There’s a joke usually directed towards vegans.

Question: How do you know a person is a vegan?

Answer: Because they’ll tell you.

Recently I came to realize that same joke can be directed towards Atheists.

Question: How do you know a person is an Atheist?

Answer: Because they’ll usually tell you. Followed by calling “god”, “dog, as well as trying to dispute your beliefs all within a 10 minute conversation.

Growing up I attended Baptist, Pentecostal and Non-Denominational churches but I’m not the most religious person, but I’m also not Agnostic or Atheist.  I have my beliefs and tend to keep those to myself.

I have several friends who are Atheists and will give D.L. Hughley a run for his money. Although we share differences of opinions, I don’t feel the need to ridicule them for their decisions. Unfortunately a few of the Atheists I’ve recently come across have been quite outspoken when it comes to belittling believers. Not to be confused with “Beliebers”. They deserve to be belittled. It seems as though some Atheists still find it hard to believe that  everyone doesn’t think the way they do.  Every conversation is always a challenge of beliefs.

“Well if your “dog” actually exists, then why is there suffering in the world?”

First of all, dog?  I can’t count how many times an Atheist has felt the need to refer to God as “dog”. I get it, you’re spelling it backwards, kudos for you. But it just makes you look immature.  It’s these types of Atheists that drive me crazy.

I truly get it, Atheists.  You’re free to believe or not believe in whatever you want, but why is it necessary to come off like a pompous jerk?  The easiest way not to get people to hear your argument is when you try to invalidate theirs.  Just as your lack of belief system is important to you, someone’s religious beliefs could be equally important to them. There’s truly no need to be an asshole about it.  If you respect my beliefs, I’ll respect your lack of beliefs. It’s truly that simple.

I’m also not trying to single out Atheists. Fanatics come in all shapes, sizes and denominations. For every mention of  “Atheists” in this post, change it to whatever religion you feel appropriate.  Because I also know some asshole Buddhists, Muslims, Catholics, and Christians.

What you believe or don’t believe doesn’t affect how I live or pray.

  • geenababe

    I agree with this title of this article. It seem like I have come across many atheists online and off that will tear you down and treat you like an idiot as soon as you mention the word “god” or anything along those lines. People can believe what they want but don’t go jumping on people as soon as they make their beliefs know.

  • JN

    I agree, for the most part, with this article. I identify as Pentecostal (shields self from the potential barrage that may come my way), but I know a lot of people who are Athetistic. When I was a teen, it really hurt me a lot that Christians would be slandered for being this or that. It took me time to realize that, underneath their anger, many atheists and agnostics are just Hurt. And as the saying goes, hurt people hurt people. Somewhere in their past was a Christian who made them feel like less of a person, and it doesn’t add to their experience if I get all defensive about who I am as a Christian. Hopefully an atheist who meets me will say, well, at least I know one Christian who isn’t a total jerk.


    Aww, boo-hoo… Atheists are putting the fear of, uhmmm “God” (LOL) into little ol’ Christians.

    Christians, who, last I checked, have churches on every corner, several TV and radio stations, people knocking on your door every other morning to tell you about “God” (like we haven’t already heard of him)… Last I checked, atheists have NONE of this working in their favor.

    So it’s okay for the majority to bully the minority (Christians burned people at the stake for not believing in their “God”), but not for the minority to speak against the majority?

    Awesome. It’s the same thing with Vegans (interesting that they got grouped with Atheists here), Natural hair wearers (called “Natural Nazis”) and others that don’t tow the line with all the things that are more detrimental to society, than they are helpful.


    It’s funny how people can feel so threatened, by the beliefs of others. If you’re so secure in your faith, then a few Atheists shouldn’t be able to so easily disturb you. You know, being armed with “the truth”and all, LOL.

  • greendoondoon

    What a load of patronizing tripe. Most Christians I know aren’t total jerks, neither are most Muslims, Buddhists, Jews or pagans. Furthermore, if you are secure in your beliefs. what difference should it make to you?

    Who do you think you are that you can claim that “most atheists and agnostics are hurt?” Maybe they get tired of religion being rammed down their throats all the time.

