Chicago Now Murder Capital Of U.S., FBI Says

by Yesha Callahan


FBI statistics show Chicago, with one-third the population, passing New York City in the number of murders in 2012.

In new statistics released Monday, the Federal Bureau of Investigation reported 500 murders in Chicago in 2012, up sharply from the 431 in 2011. New York reported 419 murders last year, compared with 515 in 2011. Others put Chicago’s total as high as 532, but the fact is the carnage now leads the nation with more people murdered in the Windy City in the first two weeks of September than were murdered at the Washington Navy Yard. Through Wednesday, Chicago had suffered 21 homicides in September.

On Tuesday, Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy, an avid gun-control advocate and opponent of Illinois’ concealed carry law, held another of what has become a series of press conferences displaying guns seized by Chicago cops — some 5,095 in the first 37 weeks of 2013 — along with a lecture on crime and gun control. But he inadvertently found common ground with Second Amendment defenders when he noted that while guns are being seized, the gun criminals are often allowed to go free.

“We seize nine guns for every one that the NYPD seizes,” McCarthy said. “That’s not success that we’re talking about,” he added. “We’re talking about the fact that they shouldn’t be here in the first place and when we arrest those people — they don’t go to jail.”

McCarthy had a specific case in mind, that of Chicago teenager Hadiya Pendleton. The 15-year-old Pendleton was gunned down in Chicago’s Kenwood neighborhood, a few blocks from the high school she attended and a few days after she performed with her high school band at Obama’s inauguration. The park where she was killed is less than a mile from the president’s home in Kenwood.

“The alleged killer of Hadiya Pendleton should have been incarcerated for illegal possession of a firearm when he killed her,” McCarthy noted, and he was right. Michael Ward received probation in January 2012 for aggravated unlawful use of a weapon. He was still on probation for the felony gun possession offense when he allegedly shot Hadiya to death on Jan. 29.

Is there a solution to the issues that plague Chicago? Or will Chicago officials just wait around for everyone to kill each other and start anew?

  • Radical Change Needed

    Here’s the hard truth. Forget the fantasies/lies these black leaders have been repeating for the last 50 years. There has never been and will never be a high crime, high poverty, black community with bad schools that has transitioned to become a stable middle class or upper middle class black community. The only black communities that are middle or upper middle class were ALWAYS middle or upper middle class. The only poor, ghetto black communities that have made that transition to middle and upper middle class did so because of, gentrification, a large influx of young educated/highly skilled young adults and married families from outside of that community. This is a fact. The only bad, failing black schools I’ve seen become excellent black schools with a large percent of the kids testing at or above white kids are the one’s where they had to completely close down. Then reopen the school with only black kids who didn’t have behavioral problems and also tested above basic in reading and math.

    Forget this fighting for “The Cause” nonsense. There is no cause. The best thing you can do for black community is to Save yourself and Save your family. The best way to save yourself and family is to get an education/skill, get a job, get married before having kids and then MOVE to a low crime community with EXCELLENT schools. Do For Self! You and your families SELF PRESERVATION must be your main objective, priority and “The Cause”. Your best bet is to roll with the person whose name is on your paycheck until you become an expert in your field and save enough money to open your own business or get a better job. Forget these Fake so call Black Leaders who’s #1 priority is their own self interest. They have no SOLUTIONS on the black communities crime, poverty, high unemployment, HIV problems nor any solutions on how to feed yourself and your family other than welfare and their “Govement fairytales of jobs for everyone if we’s lect mo Dem mocrats”. lol Yet, they’re telling black folks to sacrifice for “The Cause”. lol They’re telling black folks it’s in you and your child’s best interest to stay in these high crime, high poverty, high unemployment communities and to send your child to a ghetto school. For the last 40 YEARS these schools have had high dropout rates and the overwhelming majority of the black kids that graduate have reading and math scores below basic. ie functionally illiterate. Does that make sense? What I’ve seen happen is a lot of those kids who’s parents tried to do right and stay in the hood were negatively influenced by Shaniqua’s and Ray Ray’s kids. Their boys now want to live the gangsta fast life and the girls are coming home pregnant. The black community is now 3 or 4 generations baby mama deep with 72%+ illegitimacy and no men in the homes. You are not going to change Shaniqua, Ray Ray. They don’t think anything is wrong with their lives. Your leaders want you to go to work deal with whatever is going on there, come home deal with your spouse, raise your kids and then go raise Shaniqua’s and Ray Ray’s kids while Shaniqua and Ray Ray are out having more kids. Does that make sense? Save your family. The black community needs to focus on doing an EXCELLENT job of raising our own kids first before trying to raise someone’s else’s kids.

