is not a Black family, including my own, that doesn’t have mixed race family members, all of my cousins, except one, are mixed race. It’s terrible here how many Black men are with white women. Race mixing doesn’t mean the end of racism Ashley!

    Also, many of the white women here, hell pretty much every white woman with mixed race children know absolutely NOTHING or care about Black culture and history, nothing about Black hair care or skin care for their children. How is this a beautiful thing?

    All they know is they like Black men, a bit of Bashment and Lovers Rock so then they wanna tell you about how they love Black men, Reggae and Jerk chicken like your gonna be their best friend for that and as if that makes them any less ignorant or racist. It actually makes them much more ignorant.

  • binks

    THIS!!!! As I said in the last post with the interracial couple and gay friend who was attacked at the restaurant just because the calendar moves forward doesn’t mean people’s ignorance will. Human nature dictates that in some way, shape or form someone will try to find a way to categorize or try and claim superiority even in places/situations where none is to be had. Trust me; if it isn’t race then it is going to be variation of skin color, where you are from, what you look like physically, intelligence, etc. Furthermore, the “everybody is mixed anyway, in the future everybody is going to be multiracial, the great browning of… is coming, people are dating/marrying out in droves so this won’t be a problem in the future, etc.” is a very juvenile and frankly naïve way to look at race and race relations. Problems involving race and how we relate to one another is more than superficial but goes down beneath the surface from psychology, socialization, environment, society’s infrastructure, privileges, financial/power (in terms of WHO holds most of the world’s wealth/power), etc.

  • Apple

    I didn’t say they came close by choice. But the slaves + white owners + some natives over time manufactured a new people: the Hispanics

  • Shepherd

    I agree that a so called ‘mixed race society’ will not end racism. Until the root causes are dealt with, a similar hierarcy still based on percentages of what race someone has in them will occur. For example Jamaica, where I lived for several years: though white people are a minority, some sectors are somewhat divided on skin colour. Another thing I wanted to add: as a Londoner myself, I have to say the assertion that most or a lot of black Brutish people date out is simply untrue. Most people here marry/date within their race. Can we stop spreading this myth please?

  • joe

    A 2009 study found that 48% of black caribbean men and 34% of black caribbean women ae involved in interracial relationships. Anyone who believes all of these black people “just happened to fall in love” with a white person is an idiot. Too many black folks believe that having a white spouse or lover is far better than having a black one. Not just in England either.

  • Stef

    People on here can not critcize top boy but then at the same time say the wire is one of the greatest shows ever.

    Top boy is a British version of the The Wire. And he is an excellent young actor . He probably would be very big if He cameto the states. But good for him

    Also please help me out where did we say race mixing or that British becoming more mulitcural means the end of racism or prejudice in the United Kingdom ? People are putting word in his mouth that he did not say.

  • Stef

    I still trying to find the sentence in which he said racism or prejudice will be over in 20yrs or is it the author of the article putting those words in his mouth .

    I’m really trying to find that statement. Or I’d he just staying how much he loves how multicultural London is?

    Anybody wanna help find that statement

  • Josh

    Sounds like someone was never taught Latin American history. There are plenty of mixed race people there. A color (among other things) caste system just forms

  • DiasporaUK

    It is true that in Britain, in many of the major cities, interracial dating and marriage between blacks & whites is commonplace but the total number of blacks (people of Black Afrikan sub-Saharan ascent) is small (around the million mark). Insignificant to the number of blacks globally.

    Carribean Afrikans (as opposed to continental Afrikans) are the blacks who do the most IR dating in Britain.

    No coincidence that the blacks who’ve have had longest and closest proximity to whites, in our case via slavery and immigration to Britain, are the blacks most likely to choose white mates.

    You forget who you are, which is why race mixing between blacks and whites has never created anything but a bi-racial caste that eventually came to be used against the black masses.

    But it will be interesting to see how things pan out on the black/white race relations front in Britain because bi-racials are predicted to outnumber blacks in the next decade or two, making them the largest population with Afrikan roots in the UK.