    The article was crap and based on absolutely nothing. Religion and lack of it is deeply personal. My best friend knew nothing about my beliefs until a few months ago. It’s no ones business but mine.

  • JN

    Have a great day.

  • Lunar

    Just curious, do you know most Atheist or Agnostics? How can you even make a judgement stating that MOST are HURT when you don’t even know MOST.

    Plus, from my point of view (online and offline) the people I see being slandered or picked on are non-believers. I can not tell you how many times I see a believer say “when their dead they have to answer to God” or “they are lost” because someone is a non-believer.

    People believe or don’t believe in something for a reason and has nothing to do with being lost or hurt.

  • Huey

    Are you serious?!?!? I don’t know how many times I was outright told that I was damned either directly or by implication because I don’t believe in a Christian god, etc. Christians can and continue to be the most insensitive, belittling, callous, judgmental, group of people I know. And don’t going down to anywhere in the “bible belt” talking about spirituality beyond the bible. Those people are prone to get outright hostile. Based on my life experiences w/ Christians, I have no personal sympathy for their sensitivities while they go about damning people to hell, whether outwardly or in dogma.

    I ask any Christian to tell me the merit of any belief system that requires someone to endure an eternal damnation in sulfur and hellfire??? Why do they need/want to believe that??? The sheer ignorance of it.

    A belief system intended to foster spiritual growth that’s based on fear is about as logical as considering gasoline to put out a fire. The reason why people are so inclined to attack Christians are because the naivete and simultaneous cruelness of their belief system encourages it. I don’t think that it’s the people that Atheist intend to attack as much as the outright fallacy of the belief system and the close mindedness of people who adhere to it.

  • i mean

    I think it is more about respect being reciprocated. I’m polite your beliefs, be polite to mind, it actually quite simple

  • JN

    What did you think I meant by my use of the word hurt? I meant that Christians do all the things that you guys named above. I am not sure what you thought I meant.

  • Nakia

    I find this fully untrue and I know it because, especially in the Black community, it is not acceptable to an atheist. There are many closet non-believers around who are not even free to say so, for fear of some sort of backlash.

    “dog?” I have never heard that before reading this and I and most of my friends are atheists.


    Well said, Huey. Denial isn’t just a river in Africa…. It’s apparently a place where Christians live, LOL.

  • Naps93!

    I really like the closing statements of this article because I honestly have the same feelings towards hardline Republicans, Christians, Muslims, Vegans, etc.! “Opinions are like assholes. Everybody’s got one and everyone thinks everyone else’s stinks!” Lol

  • Nakia

    “Somewhere in their past was a Christian who made them feel like less of a person”

    LOL…What are you talking about?!

    I’m sorry, but as an atheist from a Christian family, I can’t begin to tell you how miguided…and odd…this and the rest of your comment sounds. There is nothing hurt about me and the people I love most dearly are Christians and good people (and those things are not consequential to one another).


    I think respect is merely half the battle. If you keep your beliefs to yourself, then I’ll keep mine to myself.

    But, if either of us feels the need to share those beliefs, then we should be willing to accept the public scrutiny that is sure to follow.

    Otherwise, be prepared to keep your beliefs to yourself.

  • Yesha Callahan

    You assume I label myself a Christian.

    Maybe you can point out in my post where I said I was.


  • Huey

    Very well-thought comment.

  • Starla

    I am pantheist, so I believe in a God, just not in the way most religions people do. Atheists have a right to their beliefs like anybody else. However, I try not get into religious/spiritual discussions as I see absolutely no point in it, and oftentimes these conversation end up with someone getting hurt feelings.

  • Nyk

    Exactly, it seems its totally the other way around. I’ve observed that Christians, in particular, take on the “Jerk” persona this article rants about. I can’t count how many times I have seen Christians throw bible verses around and start “banging” on people who don’t believe what they do. It’s crazy.


  • Jalesa Montez

    I’m a Taoist and I have to agree w/the author. But as I was reading through the comments, I had to laugh at the vitriol Atheists & Christians have for each other.

    No one wants to be hit over the head w/anyone else’s religious beliefs. No one wants to feel that they’re beliefs are being mocked, and seemingly, the Atheists I know (not saying I know every fucking Atheist, before the peanut gallery jumps down my throat) are good with doing that.

