An interracial couple in Iowa were victims of a hate crime after their home was set on fire and the N-Word was spray-painted on their walls.

Firefighters were called to the home around 2:30PM on Tuesday, according to one of the victims, Shelly Owens, who spoke to KETV. Owens, who is white, expressed she was grateful that she and her husband, who is black, and her biracial children were at work and school respectively.

“I’m very angry,” she said. “I’m just fortunate that my kids were in school and that we weren’t home. They wrote the ‘N-word’ all over my walls. This is against me, I guess, and it’s a hate crime.”

According to Raw Story, the Council Bluffs police agree with Owens and are regarding the incident as a possible hate crime.

We hope the perpetrators are found and brought to justice.


  • Anthony

    Terrible. Some people need a life.

  • justanotheropinion

    My issue with what’s printed here is Shelly Owens’ own quote – “They wrote the ‘N-word’ all over my walls. This is against me, I guess, and it’s a hate crime.”

    Honey, it really ain’t about you. They are REALLY mad at the ‘Nigg*’ that had the audacity to be with you.

    I feel for this family, but note to white folk – it ain’t always about you.

    I wish the family well.

  • SAA

    A hate crime it definitely is but Mrs. Owens they wrote n****r on your walls not “n****r-lover” on your walls so while it was your home and you definitely should be upset, it wasn’t “about” you. I really would have liked to hear from the husband. I hope they find the cowards who did this and throw them in jail.

  • Anthony

    @justanotheropinion, as a married person, I disagree. If someone attacks your spouse and children, it is about you. I get your point, but I see where Owen’s was coming from.

  • http://gravatar.com/geenababe geenababe

    I may not be an advocate of IR dating but no one has a right to spray paint people walls and buring people houses down because they don’t like their relationship.

  • kathi clayton

    The same day a different story occurred. New York City elected a man who married a beautiful black woman to run for Mayor. I guess the saying is true..” changes in latitude, changes in attitude?”

  • KG

    Every time I see these articles, before even reading it, I think “I know it’s in the south or midwest,” and low and behold, I’m always right. Don’t get me wrong, I’m born and raised above the Mason Dixon line (even though I currently live in DC, but attitude wise, I think it’s the same as NY), and I know racism is alive and well here, but damn, stuff like this doesn’t happen like it does down there.

  • The RealKay

    People need to mind their own business and let other people live their lives in peace. If bigots don’t like IR relationships, then THEY shouldn’t get into them. But don’t get all in the way of other people doing what they want. That’s a damn shame.

  • LemonNLime

    Sorry for ‘em, but let black men and white women take the reigns on being up in arms about this one. Call me when a black woman is slighted.

    And let the down votes begin!

  • http://gravatar.com/ebony82 ebony82

    Don’t let any haters steal your happiness. I hope they get caught and are brought to justice. They’re such punks that they have to hit and run: don’t have the balls to step to people.

  • Anthony

    The same people who burned their house would kill you in a heartbeat. You don’t want to wait until it is “your turn” to care.

  • Beautiful Mic

    She looks like she might have some ‘other’ in her.

  • Angie

    No. It was about her husband and children, not her. If her husband was white, she would not have had this experience. It ain’t about her. She wasn’t called the n-word. Her husband and children were.

  • Oh Really?

    Ok. Apparently black men are a completely different species now.

    Black men have been well aware of the typical black woman’s disposition for quite some time.

    And you wonder why the typical black man witnessing a black woman getting her head smashed on the pavement by a white police officer would whip out his phone to record it for 15 minutes of WSHH fame rather than stand up to defend you.

    Apparently black men see you the same way you see us.

    “Ain’t got nothin to do with me.” Right?

  • Whitney’s Receipts

    IA LemonNLime. Apparently some people don’t get that black women are always rushing to black men’s defense (many times at the expense of a black woman). But do they reciprocate? Hell no.

    Perhaps we should “save our outrage” for our own.

  • Anthony

    @Whitney’s Receipts, so no black man ever defends any black woman? That’s not true, and you know it’s not true.

    Caring about what happened to these people is not about liking them or approving of their marriage. It is simple self interest to care about attacks on black people.

  • http://tedmiked.wordpress.com tedmikedmike

    You are one hateful, bitter women, women like is the reason people have the angry, bitter stereotype about black women.

    how could you say that. shame on you.

  • LemonNLime

    They were attacked because they were an interracial couple. You don’t have proof that they would have attacked them if they were just a black couple.

    I find that black men (and many black women) and white women try to use fear to get me to care about issues that I don’t benefit from, the whole “if it’s bad for us imagine how bad it will be for you” argument. Personally, I’m done. I don’t wish them any ill will but I’m staying out of it because this is not my battle and I learned a long time ago that you can’t expect the same in return from groups who aren’t willing to give up their own privileged to help you. White women benefit from white privileged and black men benefit from male privileged; I would never expect them to give it up. If I’m going to get up in arms and go down in the trenches for strangers, it will be for the group stranger that share the same lack of privileged I do, black women.

    And, I have NEVER expected black men to jump to my aid unless they are my family members or friends. Let’s keep it real, more often that not, they are the perpetrators *cough, cough street harassment*. Honestly, in today’s culture, I don’t expect anyone to jump to my aid unless I’m in community that adheres to such values like those found in small towns; filming people who are in need of help is not unique to the “black community”. I also don’t buy this kumbaya “black community” crap about black men being “our” men. I believe anything resembling a black community disappeared years ago and split along socioeconomic lines and values; it is the lack of acknowledging these different values that result in the culture clashes seen within the “community” today.