    The “black” masses in Britain will be bi-racial.

    We don’t have a precedent for what happens when you have a half white/half black population living amidst a white majority in a capitalist racist society, where there are no blacks to exploit scapegoat, and build political alliances against.

  • Beauty84

    You must be in denial. 5 out of 10 black guys you see walking down the street are with a white woman and every other white woman you see has a mixed race kid.

  • Darcy

    True indeed. The whole “if everyone were mixed” argument ignores the complexities of many people’s thought patterns and need to feel superior. Different races is NOT the problem, but people who believe they are racially superior than others is the problem.

  • Wanda

    Arabs and Israelis are the same people DNA-wise, and how’s that working for a discrimination-free society?

  • V

    I don’t really know about this one. As someone who has lived in the UK all her life, yes there has been a rise in interracial relationships in the UK for a number of reasons. However, I think Walters should expand on this comment; the entire world or two countries in particular? There is a whole entire world out there.

    I also feel, right now in the UK, there is definitely an uprising of black empowerment right now and this prediction doesn’t seem realistic.

  • Chrissy

    I feel the same way you feel Tracy. At this point most Black people in the west decided they like whiteness better and that is what they want to assimilate into. It will just create a color hierarchy

    Like you said, it’s been fun.

  • joe

    Black brits seek out white mates because of centuries of systematic brainwashing. Having mixed kids with light skin is something they place great value on. A study that was done in 2009 by the Equality and Human Rights Commission predicted that African and Caribbean culture in England would eventually disappear because the vast majority of bi-racial children will eventually mate with whites. Genetic and cultural erasure.

  • joe

    When black people talk about the beauty of mono-racial blackness we are told that we are being racist. By other black people.

  • deecreative

    Diaspora UK…well said!! I’m American and I’ve been to London, London seems no more diverse and maybe less in total numbers than NYC but with the number of b-racial people set to out number the british black population(now is that in London or UK overall) that is a very interesting statistic, I think maybe the only other place that has happened is Brazil and we see the results there, brown/black people are still a lower caste overall. I think Ashley Walters comments were taken out of context, I’m sure he wasn’t being exact, he just threw out a future number and touting diversity as a good thing. As you know the U.S. is set to be a majoirty black/black country in the future and the numbers will show significantly in the very near future. I think the U.S. whether we like or it will be a test case for the future of diversity and how society’s handle rapidly changing and racially diverse populations.

  • MsLoupe

    Damn…..dead!!! XD!!! I can’t you just went in….. bahaha

  • Nic

    Um, that sounds like someone who knows jack about AMERICAN history, b/c black Americans have been mixing with white people for 500 years, and it’s only been in the last 40 or so that it’s been VOLUNTARILY, so um, yeah, there is that.

  • Nic

    Someone needs to tell this misinformed fellow that 500 years of people of African descent being in the US and mixing with everyone and yet there are still millions of us who are CLEARLY of African descent.
    So um, no, brown isn’t going anywhere boo.
    But I always roll my eyes at this b/c this is usually the kind of thing that white people do to trivialize racism and efforts to combat it, OR what a dude wants to say when he wants to holler at non-black women (I don’t see color, race is a social construct, blah, blah, blah).
    He doesn’t need to spew things that are just not true if he wants to date white girls. Really.

  • Nic

    Thank you…500 years of race mixing and yet here we all are.
    And yeah, I agree with you about the subtext of those comments.

  • Nic

    Oh, don’t worry girl. White men have been sleeping with your ancestors for 500 years and the black is still proudly showing.
    So I’m not too worried.

  • Nic

    People need to also remember that while interracial MARRIAGE may be increasing and is more commong, interracial PROCREATION has been happening forever, and yet we still have many physically distinct kind of people.
    And yeah, love my black skin and would love to pass it down and don’t think I’m alone in that sentiment.

  • Nic

    Oh, you need to read some books on Latin American history b/c yeah, Hispanic isn’t a race and the racial divisions and raciam in S. America are quite obvious. The people who actually are happy to identify as black actually discuss this a lot.

