Move over Paula Deen, it seems like Fulvio Bressan wants to claim the title of “biggest racist asshole” in the industry. According to the Huffington Post Black Voices, Bressan, a sixth-generation winemaker, is coming under fire for his hate-filled rants against Cécile Kyenge, Italy’s first Black government minister.

During one rant posted to his Facebook page, Bressan called Kyenge a “dirty Black monkey” and a “gold digger.”

The HuffPost translated his tirade:

hey, dirty Black MONKEY, I DON’T PAY TAXES to lodge your GORILLA friends at a HOTEL. Please bring them to your place, where you can feel superior with your money … Oops … That money is not even yours: it’s the money Italians give you … You’re a s***ty black gold-digger.

Kyenge has caught the ire of several racists in her country. Earlier this month, protesters demanded she resign from office by dumping three bloodstained mannequins at a town hall meeting she attended, and when she first took office, Kyenge, an eye surgeon, had bananas hurled at her head.

But Bressan’s antics haven’t gone unpunished. Several customers, food writers, and restaurateurs are threatening a boycott. Jacob Kennedy, owner of Bocca di Lupo in London, even smashed his entire stockpile of Bressan wines outside of his establishment, and then posted the video on YouTube to encourage more people to bypass the wine.

Despite the dustup, Bressan has continued to post offensive rants on his Facebook page, targeting gypsies and other immigrants with his hate.

Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 11.59.58 AM

(Image via dobianchi.com)

Though offensive, Bressan’s rants are not atypical of Italy, which continues to suffer from “embedded” racism, according to the Guardian. Back in January, Ghanaian footballer Kevin Prince Boateng walked off the field in Milan after the crowd chanted racists slurs at him during the game.

Though Italy is increasingly becoming home to many immigrants, the country remains extremely insular, and many blame its racism on Right Wing fringe elements that continue to hold outdated views.

While the horrific treatment of Kyenge has been condemned around the world, she continues to be the focus of many attacks. I wonder if the boycott of Bressan’s wines will finally teach him—and by extension his countrymen—that hating others is not okay.

  • http://gravatar.com/geenababe geenababe

    Right Wing fringe elements that continue to hold outdated views.

    Sounds just like our right wing. I feel for this lady and I hope she remains strong. It must be hard being the Prime minister than on top of that having to deal with racist all the time. These have no decency and think they are right in their beliefs. It crazy how some people tried to say the US is the only people were bad race issues.

  • toni101

    This guy, calling someone monkey? Has he looked in the mirror lately?

  • Ash K

    I’ve been hearing about the abuse this lady has been enduring for quite a while now, and I admire her for remaining strong and undeterred. Ridiculous how these people damn near self-destruct at seeing her succeeding.

  • Anthony

    That man is all European! I sure don’t claim him!

  • http://gravatar.com/nolakiss16 binks

    And some people are quick to say that Italy is so welcoming to black people…yeah right. But I know his greasy, sweaty sloth bear looking a** isn’t talking like dude look in the mirror. I admire Cécile Kyene strength and determination though despite all the stuff she faces. But I hope the international wine/food communities/industry take note and boycott and blackball this guy’s products.

  • Knowledge

    There are two types of successful black people those who better white establishment/society and those who better black establishments/society am i racist for admiring/wanting to be the latter?

    Answer No- I’d rather spend my energy doing my good works where they are appreciated not devalued because the color of my skin.
    I sometimes think do us Black people love racism…. because we sure learned to tolerate it from Every race. Her treatment isn’t much different than other countries in Europe, Asia and non-black Latin America. no new news here

    I would like to see blacks be the “first blah blah” instead of the “first black blah blah…”

  • Truth Hurts

    Can’t we see who the problem is, globally? It’s not us; it’s them. Like roaches, wherever they go takes a turn for the worse.

  • sassychloe

    my thoughts exactly.

  • mostexhalted30

    EXACTLY! My goodness, he looks like a nasty ass, filthy gorilla. And someone needs to tell racists that when you shave the hair off a monkey, their skin is white. And a monkey virtually has no lips. Hmmmmmm. They need to be careful with these monkey comparisons.

  • Z

    Monkey? He looks like a drunk gorilla.

  • http://gravatar.com/gparson vintage3000

    I don’t know what part of Italy this caveman is from, but there are northern Italians who don’t even consider him human.

  • http://gravatar.com/gparson vintage3000

    It’s incredible how they can travel the world and cause so much destruction, but want to get mad when the demographics of their own countries are changing. Entitlement at its worst. Thing is, caucasians are the minority globally, and many of them are circling the wagons now because they are feeling threatened. Good.

  • http://gravatar.com/designdiva40 paintgurl40

    the only dirty monkey i see is his ass!

  • MP

    Sad to say, I have a feeling the majority of white Americans feel this way. I didnt know it was THIS bad. I often ask myself, why is the hate so deep? I just dont understand. Here is a woman that has done NOTHING wrong and she is insulted to this degree?! *deep breath* God forgive them for they know better and continue to hate. Have mercy on their soul and place forgiveness and strength in ours

  • http://amoeslolo.tumblr.com Amoeslolo

    Why do they hate? They hate themselves because they stuck with something, pity. You can help others, but they clearly don’t need your help. That’s why I always say build your own country. Especially those Africans. Those white Europeans don’t want you. Why do you still go to there on those small boats, killing yourself?

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