As part of the “Baggage Claim” press junket, CocoaFab had a chance to catch up with two stars of the movie, Boris Kodjoe and Derek Luke*.  Kodjoe, with his fine self, has never shied away from giving his opinion on overweight women, especially via his Twitter account:


During the interview both stars were asked what would be deal breakers in a relationship. Although both are currently married, Kodjoe and Luke shared different opinions on relationships, especially when it came to a woman gaining weight during a marriage.

Derek Luke:

“That’s part of my character. Part of my character is about commitment.  You know what I’m saying?  So, even if you doing the humpty dumpty, it’s commitment, cause you know what? The dude could go humpty dumpty! He could go from six pack to one pack, you know what I’m saying? ”

“That’s why marriages are failing in America and across the world, because there’s no commitment.  Because commitment is the key to success.  You can go up and down.  It’s about where you land.  It’s about your commitment.  Cause sickness, weight, that’s in your confessions when you get married.”

Now Boris Kodjoe on the other hand:

“O.K. Part of the deal is…you got to keep it sexy.  Got to keep it sexy.  Because it’s easy getting married, but it’s not as easy to stay married.  And part of that is, like I make my wife, my girlfriend.  She’s my girlfriend.  So, we got to keep it sexy….What if I gained 200 pounds? And then she’ll look at me like..really? And I couldn’t even blame her if she started looking around.  Because I took her off the market, so I have to deliver, what the market could possibly deliver for her.  So, I gotta take that place. Right? So, I got to fulfill those things that the market could’ve given her.  I’m the market now, so I got to keep it sexy.”


Peep the full interview below:



Would you do if your husband/wife/partner gained weight?


*Disclaimer: Derek Luke is my cousin & his momma raised him

  • kaybee

    Boris is entirely too obsessed with looks. There are some handsome men out there even more so than him so he needs to stop sounding so shallow! Derek Luke gave a great answer! Love him.

  • omfg

    i think they are both right.

    it is important to be accepting of your partner. however, it is always important to remember that you should always take care of yourself and make an effort to be the best (and attractive) for your partner and yourself. this goes for men AND women.

    while someone maybe still love you (or be in love with you) at 100 or 50 pounds overweight, you can’t expect them to find you sexually attractive. that is a silly expectation, especially if you were fit and slender (male or female) when you married.

    i find it strange the expectation that we should/will all grow fat. but i don’t think i’m like a lot of women. i don’t find talk about losing weight or exercising or whatever offensive. having said that, i wish men actually look after themselves because they are almost completely unconcerned.

  • Ms.Vee

    Meh its all about balance imo. For a man to divorce his wife because she put on 20 pounds during pregnancy is foolish. However for him to show a lack of physical interest with his wife that went from 150 pounds to 260 (no thyroid issues) due to a poor lifestyle is quite valid. Just because you get married that doesn’t mean you should let yourself go.

    On a side note: This movie, is not a good look for black women yet again. Why is the only black woman in this film overweight? No disrespect to Jill but a woman like Malinda Williams would’ve been a better pick.

  • sixfoota

    Boris don’t like fat women. We get it. Moving on.

  • omfg

    i’m so glad you said, ‘why is the only black woman in this film overweight?”

    i think some people might overlook the fact that the other women are mixed.

    there is in fact only one black women who is the star of the movie.

  • Angelique212


  • geenababe

    It’s crazy how men can tell women what they should or shoildn’t do with their bodies.

  • Ms.Vee


    They’re not fooling me with mammyesque imagery . I wouldn’t be surprised if Jill was the only one who plays some sexually aggressive woman with a nasty attitude. She’ll probably even be a single mom (and the only one at that).

  • NY’s Finest

    He should just stop talking and just concentrate on his sub-par acting skills.

  • Pseudonym

    I agree with everything he said and even the tweets. The thing is..the delivery comes off a bit abrasive (perhaps it’s the Twitter character count limit?).