  • Nic

    I know that is right…I have mistaken Palestinians (Christian or Muslim) for Sepharic Israelis b/c they are the same people. I really can’t tell unless a person tells me.

  • Nic

    Right, no one needs to breed the black out of us. People need to deal with the fact that we are here to stay.
    Besides, as history shows, breeding the black out doesn’t exactly work…

  • Nic

    Well, come to the Bay Area and it’s much higher than that. I think it really depends on where you live in the US (and probably in the UK). I mean, there is definitely a correlation in the US based on both region and income.

  • diasporauk


    you’re right. I guess we’re all too post racial to engage in “vulgarities” like lifting ourselves up.

    But I can feel something in the wind. Something big’s coming on the Black Power/Black is Beautiful front.

    Truss me.

  • diasporauk


    sad but hopefully not true.

    We need to stop wasting precious hater energy, hating on each other and redirect that energy to getting our rightful share of this world’s bounty.

  • Ravi

    “We don’t have a precedent for what happens when you have a half white/half black population living amidst a white majority in a capitalist racist society,”

    This sounds like the US and Brazil

  • MommieDearest

    Oooh I hope you’re premonition is correct. That would be awesome!

  • Beautiful Mic

    Yes, but if you are not within a certain aesthetic range, that mixed ancestry isn’t even considered. Even the guy in the article is likely of mixed ancestry.

    What the Anglo-minded inter-breeders wish for is a generational progression where dominant sub-Saharan African traits are no longer evident in the global population.

    The idea of there being one race is just as racist as the concept of there being colorblindness.

    No one is envisioning that this single race look like dark people, but people with middle to white phenotypes. No one envisions anyone in this future one race to have kinky hair, either.

  • apple

    i said a new people i didn’t say anything about hispanic being a race.. reading comprehension is key

  • Jade

    Nope. Africans tend to marry within. They have more pride in their people and culture. It’s the Afro-Caribbeans that want to breed themselves out.

  • LocsG

    I agree but tbh the africans are starting to go that way as well. Finding a fellow african right now with sense is ridiculously difficult

  • Black People

    This is one of the biggest lies perpetrated in the Black African community worldwide, that somewhere in the near future, we will all be the same skin tone under the same racial banner. Get ready for the racial truth black people, the human race will never be completely mono-racial. Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa will always be 99% mono-racial. They damn sure are not letting black people into their families or their countries for that matter. Forget what you see in the West. These people do not allow foreigners into their families except for a handful of whites.

    Before somebody gets upset and says I married an Asian, Indian, Middle Eastern, Eastern European, Southern European, North African, your single marriage experience does not equate to the billions of marriages across the globe. Your marriage between these races are less than a half of percent between Black Africans and non-whites(Western-Northern Europeans). Nobody is marrying black people except white people. Nobody else. Case in point look at South America; Brazil, Columbia, Venezuela. These countries used to have a small population of black people, now their numbers are in the millions. Why? Because nobody wanted to marry, breed, socialize with them, so without white liberals to marry, black people married and breed with themselves. Shocking I know!

    Why white liberals from Western and Northern Europe, Australia, Canada, and America? These are the only people on planet Earth who will marry and breed with blacks in a somewhat significant number. I say somewhat because other Europeans, Asians, White Hispanics, Indians, and Middle Easterns, come before blacks in marriage and dating. Don’t believe me check the statistics. Blacks are last on the dating totem pole regardless how much black men and black women write blogs about interracial relationships, to show how pathetic they really are. If it wasn’t for white liberalism, blacks wouldn’t even date or marry out because no other race would do it. Before some black woman claims I dated all races, your single dating experience is not the full narrative for black women, or interracial relationships.

  • London View

    I’m a Londoner as well and black men on average date white women more. When I walk down the street in London nearly every black men has a white female partner. I’m happy to see a young black couple together because it’s become rare which is sad.

