A Hudson Falls, NY library aide was fired this week  for doing the unthinkable.

Standing up for a child who liked to read.

Lita Casey worked as an aide at the Hudson Falls Free Library for 28 years and ran the library’s summer reading contest. Her boss, library director Marie Gandron, didn’t feel it was fair that Tyler Weaver, a 9-year-old, has won the contest since he was in kindergarten. Grandon wanted to change the rules to end the child’s winning streak. Gandron reportedly said the boy “hogs” the contest and should “step aside.” So instead of a contest, Grandon wanted to pull the winner’s name out of a hat. But Casey wasn’t having it.

“My feeling is you work, you get it. That’s just the way it is in anything. My granddaughter started working on track in grade school and ended up being a national champ. Should she have backed off and said, ‘No, somebody else should win?’ I told her (Gandron), but she said it’s not a contest, it’s the reading club and everybody should get a chance,” Casey told the Post Star in an Aug. 15 article.

Unfortunately the  library’s board of trustees thought instead of remedying the issue of the contest, it would be better to fire Casey and Gandron.

“I asked why I was being terminated, and I was told the board would not give a reason. I asked if I could come down and talk to the board. He went away for a minute, came back and said no.

“I worked there for 28 years without a complaint,” said Casey, who also taught nursery school for 42 years. “I have to believe it was related to the whole reading controversy.”

Who knew reading could be so controversial.

So now you have two unemployed library professionals, and a little boy who missed out of possibly winning the contest after he read 63 books this summer. Way to go Hudson Falls.


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  • MommieDearest



    That was TERRIBLE. I’m sorry you had to experience that, especially at the hands of adults (TEACHERS, no less) who should know better.

    I’m glad you were resilient, and that the ignorant acts of a few didn’t hinder your life journey or your success. There are too many adults who suffer from a myriad of issues due to incidents that happened in their childhood that they couldn’t quite recover from.

    Good for you. :-)

  • Tash

    Listen!! 63 books over the summer?! 1 Summer = 3 months of kid(s) in the house too dag long. 63 books/3 months = average of 21 books per month. 21 books per month + occupied kid(s) = peace. Solution: Everyone is happy!

    I have a love for kids that are voracious readers. As long as Tyler keeps reading then that’s all that matters. Kudos to Ms. Casey

  • Annoyed

    The negative comments here exemplify a lot of what’s wrong with American values and the kind of damage we inflict on our children. I hope this boy continues to read and isn’t damaged for being an overachiever. I would bet real money that this happened because the parent of some slacker lodged a complaint.