3rd Annual Streamy Awards - Backstage And AudienceRemember that time viral video star Antoine Dodson came out to “renounce himself” because he “no longer into homosexuality” and wanted a wife and children?

Welp, he’s proved his haters and doubters wrong. Or something.

While many were confused by Dodson’s decision to pray away the gay, others commended the Alabama-native on his choice to seek the life he wanted. Now it seems he’s one step closer to achieving it

Yesterday, Dodson took to Twitter to tell the world he’s going to be a father.

Despite the good news, some of Dodson’s followers weren’t buying it.

“Aren’t you gay?” one person tweeted. Another echoed the user’s sentiments, typing a stunned, “WUT?”

Others offered words of encouragement and congratulations to the YouTube sensation who first came to the world’s attention after he helped stop a man from sexually assaulting his sister.

Whether Dodson gets his happily ever after remains to be seen, but we wish Dodson and his “Queen” luck!

  • JS

    Gay or straight he certainly looks a lot better than he has in the past. I just hope he is living this life being true to himself and if he ever feels urges or unsure is completely 100% up front with his GF.

    Although I will say for all that “holier than thou” renunciation of homosexuality as a sin, he sure had no problem with sex before marriage. Seems a little hypocritical to be extreme in one sense but not in the other. I can only wish him the best for his child’s sake though.

  • KG

    First and foremost, congratulations. New life should always be celebratory.

    Now, as for me, I couldn’t do it. More power to his girlfriend/wife, but if I knew a man was gay and became straight, we could be friends, but not lovers.

  • http://gravatar.com/geenababe geenababe

    Although I will say for all that “holier than thou” renunciation of homosexuality as a sin, he sure had no problem with sex before marriage
    Isn’t that interesting, well usually people play with religon rules to fit their thought process. I’m unsure about him. I feel maybe is supressing his real feelings and this is nothing you can change overnight. However, I wish him luck and his girlfriend too.

  • Sheena

    “…he sure had no problem with sex before marriage. Seems a little hypocritical to be extreme in one sense but not in the other.”


  • Stop The Madness

    Black Homosexuals are only 2% of the black population but are the source of over 90% of BLACK HIV infections. Fact

    1. Black gay men infecting other (mostly young) Black gay men
    2. Black gay men infecting BLACK WOMEN.
    Needle sharing is also a problem but it’s minimal compared to HIV infections from Black homosexuals.

    At what point are Black Homosexuals, as a group, going to admit they are the source for over 90% of new HIV infections in the black community. ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY for the Black HIV epidemic and make the changes that white gays seem to have done? At what point is the black community going to stand up to liberals and gays and say NO, this lifestyle is not safe for our boys and our community?

  • Prissy1

    I do find it interesting as well that he renounced because of religious reasons, but now he has a baby out of wedlock. I guess. This brings up a question I’ve always had, though.

    Why do women have an easier time accepting a man who was a hoe in their lives forever, but not a man who slept with another man?

    I’m not saying I would or wouldn’t, but it does make you wonder. If the past is the past and he says he’s no longer a hoe or in this case gay? Does it still matter. Just some food for thought.

  • http://gravatar.com/samonethomas Monie

    He is a Hebrew Israelite…many of them don’t believe filing “papers” is necessary for marriage. They see their marriages no less holy and no less honorable than legal marriages b/c they feel it is a covenant between them and God and no man can validate nor validate that. I know a few Hebrew Israelite couples who have been married for years, but the government will never know.

    That being said…It’s important to make it a point to understand someone’s belief system (instead of lumping all Theists as Christians) before insinuating that someone is a religious hypocrite.

  • http://gravatar.com/yesimthatleah Yes, I’m That Leah

    I know what you mean.

  • Karyn

    “I knew a man was gay and became straight, we could be friends, but not lovers.”


  • JS

    Just because you don’t believe in filling out the “papers” doesn’t mean you still don’t have a ceremony to confirm the fact that you are married. Even Hebrew Israelites have ceremonies. They may not be “legal” in the since of Government recognition but they would still consider and present themselves as husband and wife not boyfriend and girlfriend.

    Also come on, be real now. Both sources of Hebrew Israelites and Christianity stem from ancient Judaism. Do a bit of research before you jump to conclusions. Back in the day men would be too quick to stone a woman for being “unclean” having sex or getting pregnant before marriage. Also in the rare case a man was found at fault and the girl was a virgin, he had to marry her or pay her family silver. Of course its not this way in modern day time and we currently have are own particular rules for certain aspects but it was all founded from the same source. No sex before marriage isn’t solely a Christian belief.

  • http://gravatar.com/samonethomas Monie

    1. I never said that you don’t have to have a ceremony.

    2. I did do my research and what conclusions did I jump to?

    3. I never said that Hebrew Isralites did not stem from ancient Judaism. But I do realized that their are HUGE differences between the two. ex. If you are a Christian you believe in Christ. If you are a Hebrew Israelite you may NOT believe in Christ.

    4. Who is to say that Mr. Dodson did not have a private ceremony himself?

    I honestly don’t believe I am making the assumptions…I think you are. I just bought up a point that people should think about.

  • http://gravatar.com/ceecollegegal CeeCee


  • Miss E

    I personally don’t mind dating a man who’s been with another man before. My ex boyfriend was bisexual & it was never a problem for me but it’s probably because I myself am bisexual so I know how painful it is to be rejected just because of your orientation. I don’t know why several women have a problem dating men who’ve been with men before but I think it may have something to do with how we’ve been conditioned by society. Society teaches us to believe that men are either gay or straight & if a man tells you he’s bi then he’s lying & will eventually leave you for a man. Society also views men who sleep with men as ‘lesser than’ straight men, not real men & not masculine enough. All this puts women off dating bi men & causes bi men to hide in the closet (or go on the DL).