  • Me27

    Boris just don’t know what to say out his mouth…I used to think he was fine until he started talking smh…

  • Nic

    For a married man, he spends a helluva lot of time worrying about what women who aren’t his wife think. Maybe he should stay off Twitter and pay attention to his wife, you know, the women he married, who is the only who cares what he thinks.

  • tedmikedmike

    And women don’t tell men ?

    Men are also judges not just by their Appearance but how much they earn. So, get over it.

  • CeeCee

    What is going to happen when Boris Kodjoe’s wife gets old, wrinkly, struggles to ambulate on her own, and always complains about being cold?

    I mean dang, if you can’t deal with the person you supposedly love gaining weight then you sure as hell won’t be able to deal with them getting old. Pfft, so much for unconditional love.

  • Nic

    Exactly, b/c people who are superficial are not selectively superficial. If he is all about someone looking the same as they did when you married then no, he is likely to cheat when she is old and use her lack of sexual attractiveness as the reason. So I guess he’ll be one of those guys whose partners stay the same age as he gets older.

  • Sharon Lowd

    #What about going bald?

  • Nic

    I think that all of the black women who were going to waste their time/spend their money seeing his mediocre acting spend that 90 minutes hitting the gym/taking a walk/lifting weights etc.
    I know I will happiliy be spending my time this weekend working out instead of seeing this movie.

  • Nic

    Oh, and don’t forget education and intelligence. Most women like men who could pass a 3rd grade English and grammar test. Being able to form coherent thoughts and speak and write in standard English are very attractive. Those are HUGE. Too bad so few men seem to be able to do that.

  • Sharon Lowd

    Wow! I was just thinking that!

  • paintgurl40

    boris is a real piece of work….

  • binks

    I am just going to say it…Boris was always a pretty airhead nothing more nothing less. Now I get what he is staying to a certain extent but the way he presents his thoughts it seems like he only base a good marriage/relationship on the superficial and vanity for your spouse/partner and nothing else when he is asked or give his opinion on this matter when that shouldn’t be the main factor that keeps two people together and bounded. I am not going to lie and say looks aren’t important (granted I think you should be keeping yourself up and healthy for YOU foremost while the perk is that maybe hubby/wife is happy on the side) but let’s be realistic as we age and grow in life AND relationships we aren’t going to be the same people we were when we first met each other personality and appearance wise. I mean God forbids if his wife had health problems that cause her to change in appearance would he bolt? And if the shoe was on the other foot would he expect her to bolt? So I agree with Derek Luke there has to be more than you being fine with a 6 pack and stamina for days and me keeping a small waist, fat a**, making sure my breast don’t go south while keeping “hello kitty” tight for us to be happy and stay together.

  • Yes, I’m That Leah

    For better, or for worse… not for the same and for better! Ok, forget about fat, what about when the wrinkles come? You can’t control nature….looks fade all around. Maybe that’s something him and his wife have going? Anyway, I don’t care about the package. I’d just like to be in a relationship with a man who loves me, I’ve never had that.

  • K. Michel

    Both Derek and Boris are right.

    Look, if people are in marriages looking worse than they did before it, that’s a problem. Marriage is more than just a piece of paper, it takes dedication and sacrifice to make it work …yes, even on the part of the wife. If more married people looked after their health and fitness as a couple, it’d go a long way in terms of improving marital relations in this country.

    Keep it sexy, indeed. I don’t see how anyone could be offended by what Boris said (unless they never really respected the institution in the first place).

  • smm

    If what Boris is saying is true, why haven’t the Halle Berrys, Janet Jacksons, and Kim Kardashians of this world stayed in lifelong marriages? Eventually, sex, in any marriage, will find its proper place; the most important sex organ is your brain. There will always be someone younger, thinner, and prettier. Your best bet is to do you and not view yourself through the lens of any man, not even your spouse.

  • Nubiahbella

    Although I agree we should all strive to live a healthy life, there is a misconception of thinking of being attractive/sexy stop your partner cheating on you. We have seen numerous case of celebrities who have a sexy/attractive partner but yet cheating on them (halle Berry anyone?) so yes being easy on the eyes is good but it doesn’t make a relationship.

