I was in a state of shock when they read Claire Danes’ name last night. I was sure this was Kerry Washington’s moment. Washington would’ve been the first black woman to take home the honor for Outstanding Lead Actress in a drama series. She’s lauded for her role as Olivia Pope on “Scandal,” she’s on practically every magazine cover and in the weeks leading up to the Emmys, there was talk of her presenting next to Diahann Carroll, the legendary actress who was the last black woman to play a lead role in a primetime network drama almost 40 years before Kerry.

Kerry arrived on the red carpet in an ethereal gown designed by Marchesa with her parents in tow. This was her time.

Claire Danes taking the award was disappointing, inarguably so. But was it unfair?

Danes won an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a drama series for the second consecutive year. Her performance on “Homeland” is praised incessantly. Even last night, words like “boss,” “incredible,” and “role of her life” were used on social media to describe Claire’s work and in defense of her win.

A crop of people popped up last night who maintained that though it would’ve been nice to see Kerry win, Claire was more deserving.

Others felt it was a category full of strong actresses, in which Kerry Washington didn’t land on top. And the fact that it’s only the third season of “Scandal” is a factor as well.

Columbus Short wasn’t here for any explanation about Claire Danes’ win:

Screen shot 2013-09-23 at 9.27.29 AM

I can’t say that Kerry was the best (admittedly, I haven’t seen many of the other shows) but I will say there should be more women of color getting acting jobs, receiving nominations and being chosen as the winners for Emmys categories. That can’t be argued.

This is the same awards show that never awarded Phylicia Rashad for her landmark, exceptional role as Claire Huxtable on “The Cosby Show.” Think about that for a moment.

Still, where do you fall on the debate around Kerry Washington’s snub last night? Was she robbed?

-Jasmine Howard

  • naan

    oh. black folks showed up to an event expecting an award? lol yea next year… next decade… maybe next century.

  • Steppa

    Not in any sense of the word. Claire Danes was the best out of that group. Period. I love Kerry Washington and all but I don’t care if she was going to be the first African American woman nominated in however many years. They needed to be judged on their performances, not on some sort of arbitrary historical moment, and Claire had the best performance out of the group. That’s just how it is.

    And honestly that moment with Diahann Carroll saying that Washington better get that award was kind of in poor taste and kind of embarrassing. Even Washington looked embarrassed. Did Carroll even watch Homeland?? Because if she had she would have known Washington wasn’t going to win.

  • Toni childs

    To be honest, I thought I missed it or something. Robbed is an understatement.

  • ladyluck527

    There was no snub. Claire Danes was amazing last season on Homeland. The Emmys don’t give awards based on hype and press coverage. They award the best performance given, which they did.

  • MimiLuvs

    I have been watching “Homeland” since the first season and I was restrained (literally) to watch the entire first season of “Scandal” despite my random mutterings of “Sally Hemmings”.
    So my opinion is biased here. LOL
    Claire Danes deserved the Emmy win from last night, in my opinion.

  • Steppa

    Also next year when the supporting actress category comes along and Uzo Aduba isn’t nominated for Orange is the New Black, then we can cry snub.

  • omfg

    i’ve watched homeland and i think claire danes is over the top in that role. for me she over acts. sometimes watching it is incredibly grating to me. in fact, i watched this show because i heard so much about claire’s performance and was disappointed once i actually tuned in.

    having said that, it doesn’t mean kerry is deserving of the emmy. i haven’t seen the other shows. i don’t necessarily think kerry was robbed. actually, i don’t think any pundits expected her to win.

    i wonder if columbus short was joking.

  • Brad

    I think he was being supportive of his friend and costar.

  • Beautiful Mic

    As if, life is fair.

    Look, I’m over ‘Scandal’ and I’m over ‘Kerry Washington’. Therefore, no one was robbed, in my book.

  • Eme

    Thank you! If we are going to have a historical moment, let the individual actually be worthy of the moment. Not to say that Kerry Washington is a superb actress, Clair Danes’ performance was simply better than hers.

