The last event former sexting Congressman Anthony Weiner should attend is a parade with tons of half-naked women. Half naked women, wining twerking.  You know, because of his past sexting scandals, which at last count was two.  But who knows, after this weekend maybe he’ll wind up with another one.

As hundreds of floats made their way down the parkway in Brooklyn for this year’s West Indian Day Parade, New York City mayoral candidate, Anthony Weiner, decided to do some campaigning during the parade. As his float made its way down the parkway, Weiner, after busting shots with his mouth, yelled “Anybody here from Jamaica? Anybody here from Barbados? Anybody here from Guyana? Anybody here from Staten Island?”in a fake-Jamaican accent.

Staten Island, though?

Well if his run for mayor fails, maybe he can turn into a MC Weiner and host the next parade.


  • Angie

    We West-Indians welcome everybody! He can come fete wit we anytime! LOL…. However, he may want to forget about public service, because we does carry on bad! He look like he a fetah….

  • Jen

    Staten Island in de house. Big it up!

    I’m Caribbean, and I’ve heard some cringeworthy imitations of West Indian accents in my time. But you know, Anthony Weiner’s attempt wasn’t that bad. I’ve heard worse, lol!

  • mEE

    Lawd God lol

  • HTown

    I thought it was funny and kind of cute!

  • chnyere

    “from Barbadsoss” lmao!!

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