  • gigi

    @smm…please say it again

  • SE

    What the hell is Boris talking about? I can’t wait to see this movie though. So many fine men to look at lol.

  • ebony82

    It depends on why they gained weight. If it’s just because of sitting around all day and doing nothing, then there would be some tension.

  • Nic

    Oh, now you are being logical and mature. Some heads are going to explode over this rational statement.
    Most relationship and dating experts point to this as the reason why relationships fizzle. B/c people are driven by lust and chemistry too much (they are important, but people are looking for 100 when a solid B+ would work), once that wears off and it’s just them, they realize they didn’t really have any other foundation to the relationship. It might be okay in college, but if you are looking at really making it “till death do us part” for decades and decades, you don’t do that by being hot forever.

    So I’ve read stuff from men who are not so superficial that they found lifelong love by not looking for Ms. Perfect, but for looking for someone that loved them and made them feel good. And in return, they love those women unconditionally and make them feel good. It’s not about, well, I get to love you until you go from being an 10 to a 5 and then it’s your fault if I leave/cheat. Imagine that.

    Couples that are happily married for 70 years don’t get there b/c the wife “kept it tight”.
    And speaking of stuff changing, isn’t he shaving his head b/c he has a receding hairline? So wouldn’t his wife be within her rights to find a man who can still grow a full head of hair?

    I see little correlation between the couples I’ve seen that are still pretty nuts about each other and looking like they did when they married. And I love seeing men who still proudly look at their wives 40 years later with love and admiration, and not for some juvenile reason like she still fits into her high school cheerleading outfit.

    With his frankly misogynistic and sexist attitudes, I seriously doubt this man will be married to the same women until they are old and wrinkled. B/c he’s pretty old to still have this mindset.

  • Nic

    I’m confused. Don’t most actors have publicists who help them with their interactions with the public. And isn’t part of promoting your projects NOT alienating portionis of your audience?
    B/c while some black women are happily patting themselves on the back for not being one of those awful fat women that Boris loves to rail in on, others, regardless of size, remain unimpressed.
    As a black man, why does he have no good advice for black men on being good husbands and fathers besides hitting the gym? And why does he ignore the problems that are actually affecting black men since he is such a fount of knowledge?
    For a man who gets little to no work in mainstream Hollywood, he seems intent upon insulting the people who help pay for his trainers and gym.
    You figure, it’s funny. The black men who could be rich even if they alienated every black person in America (Denzel, Samuel L. Jackson, Will Smith) don’t waste any of their time insulting black women. So why does a guy who makes his money on movies that mostly black women go to see spend his time promoting movies insulting the same people he expects to pull out their wallets to see him in the theaters? B/c if this movie makes any money, it won’t be b/c of white people or black men.
    Is he stupid? Or just a jerk?

    At any rate, speak with your dollars. I don’t support anything with Taye Diggs in it and I’m supporting anything with any of the other colorful characters who think that they can have it both ways.

  • Guulo

    Please. Aint no body as beautiful as Jill Scott on that poster.

  • ruggie

    Well if it isn’t the light skin Tyrese…!

  • Penelope

    I am almost scared to ask as I have just lost my love for Boris…and Taye has such a beautiful smile…but sigh…Why not Taye Diggs?

  • lea

    to be fair the subject was about gaining weight in the relationship (not advice full on relationship advice), it was not necessarily to alienate his audience. like he said he’s trying to look good and keep his wife and vice versa. that maybe crucial to him being married so long, the commitment and discipline to be healthy together as a couple is probably surface to what the discipline and commitment to each other. nothing wrong in that. some people are uncomfortable talking about weight but it’s better to address the implications of a poor lifestyle and change it than wind up dead from ignoring the issue. but yeah the fat excuses hashtag was a bit harsh.