  • joe

    Too many black people are obsessed with interracial relationships. Very few whites have any desire to marry a black person. Whites don’t create blogs and write books and countless articles glorifying race mixing. Only we do that. It’s sad.

  • ETC

    I agree. Why are we the only race to do that? Truth is most other races WANT to marry their own.

  • un’ruly (@hairunruled)

    I agree. He’s not asserting any research-based facts. He’s just conveying a sentiment about multiculturalism and threw out a rough estimation of his outlook.

    The bigger discussion was the lack of opportunities for blacks in the media in UK (which surprises me that UK blacks think there’d be more in the US).

    It’s funny that this post focused on a clearly idealistic statement.

  • Jade

    Oh please. Africans are not nearly as coonish as their afro-Caribbean counterparts. They mostly marry within. If they lack sense, their parents make sure to knock it back into them. African parents don’t like their children dating out in mass.

  • joe

    Caribbean brits date and mate out at a very high rate. 48% for men and 34% for women compared to Pakistani brits at 8% for men and 6% for women. Caribbean blacks also tend to be extremely colorstruck. I personally know of mothers who forbade their sons from dating dark-skinned girls. These same mothers would have no problem if their sons brought home a white girl.

  • EL

    @Jade- What is your problem? It is not the fault of Black peope in the Caribbean, Britain, America, etc. that we were slaved. I find that some Africans are very judgemental towards Black people in the Caribbean, America, Britain, etc. The effects of what has happened to us as a people is traumatic and unfortunately there are many Black people brainwashed into thinking that everything is wrong with us and white is right. There are many Black people who have knowledge of self and aspects of African culture always remains prevalent within the African diaspora. Clutch is one of the only Black sites I’ve known where the majority of the people don’t denounce or have any aversion to their African roots. That’s a great thing.

    Maybe you should think about your narrow-minded views about Black people who were not born and raised in Africa being “coonish” before tarring us all with the same brush.

  • Jolie

    you took the words right out of my mouth…bravo for this comment!

  • Tee tee

    HAHAHAHAHAHA Brazil is still one of the nations with most black/africans outside of Nigeria / African countries. Why can’t people respect the fucking differences? Gina Jane Jere Help me please, you wrote an article on brazil years ago.

    Why does this lost black male think mixing is the sole answer for race issues, if it were the arabacised parts of Africa and so on will be pure harmony. Alas it is not. Seriously, the race issue will be solved by a combination of those in power giving some of that unearned privileged built upon the backs of many black+brown folks.

    But, no they don’t hear it though. The automatic response is ‘well maybe if we were less black or whatever else >>insert here<constructing whiteness here that the concept of race was put strictly in to law.
    Of course slavery (just before it indentured servantry – which included many others, blacks, slavics, italians, irish etc) was coming in to force then too. It’s only been 150 years since emancipation, 60 something years out of colonisation for many African nations.

    Yes #PAUSE. It sure as hell ain’t gonna take less than 200 years to undo it the centuries of damage. So erm no sir, marry who you want, date who you like. But don’t you dare attempt erasure in your attempt at justification. Dear orishas, please come for your son. He needs a reservation in my #ikeastadiumofseat

  • Tee tee

    Exactly! Respect the differences! How hard is that to do. Yeeessshhhhh!

  • Tee tee

    Oh no you didn’t come for bashment! Ok that was funny hehehehehehe.

  • Tee tee

    Londoner here too, sorry shepherd, i gotta second what the others have said, Walk down oxford circus or shoot even walthamstow / hackney. You will likely see mixed kids with white mum’s or black men with non black women on their arms. It’s not a myth. The numbers are not lying on that one.
    And i live in chiswick now and even here where you can play spot a black person, when you see a black man, he is for certian with a white woman. Ijs

  • Tee tee

    Hmmmm Africans are going that way too bubba, remember whilst we (i’m Nigerian) were not enslaved in the exact same way. We had colonisation to deal with. And like those of our brethrens who were enslaved the residue and havoc reeked lingers, from the thought that lighter is better or that looser hair is best to all sorts of isms. That’s my 2 pence worth on this.

