House Votes To Pass The “Let Them Starve” Bill

by Yesha Callahan


In a 217-210 vote, the House of Representatives voted to cut $4 billion, or 5%, from the food stamps program, which is currently used by one in seven U.S. citizens. House conservatives decided that the food stamp program was too fat and plans on putting all of those greedy, lobster buying  food stamp recipients on a diet (sarcasm). Led by Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA), took away nearly $4 billion from the $80 billion-a-year program.

One can only wonder where that $4 billion will go if the bill passes the Senate. War. Helping other countries. Congressional salaries.

Conservatives are also the first to scream about the “fraud” issue facing food stamps. Before you start to scream, “BUST THE FRAUDING BASTARDS”,  the majority of food-stamp fraud is made by supermarkets“trafficking” in the food stamps. Beneficiaries intentionally ripping off the taxpayers account for perhaps 1 percent of payments.

Hopefully Cantor will never go hungry or need government assistance. I mean, technically the taxpayers are already assisting him with his $193,400 a year salary.

“This bill is designed to give people a hand when they need it most,” Cantor said on the floor just before the bill passed. “And most people don’t choose to be on food stamps. Most people want a job … They want what we want.”

A job? Well ironically conservatives ruined that concept a long time ago. Maybe they forgot about the recession and the unemployment numbers that exist.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said the bill is a “full assault on the health and economic security of millions of families.”  White House spokesman Jay Carney said Thursday that House Republicans are attempting to “literally take food out of the mouths of hungry Americans in order to, again, achieve some ideological goal.”

The measure has little chance of advancing in the Senate, and Senator Debbie Stabenow, Democrat of Michigan and the chairwoman of the Senate Agriculture Committee, called it “a monumental waste of time.”

More useful government spending.

  • Yes, I’m That Leah

    It’s time for me to get a passport and move to Canada. This country doesn’t put people first. Wrong priorities.

  • Yes, I’m That Leah

    I’m still upset. This is an assault on poor people. What does it matter if a handful of people in New England buy lobsters with their stamps from time to time? Do lobsters not qualify as food? If the merchant accepts EBT to buy the lobsters, that is LEGAL. I’m sure if they were eating beans and franks for lunch, and corn dogs for dinner, there would be no issue. But LOBSTER, OH! — That’s what rich people eat on a weekly basis, so it strikes a nerve! It makes me sick. The middle class is disappearing. We are coming to the point of two classes. The poor and the rich in this nation…and soon the entire world.

    All they have to do is ban the people who are committing welfare fraud…but like I said. That’s not what this is about!

  • Sheena

    This is shameful. Meanwhile in DC politicians in DC dine on lobster every night on the taxpayers bill and eat caviar (as demonstrated by congresswoman Jakie Speier on the house floor yesterday) and expensive booze. Bunch of hypocrites and thieves. I wish I could just pick up and leave for Canada….they take care of thier hungry and sick and stay out of other countries’ business.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    remove all republicans and conservatives from public office!

  • The RealKay

    If they were eating corn dogs and such for dinner then the conservatives would decry the state of healthcare due to unhealthy eating practices. People would be like “Why should I pay for people to buy chips and soda?! So they can get fat and add to the health crisis?!” I think people put the poor in impossible situations. They don’t want them buying anything considered “luxury,” but then don’t want them eating junk either. It’s just all about control and treating the poor like children.

  • Ask_Me

    Shameful it seems to SOME….much needed it seems to many others. I know far too many people getting $900 plus in foodstamps only to turn around and sell them for cash. These people have been abusing the system for years! They are neither hungry nor sick. They are able-bodied adults who made the decision to have too many kids while still young themselves (Note: the people I’m thinking of are a couple….not single mothers).

    I feel bad for people who truly need and appreciate the assistance. However, I think the foodstamps program is one of the most abused in this country. Something was bound to change. Section 8 will be next.

  • Whatevs

    I went to college, worked, got married, then had a child. When my husband and I fell on hard times and I applied for food stamps (while pregnant mind you) the case worker flat out told me that my unborn child and I were not eligible because I was married. I was not entitled to the same money that had been taken out of my checks in the first place when I was working. But the baby mamas, who CHOOSE not to work, and who CHOOSE to continue having children (and hey, how can I blame them since clearly doing things the “right” way gets you nowhere) get $600+ per month in food stamps. And these are the same women who I see selling them for cash.