  • Miss E

    Why are these kinds of men so interested in policing women’s bodies & regulating how fat or skinny women get? Why do they keep making references to women whenever they talk about weight as if men in this country have no weight issues? Hey Boris, it’s none of your business what any woman chooses to do with her body, whether she decides to be fat & skinny so focus on your own body & your dwindling career.

  • Oshh

    The Smiths are also long rumored bisexual swingers so if you steppin out on your spouse with both sexes And if that’s both of you alls thing I guess you would stay together

  • Nic

    Thank you. And I seriously doubt she cares about all of the people (including Boris) who want to police her body.

  • Nic

    Taye Digg claimed that all of his TV shows failed because BW hate that he has a white wife. Nevermind that the only reason we know who he is would be b/c of black rom-coms in the 90′s that let’s face, are mostly viewed by BW and the men they drag to the theaters. I don’t know how long Taye Diggs has been married, but I’m pretty sure he was with his white wife way back then, it was public knowledge, and BW still went to see the Best Man, Brown Sugar, and The Wood (among others).
    The only show that idiot ever had that lasted more than a season was written by a BW. And the shows he had that failed were not “black shows” so I’m not sure why it is the fault of “angry and jealous” BW that no one tuned in.
    Terrance Howard is another black man who likes to make a lot of anti-black woman (and anti-woman in general) statements while trying to be a romantic lead.
    And to ALL three of them, I have to say “Negro, please.”

  • Nic

    Um, yeah, she has the same body she’s always had and yet it seems to be an open secret that he’s not faithful. So where was the benefit to all of the hours that she spends in the gym? What way did she “fail” that makes him seek the company of other people since she kept her body before and after having babies?
    Do you see how your article is a pile of weakness covered in weak sauce because all you did here was point out how staying fine hasn’t kept the man at home(b/c that is not how you stay married until you are old), and that fact that she hasn’t divorced (assuming she isn’t in on the deal and isn’t stepping out too) is nothing to be proud of.
    Plenty of women stay pretty for a long time and still get cheated on, hit, and left.

  • Pepper

    Ouch Mister! But ur telling the truth. And don’t forget the hair extensions

  • Miss E

    @mistemidnite: & who made you & Boris kings to tell random woman what YOU consider attractive? Concentrate on dictating to your partner what you find attractive & leave the rest of us alone! Some women enjoy being fat or skinny for the heck of it. Others date men that love fat women & so aren’t interested in being skinny. Yet other women are lesbians & don’t care whether some dude finds them attractive cos they’re into women & not men. End of the day, it’s their choice & not yours. Get over it!

  • class of fitness

    But is anyone going to go see his new movie though?

  • Marketing Gimmicks

    A man cheats because he wants to; not because his wife gained weight.

  • LN

    All the women (save Jill Scott) who star in Baggage Claim are light skinned, and all the men (save Boris Kodjoe) are dark skinned. That already kind of tells me that this is the formulaic kind of black film that I am not likely to enjoy… I mean maybe I am wrong? (I hope I am). Maybe I am pre-judging too easily?

  • Kacey

    This movie looks awful – and all I know about it is that photo! I hate rom-coms and hate “black” rom-coms twice as much. So I wasn’t going to support this movie anyway. But you’re correct about the colorism here – it’s practically shouting at you.

  • Jen

    Really? You mean if Jill had a magic wand that would allow her to look like Paula Patto, she would not use it? Permit me to say you are lying. Jill is beautiful but who would not want to wake up looking like Paula? Keep it real, come on.

  • Jen

    I never thought I would say it but this movie looks worst than a Tyler Perry movie.

  • Tara

    Don’t worry Tedmike. If you keep working hard, you can one day make it out of the mailroom and make a decent income and get the girl of your dreams.

  • Nean

    Check out the movie 35 and Ticking, Nicole Ari Parker already has wrinkles and crows feet.

  • Ms. Information

    At this point, it feels as if everyone is against black women…no matter what…people need to focus on their own weaknesses and fallacies and stop trying to be a human diety…Boris, focus on becoming a better actor…take more are messing with your main market…and black women will drop you quickly.

