Mayweather’s daughter’s mother, Jolie Harris, is up in arms about her real-life “Who Wore It Best?” experience. Harris showed up to the Canelo fight in Las Vegas on Saturday to discover that the daughter she shares with Mayerweather, 10 year-old Jihan, was wearing the same dress as his mistress, Shantel Jackson.

The “Twinsies” moment came courtesy of designer Michael Costello, who designed the gowns and was aware both ladies would be dressed similarly.

Josie thought the $795 price tag would guarantee that her daughter’s dress is one-of-a-kind. She told TMZ: “It’s an unspoken rule and a cardinal sin for a ‘real designer’ to dress clients alike going to the same major event … Tacky, tacky, tacky.” And to add insult to injury, Costello sold the lookalike dress to Jackson, who Harris calls a “gold digger … She conveniently came back around 2 days before Floyd got his $41.5 million check.”

Costello set Harris straight, saying: “No exclusivity was promised regarding the dress. If you want exclusivity, you need to pay more.”

Hasn’t she seen the Awards Show red carpets? If designers gave exclusivity, who would E! use for “B*tch stole my look”?

  • Deb

    What a bunch of wierdos. They don’t deserve the attention of a post like this.

  • JRW

    smells like a set up on the designers behalf in my opinion. Selling 2 women the same dress on oscar night, no big deal, Selling the mistress of that little girls father the dress she was going to be wearing on her father big night, low down dirty and scandalous. Children aren’t stupid, I’m sure that little girl was well aware of who that woman in her same dress was. I’d be pissed if I got bought my daughter any dress ($8 or $800) for her fathers event and the woman he’s creeping with showed up in her EXACT gown. I mean imagine you’re that little girl so excited to see your dad do what he does best, you get to dress up and look like a pretty little star in what you think is your own special dress and then walks in……

  • JRW

    also the little girl wore it better. That woman has some loop-sided boobs….

  • JaeBee

    Forget the designer’s shady dealings… don’t you think the style of dress is a little too “mature” for a 10 year old? How the mother approved of this dress, and actually allowed her daughter to wear it–out in public–is beyond me. There would’ve been no problem had the mother insisted on making sure her daughter was wearing something age-appropriate.

  • sixfoota

    1. It’s not 2 women wearing the dress – it’s one woman & one child.
    2. Shantel’s dress is ill-fitting at the top – her boobs are spilling over every whicha way
    3. That lil girl doesn’t have any business wearing that dress with her hand on her hip like that (though my ideals may be a bit antiquated?). I used to get popped for having my hand on my hip! I also couldn’t wear my hair down (only special ocassions) or wear hoop earrings. Those were perks for grown women & since I was a child, I couldn’t lavish in those perks.

  • Laura Charles

    Why does a 10 year old need to wear a gown to a boxing match?

    If a child an adult are wearing the same outfit to an event, either the adult is trying to look to young for her age or the child is trying to look to grown.

    I’m gonna gonna go ahead and file this under “who cares?”


  • falala

    Clutch is throwing shade though. That’s his fiance not misatress.

  • Tina

    That dress and the pose are too grown for a little girl & the joke is on the mom for paying $800 for something that looks like it came from the $10 store.

    Also, why is this woman referred to as a mistress? Where’s the derogatory term to describe the UNMARRIED man she’s seeing? It’s always the woman that is referred to with derogatory terminology when it comes to anything sexual. When General Petraeus had an affair with a married woman, the woman was repeatedly referred to as his mistress, with no in kind derogatory word for him even though he was also sleeping with a married person.

  • Marisa

    That style of dress is way to adult for this little girl, and as the father Floyd should have nixed that but, dude is busy with a boxing career and bouncing between multiple women who has the time. The mother more upset that her daughter is matching with Mayweather chick #17, than the fact she purchased something too grown up for her daughter, priorities all jacked up.

  • Marisa

    You make a point but, in fairness the media refused to use my DIRT BAG PIECE OF SH%T LOSER for General Petraeus.

  • RJ

    Damn, people have some messy lives. All because ethey are trying to get that cash.

  • Starla

    @Laura Charles

    I wouldn’t even take a child to a boxing match.

    That poor child is being set up for something in this life and it ain’t good. Adult dress, eyebrows done, pin-on ponytail, lips popping, statement ring, diva pose. I hope that innocent babe has someone in her life with some measure of common-sense and values to keep her on a good path.

