Sex Ed in Kindergarten

Typically most five-year-olds in kindergarten are learning how to spell their names, and count to ten. But this school year, Chicago students will learn a little bit more.  Reading, writing, arithmetic, sexual and health education will now become a part of the curriculum for kindergarteners.

Officials with Chicago Public Schools (CPS) will insist the curriculum will use language most kids can understand and will focus on topics  like bullying, correct names for external body parts and the difference between appropriate and inappropriate touching.

“As you identify body parts, you talk about should you be touched here or not.,” said Stephanie Whyte, the CPS Chief Health Officer. “And if someone touches you, and it’s uncomfortable, you should tell a trusted adult.”

But not every parent is happy with the new curriculum.

From CBS News:

Like every other kindergartner, Angelina Yang is learning reading, writing, arithmetic–and now sexual health education.

“I want to know what kind of education she is receiving before she gets that education,” said Angelia’s mom, Stella. ‘As a parent, I have a right to know.”

“If he has questions, I’m happy to answer them, but I’m not sure it belongs in a classroom setting,” said parent Brooke Lyon.

On top of sexual topics, students will also learn about different family structures that exist in today’s society.  “Whether that means there’s two moms at home, everyone’s home life is different, and we introduce the fact that we all have a diverse background, “ said Whyte.

For 30 minutes a month, five-year-olds in Chicago will get a different lesson in learning. Parents are allowed to view the curriculum and if they’re uncomfortable, their child can opt out of the class.


  • apple

    oh please aint nobody getting pregnant at 5, they need to start at pubery, or right before, when i was 10 they gave us the talk as we all hid but they 10 was when most of us was about to begin puberty or possibly already had

  • Truth Seeker

    This is part of the liberal gay agenda. Teach kids that the homosexual lifestyle is normal, acceptable and safe. Nothing can be further from the truth in the black community.

    Gays and the liberal media don’t want blacks to know the source of almost all of the HIV infections in the black community. They do this by spreading the blame and possible risk of infections to everyone. Black women are not infecting men. It’s extremely rare almost unheard of for a Heterosexual non needle druggie black man to have HIV. FACT What’s actually happening is black gay men who are the source of the HIV epidemic in the black community now believe their lifestyle can be adequately managed in the black community. It’s false. There’s no evidence of it. Black gay boys don’t understand just how high risk the homosexual lifestyle is until it’s too late.

    The source of almost all BLACK HIV infections

    1. Black Gay HIV positive men infecting mostly YOUNG gay black males

    2. Black Gay HIV positive men infecting black women

    3. Black Intravenous drug use is also a problem but it’s minimal compared to HIV positive black gay men infecting others.

    To put the risk in context. Men who smoke are 25x more likely to get lung cancer. Homosexual black men are 300x to 400x more likely to get HIV!!! We discourage our kids from smoking but liberals want us to encourage our boys to accept this lifestyle? Does that make sense? If black boys ever embrace this lifestyle, it’s going to spread through the black community like a wildfire. Google The truth about HIV and heterosexual. The research and facts are clear. Until black gays can safely manage their lifestyle. Black folks need to end their silence and say no to our boys.

  • Asad Jameel

    Great tip! I will add this site to my bookmarks.

  • leelah

    there is a thing called early sexualization of children. At the extreme we have molestation.then there is kids who’ve been molested acting out sexual play with other kids. Then we have the majority of kids who are exposed to sex by our sex obsessed culture.—they’re not teaching kids about where babies come from. but good touch/bad touch and appropriate classroom behavior.

  • TheRealDonDiva

    First, they close 50 schools in black neighborhoods and now this.


    Chicago…..I just can’t…..

  • noirluv45

    I believe the parent(s) have a right to review the curriculum, and if the parent approves, then fine. Personally, I believe it’s my responsibility to teach my children sexuality, at whatever age I find it to be appropriate, and not the school.