  • donnadara

    It’s the Themmys not the Emmys. Black people are routinely snubbed. Some things never change. She needs to play a demeaning role to get recognized. Like a maid or the mistress of the man who executed her husband. Not to say that being a maid is demeaning, but that is a position that makes white people comfortable. Or maybe she’s not sassy enough.

  • Kaeli

    Unless one watches both shows and likes both equally their personal opinion on who should have one is biased. Of course is someone loves Scandal and/or Kerry Washington they would want her to win even if they have never watched Homeland.Just because you really like someone doesn’t mean they are more deserving.

  • Guest1234

    Absolutely not. I’ve been watching both Scandal and Homeland and Claire Danes has absolutely been doing better work. It’s not because she’s a better actress necessarily, but because the show’s writing is more nuanced and complex, thus giving the actress a better opportunity to do varied work. In short, it’s a better role.

    I think the bigger problem was the male lead actor. Giving it to Jeff Daniels over Brian Cranston, Jon Hamm and Idris Elba (if he was nominated, I’m not sure) is laughable. Anywhoo, this is all for nothing because the Emmys are worthless anyway. They’re not about prestige or the best work. At all. And the Emmys are also notoriously and shamelessly racist anyway, so ultimately I don’t think Kerry’s hurting too bad over it. Whatever. A useless award, but in this instance I think Claire Danes has given the better performance.

  • Arghh

    I love Kerry Washington, but she DID NOT deserve to win. I watch a lot of television (particularly dramas) and she has never had the best performance out of all of the actresses in the category. I have to be completely honest here. Even Anna Gunn, who won in the supporting actress category, outperforms Kerry on her worst day.

    That’s not to say that Kerry doesn’t have acting chops, it’s just that television today, particularly dramas are on such a high level of performance quality that you have to be virtually flawless to win. Claire Danes KILLS her role and Kerry just hasn’t done anything to surpass the other actresses in her category. I also think it’s a matter of the material. Scandal is not high-quality drama. It’s a great show, but it’s not Homeland or Breaking Bad or Mad Men.

    Just my two cents.

  • Nesta

    I wanted the historic win but I have to be very honest here, Kerry is just not that great in Scandal. She is good but she is not great. I find her acting sometimes annoying. I feel really bad saying that because I wanted her to win as a black woman but on a strictly acting basis, I don’t think she deserved it. Nevertheless, I wanted them to honor her for being black. It was a tough one for me.

  • Nesta

    She should get best dressed though. Usually, I find her dresses a bit dowdy but this dress was exquisite. She looked perfect.

  • Guest1234


    I agree 100%. For me, it really comes down to the fact that Claire Danes has the better ROLE. It is so complex and allows her to do more as an actress. Sometimes that’s just how it goes. It’s true that the Emmys are crazy racist, but this time the better performance/role won out.

  • Nadell

    In essence, several actors are snubbed annually. The sheer fact that in every single category last night, both actor & actress categories along with other categories for that matter, 2 out of the 100+ nominees were non-white. That alone speaks volumes of the institution.

  • Grand_Central

    This is not a race thing at all. I happen to watch all of the shows nominated with the exception of Bates Motel. I very much wanted Kerry to win and would have seen it as a great thing, considering the competition that she was up against. Robin Wright could have even pulled the win here and I wouldn’t have been upset. This was strong category and all 7 women gave emmy worthy performances. Claire Danes absolutely deserved her win. The people who are crying robbery obviosly don’t watch Homeland or any of the other shows. Kerry will get her time.

    With regards to the Physical Rasad reference, I’d like to point out that this was the same nominating body that deprived, humilated and shamed Susan Lucci for 21 years and 19 nominations. I don’t think that this will be Kerry’s fate, but I just want to point out that race has no place in this discussion.

  • geenababe

    I haven’t watched either show so I can’t say if Kerry was robbed. I will say this is the same award show that didn’t give “The Wire” anything.

  • kgo

    The author of this article said it herself; Kerry has been lauded all year and on magazine covers for her role, this groundbreaking role; but Claire has been honored for her performance. Therein lies the differences.