  • greendoondoon

    I think attending your father’s fight qualifies as a special occasion but yes, the dress is too grown up for her.

  • justanotheropinion

    JaeBee – you hit on the money for me with your comment. To me, it’s more disturbing that a 10yr old was put in a dress of this cut. The mother, designer and father should be shammed for allowing this. Who cares that someone else had this dress. THIS dress was inappropriate for a 10yr old.

  • B.

    Oh boy. Where do I begin. The objectification and sexualizing of our little girls continues and we are teaching our little boys what things matter the most. Look at the picture of the little girl, posed with a little boy who looks like he could be a Mayweather relative. Whatever his relationship to this whole thing, why is he age appropriately dressed? Why is he being taught that the little girl next to him has to be in a skin tight, hot pink, lipstick up-ed, pony-tailed up, hand on hip to look good for her Daddy’s match. Why isn’t she wearing some cute jeans and a t-shirt like him. Come on people! No way in this world nor the next would my little girl wear this dress or anything like to support her Daddy’s event. I am not judging but something is falling through the cracks here…sad.

  • Kat

    Am I the only one who doesn’t understand why a child is dressed like some man’s whore? I don’t care if the kid wore it first, why is she in it?

  • binks

    I swear I can’t with women with bird-like behavior. The mom priority is displaced she should be mad at the fact that this little child is in a grown ass dress she has no business in from the get go AND not competing or throwing shade at the current girlfriend or whatever. Kids grow up to fast as it is especially girls so the objectification and sexualization needs to stop or be cut off by the parents. The mom,designer and whoever co-signed this needed their a$$ kicked that night not Alvarez.

  • JS

    Stepping back, I don’t think the dress is that terrible on its own. It’s cut fairly high (although I can’t see the back) and bright barbie pink with a thick gold belt. Only issue is its a bit tight, but no tighter than a Halloween costume. The dress only really looks sexual if you compare it to Shantel.

    My first thought was this was an intentional “mini-me” situation. I was then thinking the mother had the right to be mad, but this mother is mad for all the wrong reasons and at the wrong person. Be mad cause people are seeing a grown ass woman in the same dress as your child and now thinking of your child differently. Be mad cause this woman is throwing shade your way as a mother even attempting a “mini-me” situation. Hell even be mad at Mayweather for not checking this woman sooner letting her think this would even be okay. But don’t be bad at the designer who made the dress YOU wanted to buy.

  • SayWhat

    I feel sorry for this little girl because she looks like a video vixen already. It is especially sad when you compare her in this pic to any pic of the little girl of ‘beast of a southern wild’. They not only look, but act differently. :-(

  • geenababe

    Floyd really know how to pick his women. His baby mother is a rat there is no other way to put it. She also crazy for spending 700 plus dollars for a adult like dress for a ten year old. His current girlfriend is no better she’s just washing in the money shower.

  • MommieDearest

    There are so many things wrong here….

    1. I would not allow my 10 year old child to attend a boxing match.

    2. I would not allow my 10 year old child to attend ANY event that started at 11 pm. She would be in the bed ASLEEP by then.

    3. I would not allow my child to be dressed like a grown up and it’s not Halloween.

    4. It’s a darn shame that between 3 adults who supposedly care about the child, neither of them found a problem with any this.

    *sigh* As the parents, both Jolie and Floyd need to be slapped for allowing this effery.

    That poor little girl is doomed.

  • Treece

    This right here! Who the fluk cares that the designer made the same dress for both of them……A TEN YEAR OLD IS WEARING A SKIN TIGHT, GROWN WOMAN’S DRESS! WTH??

    The fact that no adults found anything wrong with the points made above is disturbing at the least. The fact that mom is more concerned that her daughter is wearing the same dress as Floyd’s mistress than she is that her daughter looks like a child prostitute and is at a boxing match at 11pm instead of in bed, boggles the mind. This kid doesn’t have a chance with adults in her life like this…..

  • MommieDearest

    “That dress and the pose are too grown for a little girl & the joke is on the mom for paying $800 for something that looks like it came from the $10 store.”

    I know, right?! I bet you I could go to Justice in the mall and find the same dress on the rack in 5 different colors. LOL!!!

    As an aside, if Jolie has no problem dropping $800 for a dress that her daughter will outgrow (THANKFULLY) in 3 months, I hope she’s also putting something away for the girl’s future/education.

