Rochester police attack pregnant womanA video of what appears to be a brutal attack of a pregnant woman by a Rochester, N.Y. police officer surfaced on the web this week, and people are rightly outraged.

The video, captured Tuesday evening by a neighbor, shows 21-year-old Brenda Hardaway pleading with officers as they try to restrain her.

As Hardaway repeatedly yells, “I’m pregnant! Get off me! You’re going to kill my baby,” Officer Lucas Krull punches her in the head and throws her to the ground. gives more details about the altercation:

Police claim that the woman was arrested because she threatened to use a can of pepper spray on the police after intervening in the arrest of another person. In the video, her 16-year-old brother can be seen sitting on the steps, hands cuffed, telling the officers that his sister simply can’t have her hands cuffed behind her back because she is pregnant, and falling forward could cause harm to the baby.

While the video appears to show a vicious encounter, Rochester Police Chief James Sheppard told reporters his officers showed “tremendous restraint.”

“While the video may cause concern relative to the officer’s tactics, I stress that it is important that the incident be viewed in its totality and to withhold judgment until all the facts are known, including those parts of the event that are not shown on the video,” he said.

(Trigger warning: the video may be difficult to watch.)

Hardaway was taken to Rochester General Hospital where she was treated for injuries to her elbow and nose. She was arrested and charged with assault and resisting arrest, and is being held in Monroe County Jail on $7,500 bail.

Hardaway’s brother was released after being charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Rochester Police Chief Sheppard says officers’ actions are under review.

  • Apple Pie

    Act like an animal, get treated like one.

  • Apple Pie

    You must be the family member to this savage in the video above. It’s women who think like you and act like the women above, that breeds nonsense into the black community. Be realistic.

  • Perspective

    You know I would REALLY like black women to elaborate on this EQUAL topic because I’m tired of the DUPLICITY of women.

    From where I stand I see women wanting the POWER OF MEN, the PRIVILEGES OF WOMEN (protections, provisions, security, red carpet treatment, men paying for dinner) and but the responsibilities of NEITHER.

    What I want to know is where is the line in the sand of EQUALITY – how much equal are you to men, and where is the line in the sand on where the equality ends and then you revert back to the sanctuary of being a woman i.e. no heavy lifting, being able to DEFAULT to male responsibilities, blame, and accountability.

    Example: Woman drives and gets the man and the woman lost in his car.

    “Well if you were a real man, I wouldn’t have been in the driver seat in the first place. I was only driving because you were too weak of a man to drive.”

    Despite the fact that she FOUGHT with you over the keys and called you sexist for saying that women can’t drive.

    I just think a lot of this comes down to women NOT wanting to be TOLD what to do, but they DON’T want the responsibility that comes with the leadership or positions of control that they are fighting for.

    If it happens on your watch – it should be YOUR responsibility.

    Example – despite that a father is supposed to be there for his children. Black women can’t have it both ways.

    Kids FAIL – “Oh it’s because his father wasn’t there”

    Kids Succeed – “I did it all by myself!”

    From purely a logical standpoint – can you not see the FLAW in that reasoning?

    Last point – Marches are an outdated response to the problems in the black community. You can’t make DEMANDS from a financially subordinate position.

    I thought the strong independent women were hip to this a long time ago with their relationships with black men.

  • diasporauk

    When are black people gonna get tired of being treated like this by these uniformed animals?

    This reminds me of the “Light em up” video, where we saw a bunch of cowards from a different branch of America’s uniformed thug corps, selected from the bowels of America’s trailer parks (aka US soldiers), mow down unarmed Reuters journalists.

    Don’t know how long these people think they can get away with their abuses . . . .

  • Phillygurl

    Exactly, as if in the past black women were protected from brutality. I think folk need a history lesson.

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