An interracial couple in Iowa were victims of a hate crime after their home was set on fire and the N-Word was spray-painted on their walls.

Firefighters were called to the home around 2:30PM on Tuesday, according to one of the victims, Shelly Owens, who spoke to KETV. Owens, who is white, expressed she was grateful that she and her husband, who is black, and her biracial children were at work and school respectively.

“I’m very angry,” she said. “I’m just fortunate that my kids were in school and that we weren’t home. They wrote the ‘N-word’ all over my walls. This is against me, I guess, and it’s a hate crime.”

According to Raw Story, the Council Bluffs police agree with Owens and are regarding the incident as a possible hate crime.

We hope the perpetrators are found and brought to justice.


  • SMH

    You’re correct, she does have a “Black” bone structure, though I’ve seen some Scandinavians with cheek bones like that.

  • LBL

    Nope…I’m black and lived in IA for several years and never had any serious issues (aside from the fact that, as a black woman, I couldn’t even buy a date, but that’s another story).

    While it’s true that IA isn’t exactly brimming over with black folks, Des Moines, Iowa City, Waterloo, and the Quad Cities all have a fair amount. With the exception of Des Moines (which is in the center of the state), all these cities are on the eastern side. Council Bluffs is on the western side, which is overwhelmingly white and home to Congressman Steve King, one of the wackiest of the right-wing wackjobs out here today.

    Let’s not act like NYC is some type of racial paradise just because De Blasio won (came out ahead in?) an election, please. Also being married to a black person doesn’t automatically make you immune from racist thoughts. I’ve got two relatives that we have as little to do with as we can help because their white wives are paragons of entitlement.

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