  • KG

    My grandfather was a boxer and my dad, uncles, and aunts went to his fights. It’s a matter of a conversation and a parent knowing if their child can handle it. My cousin is an mma fighter and two of his kids have seen his fights, one hasn’t because he and his wife can tell that she isn’t ready for something like that.

    In regards to the dress, I saw something getting thrown around on facebook; it was a pic of a 5 year old girl wearing a one shoulder bodycon dress and I was very disturbed. I’m confused at why grown adults find it ok to have their children wear something so adult and sexual. Apparently Sunday’s best doesn’t have any weight anymore, smh.

  • geenababe

    One of the reason people may dress their child up like adults are because people do not know how to dress themselves. I am not talking about being a fashionista but just dressing for the occasion. I have seen adults go to job interview and graduation ceremony dress like they were going to a nightclub. They had no shame either. I remember I went to an open interview for a hospital and you should have seen the way most of the women were dressed.

  • Cocochanel31

    It looked like all of Floyd’s children attended the match, so that is not so much the issue, her staying up late..hey it’s a highlight of her dad’s career she wil be okay . The bigger issue is why didn’t the mom just BUY her an age appropriate dress..WTF! Why make your child look too grown? There is plenty of time forher to spend daddy’s money as she gets older..come on mothers wake up!

  • Nic

    It’s tacky on both of them but I think this is more about the fact that she is just the baby mamma and the other chick is piece of the week.
    I do not understand when baby mammas cannot let it go. They have zero status in a man’s life, never had any status in many cases besides being an incubator (so many women have babies for famous people thinking it means instant riches…so sad).
    So if you are sitting at home jealous b/c you think you should be the one on his arm, don’t make use ridiculous arguments to get attention. He’s done with her. He probably never even started.
    Plus doesn’t he hit women so yeah, you dodged a bullet there…

  • MimiLuvs

    As I read the headline, my initial thought was that the mother was upset that the daughter had worn the same dress as a “Mommy & Me” type of thing. I understand (but I would think that it would’ve been petty) why the mother would feel angry (and most likely, jealous) if her daughter wanted to dress up like her future step-mother.
    re: to the daughter’s “Fight Night” outfit.
    I believe that Jihan’s dress was inappropriate for her to wear. The cut and the tightness of the dress are the reasons why I don’t like the dress on her. There’s nothing wrong with the color because it is a very pretty color. I would’ve preferred if the dress was an A-line with a peplum or maybe a full tulle skirt at the bottom (with bell cap sleeves) and a different collar.

  • GirlSixx

    Thank You.!!!

    I agree that ms. jackson was definitly being shady by wearing the same dress after the designer told her that May’s daughter was wearing it as well. But like the designer said if Josie wanted it to be a one of a kind original she would have to had pay more than $795.00. The child shouldn’t have been it that dress to begin with so Josie just needs to let it go and have a seat and QUIETLY collect her checks.

  • GirlSixx

    How is his GF a MISTRESS??.. Floyd was never married to any of his babymommas… matter of fact last time I checked, Floyd actually put an engagement ring on this woman’s finger before they broke up.. So again how is she a Mistress?? o_O *confused*

  • GirlSixx

    “One of the reason people may dress their child up like adults are because people do not know how to dress themselves.”

    Soooo true..


  • Marisa

    I’m also disturbed by the fact that this lil girl is posing in the same manner as this grown woman, and you can’t tell it here in this pic but, Jihan basically has a face full of makeup. When the family was shown together in their seats this child had on visible blush and eye makeup, plus her mom has pics of her putting a bundle of weave in her daughter’s hair. Keep that in mind the next time folks talk down about Blue Ivy’s style of hair.

  • Marisa

    @GirlSixx “Floyd has never married any of his babymommas … matter of fact last time I checked, Floyd actually put an engagement ring on this woman’s finger before they broke up”. What you just wrote GirlSixx could get a dissertation all on it’s own.

  • Child, Please

    Um, I thought this was gonna focus on the child being dressed inappropriately, but I guess not.

  • westcoastmuse

    Of course not,just goes to show where Josie’s head is at. She’s just petty!

  • Magnolia

    I was expecting a COMPLETELY different article. I thought the father and girlfriend dressed the daughter like this and the mother was upset… Shameful parenting. I just can’t…

  • Itsnotthe60′sanymoregetoverit

    Whatever nothing is wrong with that dress on the girl its a cute dress and age appropriate noting is showing but a lil neck and arms no cleavage or nothing

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