R&B Divas have wrapped up another season, and this season’s reunion host was gossip extraordinaire, Wendy Williams.  Not only did Williams get the scoop on the drama surrounding the stars of the show, she also was able to dig a little deeper into the personal life of singer, Michel’le. In discussing plastic surgery and a nose job, Michel’le revealed her nose was broken by an ex-boyfriend.  Williams, by a process of elimination, realized Michel’le was referring to her relationship with Dr. Dre.  Michel’le explained why she stayed in the relationship, and how of all people, Suge Knight helped her escape the relationship.

Here’s how the interview went down:

Wendy: The nose is very obvious, you’ve also talked about abuse. Pardon the blogs and me if we try to put to and two together. Was your nose broken by, say,  one of your baby’s fathers?

Michel’le: Yeah, one of my boyfriends hit me and crooked it, so I had to try and straighten it and it took years because it cost a lot of money.”

Wendy: One of your baby’s fathers we’re speaking of, broke your nose?

Michel’le: Absolutely.

Wendy: And you stayed?

Michel’le: I stayed because my father had never told me he loved me until just the last three years when my mom died, so I think I had to go back and figure that out. It’s in my book but I think that had a lot to do with that. Getting beat was love to me.  Believe it or not when I got with Suge he really didn’t beat me. I asked him, ‘Why aren’t you beating me? You don’t like me?’ I asked him that. He thought, naw that’s not…

Wendy: By saying Suge didn’t beat you, the finger is pointing at you Dr. Dre…

Michel’le: He knows it. It was very public. It was very, very public so that wasn’t a secret. I did five videos and we had to cover three black eyes. It seemed like the day before the video, I would get a black eye and had to cover it. But it was okay because I loved him. I truly, truly, truly thought he loved me. I didn’t take it as anything bad, nor did I grow up seeing it in my household.  I finally realized that that wasn’t good, and believe it or not the person who helped me see that was Suge, he helped me see that it wasn’t a normal thing. He tried to do that one time to me but I fought back. He tried to rough me up but by that time I was over it. Things flying. I was ready then. By the time I got out the hospital [laughs].  I know it sounds really crazy but it was my life. I can truly say that a lot of things that happened in my life, saved my life. Everything I’m going through saved my life.

Who knew “Beats By Dre” was an actual “thing”, besides headphones.

  • Playwitit

    He beat up Dee Barns and everyone acted like it was totally ok behavior. Easy E said she deserved it and Eminem downplayed the violence in a song saying Dre only slapped her.

  • MommieDearest

    From that point on I have thought of Dre as nothing but a punk. How’s he going to beat up woman (he chased her into the ladie’s room and had her trapped in there) for something Ice Cube said? He didn’t have the guts to confront a MAN for what that MAN said, so he steps to a woman? GTFOH….

    Punk azz.

    Michel’le’s singing voice was the BOMB back in the day. There are few artists who can touch her. I hope she gets back in the studio.

  • MommieDearest

    I used to volunteer at a women’s shelter a few years ago. I’ve seen so much and heard so many stories… It’s heart breaking.

    One day when I was there, a woman and her daughter had just arrived. The woman told me that she used to be a volunteer at a shelter. She never thought she would need one herself. That really caught my attention. DV can happen to any woman. You never really know.

  • noodle

    She does need it….

  • noodle

    You are right, it says a lot about women who date them.

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