  • Nic

    Then based on her superficial husband, she is probably about to dive into the pool of celebrity plastic surgery, which will mean looking non-human in the next 5-10 years.
    I feel bad for her.

  • Leo

    They can’t because they’re stuck on the superficial. Some just don’t know what it is to stop looking for negativity in any and everything. Geesh!

  • Ms.Vee


    “It’s a cast full of black people, shouldn’t that be enough?”

    It should be. But that’s not the case. Four of those actors aren’t black first of all. Secondly this movie is the typical quasi white woman being the main love interest in a “black” movie.

  • Nic

    Yeah, a LOT of misogynists want to claim that all of the problems of the black community are the fault of black women, and they pathologize the problems of sexism, systemic racism, and all manners of anti-black woman propaganda as proof that we are defective.
    If you are unmarried, unemployed, abused, or cheated upon, it’s apparenlty b/c you were unruly, mean, ugly, stupid, etc. I’m so over it.
    It just gives abusers of all races an easy out and as we see, there are plenty of BM who are wiling to jump on the bandwagon, esp. since it lets them off the hook. It’s amazing how many BM with black mothers hate black women, and spew hate and vitriol at BW every chance that they get, nd it’s sad b/c people of other races assume that black men hate us b/c they had awful and unloving black mothers (I had a non-black friend who just assumed that black men dated black woman b/c of awful treatment of evil black mothers and other evil black women, conveniently ignoring internalized racism, which they seem to gobble up).

  • Laura Charles

    I am baffled as to why you received so many thumbs down. I agree. I would add that it goes for BOTH men and women.

  • Starla

    I am not going to get too into Boris’s opinion, because he is entitled to it. That’s his dealbreaker and the only woman who has to please him is Nicole. Now, on the flip side, I have noticed that Pierce Brosnan’s wife gained a gang load of weight, she is not just overweight, but would be considered obese and he is still with her and have nothing to say but kinds words about his wife and their marriage.

    Boris’s statement is a timely reminder we need to discuss these subjects during courtship, so that each party know what their spouse’s expectations for them are within the marriage.

    It’s good to see Djimon acting again, it seems like forever since he was in a movie.

  • diasporauk

    At this point, it feels as if everyone is against black women


    I don’t think that’s true, it probably just feels that way to to a black woman who is against everyone.

    There is a cosmic justice, over and above wo/man made injustice, that works in mysterious ways.

    For example — the person who suffers most from one’s negativity is ultimately oneself.

    If you’re unjust then the world will probably look unjust to you.

  • E.M.S.

    Exactly what I was thinking.

    My boyfriend and I have decided to help each other get and stay more active. I think working together on health is a good bonding experience.

    What I appreciate here is them saying that both men and women should take care of themselves inside and out, not just women.

    However I still find it incredibly shallow to leave because someone gained weight (either gender). If you really love them, you’d help them get back on track, not quit on them for somebody in better shape.

  • Ayu

    The interview was kind of funny. I wasn’t offended by Boris’ comments or think it was an attack on Black women, especially as he feels he should make the same commitment. That’s just how I viewed it.

    I could stand to lose 10 pounds myself, so Boris’ tweets about making time for unimportant things, but not being more mindful of what I eat and not committing to regular exercise, really hit home for me.

  • tina

    That is so shallow. Hope he’s never in an accident and his looks are destroyed because that maybe a deal breaker for Nicole. That is after all his best asset.

  • Knotty Natural

    When did he speak specifically to black women? It wasn’t in the attached article, maybe it was in the video, which I neglected to watch.

    I don’t think what Boris said is a dig to black women; many men and women a like feel this way. Unless there is a medical problem, there is nothing wrong w/ expecting that your partner will somewhat stay in shape, especially if they are fairly young.

  • Knotty Natural

    Personally, I could care less about the shade of the actors/actresses in this film, it looks weak and I’m uninterested.