  • Brad

    Because Hollywood is colorblind right?

    Anytime black people are involved with white folks, race better be a part of the discussion or the consideration or else you are fooling yourself.

  • lea

    well i prefer the winner to be an outstanding actress, not just because of the color of her skin. it would be nice for her to have broken barriers for her quality work that stood out among not for just being good and favored among fans and not her esteemed peers in the business. we don’t kerry to be a joke, when her time comes, the award will be that much sweeter, because she busted her ass and not because of the white guilt or affirmative action awardee

  • Knotty Natural

    I heard that joke on the TJMS this morning, too.

  • Brad

    Wow, I did not know that I just assumed that the greatest cop and crime series in television history won several times.

  • lw

    I completely agree. I have TRIED to get into Scandal, but eventually came to the conclusion that it is hype over substance. Not the greatest writing. Not the greatest acting. Keri wears great clothes, but she was never going to win an emmy this year. And unless the writing gets better, she won’t win at all for Scandal.

  • Eye Candy

    I’ve been watching “Scandal” since it’s first episode, but as I’ve never seen “Homeland”, its not my place to judge whether it was a snub or not. Those of us who haven’t seen BOTH shows should refrain from judgememt, as we don’t have the info for comparing them. Judging from the comments, it looks like the best lady won.

  • Beautiful Mic

    Kerry’s mistake was getting involved in politics. Wasn’t she endorsing some politician a few weeks ago?

  • Eye Candy

    I think Kerry is a great actress. It’s her CHARACTER thats annoying. I think she does well with what she has.

  • Sharon Lowd

    There is nothing new or exceptional about Claire Danes performance in Homeland. She plays an efficient and overly emotional government lackey. She plays “crazy” very well, but no better than even I could – crazy is easy – strong,smart and vulnerable is hard. The part that Kerry plays is much more nuanced. I like both shows – but there is nothing new about Homeland, just another spy/terrorist show.

  • Sharon Lowd

    Homeland, nuanced and complex? It’s like a government spy-terrorist soap opera. It became tedious and I stopped watching it because I got tired of watching Claire have a weekly nervous breakdown.

  • RJ

    @grand_central. Are you another one of those whtie people coming to a black website to get those black people in check?

    Stop with your rationalization. The daytime emmy’s and primetime emmy’s are two distinctly different bodies.

  • OutstandingWorldCitizen

    Oh boy, here we go. The bigots just come crawling from under their rocks and caves.
    I watched HOC, Homeland and Scandal. HOC is groundbreaking and the acting is stellar. Some people want to give the thumbs down because it’s based on a British series. Newsflash there are quite a few “American” series based on British and/or Europeans series. That aside Robin Wright did an excellent job. Her character is fleshed out unlike the British version.

    Scandal is salacious, well written and acted. A bit formulaic even with its dark edge (black op stuff) but that is network TV. I never expect the majors to get too hard core are dark. Their sponsors and the general public would not have it. Kerry is an outstanding actress and never dials in a performance. (I’m happy with her wigs in Season 2; they look less wiggy.) I’ve been a fan since Lift and Our Song.
    Homeland is hands down one of the best shows on premium cable. Claire gives a stunning no holds barred performance and that’s why she won. Admittedly I was annoyed that she won because I was rooting for Robin or Kerry. I was torn between Kevin and Bryan. Newsroom is very blah. Jeff winning was left field for me.

    Lastly pointing out that if Kerry’s would be historic is not to imply she should have gotten theTHEMmy because she’s black. I wonder would people have the same reaction if a Chinese American, Indian American actress were nominated? It would still be just as historic. The historical point would not get lost in race baiting. If we live in such a post racial society then there would be no white privilege and people would win or succeed based on merit all the time. All these jokes about affirmative action are uncalled for and extremely ignorant. Let’s be clear without affirmative action all people of color would find it exceptionally hard to succeed or get a leg up and even with AFAC the bar is still higher. We live in a post racial world my ass.

