Idris Elba Covers October’s GQ

by Yesha Callahan

Words cannot describe how amazing Idris Elba looks in October’s GQ  If only to be that couch.


Then there’s this photo,  although I’m not sure what got him to strike that pose, I don’t really care.


Let’s not even mention how perfect this suit contours his body. That body.


Only a man this good looking can make that print look good.



This could quite be the pièce de résistance. Now that’s a grown ass man.


There were some words involved in his interview with GQ, so if you’re into that sort of thing, you can read those here.

  • lana

    Owwww! He is looking right:)

  • Marketing Gimmicks

    He’s such a tall drink of water.

  • Cat


  • 1989

    That third picture….sigh.

  • Yes, I’m That Leah

    Whoa there!

  • Karyn

    Look at what THE LORD made!! Yesssss!!! *shouts*

  • Treece

    He makes me all School Girl giggly…..*tee hee*

  • Shirl

    I know I’m in the minority here…but I just don’t get it…. I mean he’s a’ight but that’s about it.

  • Michelle

    Speechless…just speechless…just speechless…this thang to fine and wearing all the outfits to well…speechless….

  • Shanti


  • Dalili

    LOL! Indeed!

  • JN

    Agree. For me, he just is, and looks, too old for me. Like an uncle.

  • Penny Proud

    I’d like a sip of that drank.

  • cees

    The jeans are weird but everything else is cool by me!

  • MimiLuvs


    “I know I’m in the minority here…but I just don’t get it…. I mean he’s a’ight but that’s about it.”

    Well, come on down and join the club because I share the same sentiment.
    I am not attracted to any of the popular male, black celebrities.
    I am more attracted to the black men that are ‘regular joes’ that I see as I walk down NYC streets or traveling in public transportation. They are the men that makes me do a double-take and say “DDDDDDDDAAAYYYYYUUUMMM!’ to myself.

  • Wanda

    That’s funny. I thought that it was just me in the “meh” club. LOL.

  • Knotty Natural

    It’s unfair to the rest of the men in the world how gorgeous he is! His build/body, height, voice, intellect, he’s the entire package, IMO! Black is indeed beautiful! AND HE DATES BLACK WOMEN!

  • raah

    Would it be wrong to get a copy of this…for my hubby’s wardrobe inspiration? LOL

  • Shirl

    I’m right there with ya!!! I saw a gentleman the other day cutting the lawn where I work and I just wanted to lick him…not only did he look good he also looked like he would taste good. I remembered I was a married woman, put my tongue back in my mouth and went on about my business. I do think his parents deserve a Thank You Card tho.

  • IJusWannaSay…

    Was the pandering necessary at the end? LOL!

    Good to know that he dates black women. *shrug*

    Keep in mind, he is a Black Brit, so…..

  • charlz

    More for me!!!!!

  • mermaid

    pretty soon he’ll show his non-black girlfriend. I’m really not impressed with many of the black male actors.

  • Pepper

    OK….it’s waaaay past time to make Elba the next 007 Bond Man

  • paintgurl40

    I JUST started getting into Luther and found out after 4 episodes that the show was over! That man is sexy as F**k! At least I can watch the first two seasons on demand.

  • Kurama Chick

    Idris Elba is sooo yummy

  • Yesha Callahan


    Luther’s new season just started this month. It hasn’t been canceled.


  • paintgurl40

    Hi Yesha-
    Nope. Season 3 was the last season and only had 4 episodes.

  • binks

    Interesting, you are not the first person I heard saying that about him. I think his appeal is that he looks like a man’s man and not the stereotypical Hollywood pretty boy hunk. True, he wouldn’t be considered “classically handsome” but he gives off the vibe and attraction of being a rugged guy who can fix stuff around the house or your car, taking care of his woman while laying it down right and having you cooking breakfast for him the next morning…lol so I get you, he may not be in my top 10 men I find attractive but he wouldn’t be dismiss altogether for me besides I love when he uses his accent.

  • Yesha Callahan

    Yes, that was the most recent season & started this month.


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