  • Tee tee

    This is everything!

    >> The idea of there being one race is just as racist as the concept of there being colorblindness.<<

  • GoingGoingGone

    Breeding into mulattoes is NOT the solution. It only aids white folks in feeling more comfortable when they walk the streets, go into places of business etc, because they will no longer have to see an AUTHENTIC black face. Mulattos may be seen as an improvement, but will never be on the same level as whites. Black males will say ANYTHING to excuse their self hatred & deflect attention from wanting kids that don’t remind them of what they hate. Mulattos/biracials cannot produce dark black offspring. Males like Morris Chestnut or Tyson Beckford will be a thing of the past.

  • SAgirl

    Hi.. I am South African, and I would like to tell you once again America, we do not have a colorism problem in South Africa. There may be light teasing, but opression based on skin tone does not exist among Black South Africans. We see lots of dark skinned blacks on TV, represented in positive ways (successful, desirable, caring and dignified) and it (colourism) really isnt even a topic. Maybe Nigeria but not in SA.

    I’ve noticed the numerous misconceptions about SA many americans have. We do not have the same racial experiences in many ways because in SA, black people are the majority and we ourselves are portrayed positvely most of the time. We have economic and education problems and an increasing class problem separating the blacks but colorism isn’t one.

  • Black People

    It’s amazing that the only ones willing to marry black people are Western White Liberals. They’ll gladly marry are all successful black men and black women, and hold them up like trophies. Other races of like Asians, Indians, and Middle Easterners, don’t care if black people are successful or not, their not marrying black people only whites. Why is that? Easy, the white savior complex. Western white liberals pity blacks and feel the need to save them on a global scale. Also blacks hold white people higher than themselves, therefore it’s easy for a white person to attain Godhood amongst black people. Combine those two and a white person can have any black person they want. Wealthy, famous, educated, or whatever. Black people have to fight tooth and nail to date and marry the elite blacks, but not white people. White people get first choice to choose amongst blacks. Who said slavery was non-existent?

    Black people call Asians, Indians, Middle Easterners, and Hispanics racist, but guess what, they simply love themselves and want to build themselves up as a family, community, people, nation. Black people don’t. Black people are looking to escape their blackness, and the only ones willing to except them are, guess who, white people. No other race cares about black people. White people don’t too but they’ll gladly take are wealthy and educated ones. Black people having money is not enough for other races to marry them and I applaud them for their convictions about race. Let the white liberals save blacks, and marry them, other races sure as hell ain’t gonna do it.

    If black people never married whites the marriage rate of black people would be at 99% intra-racial. Black people are not marrying other races point blank.

    Question: If Western White Liberals are the only race to marry blacks at over 1% (That’s right, whites make up over 99% interracial relationships with blacks), is it because they like us, have pity on us, or do they just want are top Black Africans (Rich & Successful)?

    Take away white people and black people wouldn’t even be discussing interracial relationships!!!!!

  • Black People

    “There won’t be any people of one race”. “There won’t be any black people not mixed with whites.” There, fixed your statement for you Mr. Ashley Waters. There won’t be any full-blooded black people. East Asians, Indians, Pakistanis, Middle Easterners will continue to marry their own people without looking to whites to clean up, fix, or un-curse the black race. Why is it that black people are the only ones making statements like these? Will all be one race! What? I couldn’t imagine other races saying that. In fact it’s quite the opposite for other races. “In the future our race will be even stronger”, said Indians, East Asians, Middle Easterners. Black people are the only ones so strongly content with race mixing, only with whites though. Other races are content with marrying, breeding, and socializing with their own.

    Black people give white people whatever they want. Other races fight for their own. All other races can do what they want with black people from selling them hair products to opening up liquor stores, to gas stations. But if blacks tried that they would be run out. Blacks call that racism, I call it racial pride. After all the whites magically breed with black people, then what, will black people finally quit talking about interracial relationships. No one will breed with blacks except whites. After that blacks will simply have to marry themselves. Shocking isn’t!

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