    Live and let live. Just don’t be an ass.

    *Sidenote, I saw a comment from the author stating that she never said what religion she was, and I applaud her for that…but I’m sure people will assume she’s Christian just b/c she listed being raised in those denominations….which sort of proves the point of this post.*

  • 9Boots

    New Atheists tend to have the view that “religion should not simply be tolerated but should be countered, criticized, and exposed by rational argument wherever its influence arises.”
    Hooper, Simon. “The rise of the New Atheists”. The term new atheists is commonly associated with Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Sam Harris, and Christopher Hitchens together called “the Four Horsemen of New Atheism”

    Whether you are religious, agnostic, or an atheist I recommend the following books that discuss the origin of the universe, life and the complexity of the cell from an intellectual and scientific point of view. In addition some of the books below discuss why Christianity is the one true religion.

    Signature in the Cell: DNA and the Evidence for Intelligent Design by Stephen C. Meyer

    Darwin’s Black Box: The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution by Michael J Behe

    Darwin’s Doubt: The Explosive Origin of Animal Life and the Case for Intelligent Design By: Stephen C. Meyer

    I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist by Norman L. Geisler & Frank Turek

    The Case for Christ: A Journalist’s Personal Investigation of the Evidence for Jesus by Lee Strobel
    A seasoned journalist chases down the biggest story in history–is there credible evidence that Jesus of Nazareth really is the son of god? Retracing his own spiritual journey from atheism to faith, Lee Strobel, former legal editor of the Chicago Tribune, cross-examines a dozen experts with doctorates from schools like Cambridge, Princeton, and Brandeis who are recognized authorities in their own fields. Strobel challenges them with questions like: How reliable is the New Testament? Does evidence for Jesus exist outside the Bible? Is there any reason to believe the resurrection was an actual event?

    Last but not least consider “Discovering Intelligent Design”: A journey into Scientific Evidence is a comprehensive curriculum (textbook, workbook, and DVD) that presents the scientific evidence for intelligent design to both young people and adults. -$49.99. See more at

    Happy learning to all

  • noodle

    Atheist never have been a threat…They are more like a fly buzzing in peoples ears…

  • binks

    People need to start being tolerant towards other people period. I won’t rain on your parade with my beliefs so don’t do it to me. Yes, we can have a debate (I welcome it) and discussion but it shouldn’t come off as an attack or set up as “this is why you are wrong and what you believe is stupid…” and people regardless of what they believe in or don’t believe in do it from all spectrums. Not everybody is going to agree on everything and everybody is going to have an opinion on something and you know what…THAT IS OKAY! It is how you handle those differences/opinions that make a world of difference…shrugs.

  • Beelive

    So Christians feel threatened by Atheists now? Are we talking about the same Christians who are descendants of a religion that took millions of Africans form their homeland, stripped them of their AFRICAN religion then told them the only way to salvation is to follow a Mid Eastern Jewish man who they remodeled to look like a Scandinavian? Is it the same Christians who believe Gays will and should burn in hell yet still preach love and tolerance at the same time? Is it the same Christians who go around telling people how they are saved and blessed and judge people for questioning? Are these the same Christians who are descendants of a religion that anhihilated the entire Native American population and stripped them of their religion? Those Christians? Christianity is responsible for countless wars, genocide and atrocities in the world. What is sad is the number of black people who willfully accept this religion that their slave masters taught them and them claim how black they are. Oh one more point, Jesus did not look like Don Cheadle. He was a Middle Eastern man. He did not look like “us”. Stop with the lies. Also if you want to follow the bible word for word, you should technically support slavery because the bible condones it. Brainwashing at its finest.

  • Zombie Killer

    Atheists aren’t the problem…

  • Afro Scented

    Religion is a private matter and Christians (as well as others) loooove to “share their faith” and “spread the good news” to people who often aren’t interested, proclaim a different faith, or are actively hostile towards religion. And that is your constitutionally protected right. But don’t complain when people challenge your religion as loudly and publicly as you (and the scores of your fellow church members) spread your views to the world. That is their constitutional right. Personally, I’d prefer both groups to leave me the hell alone. Religion is a private matter.

