What is with black women thinking the white man’s ice is colder this week? Sheryl Underwood revealed her burning desire for “beautiful, long, silky” white hair on Sunday and last night’s episode of “Family Hustle” paid homage to all things white.

Shekinah, Tameka “Tiny” Harris’ hairstylist, revealed that she wants to be white. Her reasoning? “White people are living the life,” and “White people never have drama. Black girls always going through some sh*t.”

She and Tiny then decide to act white for a week. What follows are offensive quips about what food, clothing and behavior is “black” or “white.”


“You went straight for the red velvet, that’s so black.”

“Do you know I’m wearing J.Crew? When we’re white again, I’m gonna wear Banana Republic.”
“Drinking tea is very white of us.”

Beyond the ignorance of ascribing race to activities anyone can enjoy, there’s a disturbing undercurrent of self-hatred here. In Shekinah’s world, white is inherently more sophisticated and pulled-together, and black is unstable, unrefined and full of drama.

Just like Sheryl Underwood believes white hair is better than the hair that grows out of her own scalp, Tiny and Shekinah see white peoples’ lives as better than their own. That warped way of thinking is proof of an internalization of white standards of beauty for Sheryl and a damning inferiority complex for Tiny and Shekinah.

Mental slavery is real.

What do you think of this episode, Clutchettes and Gents?

  • isaldy

    Seriously, how are black children still walking around not understanding that they are the mothers and fathers of civilization? That from the sperm of the black man and the womb of the black woman, came the brown, red, yellow man and white man. I hate to break it down into colors like that, but if you understand how it came about then you would understand why. How is it that black girls don’t know that at one time their hair was straight…that is why their eyebrows are straight. That our hair is kinky because one of our Ancient fathers wanted to conquer the wilds of West Africa…and to prevent our brain from cooking in the heat of West Africa they purposely kinked our hair. How is it that black children don’t know that the Holy Land didn’t always have the light skinned Arabs that you see today, that the original Arabs looked like them(as dark as Shaka)? How is that black children don’t know that the first ship that brought their ancestors here…wasn’t the Nina, Pinta and the Santa Maria, but White people brought them on a ship called Jesus. When the Africans realized what was happening to them….they looked off the shores of America and asked for the ship called Jesus to take them back home. Why is it that black children don’t know that their original religion was not Christianity….but that their ancestors came to America as either a Muslim or an Animalist. Christianity was forced on them during slavery? Why is it that black children don’t know that when Genesis in the Bible…states darkness covered the face of the deep,… is trying to convey that in the beginning black people covered the entire planet. Why is it that black children don’t know that the moon was blown into outer space by a black man discontent that we all did not speak the same language. And yes, black people had gun powder before the Chinese. Why is it that black children don’t know that not only was Jesus a black man, so was Moses. White people were on the Isle of Patmos in caves, uncivilized and crawling on all fours…and Moses(a black man was sent by God to go get them. Why don’t black girls know this? Why doesn’t Shekina know that black women taught white women how to cook and sew, that black men taught white men mathematics in their beginning. Sorry about the grammar and punctuation, but this is just getting ridiculous. If you are not willing to teach black children who they are, then you’re just raising slaves to be subservient to White people. No black child can hold his/her head up high thinking the White man and woman are everything and they are nothing. Shekina’s mother and father failed her. Ask yourself if you are failing your child.

  • Shelly

    Idk why people would say that what your are saying is “self hate”…just about everything you said is true. It is not depressing to be black, it’s depressing that we must deal with all the things that “apple” listed above. I think it is a shame that Tiny’s friend would say those things on television, but many black women think that white people have it easier, and in many case, THEY DO. We need to love who we are because we are who we are, and we need to realize that being black doesn’t HAVE to be synonymous with “struggle,” but I understand when misguided black women are jealous of others. Idk why we would lie to ourselves and act like being black is a jolly walk in the park. I wish it were, because I love who I am, too.