Manhattan set the stage for a new season of New York Fashion Week as models graced runways clad in the freshest fall designs.

This year, the Mercedes Benz-sponsored event showcased the creative genius of well-known African-American designers as well as a few newcomers ready to make their mark.

Check out 15 designers of color who wowed us on the runway.

-Nadiah Rodriguez

  • Laura Charles

    Sammy B! I love that girl. Her designs are always edgy, fresh and sexy. I love how she has worked her way up in the industry starting at Pratt Institute, interning for numerous designers and finally starting her own line. You go girl!

  • Wilhelmina Jewell

    Great article!!! We highlighted them all at on our pinterest at BiTHOUSE!! We love Them all!!!

  • Knowledge

    one would think this article would have as much comments like the one about “naomi iman and racism in fashion.” im not a fashion type of guy but if i wanna see models- they would be black or mixed with black. here are designers who use black models yet non of the loud mouths want to comment?

  • Leo

    If we promoted many of the lesser known designers more often we could give them more recognition. It’s the responsibility of the so-called black media to promote our people on a regular basis and it’s not happening.

  • SueQ

    I hear so much about ‘black’ designers but never know who they are to support. The sad thing is that most black women still wanna buy louie and gucci when those designers don’t see black as beauty anyway. Imma do my part and put an end to that.

  • lil ray

    Love this.

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