  • trueletterson

    And the band plays on!

  • SE

    I’m not shocked that Chicago is number 1 as far as murders with all of those murder headlines from last year, my goodness it was a mess! Until young black people stop thinking with the gansta, thug, “Scarface” mentality, this epidemic isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

  • adiatc


  • Lor

    you have written this post a million times on every article. please stop. leave shaniqua alone and move to your fancy upper middle class neighborhood that will absolve you of all of the racial ills in the world. mr fancy aren’t you?

  • GeekMommaRants

    The idea of a black community is no longer realistic. We do not seem to be able keep it real. We scream about how others treat us but look at the way we treat each other! This is going to be mean but if Trayvon’s killer were back we would not know his name. Who kills more babies? Black men/boys with guns. We cannot admit that we are our own Klan.

  • MusiKCityK

    You all are so narrow minded this ” gangsta thinking” you speak of is not the root cause. Poverty, lack of opportunities and frustration are root causes. Parents can’t teach their children what they don’t know get out and volunteer and help show these children there is another way. Oh yes it’s easy to sit back and judge without lifting a finger. I am currently working on a job and education fair for inner city teens. What are YOU ALL doing? Moving to your better neighborhood won’t change the way many white ppl see US which is inferior. We need to unite and help ALL of us not just take this ME ME ME attitude. Has it worked over the last 40 years? No WE still fall behind in EVERY economic and education metric in this country Why do you think Asians are so successful??? Because they HELP each other not judge each other.

  • Eduardo

    Puerto Rico has a lot of crime as well -mostly drug-related. I don’t blame the folks who pack up and leave (those who can afford it move to a gated suburb) because they worry about their families. When I was living alone back in my student days I didn’t think much about that stuff, but now I’m glad that my wife and daughter live in an area that’s not so violent. Nowhere’s completely safe, but still.

  • Ask_Me

    Right! This individual is notorious for copying and pasting the SAME rants all over the black blogosphere. He seriously needs to get a life.

  • SE

    @ Musikcity

    I understand your point and know that poverty and a lack of opportunities are causes of this epidemic too but I’m sorry, I truly think it’s the mentality that hurts a lot of black males also. A lot of them don’t have good role models to look up to so they look up to the older drug dealers/ganstas in the hood and the Scarface, hood movies/music and crap, thinking that’s the definition of a man. The peer pressure to follow this stupid trend is ridiculous for these boys.

    As far as the Asians are concerned, yes they seem like they stick together but they don’t have that ghetto, hood mentality either. Those people come to this country to take advantage of the opportunities and take care of their families. They’re mentality is to get educated and work not gang bang, sell drugs all day.

  • JingoBaby

    The problem with arguments like this (the whole Save Yourself mentality) is that it really doesn’t solve anything either. Your children in their white neighborhoods and white schools will be just as influenced by their white communities. Yes, there are a few black children who are born into those “safe” neighborhoods and are still able to retain their pride in who and what they are racially. However, a majority of them grow up to worship whiteness and eventually come to feel ashamed of/uncomfortable with their blackness, just like the system wants. They grow up and pretend that racism/colorism doesn’t exist, that they are exempt from the problems that ‘other blacks’ experience because they are “special,” etc. Other POC don’t have this issue because they aren’t nearly as reviled as we are on a macro-level, they don’t have the same subjugated history with white people and because their pride in their culture (not their displayed pride, but their internal self-esteem about the heritage that they come from) is much, much stronger.

    Look at a majority of West Coast blacks and you’ll see what I’m saying. They aren’t clamoring to marry each other and build up our image – they are living examples of the powerful manipulations of white “divide and conquer” tactics.

  • It’s easy

    what is the solution? where does one even begin? Black men and boys should just keep killing each other until they wipe themselves out completely from the city of Chicago? We do a better job of keeping ourselves down than anyone ever could. It’s quite sad. If these hoodlums can unify enough to start gangs and join gangs then why can’t they unify enough to open up and start businesses and create opportunities for themselves and others with their group effort. Who can let these fools know you can make better use of a book than you can a gun.

  • crime cleaner

    gun control is not the answer, locking up bad gansters, bad kids, bad people and never letting them out. Also the need to change the culture and bring back the family structure towards stability. The truth hurts and hard choices are often the best ones.

  • Shenika


  • ???

    Why fight crime when it is so profitable? You have to think of the private prisons and their shareholders bottom line. Also how ever shall the country survive without that cheap labor and second class citizenry??? There’s only so much to go around and you know how predisposed to violence those people are. Yes it’s race! It’s all race and culture! Just ignore any and all comparisons to non blacks in similar conditions in other parts of the world.

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