  • Knotty Natural

    I have no idea why women are roasting your right now LOL! I don’t think Boris’ comments attacked women, fat or otherwise…he stated his preferences and honestly a lot of men feel the same way!

    The kicker is that a lot of women don’t want their man to fatten up either! I want to still be attracted to my man physically so it’s a must that he keep it sexy! There isn’t anything wrong w/ admitting that we want to feel attractive for our mate and physical attraction is necessary, IMO, to keep the flame lit!

  • Knotty Natural

    Your comment said everything!

    “while someone maybe still love you (or be in love with you) at 100 or 50 pounds overweight, you can’t expect them to find you sexually attractive ”

    Exactly! I can love you forever, but I sexual attraction is a different matter!

  • Knotty Natural

    Exactly! I’m sick of people not qualifying as ‘black enough’ due to their shade! And no one in their right mind should compare Jill Scott to Mammy! The movie looks terrible, even if the whole cast had been full of beautiful dark skin women.

  • GirlSixx

    Meh… *shrug* honestly Boris didn’t say anything that many men haven’t said before.

    Weight Gain over a certain number of pounds is a dealbreaker for alot of men whether we (women) like it or not. I’ve heard of men who have broken up with their GF’s due to excessive weight gain because it caused changes in her appearance, some men are afraid of walking down the aisle in fear of what she may look like after dropping a kid or 2. Men like to see what her mom look like so he can get an idea of what’s to come although I always said it’s not 100% accurate all the time.

    No matter how shallow it may seem, this is how most men minds work. It’s that double standard – they could walk around with a KEG for a belly but they still want their woman to look good.

  • Ms.Vee

    @knotty Natural

    “I’m sick of people not qualifying as ‘black enough’ due to their shade!”

    Who said anything about shade? Please don’t lie to yourself and act like you would take no issue with the desirable “black” woman always being half white. Three out of the four women are not light skinned black women…they are mulattoes. Do not confuse the two.

  • Ms.Vee

    Correction: Two out of the four are mulatto. I dont know what Lala is racially. All i know is she isn’t negro.

  • Knotty Natural


  • KDJW

    He stated some interesting things regarding targeting weight loss and stopping the excuses. However for anyone who is married getting the “wondering eye” just because you gain weight is crazy. Come on Boris, what if your wife gets hypothyroidism then what she will be bound to gain weight so you are going to leave just because of that. I have to agree with Derek people have a lack of commitment when it comes to marriage. Boris point of view is just superficial and shallow

  • Knotty Natural

    I’m not confused…Each of these women in this film admittedly is a woman of African descent…who cares what shade they are, especially since most AAs in America are mixed racially to a degree. I guess they aren’t black enough for you.

    I understand there is a level of acceptable black beauty to whites, which is what you’re talking about (the desirable “black” woman always being half white)…and NO, I don’t take issue with the fact there is one Hispanic of African descent, two biracial actresses of African descent, and an American Black woman, who undoubtedly has some level of racial mixture as well! I’m happy minority women are working as something other than maids! Again, I won’t support the movie because it looks weak. To each her own.

  • Knotty Natural

    I think the love and respect part of a relationship keeps you from cheating. IMO, having a mate you find physically attractive just keeps the flame burning! Sex is a natural part of the human experience and if my mate cares enough for me to keep it right and tight, I can’t help but be attracted to him!

  • LMO85

    Thank you, completely agree and this movie does look weak as hell.

  • Cocochanel31

    but why does boris think we care about his opinion? Aren’t him and his skinny wife happy? Why attack fat people for no reason?

    Feel bad for Nicole..God Forbid she eats one too many cheeseburgers in that house!! She will have hell to pay!

  • KemaVA

    This might not be a popular thought but I agree with Boris. I have joked with men that we will have a prenup written stating that he can gain no more than a few inches on his waist. For me its not all about the look but health levels. When I marry I would like that person to be my activity partner. That will be kind of hard if he’s carrying a keg.

