There’s a little tingle I get when I head to my mailbox at the beginning of every month, and open it to find thick polished pages rolled up inside. I love fashion magazines. Oh the sweet joy of that delicious moment when I nestle into my couch, glass of Pinot in hand, to get the scoop on the latest style obsessions.

Well, these were the moments I relished, until recently when something in me snapped and I began firing off frustrated letters to the editors of the very magazines I had come to love.


As a black woman, I’ve had no choice but to become accustomed to the absence of black and brown faces in “mainstream” publications. Out of the hundreds of magazines that are published each year, black women can count just two (hair magazines don’t count) that are dedicated to showcasing their beauty, style, and opinions. The sporadic cover girl of color is hardly an ode to diversity.

But what’s become increasingly troubling to me is that still today, when our style icon is an African-American First Lady, who is arguably the most fashionable since Jackie O, the images in popular magazines and the fashion industry overall continue to be white-washed.

When will the fashion industry start to accurately reflect the rich mixture of ethnicity and culture in our country?

  • TalkingWithTami (@TalkingWithTami)

    Good for you! I covered New York Fashion Week for my fashion blog a few weeks back and it was bothering me to see show after show with all white models. I was sitting there thinking why do they do that? On a recap show on E! news some designers were interviewed saying “well sometimes its just not in our vision” that was a whack response but so many designers think that way instead of just using models of color.I thought it was about the clothes? I guess thats how they get away with it though, sigh!