  • Beautiful Mic

    I totally agree. I’m was born into a ‘Christian’ environment full of hypocrisy and imposition. Throughout my life I’ve been guilted into attending so many different types of churches, all under the practice of SHARING one’s faith and beliefs. At one point, I decided to treat my religious and spiritual believes with privacy, aka “It’s no one’s damn business”.

    I realized that the ones doing the most pushing of their faith are the biggest hypocrites. People use religion as a way to control you, individually. I’ve had employers try to use religion to control staff through on-staff religious counseling. People use religion to try to cheat you in business out of proper compensation.

    It’s a private matter because, otherwise, people use it as a tool against you or for their own benefit.

  • Beautiful Mic

    True, but Christians to it, too!

  • niksmit

    I understand the sentiment in this piece, but it annoys me slightly nonetheless. As an agnostic, I don’t roll with the believers or the atheists and they both get on my nerves when they go off on diatribes about what they think they know and how people with opposing views are lost idiots. However, in my experience most people are just trying to live their lives, so I wish that people would stop characterizing whole groups of people based on a vocal minority of jerks.

    The person who said hurt people hurt people was right about SOME atheists, but I cannot say that they represent the majority of atheists. They just represent the vast majority of the type of atheist that I don’t want to associate with at all.

  • geenababe

    @ Beautiful Mic

    I know Christians do it too. I was going write the catch all that all groups could learn a lesson about not beating down other people but I thought since it was an article about atheist I will focus on them. I am not religious. Don’t go to church and don’t know the bible or care to learn it. However, if I say “thank god” because I still believe in god it doesn’t give some people the right to say. You’re stupid for believeing in god. Or don’t thank god think luck because there is no god. Like someone says it comes down to being respectful.

  • apple

    christians and athiest are often cut from the same cloth, reviving endlessly on what they deny belief in the first place.. i told a guy “god bless you” when he sneeze, then he went on to tell me how the bible isn’t shit.. what the fuck. then sneeze to death bitch. i don’t understand why people just can’t keep that shit to them self… athiest who claim christians are this and that will do the exact same thing and whine on and on about something they see has “invisible” what the fuck, do people whine about santa or the toothfairy? why can’t you be nonbeliever and stay to yourself, instead of insulting any and everyone for their belief. i push no one to a religion and i won’t, if people want to be a religion they will seek it, and if i was a nonbeliever i wouldn’t whine about other people’s choice


    For the same reason that you can’t keep your beliefs to yourself, apparently. People state their opinion, same as you state yours.

    You don’t have to like their opinion, but people don’t have to like or accept yours either. That’s how the world works.

  • Azzure

    Speaking from a christian stand point. They are only telling others about the “good news” & telling others how good God is when they get the opportunity to do so. Do they have to pass out tracks & force others to believe. No. When asked about certain views do they have the right to speak on it if its contrary to what they believe? country. It is their life & passion so of course you would be vocal about it. Atheist I feel on the other hand use every waking moment to make fun of religion. I have two friends on my facebook page who randomly post jokes & memes about religion through out the day. I get that you may not believe & I respect that but if you don’t believe in something, why do you go out of your way to make fun of it every moment you get. I don’t think it’s fair to poke fun at those who aren’t believers. You don’t have to agree but some respect would be nice.

  • naan

    So is there a problem if someone tells you that they are an atheist??

    Usually vegans tells you that they are vegan after someone brings up “food”.

    So are you mad because they told you they were vegan after you brought up God by likely assuming that they believed in God too by talking about how yall should go to church together? or bless the food?

    There are jerks in every demographic.

  • Yesha Callahan

    Wrong, as I stated in my post, I don’t disclose my religion, so I’m pretty consistent when it comes to practicing what I “preach” So no. Neither do I bless food, or say “god bless” you. But thanks for the comment.

  • Eva

    So is there really a competition for the biggest group of assholes in the comments section?

    I agree with the author. Whatever your belief, you do not have to belittle and disrespect others and their beliefs to get your point across.

    I think we can all point to a -atheist, christian, muslim, etc. group- person that has been a jerk.

    Let’s all agree on that. =)

  • paintgurl40

    some people on MSN refer to God as the sky fairy…and that’s one of the nicest things i’ve heard. some humans have tainted the practice of religion with their own personal agenda.