  • PrettyBrown

    I vote that as people of color we ALL boycott the Emmy’s until we see some more faces that look like us, and not just in front of the camera, but production wise as well. I bet things will start to change then!

  • Lisss

    LMBO I thought i was the only one with the Sally Hemmings references in my head

  • Arghh

    I love black folks, I do. But, we love to turn things into a race thing. And sometimes it just isn’t that serious. One of the most critically acclaimed shows on television, Sons of Anarchy, has NEVER been nominated for an Emmy, much less won an Emmy and it is virtually an all-white show and it’s been on for 6 seasons. A lot of what this boils down to is having a good press machine behind the a show. And sometimes it’s just luck. It’s not always race. Even Breaking Bad, which I think is probably the greatest drama in television history FINALLY won the Emmy for best drama after 5 years of being overlooked.

  • JoeClyde

    She wasn’t robbed. Another show was just better. Her being nominated should be recognition enough.

  • mostexhalted30

    True. It was all about merit and skill. This isn’t the Oscars where the most hyped up person of the moment wins. Kerry Washington is not Jennifer Lawrence. Jennifer clearly didn’t have the most outstanding performance to win the Best Actress Oscar, but she is their white golden girl for the moment. You ain’t gonna see some black golden girl winning shit she is not deserving of at the Emmys or Oscars. Just ain’t gonna happen. They hold us to the highest standard. Point, blank, period. With blacks, it’s ALWAYS about merit. Whites can get by with the popularity shit while we have to land on talent every time.

  • raah

    I haven’t seen Homeland but I’m not surprised she won. I was pushing for Elisabeth Moss – her performance as Peggy in Mad Men is perfect and her character is a must-see for young women.

    As for Scandal, I love the show and I love Kerry (truly I collect magazines that she covers, I ADORE and respect her), but that show is more of a soap than a serious drama. Now Kerry’s performance in the Night Catches Us- that was very award-worthy. I believe she’ll get hers but I’m not sure it will come through Scandal.

  • Lola

    I love Kerry Washington, I really do but in no way shape or form has she been robbed. Personally I think Vera Farminga should have won. Kerry was not the best in the categroy plain and simple.

  • Sheena

    I don’t believe Kerry Washington was robbed necessarily, I just think that in this case Claire Danes was who the Academy thought had the edge. I am a fan of both Scandal and Homeland so I understand the decision. If you have never seen Homeland, Claire Danes does an awesome job with that character. Absolutely amazing. This is not to take away from Kerry Washington. She is one of my favorite actresses, it’s just that Claire Danes beat her out this time.

    I think that we should stop assuming that every time a black person loses an award or accolade to a white person that some how it’s racist or we were “robbed”. There are some clear cases of that, but I don’t believe this is one of them.

  • Brad

    So she should not be social conscious and aware, just be a smiling pretty actress?

    I am sure on her death bed she will be far more proud of her political accomplishments and contributions than her winning an Emmy.

  • Brad

    I will say this for “Night Catches Us”, Anthony Mackie was a lucky man when he played opposite her in a “few” of those scenes. ;-)

    Those two have some serious chemistry together.

  • ???

    Magazine covers and entertainment news shows will laud a tv show and/or actress all day long if the ratings are good and people are talking about it. That doesn’t mean that the same people who hand out Emmys are going to think it’s up to par. It’s a different group of folks. Yes, Kerry Washington is awesome in Scandal, but Homeland is also a damn good show and Claire Danes is quite excellent in that role. I could see if some new starlet who hasn’t been acting more than a year got the award instead of Kerry, but Claire Danes had been doing her thing a long time and has won other awards for her movie and tv performances. We (yes, us black people) like to blow things out of proportion sometimes when it’s not necessary or even valid.