    The SNAP program isn’t being completely obliterated. If 5% equals 4 BILLION dollars, that means that there is still PLENTY to go around. If so many people are selling their stamps then that’s a sign that we do need cut backs. Sorry, but I’m not enraged. There are way too many people taking advantage of the system, and I don’t say this because they’re eating lobster, I say this because they’ve turned temporary assistance into lifetime support.

  • AJW

    What do you have to say about corporate welfare? Don’t these corporations deserve the same vitrol & generalizations that you are placing at the feet of the poor? Do you believe that black americans ran up the welfare tab by themselves? Are you this passionate about calling out companies that ship jobs overseas only to look americans in the face and beg, no demand millions of tax dollars to fund their fancy vacations & company fuck ups? I doubt it. This whole rant of yours has nothing to do with the real issue here. You just want to take jabs at black women. You don’t care that there are millions of people, black, white & other barely surviving out here. Yeah sure there are people that misuse the system. Look at Washington. All those politicians do is play around with the lives of their citizens. Back & forth chest thumping contests. Misusing tax money on THEMSELVES! Their fancy suits, airfare & other unnecessary crap. And even with all the cash these politicians recieve through their salaries they still have the audacity to again, look Americans in the faces & beg for campaign donations! But anyway, you could probably care less anout THAT so carry on with your black women bashing. I’m sure it makes you feel good about yourself.

  • MusiKCityK

    What part of only 1% of spending is fraud did you miss. That means 99% of the people who receive them comply with all rules and regulations.

  • AJW

    So every unwed mother CHOSES to not work? Every last single mother or even father on the planet has no job? Really? Should people just generalize & ASSume things about your family? Should we, because your husband couldn’t keep a job? Should we tell you that you guys shouldn’t have had kids until you both were be gainfully & permanently employed? Should we police & generalize your family because you all needed food stamps? What makes you think that your situation is so special? There are millions of people, men & women, Black, white & other who are out here STRUGGLING! But apparently you can only empathize with yourself. Even though you are are one of those people. Even though your family is struggling just like others are.

    By the way… Are you this passionate & angry about coroprate welfare & the multi millionaires we tax payers continually bail out?

  • Ask_Me


    Miss me please….as far as I’m concerned only 1% has been caught.

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  • Red Pill

    So on one hand, they’re cutting SNAP benefits to poor people while businesses play the “Obamacare” game for why they’re not hiring people.

    And of the jobs that were created this fiscal year, about 80% of them were part-time.

    I had some ignorant,redneck bigot grill me about the Affordable Care Act, claiming the reason why his hours were cut was “OH-BUM-MER’S” fault, as if I’m the arbiter of all things Obama because our faces happen to be brown. I told him that the act had not gone into effect and will not until Jan 1, 2014. He called me a liar.

    I also added in the fact that the exchanges are handled at the STATE level, most of which are still not up and running as of TODAY, and the act will most likely be postponed anyway because of that and his head exploded, going on all kinds of tangents blaming Obama for it all.

    Its funny how poor ignorant white people never realized that they’re getting the shaft until they turn around and see a black face smacking it and smiling back at them..

    I saw this coming with all of the propaganda blaring on conservative talk radio. If you want to get a heads up on what ignorant white people (the majority) think and believe, I suggest you suffer through with it for 5 minutes while driving to work everyday. They always bring up the same BS anecdotal story. People on SNAP are eating lobster and steak while the hardworking American is barely getting by. And of course they spike this kool-aid with a few racist dog whistles and now you have poor, ignorant white people blaming black people for their condition while ignoring the root of the problem.

    Why are so many Americans unemployed or underemployed when corporations are reporting consecutive record profits?

    Why have black people’s unemployment numbers been virtually the same since 1963? Who’s takin yer jerrbs?

    Why do big oil companies still receive billions of dollars in subsidies from the government when they post hundreds of billions of dollars in profit every quarter but still manage to avoid their tax burden?

    Why are farmers paid by the government NOT to grow food?

    Why is the stock market soaring into the stratosphere as we speak but unemployment and GDP numbers have barely flinched?

    Why did the Chairman of the Federal Reserve elect to do another round of quantitative easing, (banker speak for borrowing more money that the US doesn’t have) when the last THREE rounds did nothing but dig the US government in a DEEPER hole?

    Why did 97% of the wealth generated during the “economic recovery” go to the top 1% of this country?

    Why does the government spend only 2% on education but 20% on “defense”?

    These are the difficult questions that no one will dare to ask in the corporate controlled media and so-called “two-party” system. It’s a party all right. None of us are invited.