  • Wen

    Black people are Christian because Massah told you that you had to be. Liberate yourselves. Like Bob Marley said “emancipate yourselves form mental slavery”. Why are we still one of the few races of people who worship some religion that has nothing to do with our motherland? Slavery.

  • DemonnPrincess

    I agree that either side shouldn’t belittle the other. But “Beliebers” should be left alone too in that case. Like you said, you wouldn’t want anyone to belittle you because you are a believer. I believe in God too and wouldn’t like that either…someone who is a fan of Justin Bieber shouldn’t be belittled just because they like a singer that you don’t like.(go on, attack me)

  • Pepper

    Religion is pretty much like politics… that it probably shouldn’t be discussed; especially in a work environment. Because eventually someone will feel insulted, and it could turn into an argument, and cause friction

  • Pepper

    JN: Sorry….but we can agree to disagree about your comment that “many atheists, and agnostics are just hurt.” How about….they just don’t believe. One time someone said to me after I divulged that I don’t go to church, nor believe in god that “I’m mad at god…..or someone must have done something to me to make me not believe.” No……I just don’t believe in what I feel are (many) contradictions. To each his own. There’s no sweat off my back from believers.

  • Pepper

    If it ‘Behooves” someone to believe…..Good for them. Apparently they are getting something out of believing. It just doesn’t work for me. One of my (many) observations regarding believing is that those that believe aren’t doing ANY BETTER, OR WORSE in life’s journey than those who don’t believe.

  • Susan

    The reason so many atheists and agnostics start acting like you describe in your article is because they are sick and tired of Christians especially as well as other book religions constantly doing exactly the same thing you don’t like them doing. Religious people dish out equivalent disrespect to non-believers on a regular basis. All the non-believers are doing is giving believers a taste of their own medicine. Y’all can’t handle it when your disrespect of non-believers comes back to haunt you. If religious people would keep their religious beliefs and self-righteousness to themselves, it wouldn’t be coming back to bite them in the butt. As the religious people sow, so shall they reap.

  • bdsista

    Hello if you read the Bible, it tells you that the garden of Eden was bordered by the Euphrates and the Niger so it was located in Africa. The Coptics are Nubian Egyptians who are said to be the ones who educated Jesus. The Ethiopian Jews are the direct descendants of King Solomon and the Ark of the Covenant is located in Ethiopia. So last time I checked the religion that is Christianity is African in origin. It has Everything to do with the Motherland. Even Howard School of Divinity teaches that.

  • bdsista

    I get the authors point and I am a Christian whose parents were not particularly religious and interestingly became very religious but I think balanced. Quiet as its kept, Muslims also proselytise like Christians do, but most people don’t think negatively about them in the same way. There is hypocrisy in all people regardless of faith, so that the hypocrisy even when coupled with scriptures or religious comments I think should be attributed to that person and not to that person’s faith. Most religions do not teach that, but people themselves are flawed. the last time I encountered a religious jerk was in my home and he was Wiccan/Pantheist and I told him if he could not respect me in my own house he could get the hell out. He apologised. Regardless of your belief, I do agree with the writer that you can respect people and unfortunately, I’m one of those flawed Christians who will cuss you if you disrespect me and anything about me including my faith in Jesus. But my actions demonstrate my faith. If you are abused, I will take you in, I will feed and clothe you, I will forgive you if you hurt me, I think being Christian is more about about what you do for others than what you say (sometimes).

  • l

    I agree with this article and comments like this are why. I know there are christian who behave badly and dont represent God well. But generally ive found athests to b the more unhappy people and set on making you unhappy with them. Ill pass thanks.

  • Lynn

    Amen!!! Preach on!!