  • oshunlady

    You want to talk about being robbed- The Orphan Black actress Tatiana Maslany wasn’t even nominated and she plays 5 different characters. Nor was Danai Gurira from the Walking Dead. They both outact Claire Danes and Kerry Washington IMO…and this is coming from someone who has loved Danes since MSCL and Washington since Our Song

  • GlowBelle

    Robbed? Um, I don’t think so. I like Kerry Washington and all but I was a little surprised she was even nominated based on that Scandal, while an entertaining show, isn’t groundbreaking work like Homeland and Breaking Bad are, and Washington’s acting is not on the same level as Claire Danes’. Washington can act, but I think Rhimes’ run-on dialogue does her no favors. Danes had the better performance this year and it was rightly awarded. Just because you like that particular person doesn’t mean they are always going to win something, and just because they’re Black doesn’t mean they should automatically win. It doesn’t work like that. Washington may get an award down the line, time will tell, and as Scandal may not be the greatest show, it did wake people up to the fact that a drama led by a Black woman can be bankable and get acknowledged, and that’s a start.

    I think in concerns with the Cosby Show, I read that Bill Cosby never wanted the Emmys to recognize him or the show, he was very firm and put in requests about this so that figures into why Phylicia Rashad never was nominated and why the show itself never got much acknowledgement after that first win.

  • binks

    No she wasn’t. Don’t get me wrong I love Kerry Washington and she is a noticeable fresh face on prime and the show has a cult following but despite all those things my criticism of Scandal has remained the same….that the show itself isn’t daring or fresh in terms of writing and characters. Honestly, if you take Kerry Washington out of the equation for a second you would note that Scandal would be exactly the same and remains you of others shows with the common theme. I mean the shows that Scandal was up against isn’t even in the same league whether you want to acknowledge it or not in terms of writing. As mention, people still think of Scandal as a “night soap” not a critically acclaim well written show, to me Scandal is “drama-lite” not a hardcore drama that keeps me up at night going… wait what, why and how but with Scandal I can usually guess what’s going to happen next and not be surprised. So I don’t think using race here is a proper justification because Kerry didn’t win in fact I think that is a scapegoat. I always say when Shonda Rhimes and her team of writers get meaty in terms of context/content of their writing and follow suit with the hardcore political element and not necessarily the personal drama with the show that is when critics are going to take note and give Kerry Washington and the entire cast their just do. But don’t get me wrong I do think some people and shows get snubbed and robbed plainly but again I don’t think this was the case here. Finally, as a black person the attitude should be “I want to win because I am THE BEST and not be given a token prize…”

  • Arghh


    I’m really curious to know about all the other shows on television centered around terrorism. I could be wrong, but there don’t seem to be that many. And anyone who knows people who are bipolar, knows that Claire Danes executes that role to perfection. It’s not just about playing crazy, it’s about capturing the nuances of someone with a serious mental illness that makes Claire Danes’ performance successful.

  • Akua

    Let’s keep it real Kerry Washington hasn’t showed much range especially in her character as Olivia Pope. I wanted a historical moment that i can be proud of.
    I don’t believe Kerry brings nuances to the character. Her main facial expressions are a quivered lip, really there are a variety of ways to show vulnerability but we get the same thing every episode. It doesn’t help that the show revolves around the white house, so as the the protagonists she has kind of been sidelined, so she hasn’t had much to work with. But a good actor like Jeff Perry will slay whatever you give them and however little you give them. Honestly i think all the good actors like Bellamy Young, Jeff Perry e.t.c seriously show her up.
    Clare Danes is a actress who can raise to the challenge, she did deserve to win.
    Honestly i hope that as we get to know more about Olivia in Season 3, Kerry get’s the opportunity to hone her craft and hopeful in some years to come she will be worthy of some awards.

  • Akua

    Now that am here for that, especially an actress like her, you know she has box of tricks and some much more to give to bring to the character. I also love that Orange is the New Black has introduced us to some new black female actresses, for most of them this is their first thing on TV.
    She’s a brilliant actress and has an uncliched take on the her character. I could imagine her playing Nina Simone.

  • Akua

    Yes it is more nuanced and complex, but Kerry doesn’t have the range that Claire does because if she did she would bring the character alive with whatever she was given.