  • Ms.Vee

    @knotty Natural

    “Each of these women in this film admittedly is a woman of African descent”

    Your point? They are also of 50% European descent. Its interesting how you’ve factored that out. Last time i checked blacks are not half European (and no having a white ancestor from 6 generations ago is not the same thing). Like i said shade doesn’t matter. If you are light skinned with two black parents then you are black. Pretty simple really.

  • lya

    I have no intention on watching this movie. Most of the men in this movie are with the swirl. They want us as an audience but we are not good enough to marry. I don’t care how it sounds. Let them attempt to get their money from mainstream audiences. Other people are right, most of the women are not black. Bi-racial black and white are not either. Where do they fit I do not know, but I see ads of mixed race kids passing as black, no.

  • Nic

    I agree with you…plus, let’s not ignore that this is a black movie so if the light skinned women are being portrayed as the most desirable, this is what a black filmmaker decided to do.
    But people need to stop trying to measure the amount of African ancestry a person has b/c while Jill Scott might not have a white parent, since she is a black descendant of slaves, she could be 50% white too. I mean, some black people whose blackness is not in question have found out that their family tree had a lot more white than they’d known about. The simple answer is of course that since our first ancestors came here 500 years ago, no matter how dark you are, you probably have a healthy bit of white in you, so I for one take no issue with my people who have a non-black parent. We are all apples from the same tree.

  • Oy vey

    Sorry Boris is right. This is TMI, but my boyfriend gained 30 lbs and his sex drive came to a hault. I’m not going to lie I gained 20 (even though we still were not considered crazy obese I was 180 and he was 190lbs) and sex just seemed like an effort. I’ve lost all the weight in a year(the right way, fruits vegetables and less meat consumption down to 150 lbs), and we are working together for him to lose his as well (he has 15 lbs to go). Sex is AMAZING NOW (I wish someone told me sooner). I wonder if seriously overweight poeple knew that sex is SOOO MUCH BETTER when you lose weight if they’ll give it a try. Not to mention improvements in health, skin, hair and everything else. Just saying.

  • Ms.Vee

    @ Nic

    I don’t know what math you’re using. But its impossible to have two black parents and be 50% white. The trace genes of white from slavery days is not enough to turn a black person mulatto. Having a white great great great great grandparent is quite frankly negligible especially if you’re walking around looking like Wesley Snipes. The only way to be 50% white with colored parents is if both parents are already half white (Boris Kodjoes kids with Nicole).

  • chinaza

    To each his own. Most men prefer women to control their weight. And most people who pay to see a movie prefer to see actors who can actually act in them. So I look forward to seeing Djimon in a different film worthy of his great talent.

  • mamafropuff

    he was the one who got fat…. and really didn’t give a damn. ironically, after 3 kids, i was “the fit and slim one.” he was also so overly critical of women’s weight in general; and would frequently “understand” when men would “step out” on their women because she got chunky….

    i am now divorcing him. not because of that, yet because he’s endemically an ass..

  • Youwishyoucouldbeme

    I agree with you, but I think that people should actually take care of themselves for themselves, not just for someone else. At the end of the day, we should always strive to be our healthiest, so that we can be strong and fulfill our God-given purposes in the most powerful way. Healthy living is not just about being a certain size. It’s really about setting yourself up to live the best and longest and most fruitful life possible.

  • Love (@SeekSpeakLove)

    I don’t frankly understand why people are so upset or sensitive. It seems that Boris has an opinion and that’s fine. I do happen to agree with him.

    68.7 percent of men and 79.9 percent of women non-hispanic black women in this country are obese (not overweight…OBESE). This is a concern. Men are visual. It is a biological imperative for them to select a healthy looking mate. Now for some men, healthy looks one way and for other it looks a completely different way. Why on earth are people here SO offended?

    HAES may be a thing but SAES (sexy at every size) is not and that’s the truth.

  • Oshh

    The Smiths are also long rumored bisexual swingers so if you steppin out on your spouse with both sexes And if that’s both of you alls thing I guess you would stay together

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