Russell Simmons isn’t taking Andre Leon Talley’s criticism sitting down. The Numero Russia editor-at-large lambasted Russell for the Harriet Tubman sex tape posted on his YouTube channel, saying:

“I don’t think Russell Simmons should be seated on anybody’s front row this week after having done that disgusting Harriet Tubman sex tape. He is a man of great achievement. He is a great philanthropist….why would he think it would be an honorable thing to do? He said he thought it was funny. That is not funny it is outrageously disrespectful to the legacy and history of Harriet Tubman and to the struggle.”

Russell Simmons responded by apologizing for the video for the third time, before throwing jabs at Andre Leon Talley and claiming he’s more socially active than the famed fashion editor.





What do you think of Russell’s response?



  • Get to the Choppa

    You may not like what hey said and has done relation to that coonish sex tape. But those tweets are classic and true…lol. I take my hat off to him for the response.

  • The Other Jess

    Russell Simmons was the main promoter of gangsta rap and created hororrcore – he is right up there with Hitler, and should be treated as the garbage he is.

  • Keepinitreal

    And the hit dog hollers! He responded because what Talley said was true!

  • missesbrown

    Shame on Russell Simmons! How does he not know the difference between “then” and “than”? Grammar is clearly not his strong point.

  • vintage3000

    ” I earned my seat take off the fur coat and sit down”

    awwww look at Elmer trying to read a fabulous Black, gay man.


  • Anonin

    This guy stays delusional.

  • Annoyed

    OMG, Russell Simmons. STFU!

  • binks

    Lies, fairytales and fallacies must reside in Russell Simmons’ head…

  • Lola

    Why would any black person want to attend the white supremacist and anorexia apologist nonsense that is fashion week?

  • April Joy (@classyhoney)

    Russell is delusional and had been caught with his foot in his mouth recently. Have several seats sir

  • Common Sense

    With Blacks like him and Wendy Williams, who needs the Klan? They do the Klan’s work!!!!!!

  • Pepper

    “Can we just get along”??? LOL LOL

  • Pepper


  • Luisa

    It’s sad to see grown men acting like first graders. smh.

  • Jess

    Russell Simmons should never have responded to this. Although, I agree with Mr. Talley, I hope he wasn’t un-invited to fashion week because of Mr. Talley’s opinion. However, I must say, regurgitating what you’ve done for others is simply déclassé. Stop using twitter to have discussions that should be done privately. Hopefully, Mr. Simmons still got his seats on the front rows of fashion week, if that was what this was about! Imagine a grown black, supposedly straight man upset about not getting fashion week VIP seats, hilarious!

  • cbmts (@cbmts)

    apart from the Harriet Tubman sex tape, can anyone educate me on what has Russell Simmons have done for black people?

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