  • Guest1234

    I don’t know how much you’ve seen, but her character has a mental condition (tryna minimize spoilers for folks who haven’t seen it). So, yes, being a high functioning spy with that happening is in fact complex, and nuanced. It’s not that she’s having a nervous breakdown, there’s more to it than that. And I think Claire Danes has been managing that well.

  • Angelique212

    I can’t stand Claire Danes, but that doesn’t mean Kerry deserved it simply for being the first AA actress in a very longtime to receive a nod. I’ll be her biggest advocate when there is truly no one who could’ve bested her in the race.

    That being said, the show was a disaster and illustrated the problems with the industry. After seeing that audience last night, I no longer care about the Emmy’s (not sure if I did before)). It was like watching tennis and swimming back in the day knowing, that we were not getting a full spectrum of talent because of its lack of diversity. I never believed their, “Best in the World”, because “the spectrum of the world” was not encouraged to participate in each sport. LUCY LIU could easily out act Claire Danes but Lucy was not going to be cast as the lead in HOMELAND. SARA RAMIREZ could EASILY been cast as the lead in THE GOOD WIFE, but that wasn’t going to happen. Kerry as lead of SCANDAL is monumental, but its content is going to be frowned upon and not looked upon seriously by Emmy voters. If SCANDAL moved to HBO, then Kerry would have had a much better chance to showcase a less “soapy” style.

  • Akua

    Quivering lips in response to everything isn’t great acting. Isn’t one tone. The only scene that I believe she completely owned was the scene with Huck in 752.

  • BeanBean

    No she wasn’t robbed. This was her first nomination, so I didn’t expect her to win. I don’t want people to give her awards because she’s black, I want them to give her awards because she’s the best in her category. Typically with Emmys the winner is usually a person that has been nominated before, rarely are there first time winners/nominees. I think the right woman won this year. I’m sure Kerry will be nominated next year, and then I think she should win. Even Sophia Vegera didn’t win this year, and I was shocked as heck about that one.

  • BeanBean

    I know right!! This time I do not think it was about race at all. I can’t believe Breaking Bad has only won ONCE!!! That’s a travesty, and it’s a white show too! I’m still pissed that the Walking Dead keeps getting snubbed when it deserves wins!

  • Deb

    Sorry but nope. I actually stopped watching Scandal because of her overacting. The tedious, drawn out monologues the characters frequently had were also too much for me. I like everything else about her though…

  • BeanBean

    Sorry, but the Butler doesn’t deserve any awards. The only reason it will get any is because Oprah runs everything and she has the money/influence to make this an ‘award winning movie.’ Based off of quality and performance alone, I would prefer 12 Years A Slave to take the spot of the Butler if it came down to it.

  • NY Me

    Diahann Carroll speech though where she said “Kerry better win”. Oh boy Auntie Diahann getting senile. lol. I am kidding. No Claire deserved it, hands down. Kerry’s dress though: very nice!

  • CJ

    Butler: not that good

  • Mah

    You think Lee Daniels or Tyler Perry or Lil Wayne have merit? Cause they get kudos too. Just sayin’.

  • Nita

    Kerry Washington was ROBBED I tell ya, ROBBED. What is it going to take for a Black, deserving, actress to win an Emmy. Olivia Pope, can you fix this injustice?

  • BlackBeauty

    No, she was not robbed!
    They just did not feel her performance was better than Claire Danes, and since you say you have not seen the show, how would you know her work?
    It would have been great to see Kerry win, however it seems they truly did vote for talent over being popular, (not saying that Kerry is not talented), but Ms. Dane’s work is excelent int he show.
    You should check her/the show out sometime!
    Hope Kerry will get it next year!

  • lope32

    Oh stop.

    It’s really a matter of cable vs. network. Cable has more latitude regarding what one can do with language, etc. It’s harder to push the envelope on Network.

    Kerry Washington is doing a great job! Shonda Rhimes is a really good writer who knows how to lead a team. I’d love to see what she would do on Cable or even on a platform like Netflix where she could get away with more.