  • Jessica

    The agenda is to force African Americans to accept homosexuality. It is a world wide push that is back by powerful people in high places. Resist the sexualization of our children. These brutes will sacrifice childhood innocence to promote their putrid agenda.
    Five-year-old kindergarten children do not need to hear about sex,

    They can’t even teach the children to read! Yet they want to foist perverted concepts onto them instead of reading. They don’t care if they can’t read, write or do math. All they care about is sex, sex, sex. We were better off when their was no so-called “sex education” in schools.” There was less sexual activity among teens, and fewer teen pregnancies.

    Parents organize against this abomination. Sue the local school districts that are attempting to psychologically abduct and propagandize our children against normalcy.

  • MsSmeeg

    Have you got a source by the way to prove this?

  • Truth Seeker

    Look at the CDC stats. They try to confuse you by lumping all heterosexuals together. If look closely, they will tell you that black heterosexual men are 5% of HIV infections. It also says that when further investigation is done with those black heterosexuals friends and family it’s determined that many of them were involved in high risk activity ie msm and needle drugs. Google HIV and heterosexual men. Also, “Whatever Happened to AIDS and Straight Men?”

  • Pseudonym

    The decision to close schools and offer K-12 sexual health education were made by two separate entities. The passing of the K-12 sexual health education bill was sometime last winter or spring by the state legislature in Springfield. The passing of the motion to close 50 CPS schools was voted on by the CPS school board. K-12 sexual health education is actually a good thing. Closing of the schools is an AWFUL ONE! (Basically, seems they closed the schools b/c they’re trying to dismantle CPS into a bunch of disconnected charter schools- a move that could go either way, but b/c it’s mostly involving the black, brown, and poor, will probably go the bad way.)

  • Lane

    Pretty much every piece of your comment is either ignorant (filled with homophobia) and just factually incorrect. If you look into this programming, most of it is aimed at keeping young children safe from child predators. If we never talk to young kids about their body parts and the fact that they have a right to not let an adult touch them, how will they know to tell a trusted adult if that does happen? Shaming kids about their bodies only creates an environment for child abuse to thrive.

    And your claim that there was “less sexual activity among teens and fewer teen pregnancies” “when there was no sex education in schools” (Which was when? There have almost always been abstinence-only education programs at the very least) is not even close to being based in facts. Schools/communities without comprehensive sex education have much higher rates of teen pregnancy ( There are countless studies about the benefits of making kids/teens comfortable with their bodies and sexuality and screaming your ignorance from the rooftops isn’t going to change that.

    PS I sincerely hope that you don’t think your viewpoints are “normal” – because frankly, my dear … you sound like a hateful dumb ass.

  • Lane

    Um … that’s because there are fewer layers of skin in your anal cavity (thus, it tears more easily) … so infection is easier spread with gay men (and heterosexual couples who engage in anal sex). And how would gay men be infecting women (if not needle use as you suggest it wouldn’t be)?

    PLEASE tell me you think it only spreads in that population because god has deemed it so.

  • Ms. O

    Is it at all possible that the virulent homophobia and bigotry you express here could shame gay men into denying who they really are and thus creating an environment that encourages them to engage in secretive, riskier behavior in order for them to fulfill their needs. Yes, sex is a need. That being a reason for increased levels of STI, not that you supply any scientific basis for your argument. Teaching young children about their own bodies and what is not acceptable for an adult to do, will do nothing but protect them from predators. As for teaching them about various family structures, guess what, homosexual parents are something that they will encounter with a greater regularity and teaching children to be accepting rather than hateful is a commendable goal.

  • dbsm

    Truth Seeker,

    You cannot say much on this website about HIV/AIDS that goes against public dogma that has been spouted for years–even with the actual data being posted for all to see.

    Everyone once in a while the media wants to keep reminding us of how black women’s HIV numbers are increasing exponentially…but they make no mention of the starting point.

    Keep stating the figures. Maybe someone will get it. I’ve been on here on and off for several years. Nothing new.

  • Donna

    Just because you don’t agree with Jessica’s assessment doesn’t mean you need to call her names. Your ignorant yourself.

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