    Although black people will be disproportionately affected, more poor white people will suffer, which will further fan the flames of racism. Poor whites will of course blame Obama and every other black person that is just as broke as them, not realizing that people who are really shafting them look like them and not like us…

    There are also legislation in the works for a 9 pm compulsory curfew law for all minors. The proposed fine for a violation is $500. How much do you wanna bet that this law will be heavily enforced in black neighborhoods?

    Oh, I almost forgot, radical Republicans in Congress are now threatening to shut down the Federal government if “Obamacare” isn’t de-funded in the next 10 days.

    Where’s my spaceship?

  • Starla

    Don’t the taxpayers get a say though? I get taxed through and through and sometimes when I look at my pay stub all I can do is shake my head. Yet, no politician could ever get me to speak unkindly against any benefits recipient, nor do I really care what these people do with the money to be honest. Why are poor people becoming the whipping boys for all that is bad economically. Yes there are going to be people who do wrong things with their benefits, but I honestly believe that the majority of these people are using it as it is intended.

    It is not as though you can become rich being on social assistance; you are placed in the crappiest neighborhoods to live, some of these people can’t even get decent jobs after HR sees their address on a resume. There is still a stigma associated with being on benefits, your circle of friends become smaller, and you have little influence really, because poor people are seen as being of less value to everybody else. In some cases doctors dole out bad medicine and you are treated differently from their professional and influential patients. Benefits recipients already have a lot to deal with living as poor people, now they are going to be set upon to become even poorer and fall farther of any lil treats. No more ice-cream, no more Butterfingers, you can’t even buy pads with wings, or good lotion for the winter, more canned food, more bpa in you..kmt

  • i mean

    These are the things that we should be worried about. It’s pretty sad that there is more traffic on article about who Black people are banging or Black women in fashion than these days. I’m not saying those things are completely irrelevant but come on, let’s start bitching more about the lack of Black women in law making bodies, NOT VOGUE

  • diasporauk

    Just wanna say, that I think all the comments in this discussion have been first class . . . even the ones regurgitating the usual anti-welfare canards.

    Take out the term “food stamps” and I wouldn’t know whether I was reading a discussion being had by people in the UK or the US.

    That’s proof of a coordinated political and ideological attack on the welfare system by the elites in both countries.

    Nothing to do with saving money or tackling welfare fraud.

    By portraying benefits as being so generous they encourage slothfulness, they give themselves the excuse to cut and keep cutting till welfare is gone.

    That’s ultimately what they want . . . to roll back all the rights and protections the masses have acquired over the decades and force us ALL into sweat shops, so we’re “competitive” with the sweat shop labour force in China, India etc . .


    . . . and they may just succeed because so many are stricken with a false consciousness engineered by the divide and rule, “us against them” tactics deployed against the masses by the elites.

    Check it

    Their biggest targets are people who earn good wages, in jobs with good benefits. You’re the ones they wanna cut down to (sweat shop) size, most of all.

    Get a clue man.

  • Really?!

    I’m all for US citizens being helped especially if it means providing a nutritious meal. Everyone deserves that. But, I would be a liar if I said that it doesn’t “burn me up” when I see someone paying for their T-bone steaks, crab legs, etc. with an EBT card. Meanwhile, I’m behind them with the budget groceries. Something just isn’t right about that. I know people that get $1500 a month in food stamps! A month!! Really?!

  • Whatevs

    It seems your anger has caused you to misread my post.
    1. I clearly stated, in the FIRST line, that I was working before I became pregnant. You have no idea how long that was for, which means that you are the one making assumptions.
    2. Not ONCE did the words “black women” come out of my mouth so the fact that you took what I said and ASSUMED that I was talking about blacks says a lot more about you than me.
    3. “Are you this passionate and angry…?” Once again, I never said that I was angry. Actually, my exact words, which you seem to have difficulty comprehending, were “Sorry, but I’m not enraged”.
    4. You’re getting in a puff talking about corporations, but you’ve completed ignored my point that social services (at least in NY) do not cater to married, previously employed people. Is it fair that a pregnant woman should be denied aid (and don’t talk to me about WIC, because no one can live off of just peanut butter, eggs and milk) because she chose to get married?

  • Amura


    i completely feel you!
    I see the comments that folks are mad that they are selling the stamps for cash but think about it. i have no job, no “real income”, so how can i get my kids school uniform, shoes, school supplies? i sell my stamps to pay for it, because it is extra. i know how to shop frugal for my family. (no i have no kids and am not on stamps)
    this is the main reason people sell stamps. because you still need other items. i have yet to decide how i feel about the whole situation. i’m just adding another reason for selling stamps. for some odd reason all people think about is drug usage.

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