Earlier this month, Britni Danielle wrote about Issa Rae’s new YouTube series, “The Choir”.  The new series, for AlrightTV is “a dramedy that follows the United Church of Holy Christ in Fellowship’s choir as they attempt to rebuild their dying congregation.”

The latest episode of “The Choir” features, “Christ WALK”, a new song by Issa Rae. The song is obviously a parody, but a few people didn’t think it was funny. Words like sacrilegious and blasphemous have been thrown around in response to the video:

Regina Mullen 1 day ago

Wrong. Just wrong. Do another!

Nia Johnson 4 days ago

Though this is quite disrespectful. Christian rap artist are nothing like this. Though this is for entertainment, could’ve been different

Ayanha Noel 4 days ago

Very disrespectful.

Marques Miles 6 days ago

I think it’s amazing how we can throw around the name of Jesus so flippantly. No she said nothing truly negative about Christ, but the entirety of the video doesn’t shine a light on Christ or his people. I get the hypocrisy angle. But to complete it, we should see what Christians should be like. Compare/contrast.

Nellah5 1 week ago

I love admire your work but this is straight Blasphemy. Jesus is real and when more ppl acknowledge what he did on the cross for us. This world would be better. I can’t get with this at all. SMH

Check out the video below.

Clutchettes, what do you think of the video? Do you find it offensive?

  • Zombie Killer

    It was hilarious!

  • gobrooklyn

    It’s funny I love it. Religion is not above parody or criticism.

  • AnnT

    Was there this much of an uproar during the serie’s opener featured the church jezebel boning the married preacher? Why was this video singled out as blasphemous?

  • Leslie J. Almeida (@LeslieJAlmeida)

    One of the major problems with Christianity; they take themselves and their ceremonies way too seriously. Get over yourselves; if there were a god, he or she would see that this is SATIRE.

    As a long-time fan of Issa and her work, I wasn’t surprised at all by how she approached her video. She’s always had a way with profanity.

  • AnnT

    *Looks at the sponsored ad for that preacher show*

  • kathryn

    I thought this was hilarious! I love Jesus and I try to live like a follower of Christ. I think this video highlights a very real phenomenon of people claiming to know Jesus and love God but living how they want to and using His name to justify their bad behavior.

  • gettothechoppa

    So are you saying as a the Body of Christ we need don’t need are way serious about our beliefs even when it is not affecting you? The arrogance of non – believers is truly amazing, I would never tell people to just “Get over yourselves” when it comes to their respective belief systems. You need to get over you arrogance.

  • LN


    this is hilarious

  • gettothechoppa

    “Correction” So are you saying as a the Body of Christ we need to be less serious about our beliefs and let you and others make light of our faith even when it is not affecting you? The arrogance of non – believers is truly amazing, I would never tell people to just “Get over yourselves” when it comes to their respective belief systems. You need to get over you arroganc

  • AnnT

    As a believer, don’t I have the right to judge people are affecting our religion in the worst way?

  • Knotty Natural

    You should watch episode 4 on Youtube! It’s funny and judging by the comments, the Christ Crusaders were highly offended!

  • Knotty Natural

    Episode 4 of “the Choir” is hilarious and features the Crips4Christ!!

  • Pseudonym

    Okay, I think this is brilliant! hiLARIOUS!!!!! HAHAHAHA

  • Nicole

    She definitely pushed the envelope, but that doesn’t make it any less funny! Lol!

    Alright TV is basically made up of Christian comedy videos where Christians can laugh at themselves and the church. How is this particular video any different?

  • omfg

    i don’t know what the intention was, but i see this as more of a critique of black people. the church, religion and rap are just the vehicles.

  • Natalie B.

    The same people who have a problem with this are the same ones who will make that Pastor’s Of LA series on Oxygen a hit. I hate that a few vocal people have highjacked Christianity, and turned it into a psuedo-selective club. Makes me sick.

  • omfg

    i think that if jesus and god are more sophisticated and intelligent than their followers, they will understand the intention.

    they may even find it an amusing way to point out the hypocrisy of their followers. they may find it more constructive. didn’t jesus go mad on some people for their exploits in a house of worship? maybe he’ll appreciate the satire directed at people who may in fact be doing that very thing.

    this is not about jesus as much as it is about the people claiming to be the worshippers.

    i would expect jesus to understand this. get it?

