I don’t have much time travel down the rabbit hole that’s YouTube hair or make-up tutorials, but my sister does. This weekend she sent me the gem below from YouTube hair blogger, Glam Fun.  Although I’m not one for calling hair “nappy”, Glam Fun pokes fun at her own inability to rock a “wash & go” because of her 4c hair texture. Wash & go’s are a staple for many naturalistas out there, but not everything is for everybody.

Take a look at the video!


  • http://dodreamaisha.wordpress.com Malaika Jabali

    Many of the replies answer you implicitly but I will add, let’s not forget about what comes after a “wash” and a “go”…”dry.” And for women with nappy hair like myself, having our hair dry in its completely natural, unmanipulated state leads to knots, tangles, and unquenchable dryness. Many 4cs have learned our hair requires a different technique. It’s not the look so much as the health. If I wanted to have tangled hair that was prone to breakage, sure I’d keep a wash and go. But I want my hair to be healthy.

    As a 4c natural I had to research what I could do to maintain a healthy, growing head of hair, and wash and gos are universally panned when you look at the countless successful hair journies of other black women with kinkier textures. Please research more about other experiences before assuming this is all about self-hate.

    With that, the advice I always read is to let your hair dry in a stretched state–buns, twists, bantu knots, etc. This advice has been a godsend for me. If I just listened to people who were all “it looks fine to me, so you should be fine too!” I’d still be looking at some breaking, non growing a$$, tangling a$$ hair.

    Pretending all black hair can be treated the same has the opposite effect of what you promote– it will make some naturals even more inclined to return to relaxers, as I had done. On the other hand, now that I know how to *properly* maintain my hair and know that it is unique and requires different techniques, I am even more proud of my natural texture and will never look back.

  • Jase

    This is totally adorable. She’s awesome.

  • http://gravatar.com/miriamchristina miriamchristina

    Love it!!!!

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