Every once in awhile I’m blown away by a contestant on the X-Factor. This week it was Lillie (Nicole)  McCloud, a 54 year old, grandmother of 7!  McCloud is no stranger to show business and previously performed alongside Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen and Kool and the Gang.

As a solo performer, McCloud has had a few top 10 hits on the U.S. dance charts, first in 1985 with “Don’t You Want My Love” and again in 1994 with the No. 3 charting “Runnin’ Away.” In 2002, she struck once more with the song “Search’n,” which also earned her a nomination for the International Dance Awards.

As Demi Lovato said after her performance, her time may not have been then, but it definitely is now! Check out McCloud’s performance below!

  • pinky

    Wow. What a talented beauty! She offers incredible motivation for young women to keep fit.

  • Dorian

    Wow, she has a wonderful gift. And she is a reminder to take care of your body and never give up on your dreams. I loved this!

  • lil ray

    Loving her Afro.

  • pearlsrevealed


  • Marketing Gimmicks

    Watched this clip yesterday and it really made me tear up. I love Alabaster Box.

  • MM

    Does one need more evidence that black don’t crack lol! All joke aside though I had to grab my tissues. That was very beautiful and moving.

  • DEE

    When age said 54 I was shocked, she is gorgeous.
    Then she started singing and I was blown away. I might watch the X factor for her.

  • monika

    Wow such a lovely gift inside a lovely woman so blessed

  • Nic

    Black don’t crack. I mean, compare her to other 50ish chocolate women like FLOTUS, Viola Davis, and Angela Bassett and I’m not surprised at all.
    That is a nice wig. Really nice.

  • Nic

    Pretty sure it’s a very good wig. But it’s nice for sure.

  • paintgurl40

    She’s 54!! WOW!! She looks fantastic, and I’m digging that afro.

  • originaleve

    Lillie McCloud a woman of my generation. A 70′s Diva, sexy, sophisticated, classy a righteous revolutionary black woman. She didn’t have to twerk, pop a crouch or shake an ass cheek. She just stood there a sang with that amazing voice. R &B Divas never go out of style, they just get better with age, aka Aretha, Chaka, Natalie, Phyllis, Donna. and all remembrance and gratitude to the reigning Queen Whitney Houston.

  • Knotty Natural

    Beautiful voice, face, shape…she blew me away!

  • helen c

    well done!!!!

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