  • JS

    1. Whoever said you had to file papers to be married in the beginning? My original comment, and those agreeing with me, spoke of him not getting married. Not its process or legalities. You were the one who mentioned “papers”. Just because the government doesn’t recognize the marriage cause it isn’t legal doesn’t mean they still will still call each other bf and gf. If they are calling each other that it is pretty safe to think they aren’t married in any aspect, legal or ceremonial. Sure we don’t know their private life for 100% certain but people make logical connotations all the time in life, this being one of them.

    2.”It’s important to make it a point to understand someone’s belief system (instead of lumping all Theists as Christians) before insinuating that someone is a religious hypocrite.”— This pretty much is saying that we are wrong for calling him a hypocrite because he is not a Christian and they have different beliefs. He may not be a Christian but Hebrew Israelite’s belief when it comes to sex and marriage isn’t that different as I pointed out because BOTH stem from and keep that aspect of Judaism for the most part. Not knowing that is lack of research.

    3. There are huge differences but not when it comes to sexuality and sex before marriage. Traditional Christians and Hebrew Israelites still uphold the value of purity between a couple before marriage. THAT is not different, mentioning the vast differences that don’t apply to the subject is irrelevant.

    4. See #1 if they still refer to themselves as bf/gf then why would anyone think they are married? If they did have a private ceremony then good on him, he isn’t a hypocrite. However no one can blame anyone else for thinking he is if that information isn’t public.

  • http://gravatar.com/samonethomas Monie

    1. When did Antoine Dodson ever refer to his “Queen” as his girlfriend? The media claiming that it is his girlfriend is not the same as HIM claiming her as his girlfriend.

    2. I go to Hebrew Israelite assemblies, I have joined them in their festivals and holy convocations. 1/3 of my 3,000 friends on my FB page are Hebrew Israelites and I have many who are close enough friends. That’s better research than Wikipedia. There are MANY Hebrew Israelites (Especially the GOCC camp who Antoine is heavily involved with that don’t even BELIEVE in ceremonies. They believe that once you have SEX with a woman you are married to her. Please do your research.

    3. Like I said above…there are MANY Hebrew Israelites who believe that sex = marriage just like there are many who believe you need a ceremony. Christianity and Judaism ONLY believe in the latter.

    4. Again….please show me where Antoine is referring to his Queen as his girlfriend. Many Hebrew Israelites don’t believe in gf/bf…its either engaged…or married. Nothing else.

  • SMH

    I want to know who the woman is who decided to have a child with him. She’s either really understanding, really naive, or really desperate.

  • JS

    @ Monie

    1.Media is getting their info from Antoine. If he is not referring to her as his wife and has never made an announcement of being married, then its safe to assume that they are not married. It may be an incorrect assumption but like I said its the logical connotation of the situation.

    2.That belief of “once you have sex with a woman you are married to her” originally comes from Judaism actually. For them it wasn’t so much as that made you automatically married but you were then “engaged” and expected to marry. Early Christians held those same beliefs. Furthermore, they weren’t actually required to marry, they could pay the family off but some sort of dowry was required as value was placed on purity. Minor in World Religions so I know the roots. Technicalities aside we could argue details all day.

    You are mistaking me if you think I am trying to lump all Hebrew Israelites together or even all Christians together because different denominations and sects have different practices. The point I am making is in BOTH religions they value the sanctity of sex between a husband and wife. The details can very but the overall theme in the belief is there. Therefore, if Antoine in fact does not consider himself married to this woman he is being a hypocrite. You are just as much assuming say he does think of her in this way because we have no indications.

    3. See #2.

    4. Like I said before if in fact he considers himself married then he is not being a hypocrite according to his beliefs but I’ve seen no mention anywhere of him saying anything about being married or referring to his “Queen” as his wife… or are now you going to say they don’t believe in “husband” and “wife” labels either?

  • Susan

    Sounds like a gay man who wants kids and is willing to “act straight” to have them. Not an uncommon practice. It is impossible to “pray away the gay”. The only thing I see him being hypocritical about is his sexual orientation. #Gay

  • Keepin it very real

    You lost me at “girlfriend”. Thanks.

  • http://www.lillian-mae.com Knotty Natural

    Speaking for myself, I’m not attracted at all to men who’ve been with other men. I recognize they may be physically attractive, but once I know you’ve stuck another man, been stuck by one, went down on, have been gone down on by another man, the attraction dissipates immediately. I respect honestly though and we’d go our separate ways.

    More importantly, I believe women should get tested if they decide to have new partners because many people are dishonest about their sexuality.

  • https://www.facebook.com/maureen.saturne Maureen Saturne

    *le sigh* and the skin bleaching delusion continues…….

  • apple

    not this girl! but maybe she knows that a man maybe can change his hoe ways but not his orientation

  • apple

    in a few years, he’ll get caught with a man, re-come out the closet and whine about suppressing his homosexually all those years and say “jesus still loves me as i am”

  • Jami

    Marriage in today’s American society has nothing to do with biblical marriage so what does it even matter?

  • Rhonda L.

    Whatever your religion, that “piece of paper” from the government recognizing your marriage provides protection for your family and your child. Go talk to Brandy and Kimora with that spiritual union mess.

  • cupcakes and shiraz


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