  • C

    In my opinion, no one deserves to be belittled or disrespected. You lose credibility when you resort to labeling others and name calling. When you claim that you respect the beliefs of others as long as they respect your beliefs it seems disingenuous. I don’t believe that limiting communication and conversation is the most productive goal. That seems counterproductive to the dialog that would improve relationships and change opinions. Intolerance and judgment do not serve anyone as we are not in the position to judge others. Respectfully, there are many spiritual and religious paths that people identify with. There are many different paths that people identify with whether they are religious, non religious or spiritual. Whatever your religious affiliations and beliefs may be, as adults thankfully we have a choice. What we can do to make a positive change in this world is to practice respect for ourselves and for others. There is so much that we can potentially learn from each other. If you are firm in your beliefs then the distractions and opinions that you notice should never disturb your foundation. Be the change that you want to see in the world. If you sincerely want to see compassion and love in the world then use your platform to show and tell.

  • D.

    Ummm. no .. How bout you treat people the way they treat you, Not the way other people have treated you in the past. Just because a Christian or other believer has tried to shove their beliefs down a persons throat, that doesn’t mean that when that person meets little ol me they should treat MY beliefs with disrespect when i haven’t done anything to deserve it. People need to act like adults.

  • FLMG

    Being belittled…being told you’re going to hell…same thing

  • Oh Really?

    I’m an atheist, but I don’t waste time arguing with theists. It’s a pointless waste of time. My major problems with theists comes when they make decisions about reality that affect other people.

    Ask the millions of people in Africa that die from aids because the Catholic church says condoms are evil.

    Ask the children who die everyday in this country because their parents decided prayer was a better choice than the hospital.

    Ask the Indonesian schoolgirls who are going to be forced to submit to a virginity test as we speak before moving on to the next grade.

    When it spills over into national politics, it has a detrimental effect on EVERYONE.

    Global warming doesn’t exist according to some idiot senator who decided to pull his bible out in the middle of a committee meeting.

    Evolution is a lie. Now lets waste taxpayers dollars building creationism museums and forming organizations lobbying to keep this propaganda circulating in the public consciousness. Let’s also create BS textbooks to lie, and miseducate children. Who pays for it without their consent? The taxpayer.

    All of these disgusting abortion laws are due to religious people forcing their ridiculous ideas on everyone else. Never mind Roe v Wade. Although there is no explicit prohibition of abortion in the bible, religious people still see no problem forcing their way into millions of women’s wombs every day.

    Now, what do atheists do that actually has an effect on others?…..Exactly.

    That’s atheists’ gripe with theists. Believe what ever you want. Just stop insisting that what you believe is the truth, and stop cramming it down other people’s throats. And if you’re going to promote your own agenda, USE YOUR OWN MONEY!! Leave atheists and people of different religious faiths alone.

  • Oh Really?

    Quiet as its kept, Muslims also proselytise like Christians do, but most people don’t think negatively about them.

    Ummm… Does “convert or die” ring a bell? Islam and Christianity has had its fangs removed due to Western values and America’s cultural relativism due to its secular government and immigrant tradition, but you can very easily be beaten to death for being a Protestant instead of a Catholic or beheaded for being a Shiite instead of a Sunni, or any other faith other than Islam in 2013.

    This isn’t just happening in third world countries but in the so called civilized first world Western countries. The UK is a perfect example of this.

  • Oh Really?

    I don’t think Christians realize how cruel, hateful, and disgusting telling someone they’re going to hell is.

    Because I was born in a different geopolitical place, time, culture, and religious tradition, I deserve to burn alive and be tortured forever, even if my only “sin” is ignorance.

    You don’t pass go. You don’t collect $200. Nothing. Eternal damnation. And you wonder why the Catholic and Mormon church has to PAY for advertisements. Meanwhile, attendance in the black church has been on a steady decline and more and more Americans identify as having no religious preference, agnostic, or atheist.

    I will take one step further and say that there is nothing tangible that religion has to offer and any good things that churches do can be achieved by purely secular means.

    People don’t need Jesus or Allah to donate to charity, volunteer their time and energy for their community, treat others with respect, and have compassion for their fellow human being. In fact, these faith systems explicitly instruct its followers to DISRESPECT those who don’t believe the same as they do.

    On another side note, it is religious people who give themselves pretentious status and titles and demand respect for nothing.

    You don’t gain respect for simply existing. You earn respect by what you can DO for other people. Now I understand why so many people cling to it. You can be as unproductive, uneducated, powerless and inconsequential in every other aspect of your life and wake up Sunday morning and suddenly everyone addresses you with an honorific.