    I’ve gone on enough of a rant. Long story short, call me when a black woman is slighted until then, I’m on the sidelines.

  • justanotheropinion

    @Anthony – as a divorced mother, I got your point. If you attack one of mine, I have and do take it personal as if it were an attack on me. However, in this situation, this was about race. As SAA noted – they wrote Nigger – not Nigger Lover – in my mind, that tells you who the message was for.

  • LemonNLime

    Ha ha your opinion means nothing to me! Nothing!

  • Anthony

    @LemonNLine, attacking someone for being in an interracial couple is simply another version of attacking someone for “getting out of their place.” I do not think people who are willing to use violence to enforce their notion of an appropriate social will necessarily stop at intermarriage. Our history is full of people who were attacked for aspiring to the “wrong” job, living in the “wrong” neighborhood, driving “too nice” of a car, or not backing down in an argument with a white person.

  • http://tedmiked.wordpress.com tedmikedmike

    What a despicable subhuman, no different than those who did this attack. Thankfully, most of us are not like you. We have the ability to feel empathy and sympathy for our fellow human-being and we don’t have to personally benefit from it. (It is called morality, look it up ).

    Just because you have a miserable existence, don’t try to poison us with your hate. Work on yourself instead.

  • Anthony

    My last comment is that in all fairness, I have to state the obvious fact that I have never been on the receiving end of the kind of abuse, that so many women have been subjected to by men who look like me. Reading the piece about Dr. Dre beating Michel’ le reminded me of that fact.

    I cannot say how I would feel if that had been my experience.

  • http://gravatar.com/nolakiss16 binks

    I get what you are saying LemonNLime, it may not be PC to say but it is not exactly wrong. This situation is not a black women’s issue, granted IT IS an human/justice issue because what these people went through with those racist and their victimization was wrong and I hope they get every bit of fair justice/compensation, but this isn’t something that needs to be dropped at our doorstep because we are neither the victim or offender. I agree that black women tend to rally and ally around causes, people and certain situations that are nondescript to us but when the tables are turned we receive very little rallying/support and searching for allies to return the favor but the numbers are low to nil. Hence why the trending topics #black power is for black men/solidarity is for white women were popular because we are tired of being ignored/slighted on both fronts but at the same time looked too for support with these issues that will gives us little to no payoff. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think we should be cold as a whole to others and their plights but I do agree that we don’t need to be on the front lines for all issues and situations all the time. There is nothing wrong with black women saying “you know what, we understand your plight, grievance and situations and sympathize with it so we will be happy to assist but we have our own plight/tribulations that needs attention so we can’t dedicate 100%…”

  • http://gravatar.com/kmichelpress K. Michel

    “If I’m going to get up in arms and go down in the trenches for strangers, it will be for the group stranger that share the same lack of privileged I do, black women.” (LemonNLime)

    Go in the trenches? Who’s asking you to do that?

  • gull

    So in reading a report where most likely white men did this crime, some find the path to criticize black men for lack of support? where is the criticism for the white men performing the crime? or are you against all men?
    doesnt that tell you that your views are screwed up and not objective?

  • gull

    One thing that always puzzle me about some black women who promote IR relationships because they are upset at or feel rejected by black men, is that black men love them and worship them more than any other race of men. I am sure white men reject the average black woman orders of magnitude more, so why put them on a pedestal over black men? it doesn’t make any logical sense.

  • LemonNLime

    Basically. Like I said, I don’t wish them any ill will and I hope they find justice, but I don’t need to know about every event that happens to random black men.

    If the guy in this story was Asian, this would not be posted on this site but because it involves a black man, it is. Considering this is supposed to be a site to inform black women about issues and stories that relate to and involve us, I’d hope that there’d be at least one black woman in the story or black women would directly affected. This has neither.

    Believe me, a white woman is involved so this story will get airtime everywhere. They don’t need it on Clutch too.

  • LemonNLime

    Not criticize, but rather explain why this story doesn’t relate to ME as a black women just because it involves black men. There is no need to discuss white men obvious role in this because that is not why it was posted. It was posted because a black man was involved, if the dude was Asian this would not be news on Clutch.

    But hey, you all have your opinions and I have mine. It’s just I’m an adult who can state my opinion and its bases without having to pull the “you’re such a heartless human being” or “bitter black woman” card (very cliche i might add) in a sad attempt to invalidate someone’s opinion; which to his credit Anthony didn’t do. Others, however, should work on their critical thinking and debate skills.

  • Anthony

    @binks, in my opinion, what you said is totally understandable and reasonable. The situation in Iowa is not a black woman’s fight, but it would not be smart to ignore people who are willing to do violence to people of color under any circumstances.

  • SMH

    You’re correct, she does have a “Black” bone structure, though I’ve seen some Scandinavians with cheek bones like that.

  • LBL

    Nope…I’m black and lived in IA for several years and never had any serious issues (aside from the fact that, as a black woman, I couldn’t even buy a date, but that’s another story).

    While it’s true that IA isn’t exactly brimming over with black folks, Des Moines, Iowa City, Waterloo, and the Quad Cities all have a fair amount. With the exception of Des Moines (which is in the center of the state), all these cities are on the eastern side. Council Bluffs is on the western side, which is overwhelmingly white and home to Congressman Steve King, one of the wackiest of the right-wing wackjobs out here today.

    Let’s not act like NYC is some type of racial paradise just because De Blasio won (came out ahead in?) an election, please. Also being married to a black person doesn’t automatically make you immune from racist thoughts. I’ve got two relatives that we have as little to do with as we can help because their white wives are paragons of entitlement.

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