    Kerry Washington does have great range, she’s a really good actress in my opinion and I think it’s great how she’s taken on the small screen and created this memorable character in Olivia Pope. That’s hard to do.

    Claire Danes may have one the award, but probably not the memory of the public in this role, though one could argue she did the same for her chareacter in My So Called Life. . .

    I’ve watched Homeland, I don’t love the show though. It’s good. Can I see why she won? I think the Emmy’s were bland over all for me this year.

    Breaking Bad though, totally deserved the win and then some.

  • Joyous

    Columbus Short is one gorgeous and talented man. His public support of Kerry Washington makes him even more awesome. I will always support everything that this wonderful man is a part of. I am very disappointed that Kerry Washington didn’t win this Emmy. I am mostly disappointed that there is only ONE Kerry Washington, and HUNDREDS of Claire Danes in both television and film. That is what is so effed up about this entire thing. One Black woman star, and hundreds of White women stars. Am I the only one to see the problem in this? Its like going to a magazine stand, and seeing HUNDREDS of magazine covers with White women, and THREE magazine covers with Black women, and all those magazines are in the back, top left, partially hidden. 1 and 8 American women in this country are Black, and we are treated in just about every segment of this society, as if we are 1 and 100, and in some cases, 1 and 1000. Basically, Black women in American are treated as if we are invisible. If if means that Black women need to come together collectively and create a Black Hollywood to create opportunites for Black women in the U.S, and internationally, then so be it. Black women all over the Western Hemisphere are dealing with this same issue. Our collective, and multifacted images are deemed invisible. Think about this. The First Lady of the wealthiest and most powerful country, Michelle Obama is a Black women, and the very women who resemble this amazing women are treated like they barely exists within her own country’s media, which is the most powerful and influencial media in the world. In every country, the women who resemble the First Lady of that country are held in high regard, and their image is in highly visible in every facet of society. It’s as if the U.S. exists in a profoundly different reality.

  • Fran

    Kerry Washington was indeed robbed. She plays the hell out of her role as Olivia Pope.

  • Natalie B.

    I was disappointed that Kerry Washington didn’t win; I don’t know if she was robbed. I certainly think that even if she gave a performance worthy of the Royal Shakespeare Company Theatre company she wouldn’t have won, and because of that I will not compare her performance, range or delivery with Claire Danes, a woman that has her pick of roles that allow her to develop those attributes, nor will I defend her winning an award; being a white woman in this country she already has plenty of defenders, she doesn’t need me. I will continue to support Kerry Washington, Viola Davis and other Black actresses that have paid their dues, and showcase their craft with the limited opportunities they earn.

  • Keepingitreal

    Same thing happened to Viola Davis. I’m getting used to these jaw dropping snubs. You would think the Cosby Show would get an award, right? Hopefully the younger generation will be more color-blind. A sad situation.

  • ArabellaMichaela

    I watch both Homeland and Scandal. Though it would’ve been nice for Kerry to win, Danes deserved it. Danes plays her bipolar character with near perfection.

  • kgo

    my point exactly

  • Jolie

    i dont know about being snubbed since i haven’t seen Claire Danes in Homeland, but however Kerry did a magnificent job in Scandal no doubt about that..she, Jeff Perry and Bellamy Young who plays the First Lady carry that fact i wonder why those other two were not nominated? anyone who has seen Bellamy’s storylines as well as Jeff Perry would agree that the they also deserves to be nominated as well as Kerry..anyway maybe season 3 will seal it for Kerry, s2 was great but was lacking in some aspects and made Kerry’s job difficult

  • joe

    The Wire, arguably the best drama every produced for American televison, never won an Emmy. It was viewed as too urban. Too black. That tells you all you need to know about the Emmy Awards.

  • LaNeshe (

    I think when it comes down to it, Kerry Washington’s role is just an easier one to act than Claire Danes’. Actors who pull off mentally unstable characters are always praised highly.

  • Kanyade

    No she wasn’t robbed.

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