  • CAsweetface

    I’m a believer and I can’t figure out how this is offensive. Everybody the performed in the talent show auction was obviously terrible except for the main characters doing Yolanda Adams. Its a comedy! The older character discussed how misguided the youth were today in jest after the “Crips for Christ” got off of the stage. That behavior displayed on the show was misguided. That was the POINT! I’ve seen plenty of inappropriateness at churches, be it clothing or behavior but one thing i know I’m not is a judge!

  • binks

    Personally, I was neither offended or entertained…shrugs. I haven’t checked this show out so I don’t know the context of the entire video so I can’t really judge the content in its entirety without knowing more from the episode.

  • Leslie J. Almeida (@LeslieJAlmeida)

    What I am saying is that worship is supposedly greater than your personal being. Issa, if I may assume from her FB posts, believes in a god. She knows that a god wouldn’t give two shits about a satirical music video that 1) ultimately brings attention to her faith, and 2) points out the hypocrisy that runs rampant in Christian culture. Her video is smart and funny.

  • http://clutchmagazine blcknnblv

    funny as hellllllllll.

  • lea

    i’m not here to judge, but admit it, if God was to judge this moment whether blasphemous or not could it pass the test? God is love , so I pray them too.

  • The RealKay

    To be completely honest, I’ve heard rappers talk about how they shoot, kill and pimp but will mention Jesus or have religious imagery in the background (remember Tupac? Machiavelli? Hail Mary anyone?). I think she’s maybe using comedy to drive home the point that this is a common thread in rap, and it’s basically a hypocritical one. Though I didn’t find it outrageously funny though.

  • Nickie

    Okay… She should’ve listened to Lecrae or Cross Movement or any of the other ACTUAL Christian rap artists. Maybe then she wouldn’t have made it such an over the top parody of what the actual genre is. I’m just saying.

  • Prettypoodle3

    I don’t find it offensive and honestly don’t have much to say about it.

  • rose

    As a Christian who reads the Bible regularly, I can’t believe how any other believer would think it’s ok to put the name of Jesus in the same sentence as the F*CK word and the B*TCH. I can’t see how any believer can’t see that this does not edify or glorify the name of Jesus or His kingdom. It has no purpose other than it’s another worldly gimmick. If we start thinking this is all in fun then where do we draw the boundaries? I already know the answer to this…these are the day and times we live in where there are no boundaries. And if you’re are a person that stands up for what you believe in then you are considered sensitive, judgey, etc…I don’t have to compromise my convictions in order to be a loving person. And as a believer I’m not gonna sit here and try to tell you what God thinks based off of my own feelings or limited finite thinking, but I will point other believers to these verses in the Bible :“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,”declares the Lord. “As the heavens are higher than the earth,
    so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts (Isaiah 55:8-9 NIV). But now I have written to you not to keep company with anyone named a brother, who is sexually immoral, or covetous, or an idolater, or a reviler (using profanity), or a drunkard, or an extortioner—not even to eat with such a person (1 Corinthians 5:11).

  • gettothechoppa

    Thank you…. this isn’t cool. I know my God and my beliefs have earned more love and respect than what is given in this spoof. People got all upset about Russel Simmons and his Harriet Tubman spoof (and rightfully so), but when disrespect my belief system of Christianity it’s all good. Naw, partner it’s not all good. I don’t appreciate it, nor will go along with the regularly scheduled program of my faith being made fun of. Disrespect is disrespect no matter if you agree with someones point of view or not.

  • Nikki Dior

    You know what kills me, these people who say the video is wrong or blasphemy. Did they not watch the 1st episode of the Choir? 2nd or 3rd? It’s just a parody from a very blessed and gifted person that just wants to make us laugh. This video doesn’t dictate her religious beliefs. It is a free country. Freedom of speech. Times are changing. People need to be more open minded and not just one sided. I loved the video like all of her other videos, it is all in the name of comedy. How many comedians used a curse word in the same sentence as Jesus? Hundreds!! Just Google it. Christians be trippin.

  • Kisha

    ITA @ CAsweetface. I’m a Christian and I think the absurdity of the video was the point! Issa was making the point about how absurd it is to be all about Jesus, but not change your behavior that is not Christ like (and Crips for Christ ain’t the only ones in that struggle!). Plus, watching the video outside the context of the show episode is misleading. God does have a sense of humor! This spoof is no worse than what God watches some Christians do on a daily basis!

  • CAsweetface

    Exactly! @Kisha

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