    And they are the FIRST to judge and look down on other people.

    But if you take a cursory glance at them they run and hide behind their BS shield of infallibility or make up fake bible verses like “Only God can judge me.” That’s not even in the Bible…It’s embarrassing that most atheists in America (who were most likely former Christians) know way more about your religion and the Bible than the average Christian.

    And this is the majority. If you’re claiming that you’re the pure faithful minority, then its your responsibility to clean up your own house. No one is going to take you seriously when everyone can see you defending all of these hypocrites on the same team as you.

  • Marie

    My thoughts exactly. I have been saying the same things for pretty much the last decade of my life. It is hard to be to get around this subject when it comes to black family members though… or even coworkers.

    I am so disappointed in the judgement that the churchgoers pass. I believe that we are all here as a human race to love one another and treat people the way YOU would wanted to be treated. That to me is the baseline of human relationships throughout life’s journey.

    I would also like to mention that I HATE HATE HATE when people have a negative opinion on sexual orientation!!!! I get so confused when a Christian says that a gay or lesbian person is going to hell and disowns them (mainly their own parents and family). If you love someone, isn’t it suppose to be unconditional? You turn your back on your own flesh and blood over how they choose to have sex. Something you don’t even have to be in the room to witness! As far as I am concerned, some heterosexual relationships should be banned… as abusive and deceptive as they can be.
    Sorry for my rant. I am heterosexual, but that topic always disturbs me.. especially as a minority. As minorities, we have slowly been dispersed rights, I would think that we would have empathy on other types of minorities.

  • Ax

    I didn’t bother to read your whole comment. Your line about the catholic church affecting the distribution of condoms in Africa is laughable. Yet again, another christian belittler. I’m no catholic, but I have been to africa, and I can tell you know that the lack of sex ed and condoms is caused by corrupt governments and poor economies. Not EVERYTHING should be blamed on the christians

  • David

    There is a difference between a christian and a fake christian. You pointed out a bunch of stuff that is not christian related… Aids are normally spread by same sex genders but just because catholics say condoms are evil doesn’t mean Africans has to believe them nor does it make the catholics who say that right.

    There are very few people who claim to be christian who think prayer is better then a hospital. A “REAL” Christian knows God provided doctors/hospitals with the tools and intelligence to help the human body. What you mention is a fake christian who is cheap and doesn’t know the first thing about the bible.

    The Indonesian schoolgirls … I have no clue what you are talking about but that has nothing to do with the christian belief.

    Global Warming is something Al Gore came up with that has been debunked. The reason for Global warming is because under water valcanoes in the artic are becoming more active melting the ice caps causing things to get warmer.

    Evoultion is a theory, it has never been proven. They say it takes millions of years for something to evolve which no one can ever say even in the past 10 generations can prove they witnessed. I could Go on and on about how evolution is only a theory but you can do the research yourself. The Bible and God has been taken outta schools and it God so bad that most schools don’t even allow the pledge of alligance anymore cause it has the Name God in it.. Yet us christian tax payers have to pay for evoultion among a ton of other things that we don’t agree with to be taught in school..

    Abortion is wrong rather you are religious or not. You are taking a life period.. That is murder.. that fact you see nothing wrong with that makes you an a immoral human being.

    Athetists have plenty of effect. Just like gays… There are more Straight people and Christians in this country then gays and atheists.. The reason Atheists Got God kicked outta school is cause they threw a bigger fit just like the gays wanting marriage rights. Athesists is the reason when society and this country is going to crap because you have no morals w/e so ever and the morals that used to get taught in school from the bible were taken away cause you didn’t want people believing in something you couldnt.

    Your last statement was very hypocritical.. You want us christians to stop saying God is real as the truth but yet you can’t telling people God isn’t real as your truth. Not one person in this world can comprehend or prove any facts on how everything was Created. The Big bang “THEORY” is a “THEORY” how can you preach that as the truth when it’s even called a “THEORY”? No one lived when that happened.. It also doesn’t explain that is the big bang theory did happened how did it happen. You need 3 things, Time , Space & Matter for something to come into existance..

    Anyways, You are free to believe in what you want but you and no one else in this world knows how everything started other then christians.

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